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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston: On the future of Rondo and the Celts

Dec 5, 2013|

Jackie Mac joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Rajon Rondo, the Celtics, and the Jacoby Ellsbury deal with the Yankees.

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-- ID 37 WEEI your phone 6177797937. AT&T -- line. It's 379837. Minutes of time talking about your Boston Celtics your first place Boston Celtics. Eight and twelve on the year. Rod or John Rondo according to Baxter Holmes Boston Globe Celtics notebook today a little bit further away. They're coming back than anyone expected which those of us who want the Celtics the put themselves in the best position for a lottery pick or two. Maybe the best thing for itself the die hard fans not what you wanna hear but you look at the rebuilding in the MBA how tough it is and what's the fastest route. Given the talent that's supposed top of this year's draft. That's he's to be it for me I joining us on the ATP hotline is -- -- -- and -- brought to you by Elizabeth Grady dot com as we talk about a Celtics here that. Eight and 121. Place team we're talking about here Jackie Dario. I'm good are you don't. -- good Jacqui don't. It visit testing this discussion with the Celtics because I I don't think athletes tank I don't believe in it and what they're given their best Bret Stephens isn't. Maybe it's a front office they -- personnel I don't know but it's that it is a testing you for me because. The talent that is in this draft right now and here they are in first place. Where do you fall on on on the way the approach just let it happen organically that does it does not you'll want. Well the I would think that they're taking kind of a misnomer anyway. Because. If you gonna use that word you did in the summertime. Till the ground work was -- for what you're seeing the expectations of your team over the summer. So did he blew it up I think there's you know everybody knew that was coming it happened. And he had some a little bit of flexibility to go out if you want it to. And go outside and creating some veterans that might help the team well that makes no offense does so he didn't do it he passed on that. He drafted the young player killing a clinic that he's really excited about that he wants to get some playing time. He made some deals that involved big contracts that expire one -- two years from now when I think he believes his team is gonna be ready to actually be poised to do some something special. All that happened way before. Then what you do that you -- hire a coach and I think they got a very good one and Brad Stevens and you can't look. You play it Heidi you can't you do everything you need to do to try to win. But this is what you team we're not gonna go on high you know we're not gonna -- on trade with someone at the deadline to make you better to get to make it play out. -- In the best case scenario if he gains you're team plays hard every night compete. And looted and and I know people don't wanna hear that but that's true now having said that Bret Stephens is gonna try to win every single game that he can't. And you cannot even per second at any of the players -- green. Avery Bradley these guys are approaching the peak of their career you can ask them to go out squandered games and nor would they ever deleted if you ask them to. So the idea that the team to trying to take right now that coach it -- drawing up plays to make them lose their making substitutions so that they don't want to -- that's nonsense. The taking part if you wanna talk if you wanna use that word that all happened about six months ago. Well Ed take a step further Jackie can happen more as you get toward the trading deadline I agree with everything you just said that that really ST with the front office and -- I look at a February 20 and I expect. That many of these veterans some of these veterans for shore or we traded -- for whether it's trade exemptions or draft picks and end. Well no matter what the record is the that is part of the plan that will be part of the plan as you approach the deadline to try to move money and try to acquire assets. For some of these veterans by the time he -- of the trading deadline. Well I think you know like Pataki Gerald -- shortly after coming up to come off -- -- and he said you know -- You know at first -- little frustrated or discouraged but -- I understand now. And I sit in the UK this is great preview. Because if anyone can trade for you and hit a hefty contract is we Elmo and got a couple years left on its not like he's got an expiring contract he doesn't. They'll -- Gerald Wallace you wanna be able to prove to a contending team you know what I'm perfectly I'm fine with coming off the bench I'm gonna give you a great spark I can help you win the championship. And you're like fishing for a team come February if anyone will take and I don't know if anyone will. Because that's just a lot of money. And then you have to decide he's the missing piece -- which over the top and I'm just not sure who's gonna do that. You know in terms of a guy like Humphries I'm -- trade him because he wanted to expiring contract so. -- a -- but again like taking vs not and that word is to me again -- that the tricky word. But -- Brad Stevens and you're in a tight game and could somebody could just played great he can give -- twelve the major minutes to rebound in the -- he's rebounding got his hip and myself. Soft perimeter shot put and then he come into the game but it's a close game down the stretch and and what's -- say for argument they've been killing a limited help. We employed in the final four minutes I'm playing Kelly Olympic. That could focuses and part of my future now that thank you I don't think so that hit that is planning ahead is the difference. Yet ethic that is the issue -- it's in this Eastern Conference meanest astute team -- 500 as you know protect you it's like. You can BA bad basketball team to be the fifth seed in there until the fourth site. But I don't think it'll -- that -- -- I really don't I nova net to have an all sorts of problems. I think a lot of those problems are solved if Caroline gets healthy I think their problems -- solved overnight. If you get healthy he gets back in the lineup. And you give KG and pierce -- no doubt now to with a broken hand if you give them a little more time together in a little more time to gel with that team and Jason Terry. Come back everybody's like Jackie Terry who cares what he brings -- -- keeping to experience all that stuff that he I think showed here in Boston and during the post season. So all the things don't matter I just I'll be absolutely stunned if that is the Brooklyn nets are not a playoff team. Come April. Now no one is the reports of over John Rondo