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Johnny Damon, former Sox OF: Always wanted to sign with Boston

Dec 4, 2013|

Johnny Damon joins Mut and Merloni to clear the air about his free agent signing with the Yankees and discusses Ellsbury's signing.

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That it would take that. -- epileptic. I'd want to make up. That thought for a moron they've made it -- that I think. Hit the first -- not yeah that's as. OK okay. As time in the near the Grand Slam. All three of these hits against this -- -- been home run your rooms. We -- -- and act like -- -- and donate now. -- -- -- Red Sox. Mistaken troop on the call couple big home runs for Johnny Damon who is being talked about a lot here today is the compared other center fielder. Who is on the verge of signing with the New York Yankees that it Jacoby Ellsbury the first got to make that move. During our lifetime with Johnny Damon Johnny Damon joins us here on the eighteenth the -- Johnny but Lou here Boston area. I'll go to Greg has our view. Pretty good JD let me -- -- the millions -- let me guess I doubt their -- you Michel earned a boat every single day. -- ended up in the weight room will get caught on the states. All bad at it. It's a great all I did take a poll out yesterday it has been a little nick -- no I have sixties last week that this report back to me these hats off a hole. You know. Which and I 88 sports drink and that go well so. Palms and -- much lately so I'm staying busy. You know I want to stay active. Stay in the sports scene. But I'd -- -- soccer also meant that. Great work out in a sort of been much better shape. Now not I was really out of shape at all the -- and you know I had the -- state in my leg a little bit. It's their thing straight here at six kids that are. -- and legacy at the weather's great there's about golf in my future. -- Turkey Big Papi -- and do so we'll see how that turned out. Nice you know there's story -- ethnic -- brown is talking about you at the gate -- last night and you met some in there about you know you for your deal with the Yankees just. -- just like some of the gaps here because. He admits other it's that's giving you four years and I was -- in the impression that. They didn't believe that there was a four year deal out there that kind of culture -- office and maybe go low personal near was in the and you took kitten. And that was that I think a lot of people donors in the inside kind of dealings of viewed leaving this town sloppy ball. You know you you're close to them and it -- when you left. Is that how it went down. Well it you know what it felt like. On the Red Sox or even in the picture I mean after we -- got what White Sox that year. I mean they had six weeks trying to talk to me and try to do anything and it you know I get something in the -- couple days after I pay. I'll agree with the Yankees vote as stated that four years or you know dollar contract. In jail. Yeah -- -- official contract and you know I've felt leg. That still didn't come until -- signed elsewhere and hearing and create in that year. I was in the that saying about target any team silent teens go by the wayside saying you know. Think Bob and Danica aside I think that's going to happen and so. That even discuss talking to anybody and so I was pretty much take myself off the market and then went. You know certain post Christmas. I meant it. This is amazing I hadn't heard. From Boston and I thought about I wanted to so with the Dodgers. But then they -- for calls at shortstop and leadoff hitter and -- he said to myself. Detroit's my last choice. This my -- -- without somebody afford New York so. But they -- they had young kid named Curtis grants so that they were going to take a look at our own so. That shut the door on -- trade and then. It was new York and so way they're -- in new York and trying to relay information back to Boston and you know with no with no -- you know I was talking to. A number of people. They're getting it touched. With. So I think the right people put it. You know I I just think it was well thought out business play and I know they let me back. And so -- aspect but. You know it -- you know Jacoby was coming out. A year after me. If I would society may not had a chance in Boston. They don't check local correspondent. Radar has backed a plan that I work goes somewhere so. It's a business these children running and they have to have multiple planned. And you know and that's how the plan worked out you know there's no. Parts feelings about it it's. You know maybe I could only give them two maybe three. Figures and senator. And then you know. That -- they may have been worried about I -- so many different things can happen in -- ran into the law that first year. They're not the rest of the years it's you know so. I like things were out for a reason and what Jacoby go into. The Yankees after bringing more -- of Boston. Possibly going to have those -- and I'm sure -- -- -- fast culture is going to be good and I'm sure. They may not even know who it is right now but that's nature of the game it's. I guess you can say that as baseball maybe it's. That's like this guy and here's see with this guy can do here and you know and it works out it goes to play out for the chance let the World Series and it's not. You know some -- and sent an organization back years and in the game right now they're having. They sent Joseph Smith which is this guy's incredible so but they need -- -- tentacles. Overweight make money and at Jacobi. Plays like New York the sleaze -- there and earned that money if not New York's able to. Do and -- they would do opting out so I mean parts and they -- the -- or Crawford Eva Gonzales and those guys and it's slow process. Another championship so. You know I don't look at the big picture in. I view where. I have a big heart. I never want to leave Boston. Let you know sort of delay. You know that doors open. Well and if you say it won't leave Boston Johnny he had that -- what you said may of that year where you you didn't. You couldn't see yourself playing