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John Farrell joins Salk and Holley at Mohegan Sun

Dec 4, 2013|

The manager of the 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox joins Salk and Holley at Mohegan Sun. Farrell chats with Mike and Michael about all the hot stove moves including the departure of centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury.

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-- John Ferrell has joined us here at Mohegan Sun so they should be a lot of fun the next few minutes with John obviously the Red Sox paddy. -- also there's -- this thing capitalism Tedy Bruschi. Nobody cheered for us for however many hours we were here doing the show Bruschi showed up and the next thing you know everybody starts -- start to develop complex -- your role going to -- -- -- what you think that's evidence that I don't know who nobody will literally hear the hangers on that they are the stars -- John Farrell is certainly that World Series champion John -- -- a -- -- guys could be back here with you we we spent everywhere -- the afternoon. Each week of the year with yards and I. Could come back to you pop up on Wednesdays around at the thirties and how could do so that is it is it. With a bit of princess of real mature amateur has what did you just say about knowing your role -- -- I actually start to shake a month ago I thought it was going on there so we talked to you right after the World Series that you were you still riding high coming off and obviously a lot to talk about it Jacoby Ellsbury talk but the -- setter but. What we talked you last it was right after the World Series so it's a bit and a couple weeks month or so -- chance that I would assume relaxed. Do you think anything looking back is anything seemed different to you looking back at the run anything occurred you now that they beat them you know Michael what. Think that really stands out about the group that we had was there will to win you know every time I think about October. You know in the ALCS. We were we're getting seemingly no hit every single by but we found a way to win two of those three games. And it comes back to the team effort that the guys put forth and more than anything there will to win and whether it was Jonny Gomes with a three run homer in Saint Louis. In the World Series or obviously probably comes up huge a couple of times. A few extra -- comes out of nowhere and the bullpen and throw to. Outstanding two inning outings so there were so many different guys that that -- stepped up but overall just the will to win was what is the overriding thought that I take away from October. The one of those guys has stepped up with Jacoby Ellsbury. Where where where you what you what you found out the news that we we found out last night did you know. -- force for several days that it was gonna work out it was gonna wind up somewhere. No not at all I think everyone in the baseball world other than Jacoby. Found out last night as well and you -- players talk guys to -- to share some. You know text messages along the way and then. No I did get victory text message last night saying hey he's headed in for a physical sounds like it's done. Well -- the news broke on on the numbers in my gosh congratulations to Jacoby will miss some very good player. Had a great run here granted. Missed some time because some. Because -- some serious injuries that he went through he played through a lot last year force the foot breaking. That the left from that that he went through a lot of pain towards the end of the year but you know what if it. He deserves the right she would have market wasn't an in the opposite the big -- A big loss is it for your team heading to next year. Well its first -- losing Jacoby Ellsbury those players don't come along very often evident by the contract that he got from New York. But to say how much will miss some will be dependent upon what we do with the roster before next spring training and whether we stay internal and just look at our overall team. And what we're capable of that's probably more the -- not specifically one player compared to Jacoby because. You know we -- out last year to put together but what above average offense we end up leading baseball in runs scored. That will be or approach again that's not a matter who's gonna commit to replace Jacoby it's going to be how we built this team to achieve the same level of performance. I don't know how your your post season meetings work with with -- -- in the front office but. What are the other usual for you to say if you feel this. I would -- -- usual for you to go to bed today we've got to keep this guy or to make a pass defense for a political fielder anybody's -- Those those those conversations happen and and you support. A player that you had because it was okay you got to know him personally you get to know what he's about as a player you get to know when that. Maybe how to make him most successful and perform at his best over the long haul. But bet there's no lesser competitors and any of us and we all share the same desire that's the work towards repeating what we are able to achieve this year. But when you make its case for a certain player for certain position. You'll have to take into account of there would be alternatives it and how does that fit of the grand scheme of things things -- or the bigger picture. One of the things that's come up today because it's been comparisons you would imagine between Jacoby Ellsbury leading in Johnny Damon leave things you know went after 2005. To go to New York also and and and people here. Really embrace Damon -- such a big personality everybody felt like they knew him so well because he was. So open with the media -- open with the fans by extension Ellsbury was not really that way I don't know that. Too many people in the media got to know him well the fans by virtue of that really I don't know that they have a