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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Ron Burgundy has jumped the shark

Dec 6, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. They discussed how Ron Burgundy has officially jumped the shark and played sound of him on Dan Patrick.

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-- radio here before we do headlines. Should get excited about this I think they have created. Nice piece of reproduction open. Or no question -- -- real rock I'll be the judge -- I think out of overheard this -- my -- -- they were preview it in the -- you know about this I don't if you don't good race for line of the week it is very check it out on the like website. Do we have on the website yet -- you have to you know it's a DNC so -- -- show today we have on Twitter. On Twitter you can call the DNC show Early Doucet in your response was on -- -- Saarc so -- -- turkeys in Willie. -- -- -- -- Yeah lavatory and Guitar Hero myself right right around five -- 33 in my head neck and neck right now to get good race yes. I like headlines brought you by precision fitness equipment shop the pros you precision fitness. Equipment we start the sad story. One of my favorites that much of my favorites really. A Morgan Freeman's dad died yesterday. -- I say might. Somebody tweeted -- said as in tribute to -- Nelson -- go out and rent in victims was that was DuPont I think just the opposite if you want to -- honor his memory and honor his memory -- not read or watch that. Amid alcoholics I -- almost all sports movie yes. I can count the number sports movies I hate on one hand that would be on the it's terrible that Damon right. Matt mandate that it's important for rugby again yeah and Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela and it's disaster in incredible likely to be fair -- mean awesome and go and agree. Rich who lives in. The last century that the committee more people look at this will be the biggest funeral we've ever seen lifetime yeah biggest I would think a sendoff yeah. I mean Reagan was huge coast to coast but this is wrong Michael -- nationally. -- you watch all the stuff last night yeah I'll chairmanship that great yeah very good it would do what you think he has the most famous man. In the world tomorrow we interrupt what it's exactly it was cool because there's if you watch sports and you'll see a bunch of -- footage and some of it is he's kind of you know. Shadow boxing with outright assault always embraced that he loved the idea that eat Mohammed Ali. Was the most famous man in the world I'm sure Mandela as a television when he was younger look like a bad past and oh yeah boxer and obviously a tough. Have to be a tough got to go through when he went through if you went to prison talked recently about friend of mine died never never smiled again. And -- the present 27 years like seventeen of hard labor. And releasing photos were not smile and not only that he four days of his and his incarceration people that you do that almost all -- -- all I got. Mad and that is ace in the word for that is the spirit yes the spirit of the guy. Was so upbeat positive look at every picture every video I don't know. Not this wanna get out and grabbed it and then sixteen to -- that you want to get you finally white -- as part of divorcing yours -- -- mean she killed -- -- she was part of a -- things yet she is she going for murder she didn't think she did it. He went in -- -- young guy left his home in his prime years gone taken away when -- seven years in the last twenty years of his life were members just. An unbelievable and yet the hope I need -- -- -- -- Robert Griffin the third tweeting about it exports but the fourteen world. I -- that was nice seat tiger tweeting about it says. He -- Lincoln Nelson as the first Tiger Woods in my father said to -- He was going to be like Nelson Mandela. And mostly -- guy and he got Jesus -- Jesus is -- legal world yes rightness that tiger didn't talk about Mandela. I had -- medium as my father in 99 Vietnam. He invited us to this was home and day was. You don't want inspiring you know at times I'm around my -- and he says a sad day for us for many people -- -- Every world leader be there. Via yeah just about list -- some you know real Kim Jong-Il will -- be there where they Dennis -- going for Dennis Northcutt represented where they can -- -- I assume in South Africa it meant specifically. It's going to be a huge Red Square room whatever it's called me the soccer stadium. My boy going to be. The public silk and a Pope Opel being so. -- disguise. He's gonna go dressed as a -- well well -- -- Obama and the -- -- have hold the same ticket for the same front row seat who wins. Here Obama talked about it it's amazing no one in history of the world has ever -- it would Jim more I I'm Mimi me in to anything and like Obama it's although I -- this and I thought that knife on him and I -- -- I read this. Instead of talking about the man Brett talks about me is really how reflected mail me. And it seems appropriate that while world paying tribute to Nelson and -- now Chris Wallace. For a quick he's Matthews Chris -- Christmas after we would never -- that of course welcome -- now Chris. Metal thing if this weren't bad news -- retired Obama abroad it's about right ma mount Rushmore. I'll say not this relationship would be well we Criss -- -- just -- -- tarred and LeBron via Apple's I'm comfortable I ask you if you were the usher at the funeral but I outlast you and this guy they're both holding this door opener on talk about Obama on the -- right they bushel at the same ticket. The same seat there in front row for the funeral right you gotta make a decision forget these are two guys that are. Pro choice. Pro gay marriage and they're the same. I don't develop our fans this Pope. Not nearly the eagle may act that the president is the only downside assists but the Pope he can name more members of the 92 -- it's true that's a good point -- do that that's what probably say the -- at the downside to the -- sitting in the front row will be the -- Who could point everybody behind us beware of that anymore do you just like a scale he cap. -- good he says he's a regular guy actually Marshall gets to -- I have seen a media obituary more ready to go. In the all's well preppy guys -- 15 minutes later they had 9000 -- tributes -- and I know how it works the dot the other -- can't retain the right for this it's -- on the capital as sacred time of Reagan died this the same thing you -- never seen anything like this with the TV I mean obviously is an advancement while he's out there now this to be like I guess. Sale we against the summit -- there it's it's one of those deals his -- is done so yet so we talked in the outlet capital to Bob organized archer I have the Pope speak with people that speak each funeral. He wasn't capitalism doesn't make any difference talk about the man because of Morgan -- speak. Cool about that movie was he apologized you know like the Ben afflict him deeply and say hey well we all make mistakes if you. -- will rival that of