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Salk and Holley’s Four at Four- 12/04/13

Dec 4, 2013|

Today’s topics include frustrating superstars, Boston-New York rivalries, tough losses and more.

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And now word excel and -- -- or roller board or bought four. Time cleaning. -- We'll probably cells can finally -- -- Sports Radio W GE. I do agree about. At four floors brought you by Marvin windows then what are we have to hear it for this month that he. The X Busch shop there and this is there. I've said I'm there now three pounds overweight replicate hero returns and doubted seriously. The matter you trying to kiss up to those guys that not at all we do not I'd die myself supposed gentlemen. Those gentlemen number one Jacoby Ellsbury spent seven years here in Boston and his deal with the Yankees is -- superstar money. So some jumpers. Apparently superstar has ever been more frustrating superstar player here in Boston -- first Aussie superstar -- are fine but then there have been put players for the for the purpose of the forest North -- this -- the there are some players that people would -- incredibly frustrating one of them on this team is Clay Buchholz I think is frustrated people and over again if you wanna call him a superstar but. -- Sagan to pal Phil Kessel the name it was going to be about Lucic in the game I was gonna go to. Antoine Walker he is definitely for -- he's really high on this list. How about a couple ball. Probable I always found people and certainly I remember being frustrated often with Mo was a great player to win out here that I loved I loved mole on. But I always found myself frustrated by our own. Not at all -- don't -- expect no way he really. I mean it and it won't vote to what you -- production having had great numbers out came through in the clutch. I think I don't agree that we expect except for 1995 talk about but. Mobile ought to be among us info walkers -- so I would I would figure out what that's not true I wouldn't put no body -- may ease the pressure didn't stuff prosperity for the grand wherever you got to play. Credit but yeah there you got Mo -- on the list and you don't have many and so. Don't even think about why don't even think about what better in the Miami -- The guy who sometimes he wanted to place sometimes -- one of the way he played most of the time when he did he was unbelievable. You know we've we've seen a lot of people here there's like a variety is at the diverse collection. -- diverse a -- -- the wolf that are are all right right and so it. Or at the world to have or would cost a lot of people. Some Obama. Summit in their twenties could imagine somebody coming up in their sixties and you just start a fight with the let's put Manny Ramirez. Is a senior citizen now aren't that bad taste it right over there -- because it hurt didn't it. If a baseball player -- his prize a big guy capable of I'm hitting a baseball 500 paid major Martinez nobody hates him I -- take on tough fight and -- now. Now he's figured out -- frustrated that that cluster obnoxious but it's not autocratic -- injury it's. I was the figure plus the very well. About yourself but it's one of the baby towards a funny answer to this because -- get a really likable player in so many ways we just watching me like do. Stop shooting from up there just stopped doing that you don't think Tyler signals that it would that he was such a bottle of port -- port yeah -- the greatest. That's a really good answer that he was not the player that everybody wanted to today again it really wanna do all the things to be a tough guy he was built like or at least -- -- Kelsey could say hey that really makes sense for those guys to go to the quarters -- gonna get hurt us little guys that Joseph Thornton was gigantic it is still refused to play. -- that. As well they're really little smaller than the war. -- -- -- I don't fit the job bowed to show. Called airport recently -- jumbled field cute. Don't you talk about as fat -- Texas is that it -- the asset that would. -- -- frustrated with never superstar what they've made public. Yeah they went after it -- but -- Bledsoe. So -- answers at the ballot so there. Remember that and remember the road yet hold that the quality of the bill's promise to complete every position right. Quarter say -- cold outside inside do you live. Well did you coach your team broke your court editor. -- It's -- -- telephone conversation because it sounds negative -- -- not really but these are all players you like I loved almost every one of these players and wives are. And really desperate I love I'd love -- -- -- I'd loved and wanted some of my favorite players but yet they were. The real frustrated or below your opponents are doing it's not like if -- just the -- and jump over him. -- Red Sox yankees is the best rivalry