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Ryder and Rob Bradford talk with Alex Speier

Dec 4, 2013|

Alex joins the show and gives his thoughts on the Jacoby Ellsbury deal, and what prospects the Red Sox have to fill the hole left in the lineup, or trade pieces to get a player who can fill the void.

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It's John Ryder bag here on the planet Mikey show in four -- Mikey who's dated date -- an upper body injury. Rob Bradford. Is is always in perfect health and he's ready to do is five mile raw and and this is I did expect -- studio it's always a pleasant surprise one of my great friends in the and one of the best in the business as is. Alex spear of WEEI dot com. You guys as well just collectively promote the hot stove show tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. Where were firing up that river. While -- I said it was a promotional -- -- us were brought me through the hallways of and -- -- Boston today and popped on -- sides on Ryder as I saw that that Will Ferrell doing for -- Byrd. I figured I could do this it. No question bigger during the -- at Brad wrote sure are you while we've mentioned that earlier and actually -- -- at the great idea. But you know Scott -- his calling card in the winter meetings is the blue blazer. I think -- -- Brad vote teacher with the blue blazer go in the very nice yeah and and I said for whatever reason I think there would be perfect where Russians who choose signs Alex. For when he announced that signing for him to have that bread food he shared on an even though. Likely won't be here at Boston the wherever it is. Just kind of drifting through the background kind of partner and that's what else get many years ago. Couple wanderer with -- -- -- yet meander through a background of very sensitive to light. At Bradford should leave it. I Christopher Guest is underrated a -- at a well Alex so as rob last night or -- year takes a what do you they would what was your initial reaction of the Jacoby Ellsbury -- it would New York. Not a great surprise I don't think I would have stopped it. Ellsbury would -- denied their New York where -- and forced Seattle to serve yup he. And I thought it was going to take. Really significant money ever wants to -- When you don't hear anything you think I'll make your mark it's not going to materialize and portico PO earned on the court to get like he the Josh Hamilton by your 125 million dollar bottle. And then it's like they'll know he got exactly what you figured you would get initially namely Carl Crawford contract plus the inflation. And -- cause -- could Wear the Red Sox might have been proffered to exercise no new trade -- they -- I really. Yep so so -- I have not terribly surprised by this. I certainly don't think the Red Sox were terribly surprised by this. I'm the idea of -- -- are a reporter Mark -- Jacoby Ellsbury to recommend a great Turkey because it creates a challenge for them to replace him. You know Alex who won the things Celtic we talked about enough during one or eight phone conversations today. Was does because they're bad reception that I don't normally have power have the worst phone and it it cuts. Especially when Oprah procrastinating in the YMCA parking lot. But that that aside what the topic we've talked enough about pays. The how the Red Sox are -- you approach -- field market now. And we just talked -- in general terms OK you know they the grander in entrusting granderson meal troop probably won't follow them much. When it what are you have depth and -- brought up a good point. What are the names are at are there any names of people are surfacing in terms of potential trades for outfielders -- -- named -- camping on every year. The question and I don't really have perverted joke -- -- -- -- actually. -- meant to try to add a little bit more and it's -- afterwards urged her to play. In the Dexter Fowler market because. -- right handed guy it was a kind of a diverse skills that he and that's. Even -- consistent. Batting average on base skills. He's a kind of interest in player. And you know again because these you know -- right and that he -- compliment to someone like the Bradley. In quite enough you know it's not a part phenomena -- even -- there -- to have -- less -- It's it's up like that but you know my my my feeling -- guess is that the free agent market is moving so quickly. It's really not going to be until next week to winter meetings. It's a trademark it really materializes. In take shape I think that the expectations of the Red Sox certainly is that. They're very interested to see what's out there on the trade market with regards to first base for instance the electorate not when you know. Exactly what that is until they get down. You know it and it ends kind of piggybacking a frog -- rob a bid but. What about. Outfielders others then Carlos Beltran and and Curtis Granderson that are possibilities and also furthermore Alex in terms of trading for first baseman -- Outside of the name of more trumbull. Well trouble I don't think it's at all especially now that they've acquired AJ Pierzynski. Because thrombosis slowing everything guy and you can maybe have one of those guys in the lineup. Maybe. Is at a stretch you can have too but if you start accumulating too many of them -- -- pretty deep trouble and I'm Brett sparks already are going to face third question. And we really have a ticker Penske and will and will -- collapse. At the same time because those are both sides were very aggressive and -- or block great -- pitches per plate appearance. And that sort of thing I think trombone in their struggle would be that. Well I was actually asking it names outside of -- -- -- you get -- that they've gotten quicker than name Alex. Before I get to the names one thing that you will not see. It is is. Pierzynski. And middle -- getting back to back the Mueller that's one thing that by John -- did very well. Was you look at how he constructs a lot of he always put a patient guy in between two other guys who