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Reaction to the news of Jacoby Ellsbury signing with the Yankees

Dec 3, 2013|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny give their thoughts and take fan reaction to the news of Jacoby Ellsbury's 7 year, $150+ million dollar deal with the New York Yankees. They talk about if he's worth that contract, how will he be greeted in his return to Fenway, and what do the Red Sox do in the outfield now.

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I agree John Ryder had a report about death for John haven that the Ellsbury is closer to seven year deal. Seven years he had a 140 million no more than more than a 145 -- -- probably about a 150 Jesse yankees don't care they get to share a twenty million get a -- it is in play 48 million. Now can no -- 48 million was sort of figure out the they're such suckers there and it was blowing money on Nigeria and are Stockwell well it looks like you know won't be back. I did it act and assigned to know if they sign Ellsbury to seven years under as part of the reason to throw their money out of it noted -- -- very billion dollars apart. What per year you wonder if can know which he stuck with Scott Boras because it's been a mess JC daisy in this agency and it. Ellsbury in this video ballots they -- it takes him the hour I mean that don't and -- right JC's -- buy her organizer that. You know it goes in down to negotiate with the ball clubs in the and he sings well put a ring on it by beyoncé. The Yankees suck yankees suck as my last text once as I hate Scott Boris. Once says I hope Ellsbury gets castrated by Hank Steinbrenner is exhumed corpse. And have fun now. Greatest back you know that it does hurt the Red Sox. Under the Texas I think America's stature of Dustin Pedroia should be at least nine feet tall. It's about twice a stronger -- I did -- nick is in Natick nick what do you think. Well you really got my boy no points tonight what's -- tighten up the first of all. I wanna talk about the patriots to what's been going on with them but I want you know this this David Ortiz that is really got me going crazy because look at. We need the kind of money these guys to make it they go one step ahead of the policy now he's been checked but the going -- -- Typical non-GAAP because that once -- by -- party. It is probably an obvious that in on the rattle if you don't get I don't want to cut me up and I wanna I wanna make my point about the -- is direct result statue. Above what he has. And Ted Williams does at Fenway Park it should be a big group. What won three world championships this David Ortiz with the Red Sox. They don't wanna go to the Yankees that wanna get treated the -- Clark street would be good for the Yankees. OK so let's get these novices these young kids that call populate get they looked at the Backstreet letting you could probably figure that tell yourself what. They've won three world titles with the Red Sox OK we are pretty savage said actually do wanna stick with the Yankees. Put that to a big group -- part of Fenway Park with his Red Sox across the point and they beat lift their heads up clients say he would always knew what that the Yankees not -- We don't know what's gonna say and yet and yet they get a statue is a Babe Ruth you know what -- Baltimore in -- -- -- -- and. It -- you know what Carl Yastrzemski that he's in the hadn't 67. First of all I can go to hold dialogue about I know all about let you know which Steele no padding in sixty -- I know about it it would you don't ballpark you keep saying that what he's the greatest clutch hitter of all -- -- let's play that day we hit the greatest. Well -- and what about all around Paul Rudnick. Nick nick picked it muted talk all around players know there's no bigger yeah has been in the mean it's great to -- you know. I know everything about yeah has more than you what I don't think so what are you wanna all right what you hit in 1960 yet to a lot of talk but let's say you know I don't talk about. But let me ask you this question. What did David Ortiz hit this past World Series who -- don't know who cares what you -- you just showed no you just showed us exactly what you know. Who cares. Okay well well first of all ignorant when you think -- what do you think you'd think yankees you know immigrants that's exactly right -- neck to neck and make sure you don't have David Ortiz this year in the World Series they don't win a World Series yet they don't get to the world 700 that he had 700 anyone else had about a black point. So if you care about winning World Series cared more about it after -- executives can you spell Yastrzemski. But it didn't -- can you spell Yastrzemski. You know what might. You can't. -- right now elect a couple of the party you'll do for you probably company outlook I don't know. I'm asking you if you can spell Yastrzemski. YA CRC and I era parent. But he can't eleven guys that we -- talking about he start telling me he knows more about -- is Penske I'm. I thought getting harder and what he did he recorded told me what yes it in the 67 World Series. 400. With three homers and ten RBIs in seven games no question what -- what -- Ortiz hit. 655. Sorry to break it to nick but there every year since I'd say the mid ninety's -- earlier. There's been a player on each World Series team that is done steroids or performance of its drugs probably performed well at those games that that is part of the culture and ignore these days I mean it if it if there's not a guy who personifies. The resurgence of the Red Sox the last eleven years ten years there's really decades were right. Of excellence okay all right so let's let its David Ortiz sat right so you've got yes. Stats that you get once -- -- it -- brothel Johnny as he's out there out of it and so is dom DiMaggio. But their independence through Google threat right right they're not at that stature but it's it's nice if those those -- you know had stables that is a great place right. I don't think Ortiz -- eleven happened. But Ike Ike -- -- -- a good case fought him you know a right now if you took a temperature of our rate associated hitter and of all time. Rabbit that that doesn't matter what -- acted as -- now but now the bad to happen with the Red Sox I mean it would be better view as a position player and and say boy you really -- on his -- he's not I understand that