in the health and this is another way that I as they just let it happen again when the guys ready to play -- he's gonna play I just. I don't know off that you -- to keep him out longer red -- say -- -- -- -- keep golfer of the month. Is there any chance that that happens that this guy's actually -- played in -- put on a court. Now an end and you know let -- define ready to play I'd like everybody to define for me when a guy is coming back from a torn ACL. When their quote unquote ready to play it seemed to me and we've got enough taste test to back test case here in the in the week. That sometimes the GM the coach the player and that the doctors the -- doctors in the outside doctor -- have a different idea when that is ultimately. You can say it's up to the player but I don't think it should be. I think it has to be contentious decisions and have to be very measured wise once I still -- it makes my blood boil. When I think about people who criticize Derrick Rose last year. -- not coming back on their timetable are you serious. That I young man came back when he but you know we hope he was ready and -- and we don't know what happened here at Kennedy. So. I just. They brought it -- doesn't come back for three more months that won't seemed suspicious to me at all. I don't know how there is no set timetable for torn ACL because the different levels of the -- Players respond differently players to rehab differently. So I had no matter what happens in front of none of it will surprise me or make me suspicious. One more on Rondo as you look ahead because we're talking about Jon Lester earlier in the Red Sox haven't make a decision here Jackie in Rondo. For the franchise and a similar ball -- is going to be free agent after next year coming up in the injury. Money guys -- -- -- -- got Max money Rondo took a pretty significant Celtic friendly deal last time around do you believe there. They've already start to have those discussions about what is our future with Rajon Rondo we -- -- build around him or we gonna use him as a -- To rebuild going into next year. I'm a very good question and I don't have the interplay of differently about the question we all have and you know I don't think that that played a hand it wouldn't shock me either way would -- -- either -- You know when you blow up a building do you leave one lofted it up my feeling -- -- do that if it didn't -- last supper on that wall. Like during World War II point eight they pack it up with handbag is is -- division team I don't know. You know we get to see how he comes back from the knee surgery. We have to see how he handles. My team now without KG and Paul because I think that's extremely significant because the luxury of two hall of famers. Alongside him while he flourished. So I think in a lot of ways the jury still out on Rondo -- the franchise player I would say it definitely still out. Well speaking of franchise player -- you to thoughts too because apparently yankees think maybe Jacoby Ellsbury isn't. Edit and not I should be shocked -- anybody's really shocked that Ellsbury goes to the Yankees and people really don't blame in the Red Sox the selective look at this guy it's not like Johnny Damon he wasn't really relate to that attachment and he's just. He'd just left then very quietly it's like people. Aren't really emotional about it. Well I think everybody knew it was gone and we -- talking about it for not even a year for two years maybe even three years. And and I don't think anybody should blame Jacoby -- pay for -- a lot of money. For a good and I think a part that can be very friendly to him hitting lineup and how you feel about that -- and and they think too. You know he. The one I disagree with about old -- is spending time around that team especially during that World Series wrong. This this idea that Al they would this loner you know that -- didn't have any friends in the cry about that he wasn't part of the team. I don't think that's accurate. I really don't at least now what I saw this year and what other players told me Pedroia and particularly very emphatic about that he said you guys don't see the guy we see. Because he's been burned too many times by the media so he doesn't kill himself. That's the thing that you do that -- I think it's a great. I think for the Yankees in -- signed a 34 years we almost seven years is ludicrous. Name me one free agent that gets into the ended -- -- that excelled at that we all know especially guys that came to predicated on speed. But the Yankees. I think -- kind of like you know what worry about that later we got to regain our fan base now. Where we're losing ground there and what better way to do that -- to steal one of the signature players from the Red Sox. And I'm -- manipulative that that we can do fine without have a very I think it's a lot I really do. It doesn't say that that's the point -- he said the players like now he's got friends and his team but. I honestly that from the beat writers to people there there every single day. For all those years still don't know anything about this guy like he kept to himself when a candidate median. Because that's also the fan base really never really got title this guy. But you know what I don't blame the I don't blame the outbreak. Let's go back a little bit here Al they had that collision he he didn't insignificant paint he's actually the Boston Red Sox. Medical staff to keep him an extra Aaron MRI because he thinks he's and they won't do you kidding me I can't believe that I don't think enough is made of it. And and then we've got a later he'd get more broken rip. And he had skewered -- some of those beat writer you're talking about for not being tough enough are you kidding me if I would him. I wouldn't trust them again neither I wouldn't wouldn't bring them into my confidence he's just a very careful. You know reserved guy not like Stephen Drew Stephen Drew from all accounts that I hear again from other players. It is a guy they really enjoyed it really like that but what did we receive them we become very little of them. And now I expect guys you know that's the way they want to do that you have to respect import. Real lot of fun to see what they do here this off season as they try to defend their World Series Jack and equality as PM boston.com Jacqui appreciated as always we'll talk next week. I had a good one I Jacqui joining us and has always Jacqui brought to you by Elizabeth Grady dot com 617779. 7937. That's not recap Texas AT&T text on at 379. B 37. A big one tonight for the Bruins and the Montreal Canadians we'll check in in Montreal get an idea for who's gonna play DJ being a WEEI dot com is there he'll let us know. After morning skate who's in who's out term for big one tonight against Canadians will talk to DJ being coming up.

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