might be a little more free swinging. To limit the short innings by any way to get to John's question. Any other -- else. So I think it does so in terms of the outfielders who -- who happen to mention. You know I like so they're they're two different approaches one is you commit to check you correctly if you try to find a reversal outfielder protects both giving you got. At Altria outfield spots in May be contributing something else that is. Distinctive so a guy like Roger gave it could be buried -- you have experience with John Ferrell of course. You at least central part of the running game in Toronto and the guy is he's -- unbelievable that he had I think 46 -- -- in about a 118 last year. Not a great. Hitter certainly he's the guy who is it kind of you know the cute sixty initially and then -- You've written on base percentage has been below 300 although. Maybe that's in part a reflection of the environment but he was -- Toronto's been kind of they've preached it has kind of preached. Or at least it didn't remember about interpret its progress in the with the blue jays over the over years. I'm so it would be an alternative to kind of the aiming high granderson flash -- here to meet camp is camp -- danger written all over him. Because the injuries that he's out of insufficiently. Significant that I I would be pretty. Property leery of a guy like that beyond that I don't have a good fuel for other alternatives. On the that might be available on the market I am intrigued by a guy like a jet paper -- very personal and absolutely destroyed left in the pitching. He has traditional versatility in quite some first base site into a number and so he even felt kind of interesting when you're thinking about how to construct steps. -- artists and into the Red Sox certainly have interest in. Especially because it into their market shorter term deal of help also likely to their preference. As as John Carroll articulated when he was on the radio station earlier today. He said. We're going to try to do everything we can do in order -- Mike -- Stephen Drew and I think that it's the Red Sox could. Could get both of those guys back I would think that they might actually kill. Up pretty good out there -- You know it's. Pitching you'd be there or not we talked about -- -- a little bit earlier. And and though the new posting. Process is capped at twenty million aren't yet when he million and then you go from. Go from there. But with the Red Sox pitchers. A lot of people feel like they're gonna deal when these -- because. It's a lot easier for team to deal. For a pitcher like threats I have that is decider or free agent pitcher. Well we have these free agent pitchers out there and what are they -- what's gonna happen of them. I ain't really news do you look at some of these qualifying offer guys I think its worst since last year. Which -- certain you like Ervin Santana right you have. -- in the -- able all the amenities that we those of the guys that we really haven't heard a whole lot about back Garza. Although I think maybe some of that might be related to the uncertainty surrounding not bit their markets -- dead -- everyone's waiting to see with -- another guy not pitcher but qualifying effort guy. We're talking about the break candies Morales. Boy he screwed. -- -- Yet is that I am I'm really surprised that. He he was like it was like a poor man's version of Mike Napoli. -- -- defense in the worst offense. And work everything so -- decision to decried the qualifying offer. Reply to a well we'll see if he can make it out of Seattle. It's the Mariners and the resigning him for one year like eight million dollars I would not be surprised. Youth do you think do you think that they're gonna trade trying to trade one of these guys in the -- -- or not but try to trade do you think -- they're gonna actually be able acts acute. A Ryan Dempster Jake Peavy type deal. I don't think so in that I think that ultimately they're going to find that they eat. They need more money to spend -- -- need to clear more money -- -- the up in the books and so my guess is that OP bill will be pretty motivated to move when those guys may well and -- eating some salary one of those guys. And suddenly that that create more market because I do think that we're getting into an interest in put you out he's him. Where these supply of starting pitching burst. I demand for it because -- the guys we're mentioning. You know they -- and other team can make credible claim. But the cost of starting pitching is what we know it is not. Perhaps could be exorbitant there're a number of -- starters -- be available in some of them are going to be available for you know let's say that there -- available like. Two year -- three year deal something like that so in that sense I do think that it's going to. Acting it. Can mean you might you'll probably be able to market him. Yeah. Has yet it is at least a chance that you might appeal to McCall flying opera after next year get traffic. Went right -- -- or -- you know Robert you're probably get. Yeah Los. It's John writer rob Bradford of WEEI dot com as rob says Alex during that same organization. Alex had a terrific article as he always does so what now for the red sex a look at where the team's offseason stands amongst its other articles today Alex we talked about it. Earlier I talked -- it's all of them were robbed him it. I catching situation we mentioned that we know Pierzynski and David -- but what does this mean and and there's been a lot of discussion understandably so with Christian Vasquez and in Blake's why aren't. But what is this where does this leave them in terms of the potential dealer. Dealing away Ryan low -- away and even and I -- you mention the other day did Butler -- some scouts he has a possible Major League back up ready back up. You have all the Red Sox are among the team defeat Butler as a regionally -- backup and quite frankly I think the Red Sox. I think the Red -- you Butler as being a better Major League -- option right now and Ryan are going to be. Catcher. Because