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A.J. Pierzynski on being the most hated man in baseball

Dec 5, 2013|

The Red Sox new catcher, A.J. Pierzynski, joined the show to discuss his reputation as the most hated man in baseball. He also said that he turned down multi-year deals to come and win in Boston.

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AJ Pierzynski joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T the nation's past that now most reliable Ford GL TE network AJ it's John Kirk and Gerri good morning how aria. -- -- -- -- of one very very well listen I think last couple minutes have been trying to make a list of Major League Baseball free agents. Who passed to multiple year offer to sign a one year deal it's not a long list I commitment Adrian Beltre here and AJ Pierzynski. The thought process on that decision and does that indicate AJ you don't think this is your last year in baseball you've got more career after the season. I certainly don't buy a marker your tourniquet -- just template as. The thought process. You know our process was using it. I'd sit down my my family. Me and talked about hearing. He was not an easy decision it was something that I went back -- work with her for a long time and I had other offers -- we're offers on the table. And there was something that I had a really sit down and think about it in. And just go back and forth and go back and forth and wanting and let me of Boston was the fact ate it every day get an opportunity. Want to play for the Boston Red Sox and then to play for the pending answers -- and given an opportunity at Maryland that I spoke to him. Procter and people that I trusted you know they all -- -- science or in the off and it was later said it was funny to see you're in doubt there are very attractive and the into the -- it's hard to get the ball and the courts can't articulate. Spring training start. AJ when you were in that process did you ever search specifically. Statistically how you have -- at Fenway Park or you just have an overall feel about what you feel like in the ballpark it I think you generally done. I know I how generally done accurately it looked at it seemed too much. Never hit a home run that would art and that manipulate in my -- like -- got a lot market -- under that aren't so. Other net. Always enjoyed playing impossible to see a lot. And I know my kids have been their Kabul I'm really like him the ball that well at all back -- So a two year deals. I believe you had two year deals for teams that weren't as good is that is that Red Sox were they attempting was the money temping for AJ or do you feel like. -- seven of the year like he did -- elect you typically do that the money will be there next. It doesn't use the money was jet Monday night money's great but the end of the day the money wasn't the deciding factor. I compare all deals and herbal what are your -- and the money wasn't the biggest thing Indian wars there was a lot of things and probably or another thing being on from art -- -- order. I could go to school Florida so being able to be on the East Coast after having been a little bit farther. -- a little bit farther in the middle and being places preacher -- -- or tractors returning -- to -- attractive. I mean there was a lot of things to and it wasn't just about the money in an -- in the day of the view. I grew up playing well again I think buying hopefully another contract somewhere it is not often here than somewhere else but I mean we got picture out we're about. This year and next year figure itself. We know David Ortiz spoke highly of -- we know you we know you know Gomes and -- Victor Reno. And I know you're not afraid of of walking in a strange club -- but there are other guys on this team that you know don't like you or maybe you don't like them. Not that I know of an -- he knows I mean according to all the reader went like so. It's pretty amazing when -- Someone actually like David who I've known -- -- -- your -- like 1890 altogether. Balances could be much talk and I'm not worried about I -- -- a lot of locked in -- detect last year. There's -- -- guys Ehrlichman and I really like you -- as you're only -- current and it's just one posting -- gain control of the people they are doing so they know -- I think. I actually thought Johnny Damon we we haven't talked. Or that you bought. Probably anywhere restatement and I appreciate it. You are my best friend and he had some good about when he. You know people that don't know who are a little like and they don't know got a noting that it doesn't like him. But you can also notes -- from from John -- It was one of nice things to eat you'd ever said to me so Bernard. AJ he was on the station yesterday and did speak very very highly of -- and of the senate essentially paraphrase what you just said. You know why you're nobody's favorite guy around the league and does it bother you at all. Well actually make it up this sport I've been doing this for so long now. And I said yesterday of one all those contests. What all those polled every year so -- retirement and any government in those darker respect mine because they're now. A -- -- But it's or using drugs as flop about it. Why am I not I don't know -- -- right play to win and I'll do anything to win. On the field up until we can be buddies that appeared my best friend -- bitching and what is it. What it views do you damaged in. Intraday. About it haven't monster -- -- -- -- little. Beat in the Brandon you know apparently during the game it. It's about business about trying to win an out of view we went out and had a beard dinner during the game are trying to beat the other -- You have to be a different person or just cheer your attitude I guess in some when you walk into a club posts of the team with a bunch of veterans who've already won a championship. I don't think so -- -- become turn it and there's no