for the Yankees it wasn't even -- thought the way the way you tell the story here about the free agencies that sounds like you actively tried to find. Any or else the play. But new York and that was sort of a last resort for you for that four year deal. Yeah yes that is correct and I mean there -- Possibly parents are other places like they're trying to decide -- just paralleling. Everything go and that happened to me in New York to you know I came out the vote or championship. Arm had a great year and I was just waiting for the Yankees they come to me what. These into your offer and that did happen and in the meantime everything went I don't like are these other teams are ready whereabouts are -- who they want it's so. You know and that's why I say I. I have that they are I mean I never want to -- changed -- home and you know with the business side of it. It makes you understand and oh and you can't fault anybody can't fault the Red Sox are trying to run a business that will get them in the playoffs every year and give them a chance to weren't. And and they realize that you have to have. Good chemistry. I mean they had such talent that came before that here and they says he bit. But this year he. Support system that. We all know what they did it. It journey away atop a lot of volume -- relieve analyses compares him that you Leven and I think for the most part people feel that you leave it hurt more because people. We're closer to you like -- of all those years here you never really got to know decked out with your personality people got to know you they got the love view. And then you go -- -- -- looks almost seem like that still. People still feel more hurt all of that that may be about Ellsbury leave and I'm just wondering if you know Jacoby have you Levy talked him at all to contact you know I don't even. Yeah and I talked to home. Over the years. We don't have each other cellphone or anything. You know I've respectively plays. I know there were sent to comparisons. With me. -- when he came out colleges and you know there's but it compares now to so. But a note -- kid. Need to stay healthy I think he will do great in new York and you know archer. Austin. Who wanted to do 67. Years -- he probably -- that statement. You know possibly adapt themselves they. Well so I think get burned by certain contracts. Like the Crawford saying yeah. It has securities and rightfully so and Austin is going to continue in America. The right decisions confidence -- reach out there. Column you know I am up way to present he's so out of the -- market this year totally cute picture is spread that they expire -- we. Besides you know I'll -- I know -- you brought up AJ can we spent -- time yesterday talking a bottom -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you you can -- you -- (%expletive) people off on the field you know you played against -- he -- think -- this that everything else but doesn't make -- a bad human being and obviously you're good friends with him. How would you describe AJ Pierzynski the reputation that he said this. Riordan would -- -- is at best I mean. The thing is his arms. I guess that's reality. -- us in Orlando and we've always been very honest and not -- it there's no reason sugar -- -- ministers. How we are AJ and I see each other quite a bit. And is that it was -- to what is. Now to -- Is. Yes he by people but who wouldn't you know and know what he's about I mean -- -- -- since news fourteen years old so. I had to deal with. Oh. Other players come to -- and how can you stand and I can do this and -- like. He is well aware of the best people -- -- it and I can sit on the net and that person that. That I am in the cat person that I. Johnny a lot of people are asking the question about Ellsbury making that transition from Boston to New York for a from -- an atmosphere from playing in this city. The playing in that city you look back what was the was the biggest hurdle that there was one what's the hurl that -- -- have to deal with. In that first year that deal is there added pressure or from New York to their main rival and in Boston the main rival in New York. What what -- mile without trying to show them their first here are I was so that says. I get it recital at Boston you know I bought a house like they told me at my house I did and then. They don't sign me up -- Oh boy this is not. Not good. I think depression that they'll tell you by a host -- -- they you know this salute after the World Series. I talked to deal and I sit out either for a long time but. There again feel the next here's. You know you're having. Too good a year and you hear that over -- herself. Well to keep playing in Boston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I let -- go in -- though well. -- -- -- That you could -- -- is the average. They get the numbers down so. Yes and unfortunately. I did have a great year and you know that. So where if I had a worse year they would just let me go at that you know -- but at ticket a year and you know I. And they're going to New York but. I think. The toughest -- project Colby is going to be gone back -- and you know everything leading up to it. What do you think the Pentagon to -- but it incher here they don't believe he's going to answer that question so many times. And probably every time he goes back for the next several years I think that was the or this thing and everywhere you go people or Red Sox and you know I I've been on deserted island and you know. A red arc that popped up in search Amir Al figure -- there's so respects and they're happier and passionate and it's incredible. To go is going to find out Ramirez our fans are out there now I'll just. You know telling them how they respect the game and also how can that you go to that you accused. Seven years. More than 150 whenever the series. That straight period. That's a lot of that's a lot of lewdness enticing her cleared the air here you know a lot of Red Sox fans you'll say well if you want to play here why in 2010. When the Sox put a claim before you -- you didn't come back here I know you've talked about -- before