but it's not important that is the designated that he was ahead there. And and it's got three rings and only -- has that and you have to go back away from that so. And ten wins has no rings but the use of 400 Hitler's army courage announced he has no range you can go right -- and you can go you know many ways with this and but you know -- -- case for Ortiz in that you take the temperature it's vaccination right now coming out of this World Series when he did. -- today yup let's do it impact this -- the don't think that the Yankees aren't that -- with the Yankees must think -- -- the rod suspension is happening -- they do some of -- established -- -- it maybe not -- because they they throw money around you know to me out but many analysts and I mean and that's winning they know that -- knows probably not going to be selling them -- -- released. He's he's a comfortable 282 million and the other -- other question is of the Red Sox lost their -- -- I thought he was sent elsewhere I didn't think there was much chance -- recent immigrants expletive. Have they lost the most exciting player. The of the residents yeah it would Ellsbury. Yeah and there's no hiding player audio in my -- -- -- Pedroia is the most exciting guy that's I was gonna say birdies Pedroia so good I'd rather watch him doing math again yeah. And you don't for a always say about Ellsbury and that -- -- been -- although it's about changing my tune now and I'm hearing he's gunnery. Maybe the Yankees is the same thing in retrospect. That civil war. He's a one year flash and a payment power numbers. Is he faster -- yet is he can he go get them all yet can he throw not at all. His average is he's a tour 92 to 95 hitter. With ten or twelve home runs a year. And 54 stolen -- and that's worth 44 million dollars a year yankees can have many of the either number three hitter predicted half of either number three and they were lead off for not bill Gardner's leadoff. Really I would think so yeah I -- you a thousand dollars that they get Ellsbury leads -- -- I bet you I'll bet I'll take that I had found that in regards yes I'll take that bet that he will lead off for the Yankees don't know he'll bat third that's -- -- -- of -- yes that's an idea yard -- -- -- -- without I was 50. Million dollar deal yes did you guys -- -- a yankees over the -- have Gardner -- that I'd already -- Rick Anderson batting third. Did you guys -- -- I think -- what Ellsbury and I bet the tango it's not thousand if you are going to brighter now another writer makes 500 -- here I don't get -- thousand from him. Of the number three hitter. Just bucks just for the record okay. Ellsbury has had post season series in a Red Sox uniform. Where he's -- 545. 387308333714. To 92333385. And 688. That's for a series. Oh that guy they called it you know he hates Ortiz for whatever reason. That you can't take this away. Without being a court of law and proof that he did steroids and I and I am assuming that he did some canopy edu and Gabriel's. Back in the day or whatever team has been caught. He still the most clutch guy in the history -- the -- India and he has New York daily news reporting that Ellsbury about the site I Hussein 15. Ellsbury seven years 153. Million. Sure how much is that a year. I told you might that's a bad I -- that's that's. 42 million a year member I told right of it -- and when he million nice today he said no way he's -- more than twenty well I you know what I guess site I should have considered that the Yankees -- being on this but that you're right -- -- if if the Yankees -- on it changes everything. Always has when Johnny Damon was worth eleven big game fourteenth and. And why the by the way. Who that Al could turn that down no way. I I don't blame him in the least bit nuts every all day on humidity he wanted to be Avery junior in that brightened. I don't blame alone nobody you know -- led by a broad jump it would Boris money go to the Yankees know you don't blame them but you have to like -- I'm -- -- -- you don't have to like primary you are -- -- I don't blame him for taking the money that does it mean I have to like them that oh thanks that's the fun part about this Jody was here it is Red Sox player with the exception -- one year there was a bust. I come body was a very -- -- -- bust. -- ID what's to ninety in the stage. You very much twelve all the trials are -- right because he certainly isn't he was injured this is no he's not the full seasons of -- -- But you know it might if if if -- throws a carrot out there and and it's that. Is that good and that tasty well like -- like -- teammate to me about that but my point is Americans pay him. For 290 in twelve home runs a year that kind of money it's a go by exact price so you can feel that way and Uga bowl when he goes back or do enough. I provisions consuming it's not played him the finger delicacy in the embassy -- the camera back way to make you show -- -- the big news now. Older contracts. Usually just that because the revenues have changed the markets have changed. And I think the markets have gone down you would probably be looking for something different markets go up here looking at something different so they're certainly bass player what teams do. And I think you look at. But I don't know of any player in this market like him. I think there's players that are different than them and probably greater value. Scott Morris. He's a villain. That was weeks ago too and it was just news topping at the end. Carl Crawford contracts and -- -- -- I guess it is now compared with Ellsbury deal you know another dumb -- a tale one it's the same players in it if it affects. You know base stealing. Weak armed. You know lack of power guys really I don't know about yet do we say this before this -- news or you are saying the the last but I'd be very good player. Okay its revenue is ridiculous -- very good player. OK listen what he just said and you're right. Very good player. And that's what the market is for bigger political -- like you know. A lot more than Aston. -- Dustin -- -- ridiculous deal. How how could you turn that down I think about it right when he 37 -- though he can retire. And have houses and on four continents. OK in 08 when he got his first full look at the Red Sox 145 games. He stole fifty bases. In at nine homers and batted 280 okay then the next year aged 45. Another full season of the Red Sox in 09. He had eight homers. I drove in sixty runs and hit 301. So now you say oh he's got a real future that doesn't mean he looks like he's going to be good -- here you know seven. 