Pope John Paul the second 2005 which true. Five kings six queens seven presidents and a prime minister as well as two million. People six queen's -- out Richard Simmons every -- American president is expected to attend permitting. Prince Charles. A Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. A -- -- of tyrants cobra. Of course course we all got out she got a -- you go to school there and I see I've list to a -- to binds IC will be there that would differ Thomas Hamilton the guitarist for a smack I spoke for the Celtics know harassment and goes to everything -- -- and -- chat while the got a twelve in a day let he'll be twelve days get -- sale. -- Nobody is trying to get an -- right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While it's a twelve -- deal. Now twelve days in twelve days twelve days. Body lies in state for twelve days and I don't know a bunch a bunch of events. And I'm Charlie that's a tough place to get to think of if you were like in London summit would be in the should move it some more convenient. Way endorsing. Get a little he could double about the winter meetings -- -- hook -- -- biggest stories -- -- -- -- urgently to end up. The internal south African government has set out a provisional twelve -- schedule from the moment of death. And dropped off a year ago. The body will be taken -- moved to the mortuary under police guard plans for possible live coverage of being worked on that's day one that's happen. A condolence books to be opened -- all foreign missions. That -- part of day to. Day three foreign diplomats will be briefed in Pretoria and logistics or Mandela's lying in state will be discussed. On -- for various dignitaries. Will visit the Mandela family. By day six there will be a memorial service attended by dignitaries. Organization organizational leaders and the body will be there. The ceremony will be addressed by president Jacob Zuma there will be screens outside the city hall and possibly -- Capetown and various other places. Day eight Mandela will lie in state at Pretoria City Hall or three days. The body will be kept there until very late every day then removed to be prepared for the next day. LB incite a coffin with -- last opera view 89 well south African military will rehearse for the official state funeral. At the union building where Mandela was inaugurated. There'll be more rivals on date ten street closures all security measures implemented final preparations body to be taken for the final drastic. A procession from the mortuary to the union buildings -- Will take place on day eleven. Followed by a state funeral at the union buildings -- there. Attended by heads of state will be shown on screens on the grounds. And Pretoria thirty all -- -- bad guys and like Kim -- only Letterman should be obliged him to some moon. The final day he'll rule of -- radio reported bureau. The final day of the plan reads mourning procession through the streets and this my family home for final burial at the Mandela home compound. Not the family cemetery twelve days is impaired his house. At the family cemetery in his at his compound like that. Now -- -- which monetary union are the cream -- agreement -- yes and have a whole week with your body it. You like to do it yet -- no. Guilty of the funeral on -- like it's going out of business because. -- made it. No amount they would have won and it won't have Nantucket -- they're discussing how to do its eyes on Nantucket. And Nelson Mandela dead and I believe the age of 57. Or 9595. And not enough coverage. But you know they got I would -- a little later what will do one more equipped we talked about last hour. Let's play this. Ron Burgundy who has. Well he's been everywhere. I mean he's been helps -- when it's heated. That North Dakota station entries on -- it's not enough. It was going to be a sports that because that would simply got -- he's -- -- this is back fire -- -- -- -- of people -- I've seen enough I don't need to go to the movie is yes it backfired on him -- he -- I feel like -- to afford them for two weeks I think they should just condense -- and the funny parts -- -- -- when Dan Patrick for an -- and then played on Saturday Night Live here and that's what -- minutes there -- -- the commercial during the baseball playoffs with him in the car stuff it's two months ago. Some periods of their Patrick. I know you want to show you mentioned that before couple times in Vietnam. We have statue and a hell of a job you appreciate them and animate how many Emmys have you guys want. You know I use him is sort of just like like the show that one inning. But I have. The show hasn't won any -- hasn't believe it or not. Yeah. After playing football you really via. That's astounding to me we've never been -- and you've got you guys thought of -- ball yes and he and the nominating and we've -- -- -- thought this might be vicious thing is really see I've Emmys just around here it might be -- weak link. Written and it. Must stat of the day you're familiar with and of course yes you got some that don't stat of the day. Now if you if you play that that music for -- of the day again. I think you're losing viewers and listeners. Based on that. We -- so great reaction with that great reaction people love stats say I think you'd get better reaction -- so the latest look at. Stat of the -- status today did have a -- used nude they do the. -- -- -- hurts. To frank command to please. Guys always backfiring. It's important patch of trees Franzen Will Ferrell is content -- group was ready to affect laugh hard it is. And he couldn't couldn't do it he was electronically or wind should -- take -- laugh. When's the punchline it was hard I've never seen our promotion like this for a movie with a guy and character ever had nothing approach it. It -- had a negative effect I I was gonna go to the movie I'm not know -- -- protest and seem too much of him overexposed. It's fair. That's -- I'll probably see it against LaMont had no interest it's going to see it you know interest but you can play -- the city it's a walking -- your mouth open and watch a particular. Well it'll be on whatever that's true and beyond TV a six month. Didn't take long are obligatory dammit talk sports the Sox signed a new pitcher. We can elect our own yeah -- polygamy cases we -- the company's us. 8 o'clock answer the question Kirk submit your questions on AT&T text like 37937. Or on Twitter my account would be John Dennis WEEI. With the invitation out there. The MC show did you put -- limitation on your -- answer the question -- I have not done that the poll is on the -- -- so if you're not on Twitter is liable you can go to our website and vote for the biggest line of the week WEEI dot com slash producers -- it was or you could force -- Twitter weeks between you know. And just send in your nomination via your vote. Slider -- lots of securities whose win in -- -- Curtis who's well. The number of mom who's in second. Talkies and second member of mom is it is it tight and I don't future I don't sweat pants are the predominant -- a.

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