good sense as to who we years. Can you shed some light on that because as he leaves I think it dollars and many people we just don't know what well first of all you know. You're you're never gonna get to exact comparisons certainly that left him hitters they played center field. They leave here go to New York for the contracts so that's the comparison Auburn is Mexican drug and we get that. But you know Jacoby is -- this guy is so routine oriented he's so committed to being the best -- Kevin -- and sometimes those major injuries which were all legit took from off the field. You know you read some of the things about you know the perception on on his durability -- Maybe his pain threshold. I saw a guy that played a lot of pressure and he played a damn good center field foursome was an extremely off hitter forces a dynamic player. But speed yet at the same time. You know what he he worked his way and performed his way to this point and he's reaping the rewards for right now give anybody your roster right now who could replace. Realistically what we have center fielder Jackie Bradley but I suggest you ready. Eight innings in this person is least weaknesses of the organization speak or -- it. He fits as we continue to fill out the other areas on our club again I think our overall goal -- to have no less in the top five offensive team. So if you've got a guy that's still in the transition and somewhat projection you've got to have more confident and -- Reliable offensive performers and other areas and in we know Mike Napoli is still out there are guys that we want to be sure that we try to do everything we can bring him back. Or performer for space that is gonna give us well above average. Offensive capabilities so all these things very. In the equation I guess that's the best way to describe it -- Did you ever think did you allow yourself to think where Ellsbury would wind up did you ever say or we just too busy. With you would during the season post season even now with then prepare for the winter meetings. We need to -- to have that thought and all I think. You know what are during the year you have those thoughts you know who is a pending free agent you're hopeful that. You can you you build some continuity you'd like to keep as much stability as possible and it towards the end of the year knowing Kobe is pending free agency. It was their chance for us to keep them because. Big -- for what we you kind of establish with our base stealing -- base running -- -- to the but yet at the same time. Free agency's gonna take election that's all the other two basic questions in free agency how much and how long. That's the real question -- -- and and in this case a lot in both cases do you think about coming your job is not to sit there and worry about the 2017. Composition of the Red Sox or whether or not. Bench Arrington has enough flexibility to make moves 345 years down the road to Q do you care what you think about to say look for next year my team would be better if X or you capable of looking at the big picture as well well. -- view is certainly going to be more mature that that comes with the -- the dugout you know you play for tonight. But having been in the or -- their front office in the past you. We have some are a better sense -- more hands on experience of what the long term view is and health of the organization outplayed us. Our organizations are very good spot health wise when you consider the players that are in the pipeline. And soon to transition to move to Boston. But still. We don't take our eye off of putting the best team on the field so hopefully repeat 2014 is it easier to do that. Knowing that you won a World Series in your first year here. The likelihood is that you're going to be here long term or at least you're not. Okay the path and the likelihood as of today and certainly that's subject to change -- some managers are constantly worried that the next year they could be gone. You price don't don't have that year coming off the World Series victory could think about a draft pick that might be made this year that you might actually get a chance to make it well. You know again our our our view is is on the short. And we know them the expectation going in the spring training it's going to be heightened. From what was a year ago. Are my focus from our standpoint is okay how how to we insure that we don't get complacent and we don't -- while just because once World Series we've got. A longer leash that would be foolish on my part to be fuel force on anybody's part in uniform because. What's done is done and everything right now is to put this to build the best team to compete -- it again next year. Don't listen that you talk about Ellsbury hit it makes me think well. The Red Sox do have a lot to replacement you say all the nice things about the player. -- it in I have no doubt they're sincere my question is. Is this the best place for. However you say congratulations to Jacoby but it sounds like he his skill set is what you're looking for. And he has produced here he's won a couple of championships here. Do you think the -- site it is was this the best scenario for. -- do that and your commute rebel Rex being here well. Again that was tough to say it is tough to say because what what you know you. The comparison to Johnny -- just go back to that example for second a lot has happened since then a lot of happened with that the attempt that. Contracts such as -- to Kobe just received that didn't work out well. So it's it's impossible to say that the approach Jacoby. You know why you look at every player -- -- individually. You're you're gonna you gonna take on those experiences that you went through and you know what sometimes those countries don't worked the best. In the end I think the one thing that Ben has -- as creative and has maintained so much flexibility. To created deeper roster possible. We happened to that so many times this year