4010 gone eighteen games played you remember 192 didn't play. What does Tony eleven. -- -- this is the year that he exploded. And became. All this you know all his value is based on what he did in 2011. Because in 2012. In a half a season to get to 71. Added 2013 this year a full season. Pretty much. 2989. Homers okay now let me ask you question who in the history of God's creation. Has ever commanded. Twenty billion -- without being a front line pitcher or power here. Carl Crawford and that's the only ones and we know how that worked out. So yankees comparing him all they want to forever and ever and I'm gonna -- because -- this is what he is now he's got a seven year career. At 297. He's averaged. Out taken at 32 to considerations averaged fifteen homers and 71 RBIs a year so watt. I am saying that outcome but don't you think the Yankees or any team them considering the offer of Boris is offer. And can do the numbers two and just look at evaluates vendors say nice play. Very nice player OK yes 22 million now now it's a great. But the money is out there and they're willing to pay so the Yankees of fools that. Well if they gave Brian McCann seventeen million a year you know then they can yet turn -- -- pay disparity would be cause against the Yankees yeah he's he's only -- Teixeira they overpaid granderson. They overpaid -- they've overpaid every. And they -- aren't except for the if that's what eight to -- game -- well that's what they do this -- -- and Honeywell says that Dodgers in the same way and they're all definitely answer appraisals -- don't have the Yankees won lately Juan and you know -- guys but -- there was a run Rashid. I'm in Al Michaels in New Jersey Rivera Lenny megs John. -- norm the current it I -- the -- about. Very. Probably signing with the Yankees again. -- my Republican that's. Big in Seattle I note that he probably what kind of violent lip out but you don't want to -- pretty -- Eight he thought -- gonna do battle over there that you're here and I know you're talking about it hasn't let you know 78 not hold on here right. About 1520 over the look what little they aren't so it probably let you know let and they operate on it now you're in the. I wore it Tony Taylor and -- trying to I'm David didn't think hallmark you know the differences Michael he won't stay healthy like David did even though David wasn't worth the money they gave him either. Else -- would work with with a lot a lot of the auto all of the public never ever -- yeah. Yeah. I mean -- -- could pay and you know what I wishing good how I mean I just. You know I I'm not I'm not upset at this. The -- in the Yankees though it appears. And and take our mothers I would whenever there's an outright and we don't want dinners are overpaid let about it -- -- -- now like now. -- and then and they they do want to much mocked yeah I'll let go that it was an appeal now what we're grill on it now. -- they -- Bradley and have you know spring training this will be a big spring training for him to see you know obviously. Well what are you don't wanna get it I -- time they're gonna sign or trade for veteran outfielder that's what they're gonna do. I would I be surprised now would would Ellsbury -- with the Yankees have for the thread says give backyard -- Belgium where where they gonna find that's a reprise Billy Brett. You know Sam theory -- on the senate Taylor being young and Brett and -- at all. Now I wouldn't be instant granderson but you know they might take a flyer on him cured that well I'm Bradley that take the job but they still much you'll agree as soon as. Other guy who like Ellsbury who like anybody who likes to pull the ball -- left -- hitter will like Yankee Stadium veterans have better numbers there. Okay this is the reality. Quietly among I mean. Our nobody does it it didn't have that question. And all -- do you know now you I guess what it is an appeal. No question he goes out there and get some but you know what 'cause you can make that throw from deep senator he's got the weakest arm doesn't. Yeah I know I know -- didn't have an arm but yeah out merry ultimately. I don't know Ellsbury are each other granderson. -- I am confused who you talk about here but here's -- here's the bottom line and people -- text while ago attacks in recent. You sound like keep bitter bitch Mikey nobody -- Ellsbury shirts do you have at -- beat by a witness on this. I got -- consisted of might Amalia estimation would Ellsbury is yet I mean and again we are trying to defiantly insisting -- -- like a -- quietly is that. But it's very good player -- but it is not a great party are. They again -- Red Sox fans what if it would have partnered well. All of whom you know Michael enjoy Watson down their New Jersey go home. -- Auckland. Keep in touch. The would read section how would read substances which -- around a little bit how old Red Sox fans feel it. The Red Sox signed Ellsbury to a seven year 153. Million dollars I don't -- -- against the -- yet right I get an email Leo today from a -- Richard Tony area over it to appliances and yeah that jock out growth and death. It was like duck race well even prince while he said yeah. You know with the possibility. Which -- affect the excitement Ellsbury goes he says I love to see the -- arts who pin. And -- canal and put him in -- come out put him at first base right. And Pretoria that you know them both teams -- real -- yeah. Either way but I mean just the idea I mean it's like Richie kind of sense this is gonna go read through the Yankees -- -- that. Throw canals and -- still out there. There's not a whole lot of that goes the other way I mean yeah yankees have done to recite -- in notable situations taken former Red Sox players but this is more about what the Yankees needed. Which is this you know -- center fielder and leadoff guy. You know and bright it is he's gonna hit leadoff now well of course he's gonna really I don't accept what you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Story -- -- while I think this is why they sand and has such a big deal late that they look at him as number three hitter. When does he ever been a number three hitter that does some might they have car has no power eleven