in baseball possibly the best rivalry in all of sports. Boston and New York are rivals and all those sports but which Boston New York rivalry is the worst. Renders these. And I warned. That it's terrible. The raiders and I do -- Rangers hit into an obnoxious relocated to hit last year they -- that show law -- -- rivalry but it will what was that moment on now whoever. We we talk about sort but we liked him. Well this great incredible that we want monarch but we'd like having him in the right -- it's funny great if you went through the islanders and it would consider highly or yeah that's what it really in New York team. Up your right it. If the -- a true rivalry. -- they've had a couple moments -- layered up but it never considered the exit means when I was a kid it was sixers in the lakers that it became the lakers more than thirty -- The revolution be your -- on the hot rivalry out yeah it was four major sports that there's no worry not there's not be fit the intruder. -- that. Saint -- Not would say that mixed -- with the -- -- you know at least it appears that we Q did you say that they -- this rivalry is not what it used to be at least you got so loud -- the ball spike. You've got a guy like John -- -- -- in the in the what was going to be in the ninety's though. When the Celtics were not all that good -- and the knicks were at John Starks. Did you like them more than -- -- -- a lot I don't know that all large. Is that the real pain -- -- -- -- -- -- And those guys. Jordan the great and it's. It may be worse that they'll sort of those are capable personality that. Make it -- your -- aren't. Particularly hated. -- -- Factory. Boston sports fans have suffered many times at the hands of New York teams 2000 retail CES 2007 and 2010 Super Bowl -- 73 Eastern Conference finals for the Celtics just enabled you get your job but it about the little 73 psychics always got a drop there go a little industry. Which lost to New York was the toughest to swallow it expects. -- Why yes I got a better that 86 cents. You won't want to strike away I don't -- -- -- -- say 83 yards away from. Perfect backed Shia and a radar equipped reaction yeah -- -- now but now. There -- only going to be perfect. You're gonna need a New York team on your route to perfection the punctuation market that needs. The New York Giants the people that. That's gonna hate the giants at that point vote. They're big giant hatred at that point for the patriots have to people knowing what -- why -- our. Are crazy are they this doors are quite understand their in New York argued that that -- -- Wear their Jersey giants don't think who -- yeah. A lot of people grew up though they've watched the -- it with your partner -- so -- people -- my apparently don't like the job because if you're under forty right brother 48. I could never I -- that deal that I didn't hate them because as you go. But those eighties Giant Eagle LLC I think you'll see him like I hate that part though I hate those teams -- those teams so. I don't know that look clearly that was a devastating loss in a 3860. I don't battery. They got first it did at the seventeenth. Two minutes into pretty bad -- eight seconds left -- -- -- that. Right now -- rated defense in the league can. -- -- -- That's worse than 86 people forget and my -- -- 78 might be worse than any problem. -- -- -- people forget the problem that it -- -- -- They -- to him but don't listen they haven't poured into one and I'm now at the at their own I think 3330 -- the guys that. That could predict it over right now -- -- not -- I -- -- that they had a fortnight one. In their own territories. I don't know if -- -- you know maybe it's right there no. It. If you could take one player off of any New York team and put him at a Boston uniform. Who dat player -- But. Don't knock me forever personally I don't think -- -- that way they be closer to landing one of the to its next year's. Doherty who will be a nice little answer back where the Red Sox they say your. By the space erotica no don't it oh I already know. Its airspace over here easy answer right now they get to this reform. Bob but workers off the jets to replacements. Help for right now but in general I think the real answer to me might be -- arts. I do considering the islanders to be a New York team of ours is a yellow metal star it is really had a better -- traffic -- -- -- David -- There aren't built the position of April like at third base and a policy put David Wright at third -- answers you guys went on got a player that would mark it right. Credit. Well. Toledo. -- it was a are despicable cancer you have something to say -- that sport for -- in New York retreated into the sponsored by Barbara went to New York it is evident that add to this entire New York rivalry comes to Washington. Man we -- -- to be out.

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