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Shawn Thornton on the future of fighting in the NHL

Dec 4, 2013|

Shawn Thornton joined the show and discussed the teams long layoff leading into their game tomorrow night in Montreal. He told the guys that he anticipates fighting being a part of hockey for years to come.

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Martha final hour Dennis and Callahan our conversation was shot or -- brought -- by the city of Boston credit union and as always Sean joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning John how -- yeah. It if the Boston Bruins offered a seven year 153. Million dollar contract but refused to throw in the no trade would you walk away. I expect about a sure -- that -- That you would -- yesterday I asked Tom Brady. What makes winning on the road in the National Football League so hard in this questioned opposed to you because it'd be the next thirteen games are going to be on the road. What makes an answer was. Noise which ruins communication from the quarterback to the team obviously that's not a factory in hockey I don't think it is so what makes winning on the road so difficult in the National Hockey League on. I -- on the building Montreal -- -- -- the comfort factor. That they're sending its stated that Montreal or are split pick a lot Hewitt. The crowd about building. A pretty good road team. -- -- -- -- like the road I'd like it is a distraction. It is. Let hockey itself. I don't mind -- other topic -- as much. Disadvantage as it would be in football. Can you explain to me the these psychological paradigm of buying into a rival recent you guys are heading to Montreal tomorrow -- in Chicago. You when you were an Anaheim. There was no built in rivalry with the Montreal Canadians you -- the Boston Bruins are you just immediately expected to start those guys. You're expected Cuba. Probably -- -- gave him or are you actually read and then now it -- -- -- bit. Do you when you go to Montreal do you guys all go laden. You know. Two people who recognize you and throw stuff out here in a challenger fights. At all that there aren't all ought to have a better very passionate obviously but. The most -- hockey fans you know they don't like just the right so you know. Chirping at stop and help. Nobody -- -- -- corporate and other night but -- bitter -- called corporate it and make it can go. Do you all go together I mean with the Red Sox this season everyone neck come -- -- on how they -- together on the road 23 guys out to definitely four guys. Is this that kind of Bruins team. Yes and no not depending on the the city I mean we. We're around each other a lot is -- sometimes. You know that -- -- groups or a curse Dixon. Our guys like at different times guys like different things and I before game -- so -- our preparation. You know. -- I'm an -- we usually have held it really depends on where where we are. How many strip joint guys there. Think it. You don't want it ought to regimental -- it was ever -- using doses of the -- played good a couple of but reps and then you don't forget or somewhere but that does happen it more -- -- -- or whatever went on to. Yeah what about Sagan who -- strip Jamaica. I thought that you are actually I'll -- you. Interest in -- popular -- all the ultimately it is Israelis. Schuyler is back in in operating Irish. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is your -- break ups that we keep the school or just another second double back to your first answer. What happened in those first two or three games against Montreal that kind of sucked you into the rivalry you said you know it took a couple of games against Montreal for me to buy into and get the rivalry what happened. Appreciation for the deep rooted. History. Of hatred for each other. He hit that building and then coming up our buildings. There's an energy level they don't really know our failure -- well -- let it -- -- especially -- it is that there. China is -- that this seems to be this sort of groundswell to Iraq and it's not necessary majorities and fighting. Do you think there's going to be a point in your life is a hockey bam you're done playing that there be no fighting at all in the NHL. Now I don't I picked up. I think they're. I think they wanted to give -- -- everybody wants the game but they're at a at a stage now all else going on that. But the position that they have to cover their passes about it. -- got some. But the industry is you feel that. Or a horse or. If you have a little but I think it's more -- covering it all out and else. Do you think the powers that be and we know there's there's great emphasis on taking the head shots out of the game. Which -- -- a lot of careers. Don't think that getting punched in the head creates the same kind of situation physiologically. A psychological I don't know. Very rare. At. Were getting hurt not fight -- -- that. But I don't post that I've argued it before fresh volley at the numbers but there are discussions that are fighting a lot -- -- most guys that have been. Hit me or running around there -- thirty mile per hour in a closed. Atmosphere at -- out of -- There's going to be injuries that does not -- oracle are giving it to people thanks so. Accurate and cheap shots -- behind. Had shot yeah quote. Up like I think that's that's where comic government. You're expecting it that's when he gets hurt I think but the majority of fighting for fairly apparently over and I know -- I believe Mike Milbury said that the fighting will be -- do some players in the locker room or maybe when you guys are out to dinner. Some players think that it is time to get rid of fighting and obviously. They look at Jews as a guy who who fights and and I mean do you have teammates -- other guys you played with who think that there's no place for. I don't wanna I wanna -- it off not art I art Jeremy up questioned several. I can't see that are in the book -- It's a great -- -- -- to elect a little biased where it was built. I think everyone appreciates the job that is not how important it is to get him some situations. Wish I'd be interested in your take on what you think the effect that the long Winter Olympics break is going to have on the league good or bad and which players will be affected more than others. A long -- associate or probably have to manage grass along with those guys. After daughter but it actually com. Heard the rest across. What -- good -- little break -- early rushed out of over the past players of the world so what makes some actors without a week off -- the people also cylinders so. The guys that are going as the rest of the guys are going -- mentioned about the game ball off but he thought it -- platform for the game Olympic -- There are partners fairly well I think it's great for the sport. Worldwide. You play -- Ericsson now here for a couple months I guess what your impressions of him having you know seeing him here now for 27 games. Up I'd like -- -- that's what matters -- spark offensively I think he's he's not flashy but. That. That's the job done. But a great title block Roman. I think cabinet without question berg is I think is ecstatic -- that's so far they. If they I was at the -- -- the literally talks entree into some political fodder for cystic. Like we are also to an earlier. They shot -- a question for me after practice yesterday the entire team -- went depart. Holiday toy shopping event August -- our kids various hospitals and charities gonna benefit from all that what was your goat to toy at target. -- -- -- -- Call it program are we -- that Serbia but our results like -- -- -- I what do doctors. I think -- budget was right around a thousand bucks to spend a lot of arm out -- everything. Or it could get at the basket well. It's a great date are we really greatly we look reluctant that is even better to the hospital -- later on the market emphasis on public spaces. Like signs don't knock that -- as bugs them that look on -- just not up there. Chase Utley is in the picture in the paper but I've never seen a professional athlete look more like Santa's -- the marsh and with that hat on. I don't let your body -- accurate. He's got decisions on good luck to Montreal -- and -- struck Thornton brought to you by the city of Boston credit union.

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