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John Ryder and Rob Bradford talk about the Red Sox and Jacoby Ellsbury

Dec 4, 2013|

John talks to Rob and gets his thoughts on the Yankees signing Jacoby Ellsbury, the Red Sox signing AJ Pierzynski, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia signing with Miami.

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Well that music can only be one thing that's what I always say when I hear mortar had ace of spades. Not that let me -- let me is committed to the studio. Although our rob Bradford in the past is an impressive sideburns. And yes. Rob Bradford unexpected guest you know usually don't like the you know in real life field that -- dropping guess not you if you were to drop by but it. You know it is. But this is in the situation here when it comes the radio always great to zero it's it's a very convenient. Placed a walk through -- walking on by a pop on and all the -- people understand there's a lot of fans. Who have their faces -- to -- the class when you're doing mission on -- it's out of Fenway -- or to evade the barge into the building the cleaning people yes. It's. So I you'll be sticking around only your colleague. Alex I don't take too much away because I know you guys have tremendous hot stove show -- -- that's basically that's why I'm here John it's a promotional. To order for the hot -- to show us yes tomorrow night 7 o'clock seven aide stayed tuned for that to write that down your daily calendar. For tomorrow night rob Bradford Alex spear still shows 78 but. Rob joining me now up to delayed and Allan -- will be joining me 8 o'clock and we hope you join us at 617779. 79837. You can of course Texas at 3790 threesome rubble weed out there today. AJ Pierzynski announcement. And our reserves the conference call the I was not narratives -- a team from -- front street -- Nice Red Sox are -- but. Yeah the age jeepers it's keep things interesting it's. It's there's a lot of levels to AJ Pierzynski it's not this -- of slammed on you can't just say this is a growth rate. Player this is a terrible player he's a very polarizing guy. You think I heard Mike Salk phrase it that way John Farrell and and what did John Ferrell so. He did like the word polarizing now okay well I I respectfully disagree have traffic he had polarized. In the sense that that if nothing else. We've seen the polls we've seen though the the opinion from players he played against them. And they don't like him yet -- you talk to the players who play with them and they do like him for most part. But I don't -- to be -- you John I don't care about that stuff I really don't. I care about this look at the player what you can deliver -- right field and even that is polarizing because. He's a guy who is is perceived -- not a great receiver not a great catcher. -- throw okay. Swings -- everything. But the flip side of that is that he makes a lot of contact which he now actually help this team because they have a lot the have guys who swing and miss a lot. So -- he's not a guy who you say this is a perfect fit for the Red Sox but you can see what they were thinking especially in a one year. On well -- and everything else that's out there and considering what they think there. Is in terms of depth that the catcher position. QVC -- -- bloop hits this scratch -- -- that prison power but it seemed like every time -- -- put Texas or even Chicago the past and -- stops and always see these. You know hits that -- all somewhere these bloop singles. -- he's got power to him. The day here it's here it's from the correct -- -- the right -- to play the correct side of the plate moderates are concerned the left side. That's what they needed it needs some of the compliment -- -- one year just over eight million he would and for what was -- the York able to get Ruiz you weren't able to get McCain and you you do what you three years to Saltalamacchia this was the next best option you it -- what do you think they do with the we we all know one of the constant type now Vasquez and swipe -- but what about these other guys. Namely Ryan of foreign way does he get dealt does he start the season but tucked in his basket as the starting catcher protected what. And I guess in reading Dan Butler some -- that they need to be a viable backup Major League backup -- yeah and I know Alex is coming on top via our and he can probably speak -- is better. He wrote about it today by. -- the hard way is I think his time with the Red Sox Tripoli catcher probably has coming gone either -- -- if you're gonna keep elect catcher. You probably -- deal. Bomb by. There's chances Alex points though. They could move to first base have -- get some time in there at triple a problem. But that as you point out -- Butler is perceived as a better defensive catcher. And a lot of people think he will be of Major League catcher in Vasquez a year way why are probably two years away. But John I wanna warn you and I know that you ought to drop these guys in and you wanna say hey -- these guys a year two years they're going to be every day captures. The set I wanted to so I don't know -- You have radio -- and then yes exactly. I just figured that. But. Aides for for young catchers even go back to Gallagher Matt leaders. Or any of these guys. It is so difficult for a guy to start to