Gardner that's who -- -- probably have Gardner lead off followed by Jeter that then Ellsbury and Soriano and then I don't McCann to share some sort accommodation. I don't think if there's any team in -- world's gonna pay. Eight. Seven. Why would you give him authority to get buried amongst slow runners never steal. Rapid rise to QB I think -- you're having a thousand bucks yeah right we'll find out which at the -- got a thousand bucks I also bet you as well that Ellsbury would get twenty million -- I was like ten bucks. -- and bad by the way the Yankees campaign that. Act act. How would it take quick break get back to cause its top of the hour planet Mikey show continues after news. A cover that guy Lennie in John. Wanted to Red -- to put up area. Babe Ruth statue outside depart before it put up for one for Ortiz and that was that doesn't make much sense to me but -- call in your finger for the program opera Ellsbury -- a half hour that's not that. Barry's going to be in the Yankees -- everybody knows that some of your your comments on that a welcome a 617. 779793. -- Ellsbury is enough money to build. A bunch of statues of himself and put him outside whenever -- do whatever he wants now you know with all that money except. -- single. I think you know I can get married you married now lucky her and replace. For whatever pre nup was that the other year but he was just last year so she's rich now which she can't. Teacher to do you know he needs to -- to do right and hit the left. God sake if he's ever been hit to left to be at 330 year. If you get beat out every single infield ground ball left side. -- a line judges that pitch from outside all the time he tries to pull it did jumps out of his shoes from now. He'll sell his -- -- had to say the same thing when Ellsbury for five years. I know I have been consistent on Ellsbury completely. As to his. Shortcomings as to his strengths. And not personal -- it never was personal the one time I met amused perfectly nice to me. It's not one of these things were attacking him I'm just looking at the reality of this this money 22 point three million dollars a year. I needed for this guy who really is. Brett Gardner without strikeouts and yes I had met by the way both committed to beat him but he's a better lead off hitter -- -- did he steal -- base guitar more -- can't steal first. I gardeners to 68 lifetime hitter and and and Ellsbury is about thirty points higher than them but they neither have power right -- have an hour. Well let's see -- the two in deference to you guys that thousand dollar bad you got up and go on grid waiting on -- Teradata dot -- -- let let's wait and see you know what you know what happens with the Yankees and into -- yeah I -- bigger -- they may get you know a really good -- took in a while that approach for the Yankees is the better question because now they've they've improved their line -- but. Think that Kuroda still freeagent right now if they -- -- way up there in age sabathia is -- that a little bit and already -- line -- -- -- of Kano and and and they -- both make me -- in the -- and so I -- general that they had no excuse me and you can -- to -- it to that took them a question -- it with them. Yeah so there's a lot and placed third with them you know that's it I mean they analyze and they got an -- -- who can't possibly -- done through what he's my kids DH yeah. He's done -- and he made -- third -- he well gossip he inflation they'll pacify him. A little bit I think community gambling summit you know -- are my keys are rebuilding his son -- after them so they get though they have a lot of questions Celtics shot 6763. With about thirty seconds left in the third not that you asked. Phillips in Mindanao film are you admit. An age old town amendment here. I drove through -- twice this week it didn't know quite a zoo in that area -- when Michael down to. West Greenwich I was to head down a day in its place. In West Greenwich Rhode Island I go to -- down 126. Through. Milford in mended and you know all that stuff you know. We've got to stop them yet at what teachers are very. He he is I don't know what do you think about having a statue outside and before T should there be -- All -- always going to be hall of famers and each one month and that'll eventually Japanese mr. clutch he's unbelievable these. In real gentleman but anyway getting back to this rivalry -- -- this -- little more on internal rivalry with. Ellsbury are sure I don't you think the Yankees know that -- now. On the question. The other thing I think it's these Somalia -- -- that we -- is rumored to be Seattle Mariners sort of the a Washington Nationals so. But generally that's the key and that's a nice -- for them as. Now they've they've upgraded catcher I'm just trying to think what. The yankees' lineup was last year and what is going to be socially that have greater since -- -- contracts over. Like -- don't -- sign -- Padilla will now that that's -- I retired about him -- like you are included change what is going to be interest now is it almost reminds you mentioned earlier so. You all Johnny Damon won the first one is Ellsbury. -- thirty. Very very. Prone to injury so like it was a -- to seven years it's almost like off it's not you know I could each report but. -- in. Or out what do you mean I would love to see him back for three or four year deal but in this current baseball world and and an in this free agent market devastated our business -- -- It's not gonna happen because I would have been interest in Ellsbury 34 yet but I I didn't even think you see I thought Mikey get twenty million. But I didn't think the length of the deal will be its he'd get a senate a year -- It did say most to get a five unity here's where it's coming from the Yankees are now feeling pressure not just from the the -- the lineup needs but the need to have some kind of mark key something going number that -- yeah they're fighting the negativity of canola leaving. A-Rod leaving other guys they're overpaying not playing or not being productive they can do some didn't splash. Rod -- Ellsbury is not. Tickets I'll. I ended hurting in attendance. And getting him -- shows the Yankees fans exactly now there are preparing you know I don't know what. Right yet -- -- -- -- gets some pitches before -- yankees are going to be at the fans are gonna get a life you know -- What day that I Alex Rodriguez