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Jon Lester on the Hot Stove Show

Dec 5, 2013|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier talk with Jon Lester about contract negotiations, losing a teammate like Jacoby Ellsbury, the World Series run, and looking ahead to 2014.

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-- speaking of pitching we are happy to be joined by Jon Lester and Haas -- shows rob Bradford John I don't. Eric and Alex Spears would be as well they jump. The now how long did it take you to feel right again I'm -- say you're injured but you threw more pitches than anybody in baseball this season. So you must you must of got away you must to have some sort of vacation. I wish. In. -- really felt a year. -- -- Where. Surely feel thing as in the you know obviously we all. Sit down and relax a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll start working out hopefully go. Back of the boat -- -- itself or -- -- -- draw here or there as well. So you've been I'm short changing diapers for awhile now that you've been open all that stuff but -- you know how. How how shocked were you when you saw you know Jacoby going beat you and I talked during the post season about the idea that you and Dustin Jacoby it's been. Basically your whole career starting with the 2007 I mean even before that but in 2007 you guys were linked to that last World Series now you go through this one. The idea of going forward without Jacoby was that more startling or where the numbers the thing that really just kind of you know caught you off -- and -- turn your head away from the diapers. Not that they're saying you know I think everybody. Out about over the back. We're into the home -- guy in oh I thought that that -- for. Them back but obviously. Or an awful lot. -- you know that all the -- number for Creighton. That's. -- art form. The would have liked to have. -- in order to. It. You know it is what it is like that that is. That's why. That's what it does it go. Or I wish all the best player for. It'll go -- Do you look at it live tonight in the future at all okay this is this is the reality right and we can talk. Before it wasn't real because there was an option sitting there but this is the reality went around Boston after Jacoby Ellsbury last. Everyone started turning the Jon Lester stock. For you did did you think about that at all. Although -- -- that there. Are Lamar. That. Such that it. All. Thought they got what are your future at Ole local charitable side -- out pop -- Are so all the initial. You know I wouldn't match up for training. Oakland but they'll have a that. You know obviously spots are almost all else thought. That's. All water belt. -- -- that there was we. Although I took over there there's a lot of factors that -- are. I -- appropriately. Without well. Red -- that it was the best support structure and sometimes. Out or let off that for. There there -- Back when you signed your first long term deal with the Red Sox coming off -- first kind of breakthrough season in 2008 you you probably were well aware that you're leaving. Some money on the table if you look at the history of the Red Sox ability. To get those long term deals every time the players had to probably. Leave some money on the table that he might have found in free agency is that a difficult thing for a player to do. Bottle and so I think that's. Our first or first or four. Or whatever. There are guys that are -- -- -- -- you're. Thrust themselves. Back. And all that but a good numbers or whatever. Those are -- -- luck or bad. Or -- this. -- -- -- Seen. All -- -- obstacle that horrible or whatever that happens all of that all of us thought that they'll. -- -- -- -- Thought it set up so. Or the last others. Possibly Belichick and all of our. All. Our awkward but. Don't think they -- so -- there for a sponsor. How about that he'll start you know or -- Well like what -- or I'll collect like that that probably able put the -- or stronger. That. Is that -- up -- A political options. -- -- that. That that should. Or what we -- here for more. To go back to undergo back in Jon Lester joins us on the hot stove show peel back the beginning of the year value back in spring training you're very determined. You had a great spring training that are great month deal but it'll bump in the road in middle but then obviously we know what happens straight through the World Series. Going back to spring training being determined to have one thing but being able to -- is another what is the biggest thing you think. Was that allowed you to do what you did. All throughout the course -- -- to get where you were at the end of October. I think -- -- -- that's been the whole way. Over analyzing. Artwork or Obama and -- -- -- -- we're we're talking. -- out or order for their effort and start. -- -- and -- over. -- especially on the or the battle and a lot of -- this -- -- talk of -- I thought it. Sit back or about. Right. I'll go to the well struck out -- Out -- well. Well. That's where it all bow or -- -- right now where we are so outside. There there -- Hartford -- -- -- so. I think that the Oilers. OK let's stop crying out work the ball off. I know what. What are what are what are what are better that. Played everyday networks. Whatever or whether or not throw across it settles all. Around. Soulful also. Out or. -- or Parker also. Our first start the Oprah or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or a regular squash or oracle. Shot. I'll let our. Part -- all of that work well. Well that's where are so that's what's so. Our. Remember. -- Actually. There are an excuse. -- -- but it's -- During the during the post season run bench Harrington kind of took stock of the body of work that you had that you had -- said. You had been dominant really one of the best pitchers in baseball for a number of years in one way it you know -- Kind of in one fashion meaning you know you just had overpowering stuff. Obviously the ability to execute as well but he thought you were kind of entering into this into a new phase in which. Your understanding of yourself as a pitcher was allowing you to take. A different kind of a different approach to the ability to dominate similarly effective. Different kind of dominance do you see that or do you see yourself as being the same guy you were 20082011. Thought -- all of thought it for that are well obviously -- work -- that thought it worked out. There are. I don't have the same stuff but -- -- out. I think five or -- -- -- -- I don't habit or your realized that. But that that. And I realize that there. Well excuse especially are all up there aren't that aren't all -- shot. Ninety you know. Then all of that we are. Well it that's for sure but. So. -- good about it there. Thought -- all fall out well. -- -- -- the realization that I don't crap that I thought that's what we're out. How how hard it. Well or -- effect. It. There. You know they're terrible picture that. All. Such concessions. That. That's for that but the last couple more since yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well have a process that -- look at it that -- -- out there. -- goes -- -- catcher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Less questioned at all last John it in terms of now that you've seen Jacoby leading you've seen Jared Saltalamacchia leaving AJ Pierzynski. Signing. How much attention are you kind of -- thought you giving to OK so now how we fill out these roster positions going forward. There without a little bit shocked they're especially. Eager bird or -- guys. Any penalty -- -- spot. A little bit there are -- -- -- -- look at Carter were out there for let them. Well here they're. It off force out there there's a question all our our. Oh or venture that now it. Those guys that are real quick and -- all in all. At -- -- how -- back that those guys at all sorts. Of control her at all. That. That's trust realized that guys are all for that. They are -- this. By that fault and hopefully. -- -- -- -- it got. -- look like that that we don't go there. Or they hit -- that they're able themselves. Also. -- work out for us but hopefully hopefully after a single off his back. Four. Or more. Well and I fully expected you do this and -- -- from -- him because I do now. I do know that you carry a cell -- and trees to interact. And you let it a little dark. Now legally so it's all about -- your whole life is you know. Well those -- thank you for the patients in and thank you for coming on we appreciated and we don't talk you have a great holiday season. -- And they're talking to John thanks or.

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