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Joel Sherman on Ellsbury's arrival and Cano's future

Dec 6, 2013|

The New York Post's Joel Sherman joined the show with his thoughts on jacoby Ellsbury's signing with the Yankees. He said that if it were up to him he would have given the money to Robinson Cano over Ellsbury.

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Welcome back -- -- -- Callahan six point 777 point 79 -- 37 nobody -- wanna talk to -- a day like this -- -- -- from the New York postal Sherman told joins us on the AT&T -- like AT&T the nation's -- and now most reliable Ford GLT. Network's good morning mr. Sherman how are you. Are carried out very well know what no lack of activity in the offseason certainly from the New York Yankees and I wanna get into whether -- was going to Seattle or staying in New York but just the overview -- a jumping off point here -- is somebody asked you the -- the baseball season ended. What would you say the Yankees to three or four most pressing needs were in this offseason to fulfill. Well clearly. They how to upgrade the offense they prioritize. The one player they definitely wanted in the export profile perfectly for their ballpark. Was Brian McCann who ooh look they're catching with the -- producing and acting in the major leagues last year that they let Russell Martin ago. Mechanical let the hitter who's a poll likable guy and they get big. By playing in Yankee Stadium and being able with the eight seat during your forty games a year ago along with what you know -- 10010 games catching. But he become a thirty homer guy. And that should help an -- that was putrid last year I'll look they have a lot of need they won 85 games last year with smoke and mirrors and for the first time in twenty years I could list ten -- the Yankees desperately needed to do in the off season. So they're a team that somehow spent a quarter of a billion dollars already and they still have a long way to go to put together we're good to. We we surprise dole at the Ellsbury signing and I would you be surprised if canal walk. First and held very I was very surprised so no there it was a name that when I talk to their people they kept mentioning. And I always as soon -- that it word. A beautiful walk on couldn't go because. Just about what it that it they had so maybe. And one of the things that put the people need would dissent the help of Brett Gardner. Not a good player or else very -- he's pretty darn good player. In so you figure OK they don't have a lot of places on the field where they have a pretty darn good player he was the second best player on the team up as a player on the team last year. -- and until I always figured -- buried it makes sense maybe she made sense you know you put him in right field. So yes I was very surprised by the old Berry and I'm still not positive that that was a good use of money to put to very light. Players in the Gardner in the same outfield. Can no you know there's now report and his music off the phone with you are alive he would like to follow up on some of them that the talks with the Mariners didn't go very well last night. And you know perhaps that pushes them back into particular -- apart. You know want to have it kicking needed to eat badly doesn't wanna leave the Yankees but he badly want. To get to the top of the market and quite frankly with all the money the Yankees have spent historically in this offseason I don't think they're taking Robinson -- -- -- the top of the market I think. They'll take him to about a 170 million which. You know left hook for seven years which would make one of the highest annual average value plays -- and in the history of the game. By far the most ever given to a second baseman attack. As much as the bat I hit his second big league contract in history pretty much combines. And now the question is. What Robin you know take a little lefties day in -- All part that really hit them for a team that he knows the best in the city that he loves. You know for a variety of reasons including that is a big compared Dominican community of Washington Heights that he you know he's won a lot of friends -- there. Close to the Dominican. You know certainly a lot closer than Seattle so he's got -- got a lot away that he followed the money or follow talk. If you look at the two players right stolen and knowing Ellsbury and statistically it's not even close. I. 250 million. And then not signing can know for thirty million more it seems I would do either one maybe but it seems absurd to pick -- very over -- Yeah well I think that the once they decided to do mechanic held very big -- if you like what one of the overtones going into this offseason. Was have the Yankees -- cheap because they're trying to get on the the 189 million dollar luxury tax threshold for next season. And you know how I'm -- has -- throughout my let me I'm gonna be my father of electing Steinbrenner and and we're you know we're gonna go operate while trying to thing and a 189 million. And we could argue about the logic. Giving Jacoby Ellsbury the money I mean I mean -- Saying that not a move I would need but once they spend the money which is again now at a quarter of the billion dollars this -- season. Even if you -- you know it could be hard for the no camp where Yankee fans kind of call stupid sheep whatever. On on that you know the money and so. Look I I think Ron because -- isn't much better player than Jacoby Ellsbury and I would stretch the canal as opposed to doing -- buried. But I think they felt they had to put -- stop on the board. To begin to push to notice they look the budget is running out do you wanna go do something. And you know the conspiracy minded among gut. You know Jacoby Ellsbury agent Scott or Scott or generally does not -- client early legal fees and certainly not before the winter meetings. And here's Jacoby Ellsbury signing and -- used to be. Rob and think you know agent Scott Boras -- high profile dump him -- -- -- then Rick Scott Boras and rap song. If you're conspiracy minded you would think that that Scott Boras was helping the Yankees try to put some pressure I mean while obviously taking care Jacoby Ellsbury -- the market. Helping to the Yankees try to push Robinson Kendall. Might it also be that Boris assessed the market and -- a 153 million dollars was so outrageously high he wouldn't get anything more than that anywhere else no matter how we long you waited. Yes I think that that I -- I think that it Scott wasn't gonna take an undervalued contract to do this but. You know the Yankees need -- his -- fit perfectly. And that somebody who's close to Boris Said. You know even Scott if you give them snow and ski hill ski and there's no bearing a 153 million dollar so he -- If hypothetically -- does lead will that sour Yankee fans on Ellsbury more than if you were there will they look at that -- we got this is that a bat. I'm -- you know that that I I think critical yelled Barry ever about what everything -- -- -- doesn't play