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Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Dec 2, 2013|

We check in for our weekly update from Bill Belichick and get his take on the Pats win over the Texans on the road, the benching of Stevan Ridley, and Antonio Smith's thinly veiled Spygate comments after the Texans lost.

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Are any partisan from Michael today. Our interview with the coach course coaches -- brought you by Mercedes-Benz -- cakes and by Lexus of Watertown -- -- is with us. Personal coach happy holidays thank you. This radio listeners you -- was the best thing at the Thanksgiving table this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway yesterday. For what I guess the third straight -- slow start for your team second half much better than the first half. What does that happen to team again three times in Europe. -- it. That's our the fix at this week try to fix it next -- stuff. And there's got to get a better job to do -- better job preparing the team. For the beginning part of it and we had a better job excuse. Bill I know this -- come up a number of times of these seem to keep that stretches where couple games in -- -- start is an issue and remember once asking unions -- -- and on -- we try to start fast every week. So what can you do specifically in a week to try to ignite something that you mean can you do faster tempo where an and is there any specific you can do. Lol we'll try to do it thanks vest on and take a look at it here in and Cleveland. And CEO of the game plan unfolds and in what what we're going to be Dylan and how we can. Let's take advantage of what we think Upton -- appear he said last week that at halftime of the Denver game you were. Obviously upset about the about the turnovers etc. but not that discouraged about the way. The team that played overall -- certainly even that you were more upset about the way you play in the first half. Of the Carolina game in the Denver game. What was it like yesterday. Well again wasn't period and think we. You know take advantage of some of the opportunities that evidently you know leak it and some how's it that. Interception. Set a -- and fortunately we're below the -- -- three on the you know if you -- to. And two good drives defensively so. Now wasn't. And get at the opening kickoff return. Especially after we -- on the last year and well and was also very good start so. In earlier. Or try to fund -- are remarks to Sharon on a number of things just wasn't -- -- wasn't -- thing. When you talk about the interception I think that's the third time this year Thomas thrown a pick directed it wrong. We are grown almost didn't even really have a chance to fight for the football and how they -- priming his obviously -- if you give them a chance to reach it -- that wingspan he can at least price break it up. How frustrating is it when he went to -- get to that point. Well I don't think -- quarterback -- and what's the defense and for the bulls. Don't -- on conflict -- Logan Ryan seems to be around the ball a lot rookie player young player. I I certainly don't know enough to tell you whether he does his job proficient -- play in play out maybe could shed some more light on it. But he does seem to be around the ball on seems to come up with a lot of big plays how was he matured over the course of this year. Oh -- -- -- but it premature -- and -- here and you know solid career coach was steady performer perform for. You know throughout his career and it was done that currencies were to safeties and corner. He's worked inside the political position and so. -- Smart understands. Defense is defensive concepts. You know -- in such initiative you wanted to easier once you know with the pressure on the quarterback and yet at the ball scuffle -- don't vote. You know as an excellent virtually I don't Hopkins at the end of the game. The third down play it. Senate stopper I don't silent when it broke that up so. You know -- IKEA and he has money in those. Huge clinic and really so. You know he's he's done a good job for us and -- force -- force and Overton. As a couple pressure opportunities and those count it. How challenging has it been for for Matt Patricia and for you game planning I think this week you had five defensive backs who were ended up being questionable on the Friday. Injury report how much of the game plan changes in the defensive back field based on personnel or those guys just expected to two run what you guys drawn -- Well -- you know especially when you're near match up which you know we've done -- quite a bit and match certain guys on uncertain receivers. -- -- agency got a yeah I got a plan and you also have to have an alternative plan that if we need to get to go to its own problem but you know -- But just border -- Wheeler dealer safety and corner so coach says on the job with the model year -- so. Now -- whatever happens via weekly is -- to deal with it and trying to figure out. Try to make it to something that we feel as competitive that'll work but also simple absolutely no. -- make it. Too difficult so -- out there trying to. You know put. You know put -- up close together will mean we need to be aggressive play football so it's autism in a fine line there I was -- -- twice. I thought I had a nice job at the national district. And a number of number tackles on the players in pass coverage. And I mean defense I don't -- -- us and our our all time best performance but. Alone so please everybody like to have back but authorities confidential files and proposed. He's been criticized in the media quite a bit since yesterday maybe a little bit last week as well. Specifically for for how he's reacted and