say you're gonna play the majority games because it's more Smart tool that off a short amount of yesterday's that's why you see so many late bloomers in a position. I tell let's over the phone lines are stacked especially that always Evans -- rob. Comes on the radio we have full line why am wearing my dad Brad for a teacher you are in day in a tie as well well the -- appears exactly here's Bob in Connecticut -- Bob. I are you guys heard Bob are you. Let a guy that got irked by like -- I appreciate listening to you weren't at your logical choice and that's agreed -- and that -- -- to you that you live. I agree completely. -- but this -- Sturges who Mikey. Now both a lot like big items to. See here look at it. While it real on that now that the Yankees are built or I don't cattle at -- At -- were put. Put Bob on -- removal as the -- ultimately this is not that Bob completed his call by saying well the Yankees still have interest in Beltran. And I think -- well. I I think to Kansas city's gonna get belt and I might be wrong but Kansas City seems to be the most aggressive they were aggressive -- out of the gate. They need a guy like that in -- get a guy like that they're in the conversation in that division. But but the Yankees John I don't know how you feel what you been saying or what the callers have been saying about the Ellsberg thing. By they probably pitching now I know why -- are some amazing thing if you need some pitching there while -- and all -- the reports are out here India -- you even referenced last night would you who came -- myself and Lenny. Tanaka the Japanese pitcher but what will he dual led off all the sudden be an automatic the top of the rotation how much are they counting on -- Bob Dole or even. Michael Pineda coming back -- injury or and added we know about the slippage would CC sabathia does he bounce back and it was a question marks -- that that ball and so it's right in the other thing -- reference rob -- is. And I guess there might be still some money left that for the Yankees decide Robinson Cano but sake canal goes out there and sciences. For you know thirty million dollars more than Ellsbury is you know 180. Something million. But they've but they lose out items cited sides of Seattle or Texas or every Mike golden. Is that still a drop off as much result breaking Gaby at the top of the order every it's what he could bring you but you lose out on can no you still have pitching problems. Yeah yeah absolutely and in. Are you dog it can now. -- You're right absolutely. If you go and he can no doubt -- the Yankees is obscene amount of money that you're gonna pay we understand that. Where is the money going toward pitching I don't have the answer that you mentioned Tanaka. -- -- The bidding process is probably going to be changed where they're gonna put a cap on how much you can bid it's not like the Red Sox -- he get Daisuke. Where the the big market teams aren't necessarily gonna have the upper hand here and that's what the Yankees are banking on that he had pick on Twitter and -- reject this I think chip past and of Yahoo! was saying that it's going to be -- at twenty million posting -- it would sure essentially makes him a free agent meeting any that that's going to be where it's cap that is. Twenty million sold any number of teams to just post that twenty million in -- goes where you prefer is yet to throw out yes so I Euro. I guess I guess if you get into a bidding warned free agencies still can you are right for yourself but. This comes back to Utah tonight talked to some of the Japanese reports that the GM meetings but America. And it's this guy isn't Darvish. -- he's not all locked -- no question about it number one starter. And that's what the Yankees need CC sabathia is not the CC sabathia that you remember. He he he's kind of morphing into this number three guy because he's pitched so much so much and and and we are even tackle with the ball and Dave Roberts and fine yeah he's good pitcher. But he's he bumps into closer now everything else is in doubt so if you wanna look at the teams right now even with McCain and even with -- Barry. I still have to give the upper hand the Red Sox for the for the sole reason is there that they have better pitching they'd do a toddler and you know what this is this is and talked about too much rob and you'll get back the cause here but. The Red Sox looking for any insurance policies have for. Coach you are. The order they they sell outs from what I understand -- they -- like what they have right now off Myers standing there are gonna get any kind of high priced talent he bidding war but. You have green -- for a there you. -- Brian Wilson but did he -- Dodgers -- Even even -- like next level down -- so Edward Mujica. I I -- I sadly yeah yeah within the cardinals had lost disclose its ascent Jesse Crain is another guy. And so those guys it cost a little bit of money. I don't think that unless they fall to the Red Sox. And the get a met the exact right prices they're gonna give in on those guys he Selig get a guy like Burke Peyton topic at the other day to see seventh inning guys. -- someone fall storm I think that eighth inning is what it is going to be right now. Here's -- Fall -- and that. -- -- As and that -- the government on again yeah -- ago. Let the that we don't want to talk