there's no adjusting on the numbers do the same thing and Obama does simple my work in it and do it any disputed it and then. Our -- -- this -- my team I know you Turkey but ordered child because there had done it. Other one you know multiple World Series in and -- struck targets 1110 another -- It and I know that. Wanting it definitely helps is being around and watching the way to do it is fiction World Series in the way they went about their business and that -- Give myself a little out of it and wait a little bit at least other other team works and other dynamics or. You could make the argument I think AJ Pierzynski that that be difficult but the most difficult adjustment for a new player to make coming to a team would be a catcher talk about the learning curve with the staff. How does that happen and when does that start. Well it starts. From day one of signing and others. -- open here to get on the phone one year ago have a longstanding relationship where you might open coach for a lot of years in Chicago. Actually together to get ahold of -- -- -- gonna pick his brain. And over the effort from everybody. Inside baseball that it crosses it truly great guys that are at all like you exit -- that is bringing. It's you know these guys on on on a different level of play he had you have a -- or you have an idea public -- But it to your -- others in in there trying to help them. You really don't know how to work -- -- one of the lamented I don't Jake Long time it. And I -- friend -- budget times John lacked in these guys so like you're -- on our side. You liked play a lot though you like to upcoming I'm looking at variable of 500 plate appearances in ten of the last eleven years 13840. Games. -- Ross is a pretty good back up what is the number games do you would you be OK if you were playing -- 115. Games next year Ross was play in the rest. Absolutely we -- one of the things that we talked. Calm before it. -- Two decision is as a general Dave Ross is really good player and I know that in his -- about it and I'm I'm OK with that I think it. Of course that -- play a 162 games of the -- yet to be realistic about it playing a little bit let -- actually -- that the fact that a I am a little bit older now I have gotten a little bit. Wiser and my agent I've got to learn the controls and stuff and I think I actually. They did that might be a little bit better to fight to worry too I wanna do and -- it in the days are there major yet and whenever I'm out there on -- and actually control it -- out there. Do you believe in I have you've been in straight put tones and have you been on teams with personal catchers. I have a larger animal a little little that was would Darvish Yu Darvish -- at the end of the year -- Oh. You know the -- itself the so it'll look better with and that's fine in the net. That's the way it goes on it means artistry put in I was told that it was going to be triple the number. Some like taught it to whatever -- Golden Globe. Many catchers AJ can say they've had no serious health issues since 2001 when they became full time catchers is that blocked is that design house that happened. I think a combination of both. I'd like to -- is a little bit below are a lot of luck in a lot of design it. I've been very fortunate and very blustery very lucky. That I have not had anything super serious no. The problem that -- -- problem that no arm problems. To speak out. And very fortunate Elway and also I'm gonna take a lot of pride in my worked out there and do what I need to do to get prepared every day and a lot of preparation that goes into the game I think. He's one of the biggest misconception is that. It's like kind of like Little League children 6:31 7 o'clock game -- on BK. I think running going out there and be prepared every game. I look forward to another year. We were able to get a look at it this team when you're working for fox or endorser is gonna get a look at how the team operates -- is that somehow an incentive for you when they. Came calling for you this offseason. For sure. Government but he is the moderates are a long time now and I know that what they want you to what went -- -- you got a lot in Europe and they are having. Was was definitely draw I think is looking at the wake -- along the way -- in every situation -- -- that was from. The subsidy went through in the city with the tragedies happened -- the marathons you. The way to handle the policies in the pressure mean it was fun on a walk in that all of us every day you guys aren't you -- -- And it certainly draw the player to see you execute that and you'll be a part of. When you up played with -- Ortiz did you have any inkling that this was come in this amenities and practically all the -- are. What what I -- hurt it -- argument before it is or is it fair honest. He. The first -- when that occurred in whatever it was David Ortiz in my team here in Fort Myers and able. They brought in a lefty in the ninth -- I think we're a tight game and hit a home run to left the left field when the game and monopoly on the legend Dave -- only got bigger bigger I think Minnesota you a little bit. Held back because of the way they want in this and that -- -- -- -- and and it ought to make and let -- relax and go back to the way that I -- play in the minor league and he's become I believe also in player he's also -- -- also. AJ we've seen over the years guys come to Boston who embraced it and can play in Boston and we've seen others who come to Boston and just can't handle it in your estimation what -- one or two elements of a guy's personality that either allows him to flourish in this town or or kind of assists Simmons in the in failure. I think yet to accept possible motive and be in. As a passionate baseball -- -- sports on a fortune on not only for baseball for everything I mean average or you look at their. They're pretty toward and it's also I think it. Also yeah