where the the depth of the roster was the difference between I think us winning the division and not. So you you you need above average players you all star caliber players but when you. And concentrate all your resources in in one or two main spots that keeps the flexibility or or are lessons that flexibility have a deep rosters so. Jacoby style fits what we'd like to do on the base that's what we'd like to do as far as the team. But the market's gonna take guys away from in this case did I have a feeling -- this -- -- -- guys all do this any different way -- nature of their own style but is Jacoby Ellsbury leader. I guess yes and if he leads by example. You know he's not the most vocal guy which was just fine but do you know there's a lot of the players that haven't been -- -- personality. And we've gone out and they've demonstrated their -- night in night out and led by that Jacoby Saratoga. Like you lost that Jarrod Saltalamacchia he's going to the Marlins. -- in AJ Pierzynski could -- Talk about both players the losses Saltalamacchia the arrival of present -- the what. Think about salty as he came and we feel like he can so far this year I came from we -- that you know. There was a lot put on him last year for it be constructed in the game plan to them execute inside the lines -- -- with a guy on the mound. I think a lot this destruction that we are able to put around him help in that way. I thought it became a better receiver. Hit his offense -- -- took a huge step for. You know even though there might have been a pull back and total number of home runs that he became a much more. Complete hitter using the whole field evident by forty plus doubles 27 batting average as you approach the best year offensively that he had. -- did a very good job of handling our pitchers he showed to be durable even though like the position hole will have at times it's gonna -- guys up. And then bringing AJ and really it's probably speaks more towards one the need. It we need in the left hand hitter and AJ fits the mold because we need that balance of offside play. But I think what we're looking at is that it is short term. Status or short current situation that really kind of point towards baskets like -- that are coming. You know that doesn't mean by 2015. Best is the starter. But it gives us the flexibility that it if he makes another good step in the minor league fixture that to potential that a guy could step in AJ you know. He has a perception or or or the the reputation across the field not be in the best guy but I tell you what. There are guys that you get that feel from across the field -- -- the people I can -- the multiple conversations. With AJ prior to signing. And we laid out our expectations we let out what our club house is about he was on board with everything. He was great about it in the bottom line is he wants to do nothing more than one thing and that's to win. On the on the line let let's say we refer to him as polarized is not a jerk he's not a great he's -- there's people on either side that -- -- -- means that there's people on either side that some people think he's great some people think less than that OK about AJ Pierzynski seized were polarizing for a moment about them. The only thing I would wonder if I were you is okay look last year my team had great chemistry right up and down it means that they they pulled through there were no major. -- nothing came out of a behind the scenes of anything negative -- much of the reason that was at least credited to the success you guys had was the chemistry you guys developed as a team that all wanted to show up together and win together. Even if even if if Pierzynski might be a great guy is there any worry that it's a risk to inject a big personality. Into a group that was so so great. Last year chemistry -- well. Maybe didn't talk to Gomes or other guys when we had some pretty big personality her clubhouse it is so. You know like you said his goal his his vision is to come in. In play and perform and win what was interesting is that he worked for fox or the post -- and he was around us every day. And and I'll say I would say the stage if you -- like you know what the it the fox crew would command the -- -- from him kind of walked through the whole process what's gonna happen asked certain questions they would leave he goes to the last one out. Almost like making a point like hey I know is situations going on here this -- -- a good -- -- color coordinated and -- -- did a good job we'll come of making that point we know. But now we feel like he's gonna fit him and you know what if if he helped stir the drink a little bit. All the more power to -- I feel like we've got a very close knit group here that. Before in his way and. Do you think you'll be absorbed into the club amid is the clubhouse presence or personality so strong that he will. He will almost mold himself into it as opposed to the other way around one of the beautiful things that emerged this year is his character comfortable one another. Through spring training through the first month of the season. When guys would step out of line a little bit. There was nobody off limits and they heard about it. So that was their way of kind of OK here's here's the boundaries let's all stay in let's stay focused on what we're doing man that'll -- that'll take place again I'm very confident that. You said you when you talk with -- AJ you laid up to expectations this is how we do things in this clubhouse did you need to have certain questions answered had you heard. Stories about present ski bad you needed to hear from the horse's -- Those -- not so much because what we talked about was projected playing time. It and it wasn't you know we value David Ross and David Ross isn't just your traditional back to catch words Sunday day game after night games when who's gonna play. I made it very clear from their might be matchups. On Tuesday night where it's