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Bradford Files: Bradford, Speier talk catching market

Dec 2, 2013|

With the Hot Stove season heating up, and the winter meetings just a week away, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier discuss what is left on the catching market now that Brian McCann, Carlos Ruiz and Dioner Navarro have all agreed to deals. Of particular interest to both Bradford and Speier is what may await Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

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-- -- move -- -- Bradford finals right now phone WEEI they don't. Welcome to another -- the Bradford files I'm rob Bradford of W yeah -- dot com. I'm joined today very special guests might co host on the hot stove show which can be -- every Thursday. At 7 o'clock Alex beer of the exact same organization. Alex -- -- You -- special you were virtually written. Real or not it's to his putt better than one. Read and -- Yes session it's a very powerful to shouldn't make note. -- that once again the Bradford files is brought to you by -- distinctive clothing. In -- Alex I gotta get you over there I gotta get your UC however addressing. News you are you are you you look more shocked yes wolf that's for going for I went in to Margaret Lester. As a Margaret Lester may be more fly than staffed and that's exactly what they did. That aside what we're we're just gonna do a quick podcast here Taylor Bradford files keep the momentum going steaming. On towards the winner beating woods winter meetings which start a week from today. As one talk -- Alex little bit about the catching market. One of the reasons is because today was an interesting day. In the sense that you had -- Navarro. Perceived by many as. Either the second best option available or the third best option available last. In the free agent market. What you take away from Navarro sign with the with the blue edges. Well that wouldn't is insisting certainly the bridges were in the market I actually thought they might be one of the leading and it's -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia so. Governments go visit there's a chance that it might have nudged out Slovakia back from closer to the Red Sox. I've seen in the game of musical catcher in -- -- does take another option. Up the board. Four -- -- market of course takes another optional support for the Red Sox -- -- this two years. -- is interesting because Navarro has been described as someone who obviously it's really well in 2013. But he's kind of a dead body in bad shape at yeah who's flexibility and mobility behind the plate. Are very much in question. And so this is this the guy it was a bat first catcher. And you know it's that that might not be in the ideal candidate for the Red -- anyway. Certainly inside it's it's noteworthy job. In the supply and demand -- that it has -- on both fronts Saltalamacchia and on AJ Pierzynski. And -- Yes overdue if we take a step back -- look at whether it's like stand in regards of the catchers -- last. We we still have to focus I still think on Jarrod Saltalamacchia major presents do you have some other guys in play potentially. Some non -- candidates. -- trade candidate in right hand again. But if you have a look at guys who you field came. Can maybe get at least split may be the majority of catching a playing time. Those of the two guys in the conversation first log -- -- off base do you see someone else out there who are missing who can fill that void. Sure well I think -- panic and you know any -- essentially so that court you can't -- -- career. 2013 when he was injured but the rest notwithstanding. Have been -- on base guy you can that may be. That may be a little bit. Misleading because she's a nationally talked up the order where they might. He might get some you know -- worked around these pitchers. You know certainly a good defense first option on base percentage. -- -- -- Also shall also should note he's also a righty bat and I'm not saying this is -- be all -- -- when it comes to identify -- threats are -- looking for by. He's a righty bat and if you looking efforts. You know along with a -- suits justice something the -- anyway -- Taylor. Yeah especially at a time when the -- are still don't know what's gonna happen with Jacoby Ellsbury and or what you can -- left in the bat so. There is a real chance -- -- -- could find themselves. Rather dramatically turner and that's -- like that. Yes so Chris Iannetta also certainly an interesting name someone who's been in conversation. Or at least some -- older years. For years. And you know -- such always regarded his mix of patience and power fairly tightly again. Your apartments -- imperfect because of the side of cricket bats from him. I used primarily been. You know he hasn't really ever emerged about 120 games a year a stretcher. Brinkley he's mostly been relegated to two backup tight Judy that there are talks of all -- been intrigued by his skill -- are. And then you could have beat. The you know you could have another candidate. Who's been a primary catcher but I'd just not enough offense quick productive line of electric