run coverage again. You you you you're your comments are much more positive what what is it that they are certain people seeing that you see differently you know you know where that disconnect with it. I don't know if the -- of people. We hear -- fairly happy with the way he's -- They got them at the keys to quit. And Somalia as animals he has a couple of I gotta talk about the -- of the year in my opinion and that's James to have one's touched down -- -- -- old high school fullback that was my favorite player watches here just talked about not only that run but the contributions he's given you in. Kind of a variety of roles as you're on the offense from fullback ball carrier pass catcher -- whatever he's been asked to do. Intelligence. And you know he has a role -- detainment. He's been very good about doing his rolled on his job -- it down offensively kicking game. At times and pass protection at times in the running game -- as a blocker caught two passes. He's. You know a tough guy that's you know has physical presence of the game strong. And he's really does is you know it does his job well and that's. You know certainly place -- that -- his job it's loud at times as jobs -- you know get his hands dirty and do the dirty work and you know making a tough flaw -- -- -- pass protect and in. Doing things like that that he you know he gets in there he doesn't Wheldon and discuss that again we've been dependent on all year earnings early on their force earlier. Analyst general practice squad early. You know worked hard respects what player of the week for so a couple times. I'm not effort and consistency and earned a spot on the roster this year and continues -- with the -- -- do a lot of different things. His role in the game isn't always that clearly defined on both in the game in Wisconsin it. You know two or three solid place here there and and they -- it is then certainly had a yesterday. It's a position that that seems to be on the decline across the NFL in general there fewer and fewer fullbacks. They play fewer and fewer plays it seems across all 32 teams. How how has that position evolved I guess would be the question. Well and -- -- totally you know a lot of those in them in the fullbacks where justice. Important as the ball carriers are on the next world news -- Federer Franco Harris and Jim Brown's world all Latin. That the game and it's Baltimore won back. Always won back -- back -- one primary back carrying the ball. And then of course -- you know popularized with the want to offenses. Don Corleone. You know his disciples and you know a lot of the teams that are atop the puzzles you know -- aforementioned teams. That had full doctorate is you know glorified linemen in the back over an occasional ball -- played mostly on news. Like pulling -- actor so -- it's it's quite that now's a time does not want that on the field period. So that's. Steadily you know. Evolution over -- list and 3030 years from a value do you put on the opposition in in your office. Molly and I think it's a role that it's a role to import -- role it's not an every down rule book. When you need it you're really really appreciate it and when you and you and you can't get -- and usually an -- price for the eagle on -- courage. Pass protection power. You know lead blocking and running game confident in -- communities and there. In terms of you guys having a full back and which type of fullback we've had that's changed a number of different times in your tenure here. How does that work is that we have a role and we look for the player to -- or do you find a guy like. Devlin or whoever may be in the he's been saying yeah we can use this as part of our offense this year even though we didn't have last year and I think anytime you have players on your team. And roster you eventually gravitate to things that they do well Sony. Faster signal like Randy Moss and you know guarantee of possession receiver when someone LC you know -- actually do get an inside -- you run -- you know outside -- you. They are more outside of the good blocking fullback some law or more Figo guidance. More pass catcher. Heath Evans who has -- for a ball carrier task mr. tadic and really elite block early in than he did a little more of that. As well as you know some hopeful that blockers wants those but you know he also amicable more so well. So it just depends on who that that player is island. If you want definitely want one particular type of player in the sun. And you go -- get that -- in monopoly guy who's you know hasn't talent has some skills and you -- worked. The things that he does well. Speaking of the running back position Steven Ridley was an active yesterday -- -- your comments after the game and saying there were 46 guys. That were that were more important to play yesterday there were ahead of him yesterday. It was just a couple weeks ago you really effusive in your praise of him. After the Pittsburgh game talking about its path level about his -- running etc. How how was that changed in the last three weeks. Oh and it's good decisions legally. So they're every week we have to make a decision instantly feel them. The players -- to Michigan. And sometimes injuries. When and if they'll -- of player takes care of that. After that it's -- comes down to. Decisions that they'll make -- coaching staff. Or that I only responsible force them. That's that's what is there were. Have your thoughts about him specifically changed from three or four weeks ago until today. I'm not a fundamentalist but I think you know each week we have -- if they decide what's best or to console to. You know there were reports that Kevin -- was in Houston the other night and he obviously as a relationship with was -- going