we feel like David Ross is a better fit there might be you know one of our starters on the mound not to say that we would have. Ross catch every one of -- given starter starts. But if there was a match up. I want him to understand that we're looking to put the best team on the field every single night not just because you're being brought in here's the number one catcher that you're entitled to get every start. This is how we do it this is this is why we felt like we stay fresher of the course -- we we rotated the number of guys through. We spread out the workload I think fairly evenly in some cases to keep guys fresh. It is like. I'm pumped I wanna hear that now rather than after I signed so it was very -- it was open on playing time was open on how the clubhouse operates how we communicate. Sometimes it's not a message that a player wants to hear what you're gonna get a genuine you're gonna get it forthright and he was very appreciative. What are those rumors that out there about Pierzynski is that he's not good with young players it is like to talk to rookies or young players. Until they've been around the game a little bit is there any concern that. With a couple young catchers that you've already mentioned that there might not be left it there. You know Mike I mean that's the talk that's a rumor so you know. We need to experience AJ as we do hands on. In I think the more that we. Get accustomed to at all to have chances to them talk to when we go to Orlando delivered down the street from where they when he's going to be. So more of a chance in person I had to get to know. -- you know if we slap a label and everybody. Then that we've become blinded to the person really is and that's that's where we are now out of housing calling again. Ever repeal want want any of -- had six years which you know experience with him over the White Sox. And he's prepared. He executes he gets a good feel for the pitchers capabilities are. So we feel like we've got an above average game caller coming in look at the track record he's been with teams that restrictions he's handled young starters he's handled. Veteran starters. He's been on pitching staffs and he's led the have been in the top. 45. In league ERA guarantee ERA in the league for a number of years and a catcher is a vital component on. One of the other again things that you hear about Pierzynski is that there are some issues with him and Jake Peavy who courses now in your clubhouse is that something you'll address with either or both of those players before the year be -- because you know looking back into that reading the comments that happened shortly thereafter. Seem like that sucked so. You know the one thing about when we're we're in positions to see players and in a certain -- it's always easy to go to the negative and pull those out. Rather than saying okay this is what this guy does -- caught over 125 games for probably eight or nine consecutive years. You know couple years ago he had his best offensive year. We know that the balance of right left -- between him David Ross are going to be good compliment -- we're looking forward to get -- spring training get your start. You know it back to center field not necessarily on Jacoby but the replacements for Jacoby. Would you be opposed to. Redding Shane Victorino is name. There is the center fielder in getting the right fielder or are you comfortable with Victorino is what he's done it right field biggest right field in American League sake we -- -- -- -- field. It if we can address it if we can address the the position and get a -- -- -- I would if we can address the the vacancy the Jacoby left behind us by keeping Shane Victorino in right field I think that gives us. Because obviously that the person would have been sort of feel is going to be defender. That would give us a very good. -- defense chief Victor Reno does that mean that was handed down gold glove -- I think he gets better routes on balls that are on an -- him rather than ones that straight at him. And you know what -- center fielder in our -- the spacious right field it got a great job when I was more surprised that was how quick he covered the ball how strong arm us. They get reports from -- life. The heck -- defensively that you've -- in the walls and I think he's being asking your Pedroia question might. All -- the I don't have it felt good I am not I have not got to embrace you're not gonna play your question I'm not gonna we're waiting all OK here's what we do we'll do it a strong enough they'll do it -- not my -- John Farrell is with us to be here for few more minutes were out Mohegan Sun would come back we EI have a straight at LSU. John Ferrell is with a sore Mohegan Sun today get ready for our dinner -- winner Steve Finnegan who also came down from the flu and OK okay but we are question like you want to -- list Michaels wanted to ask you this well I have just now know I have but for now he's had a lot of phone calls. Today. This Jacoby Ellsbury situation. So we had a caller. Who said when I go up to rob -- And move Dustin Pedroia left in his best possession -- Of speech could not -- that was applause from the axis so that means no you wouldn't move Pedroia to left field that we consider field. Get a -- and -- you know let's face right to cover a lot of ground -- sort of the pursuers he did this as a college player and I didn't actually it it it was pleased that at Arizona State and those things. Very pointedly and I personally know you wouldn't play him in left field. Note did you begin because they look like Utley out of -- as rumor wrapped you got ferocious this Iguodala. They are very repeat that double and all. And ulcers as we've talked about free agency and tell just by definition of free agency every every good player who gets the contract right now. Is gonna get it's going to be overpaid anywhere from the 30% that's just the way it is in free agency. It are are you know we have a different approach last year -- victory you know and with Jonny Gomes and it. Tell -- David Ross create. Are you a little skeptical of free agency now. Because of that because of just means it is because of it because of the dollars because of the success dollar had not not jumping in that you guys hit the inside guy as well. If you had three years got a 706. Go back to some of the comments at the end of some of the signings last year chain victory. Maybe it may be perceived as the craziest signing of the entire offices. You know be a pretty good player forced one of our leaders and probably is -- -- If you attach the war. It was above replacement he became a less expensive player that way played. You know that the new TV contract you can fox ESPN TBS they'll pick in the coming years -- every team's gonna receive an additional I think. 