but -- -- that decision again with us. Well. I've never been aren't too keen in one season you know I never moved. -- I joined the -- So let's get by chip that crane -- deserting attacking that. I went to battle with night in night out and I just never did it I never wanted to jump concern during the course of the season. And you know Austin workers six gains out at that time. I just let New York. Like playing a series there it was also. You know standing though. Everything is beautiful. I was -- And then the next couple days to the next week. Boston claimed me and I was like man. This is this would be a tough tough last month you know because I think he was back in New York a couple of times and you know I just still has so much building where the orders that -- in New York. And and yet there there was a business and yet maybe I should've done it but. You know I felt like young players adoption objection and then early and there are searcher in Ireland -- teach them when things don't go well sometimes. You know stick with the -- think things will get better view. If you stand by your teammate if you. Played it in the right way if you. I mean I just. Captivate. Are sometimes I guess yeah I was I -- I don't wanna leave these guys these guys enjoy meeting around I talked to the players on Detroit. When this was going they gave me two days thank you battered and you know. All those guys says we know what you ago but it you have to go do it and I think in that time possibly years -- note they were so. And I knew they had -- same -- -- Tampa Bay also so there -- certain. Lot of different saying -- postal it. Get to Tampa they -- in the drivers seat. -- that there's just so much going on and with. Other candidates and I mean it's got to move fairly and that has never or some guys are used to it. I'm just and I still have so much and it's true. There -- there were about different options. About that came up and I decided not to. Probably. Hurt my career a little bit let. That's it you know way. That's direct answers that try to shoot. I had I had my reasons. Well I got two quick questions here on Scott Boris Johnny one I know you represented by him can I get -- numbers again do my next deal. -- -- the station and number two that we I see a deal like today is an observer I say this is why -- so good he got a deal done before and Knoll. He got a deal for Ellsbury you'll represented by -- work force very close explained to me. What makes him the best -- lot of players wanna work with Scott and what separates him from the other -- you saw what makes up or -- ports. Well it is still it is the he has as the system. I'll and you aren't sure that he electoral and -- that I don't think that I think they respect I think he. As a great working relationship with chains and you know when. He represents a player I mean he's. He has no -- counts it's those players that are maybe needs. And that type of people you know he just he doesn't workers -- represented as anybody media. Try to get top -- science and now. -- effect -- -- for a mean there were many -- times. I would crawl under my career and they I don't understand. Why a nine inning but don't understand why I'm getting booed by about still you know each has. He he he knows he gets it and you know and that's why I have been with. You know he was my advisor before my agents and this thing going on when he's four years so. Or we come along way so and yeah as. And he knows what to bring to me any knows what -- so. Well I can at least say that he's it was bio agents all throughout like there. -- -- all the best by the we all know that if out and open about its second it was a fast as Damien Jackson frontier. Tickled to put that never would have happened they should have been out there but it was the case but. All the best you Michelle the family down there are no more naked chin ups down there either by the way keep those days to private club out. Hatchet man. I guess they share that data. Show and thank you -- so -- -- and you know packaging should still like regular. They go I've -- best say -- to join us. -- an -- thanks that is Johnny Damon joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T the nation's fastest. Battles reliable forgy LTE network holding mole. That is one honest guy that is an honest athlete and I -- I. I ever -- it was not covering. The team full time and out around the -- federal who's that honest to the media then. But he just seems like this he said big heart -- talk about everything including. Being told by the Red Sox after the World Series can afford to buy a home in the Boston area I don't hear for a long time. And a lot of people next -- They they feel the way they feel about Johnny that you know -- He sees right enemies is that tempered guy you know when no way to wanna leave. I know that the they'd been picked as -- for -- deal out there when he -- new Yorker knows the other options. And the stuff put Detroit. You know I mean adolescent at the bottom line is you know he he's -- four great years here in Boston moved on at four great years in new York and moved on and the joint ticket chance on and so. In criticizing guy effort for not want to leave his team are come near Boston look at situation they really go win -- a year or not you missed the playoffs and my gonna do this whole thing just a combat the Boston economic post seasons and it's there's a lot of things in -- the guy is honest any is loyalty doesn't because the demand. 6177797937. Your phone a beacon Texas on the -- -- -- -- 37. 937. On Twitter great way to interact with the show every day at Mott WEEI. At -- Maloney will come back. I hear thoughts what Johnny had to say continue to Els recovered -- you I don't like the deal. You I think it's an overpay you and I are wondering what the Yankees made the deal there are some people on the baseball world who like the deal including a guy who a year ago. Said Victor Reno was one of the worst contracts in Major League Baseball he likes the deal will say about that in your phone calls next.

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