back to -- you problems together. How much can a guy. Who's gone through something gone through those issues like Kevin did from the you know fumbling a lot to being secure. How much can he add and help a guy as opposed to simply a coach who yes he knows the game you can do it for a long time but. Hasn't lived it as recently as a guy like -- house. Well. Arnold. Think I'm sure -- that you know anybody who has experience that can relate to experience -- but he doesn't have much experience. You know there's benefits of that zone. I certainly think that you know our coaches and of people -- -- players. Do their job of communicating information and giving. -- good coaching points and tips or players but there's definitely something -- for. Coaches -- -- pepper. Who have played on the defense who played the National Football League that. You know have that perspective so I don't think -- divert valuable perspective to have. And and certainly respect them you know veteran players. On any team I don't have a certain element of that to. Definitely the future with the coach say book. You know they also have that on the field game experiences it's a little bit different then you know in the classroom. Watch a film that kind of thing and another that carries a lot of weight with younger younger players -- so. You know definitely there's a bouncer and there's a place for both. Seven catches now in the year for Julian Edelman he seemed to have been healthier this year and I'm sure that's helped lead to some of those numbers. Are -- question -- other areas of his game beyond just health. That took a leap from last year to this year that have allowed him to get to that moment. We know Joseph is one of the hardest working players we have on our team when he's. You know very competitive guy and -- that works hard to get things right and do things right whether its you know block gain or punt returns or. Route running or whatever odds thing so. You know he sees -- Chanda. To improve do better job in and works are part of this craft as well prepared and something you know it's a lot of little things and certainly the health Clinton and have more opportunities in on the field more. And practice and more. In all those things that led to more opportunities and he's gonna pitch well. Mini trump I heard that's the nickname the greatest album and a front that's something that you approve of that is that something you are you guys I think I -- -- -- upper -- via -- -- stardom. A -- like -- I delegate to. Not that my previous questions were great but on the -- admit this may be a strange question. You had -- second game yesterday this year we have no penalties. And sometimes in basketball they say you play gaming you know called for any fouls means we're playing good defense we're sort of pushing the envelope a little bit. Is there a comparison to something like that football where you don't you called for penalties maybe you're not. Testing the officiating -- testing the illegal contact -- -- testing holding or is that just a totally awful -- Well on government palace called lean period I mean I think they'll -- -- cup yet so. And and accrue the and -- crew it's has called -- penalties in the league this year and for the few yards so. You know gone in the game. It's based on history based on what the you know what information we have and we weren't expecting it to be you know a very heavily -- game because most of those trees games weren't but. You know you always have to wait and see you know exactly how the game's gonna go on and you know deal lucrative pro -- -- but we've all. -- -- -- coach any penalties went out there and you know told players to commit thousands. True Texan coaches don't do that it matters so. You know we never try to do that intentionally sometimes they happen in football sometimes players make mistakes and and they occur -- the Munich coach mistakes in the anchor but it's you know history it was one of those things owns news. You know lack of aggressiveness -- -- you know clean play in an officiating crew that let the players play that they weren't out there. You know throw a lot of flags on marginal calls there had to be something I felt pretty strongly about were they. They talks to and I mean I think honestly I think the players and the coaches all. Kind of enjoy playing a game like that as long as it doesn't get out of hand you know if he gets out of hand and nothing gets called. In -- -- you know street -- -- -- and that's for by the same time it's it's good to begin deliberately game play -- game the players -- and and let him compete not not make -- about you know budget calls signals that this wasn't that -- in and -- It's about their -- Can -- media and fans -- hex editor and always a few games off every. But you know to replace -- -- I heard you comment after the game when asked about Antonio Smith's comments and it's a league matter and and I understand that. Is it frustrating. To hear comments like that from the opposition after the game does that bother you at all to hear his comments afterwards. Well on the armed and anxious frustrated and lost it twice last year and most of scanned Eleanor -- so. We've seen that before I'm -- -- it's frustration. On -- -- talked to him than an hour. Follow the lead on on the rest of does that frustrate you would all go to hear them honest we can do about that which -- ago we can -- Do you see the end of the Iron Bowl. In the in the night there but it's you know announcing you know -- -- a Stephanie. Density and the it means crazy and if you you heard about it yeah yeah ever have you in your football time have you seen the anything like that how come before me decision to kick along field goal 12 left winning