as far as even non. -- suspension broke out this gallery the audience that what -- so whatever. -- yankees don't and never have never will care about luxury tax they said they do but they did it and they're full of crap they're gonna over favorably forever and ever. But like that and I did at 180 knotted it last year exported wheat. Our -- I don't know I don't know I think the other thing you think unhappily so but they -- -- keep coming back to three years. -- -- -- So we -- know -- a little up. Well I'm not saying that I go along and this goes on with Napoli I think he may be taken hike. You know obviously losing Ellsbury and rode it through you know temples and onto -- league has laid back writer -- -- -- makes a good point do we -- was closing for the Yankees David Robertson. That's right the left and right. It is gentlemen -- they've gotten hit some outside shot you don't utility player. Also Youkilis coming back when you elect. News that -- ask you I don't I don't really wants can't play you know it did is it going to be terrific that Phil thanks to recorded only the Yankees though they think about this if Jeter's camp play. Worries there but he just can't play it's the bye bye tour for -- one of -- candidates barrio of hers -- them granderson. Gone -- gone A-Rod -- that I mean is -- total really cleaning up ahead of the house trivia Kuroda. Maybe gone and I still think Napoli comes back -- the red sex. But the other thing is I wonder with this deal guys really think of this and in this. I really think part of this I mean obviously they did you know Boris is just unbelievable but the a big screw you to Robinson canal -- -- -- ad agency they were so upset about the gap the air and in the MB trying to be sold as an entertainer and they were so split. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brian Cashman is gonna have to -- whatever strings they simple. An -- face that there -- dire need doubts of star power. Somebody want to know Dwight Evans got traded to but he -- He gets left his creativity that went to Baltimore Orioles -- them manually he would do welders last. That they were. We have created in North Carolina. Next on the planet -- branded. I build my. First stop I got a couple things -- hot air balloon just became the worse. Baseball now I've ever heard of it in my life lies that. His first statement was. This officially make the Yankees a contender. Well I I and I agree I agree review yeah but I mean Aaron Boone is by analyzed as its three game Greg my opinion I think he's a very slot and a very insightful when he's on the ground again I'm like listen to rumba if he said daddy's -- -- my email generated we don't know. What the Red -- final -- roster we don't know with the Yankees but right now I still with a Ellsbury moved by still. With a red -- started pitching prepared the yankees' starting pitching has to put the Yankees the Red Sox Andy of course then well plus -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I'd rather have could know for that type can no Mariano Rivera. You know -- yeah they got -- McCain has so -- I mean that that's a good point I mean I can no way Omaha radiance right Andy wants X hundred dollars and it's even more than Ellsbury and why night. Leinart locked in -- -- from the -- Korea yankees series yeah aunt and hope. And hope that to share about Saudi writes hi -- feels pretty good. The west side it is doubtful. And the senate fielder. You know for that kind of money with you know pros and con I mean does is smoke more pros in that house race car immigrant and -- right. And you can you know well they remind audience who really held you back more critical of those absolutely well let's just happen now if the expectations of Ellsbury. Until he broke out with that 32 home -- year. We're always going with the red socks fully fulfilled it for one year right now he's gonna go there for seven in the Big Apple and that. You know it's strange that easily add two guys that think is ridiculous -- so Ellsbury -- seven years 153. Million I think -- probably gets. What is the you don't 17580. Million dollar deal out there. So basically they lose out on canal for an extra 2030. I mean I know this sounds a lot but over the life of the deal for a for a better player possibly all they implanted on third title in Orlando -- more durable -- -- say the smoke you know not sure about an -- hall of fame type credentials from him why. Because when he was hitting most of his power numbers you're sitting in this stacked Yankee lineup right which makes it easier on on him as a player to put up numbers but he ended up in the final analysis is numbers 42 homers in 91 RBIs a year doesn't sound hall of -- -- that lineup -- I don't know this year you know -- line -- was well off so he's Smart to get out right now is being nobody drive they'll. But it what what would he be in Seattle if that volatile part yet. I -- he has five. Solid you really good ideas around 300. I know it's a -- in -- knocks on 20/20 five terrific defensive player so I he would be a hall of fame you know consists only consideration if not -- or 55 -- five ball good -- -- not good -- is very good years and can no he's a hall of fame. OK but he's not gonna do that. Those same kind of numbers away from Yankee Stadium here with away from that light up five doubles has 55 doubles the army -- B a player OK -- player again you were talking. The money we're talking here with can -- -- that he's stupid yeah lets you know it was not an act that the -- of the money you know that's the Dodgers I'll do something ridiculous which is always thought I doctorates and it's okay John McDonnell last year -- what we're gonna say. Either. Another thing as that thing I'm not trying to sound like a homer what do you if you're always very very sticky you know Boston. There's a crowd stand up in here political -- has done. More -- in -- -- where we also moguls and it hasn't done that much right I would say he -- and one night down more than if I was in a draw area. Leaving and coming back that's vastly different. In people's minds that knows Bert why because Ellsberg had the big question of he he couldn't come back from his injuries and and he was injured so much and and -- -- what you know here's the other thing that one year 2011 now that's an aberration. It looks like it right now it has to seven years of -- you know the