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Answer the question Kirk: How much does Minihane make?

Dec 6, 2013|

Kirk Minihane answered any and all questions from the listeners and John and Gerry.

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Inspired -- one of the greatest minds -- agrees to -- wings while. First it's time exceptionally excited to answer the question automatic or maybe we'll do yeah. How what is your go to salad dressed what was the best thing at the Thanksgiving table this year. Ask answer the questions of cream and there Kurt. Which is a variation on -- financial question now we start we stole -- we already think ours is that had edgy or. In the -- we have a couple of flaws in is just for Kirk. Although you could -- blackness if you want current share and the food questions go nowhere because we're dealing with -- -- year old girl Corretja right he doesn't eat salad dressing he doesn't eat anything besides Mac and cheese apple Thanksgiving this past year ahead. Mommy -- ravioli like stuffing them that your kids like stuff now stuff like stuff. I don't Alex felt like not like and whatever it already old French Fries ice free right now -- -- nothing but don't stuff. And killed when he's I want strangled -- stupid -- like that doesn't eat stuff over at about stepping in only -- -- you know I always say the same thing we have is more off. Give a lot of saint largest Turkey's image for a two week tour -- Well like Turkey. People gravy on the -- useful -- no where else I would amounts of people my dad. Olympics. You know take the worker treatment. And house all your food questions can use useless but anyway all right we got a lot to question -- we got out of its way to turn out you have. Already. Promoted this as the most honest addition -- answer the question America. Car accidents and bar them least he's death in my hand cramping. It's no it's it's definitely and I -- and all that same look we have -- I told you when you first took this job there will be days and generally will be toward the end of the week -- sleep deprivation is cumulative. I said that's exactly to you. There'll be -- morning or two from time to time. Where you'll wake up and -- to cry me that figuratively and literally. Like I was nuts and those old. So I guess it's ironic you said that because Harrison who's been a really good sleeper it was up for some reason randomly from ten to about 1230 last screaming is little. Lungs yet when that -- in the back of the -- dropped 2% -- -- -- -- the struggle Hopman -- -- goods rule. Scientology's says we can't do them it's clear now now I should do that right I was now after yesterday. The tragedy from yesterday to tragedies of Mandela and our talk I just I it's it's happening at apple I just it's just rocked this. -- people if I expect -- -- -- -- references that -- Does this fire away whatever and I are you what you walk into a burning room. And there is rob Bradford. And Mike -- rate you can save one you could only save them bowl do you let them and save them both or you let them die and walk out. Toothpicks ultimately I serve at the pleasure of the station and I think losing both of them -- -- this Pacifica no break up right. It was thought I mean -- obviously Rob Marshall the I -- his family to also look at the spent more time with them up there for them and would you feel compelled to take care of them since you've sort of engineer's death. Yeah yeah I like out yet they would absolutely be a little hurt I -- but the ball yes no other clubs you've got a whole house one week from your wife like the movie yet pompous very underrated funny movie. Who do you go laughter. What's her name from mum. Now point. From the underworld movies what's an instant feedback instantly -- We -- on the not even that's -- -- -- -- talk in real world the glove like you waves you know. System at all real world yeah Bradford white families of Bradford already burned and fire note I'd love -- very much which is more of a friend -- -- -- thinks can escalate well I don't know it was a wonderful -- -- tragedy when she needs a shoulder to cry -- that's true you know -- runs around real person. The -- I you know -- -- -- week I would state DST was always told me don't capsule and you -- you don't need him much longer -- at this point. Yeah the former lingerie model walks yes she's she's a Hanson's I had spoken -- -- she's she's been. I think a little too strong toward me. You're gonna have to -- it can't I don't I don't know chances. We -- Cleveland has connector Kirk. How much money do you make -- that. Well. That's going to be soon be a movable feast but I would say right now. Yeah I make about six or more 70008. Believe me in -- I believe a two regiment that this is nice to this witness this -- -- might square is much injured the regular check to check to get them. How do you know what you may -- I don't know what I'm sure you know and resources that doesn't matter they don't know I'm assuming. Our own boss is not casting our own boss. I asked -- in our former boss who is in line and weasel fed it to be -- on the globe. Bull and -- that it -- the globe and it was wrong yet and elbow as he was such an inveterate liar even when he fat stuff. He digs at fair is it fair to say that number I just gave you give my contributions to this program and how well the programs doing is not a fair is not enough money. Probably -- non not a -- -- will work -- -- The question assess. If they would double you're already bloated salary does not -- -- the question if they would double -- already bloated salary is from -- young -- Would you consider working for hours today with crash. No I don't it's so one call at 14 to 40000 bucks I corpus -- before work -- are you kidding because now -- all of us think could yell at each packet Gillis crash does not play. Yes and looked he puts his head down. Like you'd rather work with -- -- -- I would not rather work to say if I would -- work myself before I worked with Koresh would have that. Comes up in the index meaning with the boss ups and -- -- always eats a lot of bad feeling about this. A meeting with the