about it is that some suggestions for looking up at the box to help the Red Sox. You know maintain the cohesion of their lineup for next year but one the other gonna. But. Rob about -- is. You know the one big -- -- got to think about the Yankees is affected -- immediately get what your next year. As the possibilities -- and we should reflect -- A priority on finding less here this year before he goes to create and he'd beat the Yankees getting him. The other two questions like that -- question I asked where stripped of all what about the possibility threats like like to have that. Speed of the top of the line up is McLeod from laurel Baltimore free agent is he available -- possibility and. Kind of feel a clot in the clouds humane outlook are. -- that out much or by yeah the only thing you I didn't play all reopened today you know about it and it's a couple of its as the couple good points number one you look at the flexibility guy like that gives you the outfield that's why they like granderson. -- you play all three Alfred -- Although he's gonna cost steal bases in the cost -- draft pick. By and the in the -- question Lester questions a good one. What I understand and markets start start talking extension until spring training but this -- thing reminds you. Who are they -- identify as kind of vote the foundation pieces of this team they're not afraid to give longterm deals they said that. But they said we -- identify the right guys they identified Dustin Pedroia is being one of them. We understand. Well is Jon Lester going to be one of them. Any he's gonna cost you money Matt. Max -- If he signs Detroit you -- the number one starter out there next -- agency -- I mentioned this earlier I brought this up earlier met in -- to freeagent penalties descended where. At that point -- -- literally editor recorder during the same thing -- happen -- you caught me yeah reeker well you know what -- Slovenia repeating your best lawlessness despite only stuff like -- well you don't -- badly you're. That -- of the call Lester. I was Sander earlier myself in the show and I said it last night as well just a passing -- rob you know -- Why wouldn't the -- he's PH -- this -- -- thirty years old is the policies of pedigree left handed which is so tough to find and the way he's pitched in Yankee Stadium -- dominated you wonder Lester or any of these guys especially if scherzer science and extension. With Detroit's a muted statement acknowledged -- -- yeah but why would you even entertain. And I can't do the reds it'll be over a hundred million dollars well. Yeah oh yeah easy yet well over absolutely and and you take sure throughout the market Lester becomes the guy I will say this. I think -- Lester is the type of guy. Who likes it here who might take a little less money to stay here if the price is right so if you have a guy like that. And you feel good about him and you feel that he's going to be healthy but he's a right work ethic he's the guy that you want the other pitchers to get behind. Then I do think -- you make an aggressive offer. How it is and they clearly did not do that with -- -- they did not make an aggressive law firm enough they did not come out of the gate in the -- say hey you know what. We're gonna show you that we speak to you our foundation piece. What do you think your -- I guess the identified this as well all right when I could go that crazy -- Lester will give him a solid off through all Kodak crazy because. We have reinforcements on the way whether it is it's you know what that's likely scenario John and by I'll come back to this. This isn't a perfect world. But in a perfect world you have a starting pitcher like Jon Lester when you get to the playoffs he can do what John mustard day -- You can have the -- Webster's you can have the brain in -- you can have the young pitchers the Henry -- coming up. Even Lackey and -- But you know that Jon Lester can do what he did in the playoffs which is. You know not a lot of pictures can do that now will get another what him before the break here's Bob in Connecticut hey Bob. -- -- sorry about that soap opera on no problem the question you -- rancher rob about. Belcher hasn't. Indicating can't city Agassi prep runner. Therefore I've got in stocks are probably not edit it and am. Rather the Red Sox don't wanna go beyond two years for them and I think in the cities are more than -- -- you -- series yankees series artist known a willingness I think to go through daddies -- agents turned thirty so this. I heard some ma news all around about ten. What's the deal look at then what's the status so when it is all or it's. Gavel from -- my understanding big Dodgers are openly shopping both campaign each year both make a lot of money obviously. By. Camps that guys who I think -- be probably one prioritize shipping out. Because of the concerns over in treatment in the shoulder he also has an ankle injury I'll note that fully yield. Whatever if you do deal one of those guys -- -- he would have to give some money up in the deal. So yes and then at some people in baseball feel that if they do do that and the reason they are doing that. It is okay you do that you move the got to get from Cuba and play second base over shortstop if you make a run a canal. I much thank you -- -- it will continue receive loaded up their on the