Kurt Suzuki or something -- posted. You know low three hundreds on these percentages for most of his career. He is still relatively young he is reasonably athletic. But not much of a bat but a pretty good pretty good defense. You know and Alex where we go through these names and it's still hard. To. Not identifies Saltalamacchia is the best it and I clearer clear yet -- and I understand the Red Sox view. They have more information on guys -- the doctor Russell -- market even -- even in the lower around the team all the time. Yes. Well all right I am here to proclaim. That. That might be the case but at it from from our vantage point Alex. It still looks like this is the basket and and so it goes to what other threats are willing to spend you go back to the call fine. OK we get it you do not want to allocate fourteen point one million dollars to Jarrod Saltalamacchia for next year even though it's a one year deal we get that. But but so what is it worth it to actually bring this guy back. Arm especially when the names that were being thrown out there Kurt Suzuki and nothing its head again and and civilian names you mentioned but. Saltalamacchia it seems like the best fit better than AJ Pierzynski -- Ebert presents -- by the way another person I talked to today. Another person's believes he's going to be going to twins are at least as leaning that way which would take another another team off the Saltalamacchia market. But so I think I know the answer this question Alex put Saltalamacchia best fit the Red Sox. Yeah I agree. And and have throughout the future where the number year I contract -- impart upon him. And the Red Sox are kind of actually getting into an interest in position with regards to. Which regards to having played the waiting game and it seemed like there are few words -- contestants game of musical chairs. Clinton button but still teens there you know there's this fewer players but there are still teams. It's. Rupture between twins White Sox Rockies. And Iraqis right elbow. I don't noted. I don't -- that the Rockies are certainly you don't steam. As being -- Force Saltalamacchia I don't think that they've necessarily. Showed the same level of interest. And Asia and if not what if you want I'm sorry not to Europe when if you wanna get on the outskirts. To destroy a couple teams that are possible for -- Marlins and Rangers the shortest. Covering dollar basis. Sure absolutely I you know it's also much. Marlin. Has given -- there are all safely if they if they even with just a year -- -- offered right close to where he grew up. There there could be as a scenario there although of course -- also. Not really airwaves should be to outbid teams for from -- year guy. And then. -- the White Sox they've -- the importance of viewers as regards a situation. So. You know the Red -- I think. Are comfortable with apple on her. If there are acting it's the -- surprised when -- now it's it's a bit of a risky strategy -- you know there are putting an awful lot. -- tutored at an awful lot into the notion of of the future and it's going to materialize and I'm coming in their you know their comfort with regards the time prima which scored materialized by. To them I just don't think that they've seen that's -- hear it from the beginning and all of its prized -- because to me you know. After two years let's say that you are ready to move on you know would not be able to find a market trade partner for thirty you'll -- Or perhaps you know would you not be able to get value from you know from the transition it's also much is still. It left in the position where what bird expert that you would be up to bury it. Well all here in Iowa here here in here's mine I agree with -- -- here's my question is you talk about long term and okay Ross comes off the books next year he's gone with them one more year and after that your year presumably get a start easing in somebody yen. Now that could be Vasquez whose baby -- cart before the horse little bit with Smart -- By the you -- he's right -- going to be -- someone and -- still gonna need a viable catcher. In that second year and perhaps that third year and as we know Alex catching young catching it's not -- turn key as a -- -- showing up and being an everyday player has a lot that goes into it. And this four as a small small small example Christian Vasquez is down in the Puerto Rican winter league right now heading barely over a hundred. And no nobody but it needs its if you're right I mean it is it is a fraction of the argument. But my point is is that there it is not like these are can't miss guys he meets. There it knocked in three years from now there is it's not to say that. Blake's wife art isn't going to be they'd be ready for the having catching a 10010 games -- we every we talked about rival warrant -- in Butler who are also part of the conversation or might aunt and -- into the conversation. But it comes back to what all of these guys the question has to be -- 23 years down the road is there a better fit. Then having -- Saltalamacchia either as a guy is gonna catch the majority of the games or at least the guy who's gonna cats around. The same