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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 12/05/13

Dec 5, 2013|

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It's time for questions you question what's. The big question. So -- should be used to. Answer that question. It's. Mike -- here before is one -- show he goes until seven in the hot stove show rob and he's special yes there's well it was -- as they say the mystery of the question to -- -- restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager -- broke lawyer to trio of disaster restoration game plan in place. 87746111. Heiress her. Com Mike could use -- -- An aggregate. You know -- it. Is. Not that. Course and I've asked him to. Strike and now of course that's what you always you -- right but the I was open I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- left my -- able to those that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like images rule bones legally. Yeah you put crafts. -- One sentence that ultimately people -- why -- Attitude and -- phonetic gamble. -- Just back at -- that it's the best about the door but it takes. Off. Too too much into that if you publish our policy into questions -- -- name. Any name Kermit and answers to every once you've been accused of you received ponson and be as -- as the speaker with. -- itself in the -- revealed that there they are Rodney -- orphans that domestic term. The -- -- -- that only god Muppets. Record appropriate. Herbal. -- -- appropriately and it was inappropriate and it. Didn't bother me I was much more bolivars. Or they're very well that's say he could -- speak with -- -- -- -- respond because once weekly and month fires droplets of the year -- that's what does it. Speakers distancing meaning. Enough. What about that -- to watch the Muppets that got them up and it was funny. Purchasing background -- the best odds mister grant as we. Do anything. You just they just you either win or lose early it's -- on. -- accurate history and yes. Next question. As far as automobile options go is the roof -- yes so mostly white nine bucks three bucks factories don't -- maybe use in ten times a year what's today what's different mood of the moon roof and parties. Like work to be. Close but still like the -- so I -- a moon roof. State comfortable with the idea now I am wildlife epic that part of the car that slide back and Lawrence and I can also open net. Yes -- that -- does not have the option I use the -- almost every day real you know why but he. No I don't needed but it does it rate in more light tonight like materials. For from over rated. At. Night. -- with -- -- that it -- aren't inspired by the united and eligible people that -- -- on the problem the little crack the I would be comfortable group. India and -- that we would like. And pressure thing in our league yours are the deal to. Open that one went to to witness that will -- one yeah that feel native. And -- Our. -- -- -- -- the fat what's the best you've ever driven. Sixty and -- -- Colleges are in 99. And element. Us and boy crazy. When that as far as in the ago. You know. Excitement and for all of us scared and got his -- up to 45. I was really scared and he was right in eagle talon which 2121. Crap car now a perpetual it was off I went on and on Marine. One one or actor award -- -- forty. He sixth NASCAR story I thought this is a good story our story because I was part of a train of cars. But. Thirty years ago. One we all passed out on the road. And he pulled out. An expert come out smokes there and stuff like that -- -- that are on the caller so you'll stated we give him an account equal talent. -- Connecticut immigrants in case is scared to do it and you know it feels to -- and and look at it now. Which -- to ever -- over again. War. -- -- Of course now. You or worse than being -- long ago and rights to refute it there's a novel proved to for -- past -- illegal but it. Not drinking the hopeful browsers if you smoke that is -- certainly. If you smoke after you. Procedures -- readers. And -- you. Water needed fluids and here was. Angle has been treated -- -- over course. -- and little both. We're both going to be in Italy -- country medical's. -- I think we're done for the day are what -- just for you like here's a question which is worse. A ten inch member absolutely -- with a premature or -- ejaculation problem -- For Cold War -- or I'm backing away four inches but with a limited sample. -- second park four inches but a moment it's that was the question worse which is worse this is which is worse. Right the last of them it's kind of like you know nevermind the -- to the -- of the house built actually excuse me while I whip it. All right let's get it etc. -- -- -- that -- it's been a pleasure that's it and we got to get some time later in the month of more time is there's a lot of fun today and on Tuesday Mikey I will be up next Andy partisan tomorrow for patriots Friday. -- to update her will join us at 330 and we talked about the very exciting match up. With the Cleveland Browns stink just like every single year. Doctor tomorrow to --

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