highest he's ever done was was about fifteen home. Just like I was with -- spray it it always has been what could have been with Pedroia is are you done it yet rookie of the year and they pay. Terrific player in the in the thirty range and here's a guy nevermind get injured and -- now for three quarters of the year here's a guy who's injured plays through him -- injury totally different I don't know it wasn't gonna hit that -- home runs issue which 1820 which he skates so this this this Ellsbury monies should rally of yes Scott -- he says Ellsbury of that. Hurting hand during the oppose seasonal answers and as Republican I can -- over the last three years you've been surprised this splits they're not that dramatic -- moment away Robinson -- oh OK -- just over the last three years 2011 through last season okay. Home runs 49 on at home 39 on the road. 307 batting average at home 311 away exact OBP both home and away 371. Slugging 542 at home 5245. On the road it's gonna be us buzzing over. 896. Old PS on the road 913 at home so he's pretty damn good rumor -- report yet you you got it back further career numbers but it putting well last year what are have a real President Bush where is 22 point is something like that it's like what is that that's nothing. He had you know it's funny -- -- homers at Napoli Havilland enjoyed three. He actually can all had 27 these important happily and Eric I don't restrain us. You know it's funny last saying I just did -- -- a threat. You've got players OK and you everyone rates him differently we we can agree on a lot of plays snipes and place in baseball how good the are not so good right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury is conversations going to be based. All five of these tools is slugging overall. And the fact that he gets fifteen home run hazard 25 home runs factors in today's game having players. That are. That's skilled at that position. Create baggage is not. -- he hits it on the captain's. And he has the ball out doesn't eighteen times verse ten times and accurate as any differences that. -- don't be so sure by the -- five tools. My ass at assembly vote shall we should column I tools you could throw across the table and have an interview it is power or resources. They don't I don't get nine home runs. He's a salesman he's never say he's a liar Scott I only have three tool player and he industry tools are pretty damn good baseball player who wouldn't hire him as an agent that's ridiculous that I -- I wouldn't. Costello another mistake no doubt I would hire you know somebody named Ed Farnsworth. And I'd be his only clients. Anywhere really dirty suits at the father leave pitches they smell -- cigars volatile he rock. Unity on Tuesday I had a great deal field and it's -- kid play he's got -- third base where -- It relegated to a forty buddies are good guys -- you know this'll Mike Adams in football I don't know now call every time he plays they mention the name I look up and it's not the ever. It's never me. But don't forget Jackie Bradley junior. -- faith the -- given Bradley junior wonder we're gonna find out real fast -- right away I think. UMass team dispensary here that trees and we've had signing -- -- -- this is great for Boris he represents Jackie Bradley. -- Florida bill bill bill powervu. Okay -- -- have to -- I don't always agree -- you but I have to agree with you today begins. Why per -- -- posts aren't taking into account. -- Joseph Girardi. Has. Joseph Girardi is. Definitely. Use -- Book tactic which pylon looking the American League and Gartner -- proven that he can hit -- in the lineup. And then -- have Jacoby beating anyone care are. Anybody -- our writers think Kobe's gonna hit third I -- that bill you what do you think of John writer's idea. Which is batting Jacoby Ellsbury third threat to -- gonna do -- I personally don't think he's. Gonna hit -- I think that what's gonna happen in this country legally use tissue are at third because now they have. A guy who do you think he's a better. Com. Quote me that's -- in McCann. So I think Teixeira who can afford people a couple years. What does routinely at 300 hitter or -- in the ballpark of that when you -- with the Braves and angels. -- -- I guess considered what it paint and they got to consider that he's gonna come back in the PLC. Right at the struggles and a -- -- -- and I'm moving shortly. He this he makes very good point there. And a lot of -- -- to -- and the chair his health. And that goes it is not a -- he's Richard you're gonna keep -- on -- -- -- he comes back he is security here and gotten it did hear that the ninth a lot if she -- Gardner should hit ninth he he sucks. Well it's not that that well he's not lead off he's out of -- gonna lead off. Yeah -- to -- -- we're getting a bit -- part of the -- pitcher batting. Double we don't situated right well I don't know nine in the one thing I built in -- that you forgetting another comply there's clearly denying them -- -- forgetting another course. Or a whole lot -- -- didn't -- go to -- Gartner and knowing that you know that bill. Public this were forgetting were leaving out a component of this lineup Alfonso Soriano. He's probably number three -- 345 now well that guy admitted to should be on the order for war Arafat or not and number three. And -- -- myself to -- okay -- by reported on this is not who's 2345. It's now why would you have ever take Ellsbury and out of the the the lead -- spot I met Mr. -- Ahmed Soriano cleanup that's. Well he going to be -- -- -- thinking -- right got ghost before and throw it where new Yorker you from. Well I'm not from your comment Florida I want in New York -- going no where I have followed the Yankees and the Red Sox -- my whole life I've been asked him from New York where you from getting his feet thick it's here. Rivalry in all of sports. Yeah -- but -- you're from New York originally right. Okay that's when I was asked where you from. Well. You know in New York. Spring and -- okay because I could just tell by your accent -- call me on super hyper perceptive. Which we ended up moving down there when I was. A little kids that inherit this thing is our armed. Like that I haven't always agreed to -- yeah I agree with you vehemently. About and Josh. Beckett will long punt but. When you're right about something you're right well I appreciate the -- -- -- Girardi predilection for