fall as one open -- now 61777979837. It said John -- the tremendous rob Bradford WEEI dot com here on the planet Mikey show John writer rob Bradford check out rob of course -- Should know by now WEEI dot com and of course the airwaves and on Twitter read Brad tries to I've got to get one of those teachers round. Our Christmas present all right yeah I have to start making. Crank team now yeah higher committee requests for. I'm sure endless kids all the all the girls -- Scott Boras wearing one when it announces Haitians who choose adding yeah. A lot of that is it was a blue blazer and yes right with an -- Brad throat and threatened his Easter which makes no sit with Shin-Soo -- that's -- any. -- hate is seen as being get a I'd always he's got a joked about him he's brought you the red sex plans are -- will be yet and probably. Who's got ports dealt while -- -- every team that plans with a few exceptions but note trio. I think that that is his number would have to come now yeah he's number's gonna come out -- be a great fit I -- he he gets on base it on. Com he could data lot of production because that's the thing you could be putting Jackie Bradley in there. And it's it's unfair to expect that this guy is gonna supply even you know 75%. Of what -- Berry gave. It's you got to ease this guy and what you're gonna needs to Moffett productions that to me is why Napoli very important. You know what you're gonna get with him you need that middle of the order production. And and there's not a lot of ways together if you don't asylum. Now and also -- news news. It seems like every team is rumored to be trade by him to trade for more trouble but there's another guy much like 00 AJ Pierzynski you'd. Try to get a bunch of guys which doesn't seem to fit in this team the power they are but. You know the OB the ninth the year I knew he had aids if his name has been -- -- -- -- seem to be -- access Sony's power back. But he -- bats so hard to five -- you gonna trade him you better get some good form. I do think I don't know why I think despite do you think the -- source advocate trade down landed on the when I YouTube and because that's -- here it's so easy distant put the pieces together and say you re sign this guy resent that -- and and stand pat. That's so rarely happens I think it's obvious I -- because of all the pitching depth -- they have. Even possibly were of Ryan the born way involved in the deal it in others as well and I -- that may be. -- deals -- to a lesser extent they could move. Dempster may be too and Ashley team up needs some of the money to get a better prospect the returner and you know some of those type of the I five the game and I also find -- music fascinated I was listening you've come and over. Across the across the great white way here or whatever it is half the street from -- in two the and it -- central and and I dirty talk about Stephen Drew I find this really interesting I said I putted joked. That last night this cup portion announced Jacoby Ellsbury its contract have been. Tennis said -- by the way we also get Stephen Drew -- two -- sixty million dollar deal illiquid go to grow refused to merit like so low for Brad. -- -- carton of milk that Playboy. If it that both of us. It's almost stores and coffee is that they were bankrupted the no but yeah I I tell you go the route the -- -- then and end of the minor. Items yet. David Brock today David. I guess they don't always updated. Question and I and I had brought in in in on quick buried at the right site acquired. During an August and -- the legacy the eight primarily an eight page -- this is still a debt. That they tech writing needed. Do you make it AT as he rule or apps. In the BP in play and it's an appeal. And if you spot. -- the freeagent right now we he had these days they he became a free agent after the year and I am. And a snake in recent item on a moderately DO. He looked like a good player made he certainly acquitted himself while on more than just the -- trotting and eBay were surprised at how well he -- So. You know by by the -- you'll go into the Red Sox don't go into next year saying. -- Barry's part of the mix as a possible starter now I hear these you know -- been there happens but not well last year remember. Inaba wasn't thought of anything and he worked out. But I don't think that that's going in by design yeah I don't think any team's perceived him as a starting player endless here maybe via Houston masters someone like that -- I don't vigorous -- score out there and those were called David and -- -- batteries. -- tuning out and in center field to operate those that type of guys which he'll think about it seemed to spring training -- -- midway through the year replace some sort of a big role and that's why it's so important that's what the depth is so important. These guys these guys who you see it every year Darnell McDonald a few years no -- good as when you're in the great Jokester you Rio answering your spring training games. And you get to the sixth and seventh inning. Of these games and all the -- if the congress pitching -- what you know who cares about this guy over the next thing you know. -- rolls around our remember this guy he pitched back in spring training these guys you can -- it's a cliche you never have enough depth. And these guys Pedro would be -- always pops up somewhere right all while Bluetooth things that happened predominantly baseball would every single team whether it's. You know the teams dispenses. The megabucks in the New York Yankees of the teams that don't spend much on used -- as you see this. Ever our relievers. Nowhere. And outfielders. You always see that these extra guys out so overall in game when you're looking at like the -- -- ops guys like that require. I'm not saying he's going to be coach you are by -- we coach Horrow is acquired early December last year no one doubted and I. Yet and even when you get what it was more of a name the big enough. -- don't feel and I would expect obvious what point is is that it is the first game of the year he picks in the sixth inning. And they went through three closers before they got to him nobody ever thought that he was gonna and abuse because even when. Elite hitter and got hurt they went that this problem right so. To your point John you don't know who's gonna step popular not Craig -- I mean he was kind of an afterthought guy and and he ends up being the most important players in the -- -- well isn't that the case always would relievers and bull pens in general and bull pens in baseball it's one of the hardest things to diagnose retired about. Are diagnosed catching prospects but when it comes to bowl ends we -- have a great bullpen once season and his terrible the nexus and so it fluctuates so much from once again that's why you get as many as you can and and you don't -- him don't Garcia. Here's Dominic in New York City -- Dominic. I Heidi that. John you said before that the Yankees would not be interested in that cannot cut. But -- says that. I -- I think he's a -- I said the Yankees would have interest on paradigm in the Red Hat without the -- wouldn't -- -- -- the -- -- -- down to twenty million dollars for everybody. Wouldn't date to -- pediatrician. While I -- I don't think that. -- ago the guys if you do with a with a Red Sox. Especially with a posting fee because opposing the is -- an account against the luxury tax. So it it's as what you have to pay what you have to compete with again to the team who needs starting pitchers a lot more than than the Red Sox to rate now. I think the other question that is what we can go three years at fifteen million -- year program -- I wouldn't. I mean asset and that's a lot I know the greatest hit forty O'Brien's back to back years two years ago I don't know what do you think he gets rob -- do you think the average is about twelve million season. Absolutely and possessing the Mets right now. He had it -- and that's what I am guessing but you know Dominic that tricky draft pick right. I mean that there. What we already -- losing a daughter of -- with the Yankees yet. Don't you say -- no I understand teams giving up getting back. But still is that the guy that you want allocated to and -- and to me. To me the red -- interest has recently stated before is there's a lot of versatility with -- traders and you can play all three. I'll -- -- we know that he has some pop in his bat we know these coming off a down year which is necessarily a bad thing because this is how the Red Sox made some -- last year. Getting guys off bad years who had previous to track records right. But boy you know you're gonna pay a lot for that as kind of taking a flier and a guy like rendition. Well. -- weird they get I mean the question is where it thanks for the called Dominic could that be part of it of the trade who are we keep hearing. Rob we know we just like that we we know the names that are out there on the trading block especially -- but what what about in terms about field. All you you really don't hear a whole lot of yes on the right I don't and and it's that doesn't mean there aren't names out there because. Usually when these trades are made their names that don't pop up to the area and -- and so focused on the free agents or war. Or at least guys who may be their contracts are -- beat these. These high priced guys in small markets whose contracts are up -- -- he's gonna get traded eventually but it David and I he's not he's an outfielder but it David Price you think David Price is being traded. Sometime in the next year. But right now you aren't hearing a whole the only ones is companies here is really what it would you keep -- -- Maybe some names to a lesser extent of the year that they could. Via plug into the outfield but -- -- -- if they go the route of a Jackie Bradley junior starting center fielder deathly you'd think gonna add. A veteran that could play center field and or right field depending what they could do -- victory and yeah I think so because you you have to protect yourself in game keep yourself some chances some punch. And we shouldn't discount nobly did what Olmsted. And those -- valuable guys by. It's still you do not wanna be left hung out to dry of Jackie Bradley does not work -- focused. Listen -- still young -- -- -- this -- cart before the horse here this does is give him some slack just like Mel Brooks Mel Brooks came into last year he was the number five hitter he was a guy who was going to be the instant -- the order while we understand there was still some more work today. No question well always work for you to do Robin.

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