25 or 28 million dollars so maybe the third team last year's sixteen this year just by virtue of inflation or the marketplace so. Every year it takes on a different. Twist. It takes a life of its own and and go back to the same two questions earlier on. How much and how -- those -- the two basic questions that agents asked how much input do you have or how much conversation do you have with them. There's daily updates are still -- conversation put we all have complete trust and and his staff and and you know to their to bench credit he is not a reactionary he you know emotional control as one of -- foretaste. I wanted to strengths and he doesn't respond to things when it maybe an outside pressures coming and he he works through things. Very completely and very consistently and and that's why we're able to I think target the right guys that fit your last year and to a man. Basically all. -- put it that their personality on the a lot of those guys were great personalities that were brought in last year are those the type of guys -- that he identifies or you because you're around the game so much talk to players and know everybody throughout the league are you able to help them identify. Some of those types of personalities that are out there. Well if you if you saw the due diligence on every player that is pursued. That there's a number of avenues explored whether it's. Field staff personnel whether it's clubhouse -- tendency of that that. The network is deep. And it's broad and in every one of them is used to to the extent to where you get a comfort level with the personality he you can measure that counts to us through scouts and and traditional measures but. Finding out about the person and what they responded and embraced the challenges that are here in Boston that that's where you tap into that network he's got a great job that. All championship teams. Regardless of the sport always say it can't be complacent. You can't just so that. That next year will go smoothly as the previous year wide open championship but it gently. How'd you how'd you start that process of letting guys know. It's gonna be different this year do you hate you verbalize that it's something that you do. I think we talked about it when we stepped off the duck boats. After really that if we we knew that he wasn't gonna as much as we want it for this entire team to return. We knew it was unlikely. Last night was probably the biggest jolt that guys are uniform guy who was not going to be back. So all of a sudden in the early part of December guys are well aware that hey we go to spring training it's going to be different just because of the name plates are going to be changed. But from -- standpoint from my standpoint especially a point we have to be very diligent and know that we've got to go back to the basics of spring training. The the building blocks we can skip those steps we can not take anything for -- And we can't allow guys to it to fall back into the sense of complacency we had a lot riding last year a lot in a lot of internal motivation. Guys coming off injuries guys coming off being embarrassed the year before. John Lackey coming back from from the Tommy John surgery there were a lot of things that were built in that that helped motivate and do -- job. That some of a lot of the burden now comes on us our coaching staff which are completely confident in. And I know that our guys are completely motivated the expectation is going to be heightened go to camp. But. No one has greater expectations than than the guys themselves and that's probably were wired as as players or former players so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably over half the team. It -- you always keep an update you whether it's. And an event inside the game whether it's a signing that didn't happen here or or whether it's you know you're in conversation with. About certain players that might. He brought in here and -- kind of tapping into those. Relationships -- guys that have a -- but over half the team. But you do have those congress is so you're gonna bring in player X and you got questions about a personality how we might fit or whatever you you'd ask guys and dream about absolutely. You know -- him. That he cut out there are our players' opinions. Now that doesn't mean they're gonna make the decisions but the way their opinion and give them chances. Have some input. I think that gives them the ability to have more ownership and what we're doing as a team and I think that's why guys. You know. Buy into what we're doing years at their their part of the process not just of the players who are -- -- you may have heard this people around here hate the Yankees you may have heard that little bit -- to the time part 82 putted got you. People want me you're you're team. I'd keep you would get public Jacoby Ellsbury. From the from their perspective is it member of the enemy is -- the Yankees that's the worst thing -- done. Are. You -- think that that's what chat with them or. Is that Yankee Red Sox tonight and now I've got to Asia I think if. Anyone