that. Not warrant the speed at both positions OK don't thank you that's the way he's gonna -- pretty he's gonna he's gonna put course. You are available organ over you thanks to the policy -- That does it take longer than I thought he should have. Com. I don't know going to be yet here. I guess we'll go to market the company would have -- AJ Pierzynski and they were talking to him earlier know where I've thought about it and it got a bunch of cards and LT IRO. There are they'll article. Second. The the could rip them for help here. -- -- been injured last year that you know -- -- -- you know Tucker is here but that's not a lot of them. Jackie Bradley did not let it rip it up to Portland. -- but here's the thing to -- such problem roasters with so they can they have time in the goodwill Tutu. To go with a Jackie Bradley junior let him make his bones out there as opposed to. A guy like -- isn't personal he's gonna try to get a lot of money he has been hurt he's had to hit two really bad injuries in a row. Have been effective with the Yankees secondly have always thought he was so I thought it may be. Cheat a little bit during a Tuesday but nevermind just a Yankee Stadium swing he's got. Right. Out of a title this you know the rental cars. The Red Sox may not have a honeymoon season as we all thought they would bathroom with a series without regard to the Yankees that ups the ante of you know you don't want loose and those guys. And -- -- problems -- a much bigger and well resulting it would Ellsbury they still have starting position pitching issues. The Yankees but granderson could do one of those. You've seen this before I don't know if Boris is as agent -- but. You've seen this before we see this major -- so many guys -- cents a one year deal out to prove that he's healthy he's durable has hackable and use it hits the pre I have no idea that I still -- -- kept -- remark or Regan sent. Couple things first off -- -- picnic at its outlook they'll vote the opportunity -- this I don't think so personally but. You Truman left filled it with you gonna go -- not who knows maybe it chipped up a -- That it is somewhere else not at first -- -- put utility player for what -- prince and get in the market it is a little blow when your -- Now is a risk that there. Because it could be a bit. Mark could be a year because of his risk factor yeah as we just discussed as a -- -- episode in my BO take -- -- number two or three years but it. Aggressive when he's healthy can be really good and impact of player he wasn't the Yankees as Fisher. But you know I think people doubt right now how he's going to be a committee and come back from his last two injuries very well well I don't you know non oil and our thanks for the call a quick break and then. Will wrap up this program with Ted -- -- And and -- And anyone else who wants to join the fray writers humid it 61777. -- 7937. Texas -- say they and so. Oh well we got AJ today. Here's what it says bleep him -- just saw says. I came terribly puts you hit begins with the word -- just a little else. So in case you're trying to narrow I told him. -- Nice patients Mikey minutes are working good choice if I showed a lack of patience -- in mono. That's -- reference to -- a same moment it can set written some callers but that's normal. As normal for all of us right like a doctor you gotta have a lot of patients. It is business. -- very has a post arm. -- writer I rarely never argue rarely never argue review. But Els will never hit third consistently for the Yankees. Girardi will be left out of town well I think it's a very strong possibilities their opening day number three -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two years from now won't go even you would have to. -- -- -- in the car hello -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like you different perspective and I think you're wrong way you look at banks and so -- the Boston sports and as you all -- and I am. I don't really care how much any player. That's not I don't have fiduciary responsibility to write the check so if you trip for example. Remains with starting. To the lineup for the Red Sox opening day you can you put a piece of paper covered. What they're annual salary right. That it wouldn't really matter to do what they're paid right now all we're looking at the fact that what we got a much Ellsbury is gonna make. This weekend the Red Sox start -- war that strengthened their own but why are -- so -- been talking about whether he worked to change their party quite finally. Well because and -- beak noticeable point because where whoever pays the most is where they go. So that it it it impacts the conversation in that. If Ellsbury becomes a free agent which he did. He -- a good chance of the Yankees need a center fielder he'll go there if money's only cares about and that's what happened. But you're getting caught in the idea that you'd think. Because he worked twenty million you would write that check I would not what that is so basically if that it sort opera 21 million a year they are. Does that change your perception of a player. I don't doubt at all but they -- I would not advise the Red Sox to make that move because I think. -- That I get it right I you know what I -- that in any -- to determine who ends up on any team. But my my my view of this thing has all facts are considered. Is that if Ellsbury is gonna go somewhere because they're gonna pay him more that they're gonna get their money's worth over their Yankee Stadium. They're gonna pay him 142 million dollars worth addicted to them it doesn't matter. But to me that they know I I can get to two players for that that I think might be more impact full for the Red Sox. Early you don't look at that the Red Sox humor should decide 121 million adult here I'm gonna get that -- -- -- and what you're million dollars a year. Bill with it and but let us to decide whether he's worked what it would look but at the end of the debate it in the starting -- Is preferable to -- not the. Unless unless -- you can do better. We've again you have to go back to money because that's what she used to buy players you can do better maybe getting a twenty million dollar player. At another position where you needed guy. Because it it's not it's not possible to both or maybe the Red Sox were done well -- I didn't look at this reportedly far apart on regulatory way