game and a leading to a run back going the other way. -- -- -- We've all seen those -- on the -- for. An election at one columnist of the -- there and return. Honored its pants and -- -- -- analysts. And it's on the arts and -- eight yards or whatever laws on. I mean obviously the ending to the Auburn Georgia game let's just about a crazy snow. You know it's those kind of look that's. When you get to that level competition. Got a lot of good players out there a lot of close Kansan and sometimes they come down the system. Unexpected place. You know hail Mary plays and we saw one. -- in Baltimore it up -- in the game at the Helm Kirkland. And -- Cincinnati ball Morgan couple weeks ago so. You know there they're crazy place the end of the -- -- go play sixty minutes and and you ready for over you know all different situations in football and those are plays that we talk about. That rarely come up but when they do. And they cannot only affect the game after all season. So -- do you have a long field goal attempt unit that might be better suited -- tackle -- and a shorter Q is that something you would plan for. Would not think you planned -- cover with him occasionally get a blocked right so you wouldn't you know put more linebackers out there to try to tackle her. Is it yet is a low trajectory kick in that. And I don't think you want us. I mean most important thing after it was protection up such specialists Robert -- -- of the most important protections -- and I think you Rhode Island compromise your protection. Column by you know any money on -- W. You know you're always talk about it. And over coverage and just you know basic coverage even though doesn't comfort often you know. There's a good examples you know when it does it can be -- you know you know a lot of big slow guys up there on the field and let's face it which picked him up there -- you know -- speed and coverage players who Skoda you know cover the field and hopefully you can you know if that comes up that you're able to them. You know. The take him enough space that you know knowledge that -- out -- -- you know if he goes under on troubled. You know probably nine guys who earlier partly best blockers and holder -- so. -- you know what guys out there that are going to be good tackler sort of you know that that's their partners still -- needed like Stephen Neal. Athlete who -- -- -- -- like -- that you know on those guys if this thing happening you know get loose or get outside then it's nominated. But ultimately you know to make -- up there looking -- Time now for the coach's question of the week it's brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers the only Mercedes-Benz CLA has arrived -- see them on the web at MB usaid dot com today's question comes from Seymour. Who is in Nashua, New Hampshire he points out that you were just at Reliant Stadium which is one of the nicer new jewels of the NFL. In your years of playing football coach and coaching football what is the worst stadium that you went to unwind after a. Well. It's -- it is -- -- that -- how I think about -- to okayed this they Foxboro. These are particularly awful locker room. And Clinton locker room was terrible. That had. There you know I think I would say that the fear that a lot of the fields back in the seventies were were bad because they were baseball stadiums. So. Like Cleveland like old war like you know places like that so. In the middle of the season -- the sod was put in the infield. Our president Grover Whelan November December and gotten -- with what was good field. Gets chewed up pretty quickly -- you know that's not gonna grow so. You know by the end of the year in November December in the post at the stadium's usually. You know a lot of Wear on the field -- yet half of basically half the field that sought it which. It was wasn't very good either so. Shea Stadium another -- So you know I think those are some of the issues that -- dealt with them whereas the football stadiums at least that was just football but when you -- baseball stadiums and you know Tucson and you know but. Smiles at Baltimore in 1975. We practiced in stadium. Sold technology play in a statement practice on the field you -- practice half the field because. The other office and saw that the -- you know get in place keep in place to let it grow and then meant to do that now. Yeah so it was coach or you can only use half the field for practice and you cannot associate with the ropes and you know in the in the grounds -- -- their work and on the side while we were products and -- him and the other options to walk across street. To Easton high school which we did that a few times -- where it's gone on uniformed personal walk the walk across the street at. Fans are beaten in -- it was probably progress on the field. At least one yards for a hundred million dollar players you know waiting and across the want to know about those days you guys go over foxman. We feel them -- things -- -- Sharon realized that was you know so it was a minute so is obviously changed a lot but I but it says dual purpose fields or. They -- out pretty quickly particularly in in the -- word that there was no grosans in the latter months the there's nothing to do except -- spray painted green first entity but that didn't help much. -- of the coaches brought to you though is by ESP allies do Tedy Bruschi did get affordable dependable like insurance from SP ally. The company that's protected over a million family since 1907. Visit SBL I dot com today he'll play Cleveland Sunday we will talk to on Monday thanks a lot arts has -- like to thank you think -- others build I'll check back in a moments alcoholic WE yeah.

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