of our players signed with another team you you you wish them well. Now the relationship that you forged with the player in that coach player relationship. That would never be taken away you you can't get technical you can't get supportive now that -- in another uniform but you can wish them well. I was no different with Jarrod Saltalamacchia this morning after. You know and he got his deal with the Marlins wished him well thank them for all the B did all the work that he put in the teammate that he wasn't. And he -- he was clearly the best in and that's kind -- -- -- at least. Patrick -- -- we're gonna see me in the spring training. We don't have them on the interleague schedule this year but. They -- passing across and you never know where that's gonna come up in the future how many guys here from last night after. Say there there was a fear the thought more than half a dozen that was you know. I think more than anything when it when they saw the number and they saw the length of it. -- if it jolted everyone but it's probably compound that because you know. Yesterday it was gonna run through all the players that left Boston with the New York our starting -- Babe Ruth all the way on down Jacoby Ellsbury. Lot of big name players a lot of attention brought to that just because of the rivalry with in the game and as great as it is. But these things happen are and guys like like us. It outside where the outside looking in all loving baseball -- little. Have he'd -- -- that you guys after you right there. We look at it what what did the Red Sox do this when the Red Sox -- that guys like that suits your players say. On hold to that contract it -- we do that. Is that -- is that is that a conversation that happens. Yeah. I would -- but those are questions that do come back and probably that say they feel more comfortable the players to more culturally there asking. One of the coaches or last myself and in you do you do you tend to educate them and give you kind of a backdrop without giving. Overly specific so. I think it's important when one player has any uncertainty in his mind. And whether it's about the situation like this or deadline trade. Either one was made -- woman was not. You you want that player's mind to be as clear as possible so when they go out on the field but the thing about one thing and that's what they have to do on any given play. So what was the tone of the of the texts you got -- well it was probably because. Because Jacoby and and salty hit the hit the -- Airways that they both times it was like OK are we bringing any guys back. And -- so that was that was part of it the comment those -- question -- absolutely works with the process who invoked the names. Now now I don't know if they gave me I don't know how you sit here it's just not -- people sitting in the crowd him and that's where you know but you know Ben is doing the best that he can with the two remaining guys obviously were with Mike and Stephen. We're gonna do whatever we can bring both guys back speaking of bringing guys back and we don't know what's gonna happen yet with Stephen Drew we talked to allow us to me were really effusive in your praise for Stephen Drew what he's done this year and I know you've said that you really -- have them back. The fact that he turned down the qualifying offer and you don't know what's going to happen with -- him. Would you have a conversation with -- Bogart's in any points AA we don't know what's gonna happen so maybe you need to think about -- shortstop this offseason or. The day any of those conversations -- no no no way and I think until the rosters finalized which was -- you know he -- early part of January things are. Pretty much set and then -- play its content to prepare a player mentally from what he might encounter of spring training. It was the -- it would have been a model last year it was ten days for camps you know I. Start thinking about this we're gonna get a and he came out of camp early we work some things through but. You know as far as. You know more more prominent names that you know might be coming in on the free agent side that -- -- -- -- you kind of let that play out first before you address it later. You know you can -- Jackie Bradley and how. The transition because it is the term used when you talk about it that he's he's gonna projected to a a different hitter that he is right now maybe not mature enough. As as a lead -- guy right now the stage of development Xavier Bogart's that we saw him do it in the post season. I think a lot of -- -- -- he's just got it. Slot in at shortstop spot -- at third base he's ready to go how close is he too. He he's hitting his ceiling babies at the right word but how close is he to be reliable. Major League hitter. It's the best way you -- probably answer that is that if we were a situation where he was our opening -- left side infielder. Would -- be comfortable that. To that kind of speaks to -- that we feel like he's she's ready. Now we know that is if -- middle of the order guy at this at this all. I don't know what we booked a -- it's going to be depending on who else is here with us but typically with young guys like that it is so -- we -- bottom third of the order. Sander will probably look to do the same and the hitters it. I've I've -- you the lineup hitter gonna tell you where they should have won. Based on the performance they they continue to answer the challenge that they usually given to those more prominent spots in the lineup but. What he showed us the patience in this strikes on understanding and discipline at the plate he's a special player. You're a long ways off from returning to spring training and you a lot of vacation between now and that's I don't wanna rush well they got some at least a couple of weeks to before you have to be there in in the daily grind but are there other young guys that you're looking looking forward to seeing. In spring training