did not take everything -- here's something you get a look at an element of error of this suspect that this about it. Because if you do that you're gonna drive so great interest. And equality of opportunity to go crazy over the years golfing events and accurate about me so. -- it help seniors in you know and I believe that to get -- and I think it. It'll be fun and I look forward to the challenge I think this country you've Austin. There are some people are very demanding in the effort and in the sector prices they want their players to -- -- elsewhere and notebooks I mean welcoming. What's the out one -- you have with the fans and the attention would it be when you're having dinner with your family if they approached you war. -- your doorbell. I'm. Doorbell that might be a little bit much I'd probably get a kick out of that -- At a meeting dinner. Doesn't bother me actually you know with my kid is like my daughter. -- -- think that the coolest thing ever said among those dirt that is. About her autograph she's always yelled at me that I needed. Take pictures and sign an autograph so. That doesn't bother me now and that several that's part of part of the job sign up for the job that part of it and it -- I don't know if somebody knows who you are somebody. Here's -- up big time out of their -- probably some. What do they come up and give you batting tips though you have to be looked -- -- more patient at the plate AJ. Patriarch he had not been for I always joke that you know. There's never I don't know maybe Boston -- focused on their adamant that -- army or reading it's pretty much -- so. I've had a heck I have my air programs and needle stick figures in the mail the each -- I think it. I don't know that you beat now -- or. Well what about being more patient here they like to work the count -- to where the pitchers of salty wasn't very good at that either. Your swing you don't like the walk a lot has anyone ever told you got to change that you got to be there a different guy. You know an accidental it's because they're a little. We'll talk about it. Archer -- better vote approach and you know -- -- they've -- -- on camera -- -- it just don't change your. Then. I've tried to walk more and taken that gloomy view of it all and I'll do it. I don't know I mean -- Maybe. I don't know what the import double that they want me to walk into it more desirable or whatever else seen. In a men's journal story from last year your vote the most hated player in baseball 34% -- -- congratulation to you and that's -- -- Iran and Alex Rodriguez Associated Press aside every. Don't know it lost this years on this ointment so the call out -- this year. Who are. What do guys coordinates a nationally pitcher says quote basically if you haven't got. Five years in the big leagues he treats you like your peasant he's kind he's that kind of guy that troop. I don't know about that I know that. Again it's -- nationally anonymous that your outlook the close. Or slowed anonymous though it might be related to allow. In case of the what is leukemia can hide behind the anonymous quote. Oh a lot of -- our regular law. It is nationally ability maybe peace he once or twice in his career. And then you know if you don't have tiger and basically I don't know like treated -- -- I think. And and and learned over the years of a lot like when I came up it was -- -- car guys -- On your locker in the in this -- no change in everyone's become a lot more agreeable if we understand now issues that are -- the younger need help us and the only way to compliment there to help them -- bosses do let them show them that they vision and they're good in the club also I think a lot has changed and maybe. Maybe if you're back -- -- -- harder younger than I've also grown up and mature and also realize hey these guys over anyway. And you back and help them my job. Obviously AJ you can -- the chin whiskers what's the grow ability factor on the full beard if that's required. I don't know that the mandatory things. But I had a beer before -- I would say that I love it. And I wouldn't say that my wife her kids love it -- And that's the requirement that culture culture I don't know buying your now clear the -- Bloomberg and I get some but it won't be as bad as. There's some of the guys that are -- -- it also be useful and Libya has. -- is that he be invited you for a duck boat -- you you'll where that story. I saw yeah united you -- -- you look -- and found about but out of other -- He's invited me down and do some decent government. Men duck a duck -- it is it is or reverie as I don't know bulk water all pictures so I don't know that single making. You could take one here when you get there with a wife and kids on the on the river. What number you're gonna take Napoli has number twelve you know he might he might be back -- monopoly. Well feedback. I don't know that to your question actually had a conversation. You know back on the field they glow of the he has packed. There's better there's been some thought process or the thought that I passes. I'm like 840 and people like life or you know I'm like well that's because they'll talk -- numbered years use Limbaugh. I think immunized with did we give him some love for all the earlier I've known him all the pricing he said about me. You know a lot of guys take the opposite the flip the number around ago you should ask for 21 it is not been used since Clemens was here. But -- but it's never gonna be retired so it's available. Look what he wanted to -- -- I guess college. Posted been nearly. With a 72 running -- Chicago. So maybe I could turn out I think my first big might be forty archer. AJ Pierzynski thanks for the title at -- to get out of spring training February. Our -- to report AJ Pierzynski but that doesn't tell -- on the AT&T AT&T the nation's fastest most reliable four GL TE network.

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