ball absolutely -- people excited and I'm excited about that at the end around long enough I can engage in things to get the sort of 67. Fighter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- good question. Which bosses make in the columnists -- you -- football for the all bosses -- percent said yes and supposedly 1030 Monday LB -- -- the big boss really election and the media boss. It's a Mets right I think your okay. -- yeah. Yeah we'll find out. Authorities at the big. Thing I at least favorite of the worst Springsteen song and you're just this is it to go to hits the league glory days terrible song. A hundred merchant bad song with you. It's dark is not a great song. Don't put it was. But I also don't like -- going to that celebrates cover me when he just practically share from his idol but does this government going to -- back out here is a lot of bad one OK I mean it's part -- -- ever. Try to figure out how many times she's you know on the song to song. You know you know it was what -- yet dedicated. Is it like over a million -- of -- -- -- I mean how many times he sung the song. -- thousands concerts here yet but he's and so reconstitute its one point one million per concert underpaid. As well above average of -- you. Well yeah so it makes with 75 million lie. On top of that. He's got albums yeah -- technical catalog didn't -- Alex that the that you -- couple 170000. They haven't done a familiar problem more. Lewis' wife hasn't been. In this 200 and your favorite. My favorite Springsteen song. Probably Atlantic City to -- it's -- this -- creativity what used to be. Creativity run -- -- If you're going to have sexual relations with one of two entities Kate Upton with both male and female parts. Or honey boo -- mom with just -- parts. Who would you choose I would have to say Apollo we seek out the deal which please be my next question Kirk. Answer the question -- have you ever touched another man's penis. Well. We've been tea bag like him. Basketball and that happened. Yeah no no no if -- ever touched another -- and asking him for another and another remains. And Cuba -- for your right thankful and thank god yes the answer to that would you know. Now I'll see this choking and I'm not. Close and yet in Holland knows the Marlins right. You know I've never either and I always cringe -- -- so it's just it's like I was in prison gallery there. Raped he bag yeah and how to handle the -- -- get nauseous. -- What you do you know. What I do we pay out if he believes we mean by on purpose by accident when you're like well -- need to -- acts. And with a few people. Well well now it takes us there and you've seen in the movies that you watch and Tupelo bills who have to go bush -- -- is never multiple never multiple penises and scenes ever ever I've never seen one thought I'd never seen two guys in the season. And -- happen at some scenes. And they stay in the east it pretty good no -- away from seeing the yeah that call yet PP. The double play. Patrick. A that the DP the touch sometimes. Since this is. This is not -- our tawdry and play guys says he enjoys watching pornography yeah shortly get. -- he's trying to get his his wife. To join him and she's being resistant to getting involved washing Orton with him. What might suggest as starters it varies yet there is some soft core soft. -- lesbians. Very soft touch he means yes. Yes it hasn't mono. Why not she's probably -- lesbians. Doesn't do it terror all of our. Redeeming -- just for her it's her. -- watch some random guy -- bank -- -- the rent seeker it's a little more yet soft yet not a lesbian doesn't work she. As we worked from eight. Say would work for -- to. But it's different proposal that's different that's different. Note telling you I noticed a lot of girls watch -- I'm telling you note for. Whose parents gave you the money for the down payment on your house viewers or your -- neither. Stop -- law Diana the big lie and I don't buy it from my family wealth I -- Gary -- you live in Lexington on your -- my wife does very well. So the wife who's Kerry -- she makes significantly more money she got a -- If she's only like your trip she she younger. Much tees fashion expert QB fourteenth. Especially. She is thirty me Jesus a thirty -- She makes significantly more that's what multiple times in the and it was travels like Bangladesh if you get a big contract here -- you have little woman's home with a cute discussed that did you should like to be around this you know. -- -- -- It's met them once or twice but that's it grow. Well -- from a FEMA says Kircus capsule right I'm not a lesbian lesbian or -- mile correct I know this could be a guy -- -- or his motto I'm not a lesbian. Next. -- Generally is -- said these -- questions -- food questions failed miserably all the time but this isn't a bad. You're going to death row. And you can eat as much as you want. For your final meal what would the banquet -- maybe for Kirk minute ends final meal. -- tag with a nice steak medium rare. So baked beans. A nice loaf of bread in the Pepsi ice cold Pepsi while Tyson dessert. A couple of chocolate chip cookies I think we're done what beyond the state what what what are the side of the state a -- and at that. Steak and baked aegis of A one sauce on -- -- you know nice and a nice medium rare statement that you see that's that -- beats yeah. Right baked potato to -- our goods are you I wouldn't really eat on death row which you. Real nervous what is -- but eating healthy which now -- -- double cheeseburger if -- -- should drink you can drink your brains out there because you could get hung over -- can do that no I would don't know -- via real drunk and then -- governor called -- -- -- -- -- of excavation. And that pro Bono all over and is counting that notes that release -- -- a question for Roger. I'm in on the job you have you surrounded by people who drink a lot. -- what's been the biggest challenge to you sobriety on this job. -- perhaps when John Dennis butcher shot no no no there really hasn't been the hours of tough but it's not doesn't it was tough the other night. At the reunion went everyone's drinking your