apart -- -- they weren't -- -- I think that the most they would go helpers for years -- an option because you have to -- even though it's not my job to write the checks when you're judging a move you have to -- have to put money to the mix because it. It applies. It -- affects where people end up and how much value you get that money that's how it's done. What that question quite sure that that the subject but -- -- -- I'm sure is and if if the Red Sox -- them. Eight million dollars a year and about affordable I think we could be an eight million. But they do not -- the only our current six would let Red Sox and an opportunity -- -- -- yes. Heard it yet to be different than. Because every look you you know what that you don't Ellsbury and if personal and we've had this discussion on the show. In if you can name me it is fifteen or twenty guys right now making twenty million dollars a year name meet two or three that are even close to being worth that kind of money. When it comes to you know the way they have the way they've ended up not Teixeira not pujols. I mean who for lender I mean -- tell me. Hamilton -- government. Oh by the way the Red Sox cleaned out billions and billions and billions dollars payroll and what they do they won a World Series this year. So well so might that they get it's important point by years and one of those fighters they want a World Series and that's what they didn't. It's worked or not. Well let me ask you question what they'd what do they got rid of Carl Crawford. It was not a good move. It would it would appear to -- -- absolutely OK but you know. I did. But -- I didn't want to I didn't want him for that money united want Ellsbury to that money. I think you're I think you're better off court gets up to ten million dollar pitchers. That a pay that guy twenty million -- the Yankees are basically like the Red Sox were few years ago. In this free agent market well Crawford and -- desperate -- -- desperate almost it's -- -- desperation and the Dodgers you know they became around second half a year they look like a good winning ballclub but guess what made him have to get to get there would despite their biggest fattest payroll -- guys caddies and JP next hello Kenny. I don't -- should I you don't. Right emissary I have to I'll give you assume. The only patient. I can -- you is it would probably the most astute. Almost moved they are announcing its person. Since rob Bradford. But who -- be -- would be at 1025. Has exploded it's important to know books guess on his own show but he did you begin at 9 o'clock note never who. Well to do we stop the -- I tried to -- what can say that their peers your peers and CEO we got. They all of the different for the Red Sox. Now. Eight. Eight dollars for eight gave Christian that tech school our right. I think they've got they've got this guy eight you know 837. -- -- right to get a big league catcher. They got back I that's fine that's -- that are okay. But at this same time I make a prediction I says it doesn't show. The free agency. Situation. And for whom should worst result -- Charge. -- he's gone. An elderly parent would be. Very wanted to step without Red -- how do you I don't know. He and. You you're making this up and I would have stayed if you're just making it up you don't know what he wanted to do. But what is Pierzynski have to do -- Ellsbury death that tie that together force. -- -- The bad what the world is based -- Everything going right. God I don't know how many Teddy got to finish it up we're almost out of time go ahead I'll be here but that's what -- I can move. As say it ain't broke -- Continuity and chemistry collective and is -- cohesiveness yes and they want OK so then what. Pretty. Lucky. Oh boy yes and even joined the team yet how could he say he destroyed that to win all of the only disseminating that Teddy -- returns say here. You're trying to say that because presents you got signed Ellsbury said suddenly you know what I don't like him -- go to the Yankees to let -- of it well that -- that stands on its own merits and areas. Well and preparing its -- sad -- just like what they did last year unknown play you know shot shot money -- -- term they got stopgap. They they built election is its. I'm -- in New York City Darryl. How were you and Mike it has to go with some that -- brought it into law we spoke. I I I just studying and I went on MLB trade room is and I was like why I could not believe it. Anyway anyway. But it can't keep -- I'm very happy with it but the Jacoby siding -- I I like Jackie Bradley junior but I just don't know if you raided turn over the whole shipped. Jacqui -- KP junior. You know -- -- -- the whole (%expletive) -- Satterfield you know and -- by the way here's what he's got to do to be close to what Ellsbury did last year. I played good center field and bad about 290. -- -- -- stolen base guy like Ellsbury is but he mysterious -- but the only guy we nearly. Well we don't know what he has doing dubious they would really know what Jackie Bradley is yet now so we don't. We don't have any idea but I mean but my point is that. Ellsbury is gone but the game victory -- victory -- -- -- field I yeah I mean there's a lot of things are going to be obviously the ripple effect the bonus though we don't know what those things are. It's had a field you're -- you -- -- -- on the field you're you're you're you're also -- the best right. Feel right I agree right these days -- may be something comes up between now and maybe Jackie Bradley his starts center field we go from there. But we don't know that -- subject is that the there's rosters -- -- place the move is still being made. So it's hard to really determine the final effect. Of all this I don't and -- Berry is gonna be overpaying for seven years it opens tomorrow usually don't. But it won't open tomorrow. So it probably she rather Serena there's no regrets during. It could -- Bradley Bradley you know it comes out of a good spring training and say hey this kid hit the you know Craig Barrett in that fielded well and -- did everything else well. Let's lead a mock may be loud crazy marvell blanks comes out of retirement and what -- -- like the one thing they do Lakewood Bradley is in the showed this in spring -- early on. As a good batting he has some patience that the point. So we shall see yes.

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