guys he got a peek out last year or will wanna see more from this year yet you know to keep me is is a guy that you know he's had such a good. Run. Offensively through through the mid levels of the minor leagues in. He he he reads well. You know through scouting reports you talk to the player development staff who speak very highly of -- just not only in the skills that he has but in the way approached game in the mentality so out of it. Henry offs maybe -- -- walk over on off days for entering -- -- watch him pitch five innings -- which he struck -- thirteen guys in spring training -- it -- Two guys didn't strike out and is pretty remarkably of 66 left hander was -- mid nineties stuff forty years old. Did there there are six arms that are close to -- big leagues that are in the big leagues and close when you consider -- written. You know Varnado Barnes. Owens and then not not even mentioning Webster -- a -- assuming that there's a large group of Major League talent in its just depend upon timing and when they become more. When we could project. What -- -- -- count on what their production is going to be -- a great place from a position of those last two guys you mentioned western -- as we get to see a little bit of both of them this year there was -- time I certainly -- when he didn't spring training Webster looked like he was going to really help you guys over the course of this past season in and it didn't quite materialize the way I think we had hoped and the -- -- at times look like he was. Superstar style stuff where those two guys. There there that you know we talk about that transition stage and guys will face this environment differently. I thought there were times from Webster really started to turn the corner and and then they would -- have a little bit. And to me it's more just a matter of harnessing his emotions because the physical stuff. -- for both guys off the charts ruby that first year back from Tommy John. He's pitching right now in the Dominican and he's got that's the one who puts up until about the 22 of December. And then we've already worked with him where he's gonna commended in Fort Myers a month part spring training. Just to continue to address some things. But there on the cost -- these two guys are because they've had opportunities -- last year you would think a lot of the newness of the first the Boston or are now out of the way. Now they can become more of the guys that stepped in it and produce Brandon Workman when you think that. He started last year in double play in pitched the eighth inning in game six of the World Series. Pretty remarkable progression for -- starter released this year you don't. Well given where we are with six competent and established Major League starters you know he probably sees himself in the that we see in the bullpen right now. But if there's some movement. In. He's unique in that he can do ball. I still see him go because of the physical presence and the durability -- you project him as a starter but still. He keeps his entry available and if that's the case for the first part of the year or or throughout next year. We know we've got a very good pitcher hands. What what's the protocol was so when you -- your free agents that we don't Scott Boras. For a lot of the fans his -- number one. But he also represents Stephen Drew. Who who your your product is a protocol. Hey let's Scott -- do his job market account tech's defense or do you text back where it was just keep injury that belies a free agent. He's free agent at the time that we sent -- the qualifying offer to all guys it was you know. Know that this is I don't wanna see a formality but certainly part of the process and they've got decisions to make him and just again wish them well and and know that. We're hopefully the one that works out the deal with the -- come back. At that point. They're out of the market and you know their responses back -- are going to be different than what they were important regular season from get right back it is to know response the ball. So and you understand that that's that's whether they're instructed to do that -- weather's just you know their their time with the game and what they're going through is no different than any other team was experiencing what your relationship with Scott forced. -- -- No I wouldn't have been in Italy is a -- conversation with a body when -- was here -- reps and Daisuke. Now we we we had conversations on how. They felt his agency they're firm felt like transitioning in and adapting to the new culture here so we would talk but to. You know what he's got he's got bigger fish to fry me. The president whoever it is not just not a good a job I can do great spirits don't let everybody doesn't. Well you know he's got some of the best players in the game and then it's you know it's. Carved out for quite a quite an industry for himself and it's. That one of the power brokers in the game. Joseph we will let you go we know -- give you a bit of time -- -- good salary but before our dinner here in a little while -- -- earlier Mohegan Sun I can't imagine what you do to entertain yourself. The next 45 minutes if you needed to find something to do to kill time. I could make some suggestion -- her -- job they got it I think you can finally got to play -- yeah like a blackjack blackjack office. Give it up there that are athletic and put it right out there right now John if John -- likes to play black Jack as to why we appreciated we're going to be in Orlando next -- hopefully we will see down -- talk to again so -- -- -- -- thank you so much for being with us we of course -- Cheers for John Farrell interest rates may -- cheers because everyone's excited about answer the question coming up next. Of course we need your questions any question any subject text is 379373793. Several instrument a moment -- and -- apple he gets on -- WE yeah.

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