I think today you know because. That I guess you probably want a guy as they back up where who has a stronger sense of still sent. In you know that's that's who Butler is Butler is viewed as a good leader of the pitching staff so in I think that there's just a general sense that. The hard way is it hasn't clicked for him in terms of being given a limited role in the majors when he was given never able majors briefly. In the 2012 that might not be. Ain't error mechanism for her kind of figuring out who he is he just sort of accurate so I think that a -- stock dropped precipitously. I think that the Red Sox were open -- trading him throughout last year. I don't think that there was really remarkable here let's form then connecting to that indicates it's unlikely that one would materialize or about cell where that leaves them. You know I think -- it what what are three things. Pat would have to happen program which remain with the Red Sox. Entering into the entry into April in apartment -- -- our organization not a Major League team. Because I think it well one would be an injury to either. Pierzynski or rush that would mean that there are. You know bit Mubarak could be one of the poor guys catching in the upper level. Two would be a trade involving someone other than himself so it spot where it -- and it's -- to return to -- the -- would illicit trade interest. Then there's suddenly -- spot again for a -- the third would be if he was able to. If they determined that he had. -- criticism and aptitude to adapt to a new position which in his case would probably have to beat first space. I've been there would be a possibility that he could. I think he could be in the mix down in the -- to start the year with Brett talks hoping that his mysteriously vanishing power which went from 34 homers. In the 2011. See that from the minors -- majors. Downed. What was three this year. Might reappear. In is that it's similar to recapture some value -- May be put back on the map. To be a -- April completely stepped option but otherwise -- -- those -- things you can see right in the -- team belt. Toward the end of spring training for maybe not very much at all. Lastly Alex for me what about Robinson -- what do you think cabins do you think that he goes back to the Yankees who we're do you think. We know about the possible landing -- stops and in what do you think he gets for contract now. Great question. Certainly his value is going to be north of -- very excellent fit I think it -- a based on your public order and up my guess is that yen up. Something like eight years in 200 million. Unions and I'm not sure how it happened that need to comes from the -- I do think that the Yankees. If -- the Yankees are probably have a relative degree of confidence. There's some part of A-Rod suspension is going to be overturned. And if it's not I'd probably say you know what where the New York yankees' lead to anarchy in the last year. And we're not going to avoid doing so for the sake of stating. Basically you know ten million bucks. In terms of side in terms of potential luxury tax it and in lost revenue sharing every day. And I think it's the right I think that the Yankees. Very well might end up selling well -- the the 109 million dollars that they've articulated -- being that kind of magic number in different parts of articulated for the same period. At the magic number for the here I think it being you might look around where there that say oh yeah and also we saw me started pitching. And it's time that -- kind of continued spending. -- you like what you discern right. Yeah by -- -- for war that tomorrow. I I will be it you know it's so so any is it Seattle -- New York any other possibilities. For canola dark horse team maybe. Sure well I don't even think it's necessary -- dark horse but the National League you have to be on the certainly aware of the potential for limitless spending on their parts. End. Yeah I mean I realize that the tigers just treated her -- street district -- -- -- it would seem a little bit crazy but you know therapeutic -- the Rangers. An interesting thing the Rangers back in back when they treated her when they traded Iran with the Yankees. -- they had a list of potential players to be named yeah we're going to be included with Soriano. And among them was canals in the bypassed canals. In the instead went with I forget what the -- who's been designated for assignment like sixteen I guess since then. But yeah LP you know far costlier way as opposed to -- the Iraq contract. You know there will be assuming you know kind of -- comparable and perhaps but. They do with the Rangers are going to be highly highly highly motivated I have a big sign in the off season. And whether that you know if you end up not going to them for instance. Then maybe that circle pretty hard that -- market. Liza that's bother me now I know that player you're talking about that it produces with the giants. But it can't think of the name. Yeah Latin player. I suggested that a really narrows at their arguments. Anyhow whatever it -- gonna bug me but and anyway you don't Alex raised up from looking for listening you -- -- -- and its seven. We will look forward to being your card with our -- -- yes. All right Alex spirit WEEI dot com rob Bradford of WEEI dot com thanks for coming in always great to see rob always great work we. I leave to this texted says this has to be from a woman but. Would love to see -- at the -- where his bread food teacher it that has to release a legions of women out to text about rob he's take you -- the tail end of that and nothing else now. If it goes without saying for these female listeners of course. I yeah I know that I have to go there right now so maybe it's Leo by in my house in. That. -- anyway. You'd -- We are good terms yes your act yet before it's too hot stove show. It's like all right I can -- appreciate your patience -- on the fault lines it's all about the collars now. At 6177797937. Beckett is bring it.

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