face they were all really nice but they're spilling drinks and stumbling round that's. It's uncomfortable that point that would restrict -- from six to 10 in the morning. True I mean at this point you're glad you didn't drink right -- -- -- over and now in your best BB FF FO is drink either or not equipped for me. -- A pledge out of I don't know why you would think of this Kirk you crumpled or full. Old the toilet paper what you like I use I use like -- that's -- he does not that when he and enhanced. Like he might address yet. Pressured to hear you in faculty -- Johnson -- just think go. It's too often if you were single at the age limit -- for the oldest female you would sleep I like older what do you do etc. that's fine please. Like it told the last year to a -- -- our captain pepper him as a piece but I would say. Right now -- a shot Mary Steenburgen that trailer for Las Vegas yeah. Early sixties she looks pretty damn good. To mentally I guess that is a Cali I don't write me a good look at lady made their mid fifties you would just completely shut off if if if your -- god forbid were to die tomorrow. Mid fifty's yeah now that's fun yeah that's 100 about much Mary Steenburgen. And went into a whoever but I mean you know one early sixties. Tracked her are this good or fatigues. Goes well sixty -- -- -- to -- Christie Brinkley sixty Hillary Clinton. Yes and little. Elizabeth Warren yes I would want our right we -- with this and you promise to be honest right. Promised to be honest I've had a -- time what is the worst thing you ever did when you were drinking or drugging back in the day like this and Jerry. I got the answer -- in this casino knows that Bradford he told us shots worse than that but the -- nabbed a lot of red percent to -- Bradford. Is he he imitates him one night at a bar up in the Austrian bluster yeah and -- buzz on what was the quote. I need okay. And it supports. And they went -- on a late night -- Candy I don't recollect that. But what they are always do when I was struck as I've said this before on the guy who -- And trying to be funny and whether it was number wonder and the other numbers sometimes I would -- place. -- if you wood death case in public. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now now and I ever. I don't do it more now. -- else. Anything else Kirk. I think you guys should what's the break this guy wants it was the breaking point your negotiations from -- place I have a dollar number in mind if they don't give it to me oh absolutely not be your. Which we ago. Fresh for hours today apparently that's the one flexibility -- is. I can just operators. Usually house husband yes doesn't have to be six figures yes. Who will -- your wife is loaded your parents a loaded up like it is -- -- low pregame principle because I see the people making at the station a follows the most overpaid guy. You've seen you know after all it. I must overpaid guys -- is decent you gonna answer the question why don't know whatever he makes I have an idea but it makes. What do you think salt teammates I think salty -- about 1101000. Dollars. OK and we are redundant and it. I think all what can only guess that -- -- Ali and I'd ever to do everybody does that sure I think you guys each make about three quarters of million dollars. But my guess. You have to say specifically the specific numbers so we can say you're wrong okay. Technically that's always BO I think you reach make 780000. Dollars a year in Iraq that's incorrect -- -- I -- this is -- I have to I don't care takes about a 140. Of the mud makes 1617 grand. After I saw me half an -- -- about -- 110 grand. Larceny and I think that the hall and like what it's like -- -- to -- -- -- but yes -- there's no question my hundred these things 'cause I don't we've been hello Wanda. I text everybody I know this could be told that role as well this was dreadful for. I think perhaps for prime ex couple 100000 dollars you know he really I really thought that I do think that I don't I think he's ever pulpit that is true but that's that while it. To ago. When he -- -- so. I should make more US minutes it's -- bring in revenue up does Mike Mikey ends a good question because he does a lot of appearances appears as our -- and yet -- -- East Coast which -- -- you know my last little critique and piece of advice for sure the opportunity here. But I have to keep the sponsors in line. Part of your last meal should have been and Swedish fish. -- -- definitely have Swedish fish he added yes I would love sour patches that would have been dancers like well it -- nice suit on. -- -- Dunkin' Donuts coffee later you'll -- Rub in the road game rock and -- gays and it looks good could get Mexicans and four. Take her to stand so you look at exactly. -- there but I do that some flowers from whenever flowers there count capsule that picks the most overpaid Tuesday. Jerry now Aaliyah I was NC -- Jerry it's me. No doubt -- -- -- -- -- you guys those numbers sound completely wrong. Everybody else yet. Well no question some days I think -- for the actress making more than anybody on the air except for the NC by big -- makes one. You know I always mind set -- forty to two dollars it's Noah if it goes right to call only makes say. Quarter from. See usually people make less than you think. Right that's right true right probably they want -- they make more than they make and and they don't know what he might be right. You get your little text from the gossip for him all the gossip girls are going to be getting back to him my vote is -- analysis -- well speaking of being -- to -- the bosses like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I'd like in the fight that out you'd jurors about that's -- -- -- -- -- Jerry makes a what I have. Screwed so -- -- as a decision to make a few ought to make 24 billion dollars a year for ten years Seattle. You wanna make money five million dollars a year for nine years from Seattle you wanna make 25 million dollars a year for seven years from New York. -- -- -- and I think he's got a backed into a corner drop would Sherman next.

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