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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 12/04/13

Dec 4, 2013|

You ask, we answer.

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It's time for answers the question generic answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering -- -- and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer that question -- Are not answer the question we do it every day at this time he just Texas 37937. I was brought you by air -- restoration specialist. If you're a property or facilities manager or insurance broke call -- to ensure you have disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or go to -- -- serve. Dot com about people -- rich rich fields. Since we are here. Today at Mohegan Sun -- happily joined by Bobby silvers and CEO. Of -- -- that's pretty important position here right. Go red day the reality that'll penalty too much -- about people -- scared dude you know much smarter than me in debt. I'm more experienced that duo award you don't need to budget entitled CEO the American dream -- what do you do here so JC is coming January 17 he'll be here. -- do you do you have any conversations with him in the booking and he's Robinson gave him you know he's an agent now now now we had a very capable. Head of entertainment here grad Tom can't who actually books on these and -- congress'. So so I don't I don't have the pleasure talking to JC but if you wanted to you could top. -- it's not you don't throw your weight around a Somalis are CEO luckily -- did -- was -- an honest conversation. Nam there may be a day where there's someone -- it's not do them -- -- so it's not using it out. Realizing that Jaycee. Now it's all coming together or how this works we take these questions are you gonna do was answer them well let's just test that out -- -- Greg back in the studio. Hi Greg at the next question -- you've got to how quickly and exports. Exports. -- click. Next question there just aren't the kinds. Our civil authorities automatic or manual toothbrush. Mean -- anonymous feeling as the mechanically and it's good exercise. In the -- for a full two minutes look at the nice thing about the automatic is it forces you to go two minutes. The tickets are fine when I do the made ought to go for like thirty seconds Adam -- -- like the automatic forces me to really get that Hinckley ticket point. Get close to two minutes with our. Press next question. Who is your fearless -- more for us who's your favorite person to interview and why it's so much. -- -- -- -- war torn exactly you look. Looking forward with your favorite person in an area on one talks about what state John Ferrell is way up there -- it -- to talk with -- but -- -- way up there pick sides. Q well he will give you answer even if if he -- think you're -- I think it's a stupid question you'll at least engage in the conversation. It gives you a -- points people always. Tell you exactly what's happening but you can read between the lines of him. Perfect example we asked him about that responses. He got last night the players it is clear people that the Red Sox players hey -- day particularly these numbers right and we don't. Right well we we talk softly and we lost. To go elsewhere what are we still. It was also pretty clear that -- start that idea that he definitely talk to people ask some questions about Pierzynski before that deal was -- -- -- hey you -- -- -- -- bring him -- are you OK with it okay we'll build it. Yeah thank you play after a like term to her terms on my list topic topic for next question. Have you ever cheated on a test and high school were in any school. Ever cheated on accessed. It's so long ago it's hard for me to recall that that's -- hits -- Jeter wouldn't let there. That is if that is yours that is your classic I cheated if there Osgood -- the day I probably did. I don't -- Holbrooke called -- like I don't like chief Robert as a place I. I don't I notice you don't have or not intense pressure it was tough I mean you know district can you always be watched and of homework definitely. A little more -- I know it was -- what you can get -- it. Easier and answers now things you wouldn't it critical that god if she didn't get that. Deficit what did you do better. It's easier to -- now it would have to be easier to keep that was. When I was surprised because the Internet I don't know it then I -- you guys -- -- you guys -- if you're if you're 706070. Now. They -- what you're Smartphones now to protest. I can have a publisher Chris Padilla because I kidney this phone don't have a Smart all the GM's have a Smartphone class I don't think I don't think -- pandered to the what did you say. Leave him at the door or be it the rescue rocket to hit it in your pocket pat you down. That's California at a world history does. Next question. What was the funniest Saturday live a long dead or alive talk about. And Jeremiah -- -- blaze next question Phil Hartman. Phil Hartman and certainly did Eddie Hartman Eddie Murphy vs the heart different this -- Eddie Murphy's hysterical as a standup comedian. He was -- -- Saturday -- I accurate and everything areas but. -- was movies are some good buddies that I I don't know how to instead of his movie -- would regard -- -- Hundreds held guy running is on as a now I don't know funniest post and thousands today. -- just -- alone so I assume after -- and Phil Hartman on news radio is unbelievably. Funny and he looked so good tennis but it. Well he's underrated. Apartment is likely to crack -- -- and what are you talking about what Ferrell he's. I'll take Phil Hartman over wolf that it would take three days of the bill Hartman it's funny -- the welfare yes I can -- do you get eight it's at least by this -- know people take -- -- -- it. Okay well starting with Phil Hartman I'd take a decreased and I think -- can wake is better than him. Not take to heal -- over him -- just rethink this bullet -- all tea yeah I think my utter random radio Mike Myers. OK I mean who I'd ever -- -- is on SNL and then start going back in time. It Chevy Chase I'll take all those guys over I'm not the biggest -- -- -- clearly but I don't think he's in the in the stratosphere at all. -- -- I don't think so varsity. But I have to. Really I don't -- worth the price -- that -- Friday night we had Oprah really now all our final question I need to get a Christmas present for girl. That I just started dating she does or jewelry okay what is the safe present to get a girl I don't know that well who is 28 years. I'll chime in on this and I think -- gift card to -- so -- -- -- -- You know they -- presumptuous like -- with the -- Presumption. -- know it's a way. To make -- suggestion how contagious -- an account that capital weakened politics download that even then hotel room for the weekends Gator. We're we're we're the best place for dinner you know a lot of you know. Take -- a lot Labonte mellowed by ballots -- greatly Pharmerica Pharmerica Canada by inflated -- -- yet you know I Garrett spot treatment. This does treatment actually is a good idea in general -- certainly appear in the -- areas that spot for it but a spot treatments a good idea in general no girl does not like that it is it is it too much energy to Wear jewelry that's something that's different things that got it or about it -- -- footwear jewelry for it she opposed -- -- just back. But it reported critically at what. You wanna know more likely they wanted to know in the format here is they send it to her accidental it got -- right now aren't. So is -- the record the music is too risky to have the spot treatment and a couple. They -- two combo. If the book is boring all right okay now the kind of -- -- -- -- part of educator -- buyer drone fire one of those drones that they're going to be using an Amazon when you watch at sixty that Iraq terror file photo or two. If you -- of the drone deliver the phone. But you -- -- both Bobby thank you so much this has been greatly loved coming down here we're going to be back in a couple of weeks for the viewing party and a couple of Sundays from now our opponents question what -- what you did which are -- here. Un -- Like Jack black Jack was supposedly. -- -- Oh -- personal -- and I don't mean if you let a lot of money that your employees what we we can't gamble here particularly matter we Kenya will he here. Most I've never won any casino. Maybe 5000 pound. Recognize what's the -- you've lost. Maybe. 5000 dollars 111002. To me it is. And out of it now why would you just products -- instructors table it's a great -- we always have a good time whatever we're here thank you so much this is a lot of fun -- Back tomorrow at 2 o'clock. But he tells me. Well the -- reloading the -- is this on the I'm not mistaken this Sunday here Mohegan Sun and then we will be here the following Sunday for our own viewing parties a couple good -- part. By the way your AJ Pierzynski tomorrow. On the Dennis and Callahan morning program at 805 I believe it is -- 5 AM. It was a Red -- AJ -- -- we will talk to guys tomorrow at 2 o'clock until then good but.

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