amount of games of the other guys. Yeah and obviously it's fair question the interesting thing you know is the interest in -- that -- those. Is whether or not -- -- might be taking the approach. So -- would be great to hear someone where it's -- with David Ross whether spot where. Borrow our way kind of -- in the help -- and the kind of final stage of apprenticeship. And get him civic. -- you have flexibility regarding the long term -- under control. In in news you know. -- and kind of grow into being more active especially you know especially with. Mean I talked to a number of people around the Red Sox. In recent weeks about the -- about -- cost apple about its prospects. There are a lot of people who really love and Butler to me you know I think about via a bit aggressive. -- consider having him be an everyday guy especially art and that. So he might be exposed a little bit because you can't just don't have a natural platoon slippery and what came in which Ross. But nonetheless so be really insisting to me Agassi. Guy like him. Being groomed to manage to handle a pitching staff and in service to -- transition. In -- kind of ease the transition for a basket on the road. Is she was learning the ropes with -- but I think you know. In general I think you're right I think there's a lot of uncertainty related the prospect pool. With any of those guys were barred way. With Butler with you know with pastors in terms of the timetables by party even though. I think there's virtual unanimity in the Red Sox organization that's why -- Is a future front line everyday catcher who's going to be at least an above average regular perhaps I'll start. And spent you know when twenty. Well -- well here's the other thing you have to factor in to him and were talking about the its position of catcher. By we cannot also discount that you -- you can replace a guy who had over eleven OPS over 800. And over forty doubles and I'm not saying they can't replace -- lineup. But that was significant that his bat Saltalamacchia being Saltalamacchia. With significant. Bomb people -- part of a hard time remembering that because how it ended in the playoffs. It we've talked about this before Alex some of these guys were leaving. You're gonna have to find other ways replace the offense and why that might not be as dramatic as replacing -- -- Barry. It is still something that you're gonna have to replace. Absolutely and you know what decision affects another if you start -- the fact that your country's armed and probably do at the other positions. So you know it's you if you let folks who -- it goes and it raises the likelihood that you may need to make a run. Think getting efforts at diverting and holes very or. You know or kind of upping the production. Some other position on the -- -- one Q. Maintain the overall quality of the team but still I do think that it's necessary exercise. And of caution because for years we went through the exercise. Who how could they possibly move on these very -- ultimately figured out ways above the Arctic air conditioning. Chizik Martinez. Yeah right they're a US do you -- he was in the offense the ball though he wasn't coming off the offensive year. This Saltalamacchia. Course not of course not but Hewitt coming out of actually of their -- -- year terms of how is defense and played on today. On tetris CRA and all that sort of stuff. So -- because it was great -- -- -- are you going to replace. Victor Martinez and people that really Jarrett -- Slovakia are you putting the cart before or a little bit there and. That's the second time he's cart before the horse in this podcast we we have been writing urges all this -- weekends. So. I think it. There is always a European known especially with regards to -- because it's such a critical position on the field. But it's the same time and at a certain -- or relations and I have to be courageous about it. Two of the -- and there was this Alex so we know that that the Red Sox probably once Saltalamacchia back from a three year deal. Do you think -- there. These do you think they'd be after what we've seen in the market. The latest being that Navarro signing his two year deal with the blue jays all things considered do you think it's trending more now than it was even a day ago. But Saltalamacchia returning the Red Sox. Certainly worn out and Diego absolutely. -- The degree to expect me or has moved I'm not sure because that's going to be tough for -- 280 coming out right that this is this since right. -- is that -- -- -- what better approaching India after the market but so it's been strange. They would expect Serbia -- market. Four -- this point. You know it may be behind the scenes there has been won it in their. The blue drapes were on sixteen but I very much thought to be in play and so I think this is a pretty significant development. Absolutely Alex thanks for thanks for Kevin Borden and we'll do all again if not before Thursday definitely Thursday. All right my -- And make sure you get over the Gould's teacher cart over to -- just in closing before -- there's talk shaft plane. But he.

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