well earned. -- up or close to the money. Does he. Handle it portrayed himself well and most important duty yankees win and he is he contributing factor. I don't think anyone would have cared about any of the money anybody makes for the team. As long as the team is winning you know what Alex Rodriguez was well in 2009 when they're winning and hate it when they're now -- You know it Mark Teixeira CC sabathia become a birdie and when they don't win. But quite good that you know that that is the rules of engagement you're simple there's 27 championships what are you -- to get the 28 I don't care what you get it. What I would have gone after Ellsbury with a sign Ellsbury he spent the last six she uses in Milwaukee brewer. That's good question Jerry. I mean I I think so but I do think they bit added. Value for them here. He's a little bit like with that Johnny Damon won the perception. At least in their mind that there helping them and hurting balked and of course I think I ran the red thought I would be thinking you know what you're spending this much money on Jacoby Ellsbury you're not hurting us that much plus. Like when we want demon and had failed -- sitting you know ready to go we have Jackie Bradley junior ready to go we have plenty of money. Still it moves to -- so Bob. I don't. I don't perceive this as the Yankees hurting the red -- but the Yankees probably think there's a little added. -- was it was Ken no I'm income though was a Cashman who's this is my -- and he had to sell to the Steinbrenner is or. The other way around. Yeah so that's a very good question also -- I I think that -- the answer to that is baseball operations. Like Jacoby Ellsbury all law. And then I don't my my my gut would tell me that they didn't like about this dollar figure. But that the people thought baseball operations posted -- the players you like and don't worry about the money it will make -- money work. Because they didn't think. That Hal Steinbrenner would feeling pressure this'll seat because of the 189 million dollar. Mandate to work on to track which is trying to get on the that a 189 million which I do think they're they're going to do. You know one of the things that need -- very attracted to them that this sounds crazy at all as. If they they under the luxury tax then. A 153 million is a 150 million for the first time for them they've been paying 40% premium so a 150 million becomes 2010 million. In the way people are operating is here to stay under attack they only have to pay a player what they were. You know what they pay him it is actual contract instead about -- 40%. Until I think they're predicting under that number. But I think they're gonna spend a lot all up -- of long term money as we've seen already it is it I think it went 38 million right now. If it got 35400. Million by the time certainly if they're able to keep connote the numbers could go over 100 billion missile defense. And by the way the left -- him make the playoffs was 2008. They haven't made the playoffs twice in the last twenty years after the 2008 season they've spent I think it was just under 125 million dollars. For Burnett Teixeira and sabathia. This was the second -- -- in the playoffs in twenty years I think they're gonna pop that. Well here's the thing -- Jose spent two thirds of that money on starting pitching and right now I can't tell you the Yankee starting rotation I can tell either third or fourth starter. Yeah my column in the post today was Brian McCann was asked at the podium yesterday it is introductory press conference. You know what do you think about the Yankee pitching he said well you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Albright -- the study it you've just named the rotation -- -- in vain and pray for rain right now. And by the way CC sabathia you know guilt getting older coming what was worse he's and you gotta start. Like I think Roy Halladay Johan Santana etc. he was there one of the -- courses of this error but those guys broke out he's beginning to be. You know that yet but bounced back give them or is this you know what he was it like a number we went from a number one and a half number read. Last year at bat. It is going to be a -- five this year. Nobody is a roller coaster you know there's times -- watch -- a plot to extort him think he's a high in number two wanna contender in this time to block him. And you know you wonder what he's not a Milwaukee brewer. And you know after that it's all kind of hoping and praying. Now they they believe they're gonna get Hiroki Kuroda back Kuroda -- 39 next year and his last six weeks were abominable last year. Because of his work load will they be carried over to this year and they were hoping badly that the post consistently beat someone like it was in the past. And they were going to be able to get off to Europe and knock out. The posting system hasn't been finalized yet it certainly not going to be like in the -- it's gonna look like if we get done -- it'll look like something like real free agency. With a much lower opposing city's. And cannot combine that you can now get -- because the that this offseason so. So I mean I wrote about the paper they're big they have some real big it just as a quarter billion dollars on top end and they have some real pitching problem plot. You know indeed it's going to be top. Should the -- all right who's following Mariano Rivera. We don't know David Robinson could do that any -- can do it controlling -- pick -- eighth inning. It date date but I think at that at the beginning of this interview. Hey pat and legitimate hole. If you wanna say they built do they have a long way and a lot of money to go to try to papers and so. Joel Sherman two quick ones and I know you wanna get back to work shall give to all all put this up there who'll be the yankees' starting third baseman on opening day and the Yankee brass think Jeter will be viable. 140 games at shortstop. I think that -- The Yankees would sign for -- hundreds and hundreds when he gains at shortstop Derek Jeter now and play and almost exclusively at the DH against lefties to keep -- that which is very good against what he's pitching. Waited out burning his body so much. But I would say that they just would not be. High on the odds of a you know what forty year old player coming up is serious injury he has. Being -- the play 120 games next year. My suspicion of Allah sort because we'll get that you know some type of suspension will be upheld. And -- it was a crazy court decision on the temper stream water. He's not gonna be the third baseman and so right now I think it is a right hand pitcher starting on opening day Kelly Johnson is going to be the third base. Interest is our friend from the New York Post Joel Sherman thanks very much -- pleasure talking regional appreciate it. All right yeah talk -- down the road six point 77797937. Shall join us on the AT&T hotline the nation's fastest. And almost liable for GL PG network awareness.

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