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Rob Ninkovich on Antonio Smith’s comments: It’s just silly

Dec 2, 2013|

Patriots’ defensive end, Rob Ninkovich, joins Mut and Merloni on a Patriots Monday after the team’s victory in Houston. Rob addresses the postgame comments of Texans’ defensive lineman Antonio Smith and the defense struggling against the run.

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-- -- ID 37 WEEI Steve DeOssie. Isn't a house your phone calls at 6177797937. To give Texas. On the AT&T text line at 379 -- 37 you'll hear from -- Stephen A Smith and skip Bayless. And Ron Borges people responded to Antonio -- comments the patriots. Must have been doing something will fishy yesterday to recognize what they were doing defensively joining us. On the AT&T hotline as well as patriots he's Rob Ninkovich he brought to eBay they arrest restoration specialist. Toshiba business solutions and by Boston laser. All right rob see you guys get off the plane last night -- that -- turn their phones on they read the comments. -- Antonio Smith and offensive player. Is -- claiming your team cheated. To have a good second half against their defense. Your thoughts on his comments you guys landed back here after win all the Houston Texans. I mean it is really current in -- food situation that. Organic. It's an emotional game replay people a lot of heart and effort -- Kurt Kurt first of all games so. You know. On the cover -- sir -- a little ridiculous political audience you know. There's looters are artists and utility bill. Normally I don't sugar ruled that that they are they couldn't stop problem and we'll also and so. It's. You know. Comment that I -- a little blue. But what we were joking about how long -- yet to all of these Redick. You got to wait till halftime right to break it out and it's it's it's crazy to think that Tom Brady in his office to actually do that -- -- the week before Denver you guys did that then do so. It was just tells -- silly frustration probably more news. Bit different. After you know the -- walks in news that reader you know what you teams. In general sure. You know -- without filtration and offer. -- can speak your frustration I'm sure. It's going to be a little frustrating. Letting up some of the big plays soon there will let up yesterday. Didn't. If you look at the films was its individual breakdowns it was a scheme breakdowns look what happened on some of the bigger place. O'Connor the it's a team effort there let. Arabic Governor Patrick Rupert. You know I wrote up birdies -- -- -- -- those of -- -- -- defense lateral partners that there are possibilities. Are had to vote you know holes. -- you know the back in the debate playing so. There are there comes out there. You know -- -- Now playing her friend the playwright. And goes to. You know you've got in the same -- Through you figure out the first. -- when you when you flip policy views do it again yesterday a little bit when you flip with chairman Joseph some it's called in is that -- -- to decide. In our opener at notre that we could go through. Early. Some. Or breakfast or career. I go back to the the team defense you talked about rob and it is a team defense as a team defense the last couple weeks. Yeah you guys have found yourself in a hole is that reach a point where there's a frustration level. Not just because you're making mistakes that you just talked about but you look up the scoreboard halftime you know it it's and it's 24 -- -- at 177 how long can you live. Playing from behind after the first thirty minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know seventeen. Point four -- -- maybe fourteen. In the first our expert to where so narrator here are quick. But he got separate itself you know from the from the office -- team -- ago -- really makes the trip pennies in active on the sidelines holding a football what was the week like. Stephen relief for you guys that as a team kind of maybe gain some confidence back and of. Our experts -- -- there -- business as usual personal in the weekend. Parts are not being out there didn't -- quality reps. -- -- -- -- -- -- So real total. Order flights but -- and I'm sure you are so it'll be -- -- that good one and you know I'm sure hurt him. You know that hurt. You know fumble and threw the ball for -- so -- -- -- I think he is going to be aren't -- -- working -- you know world -- Hope woman you know -- team effort to no. And get back then you know critically -- don't record. Robbie called a team effort take us behind the scenes here we have the point where. Released do what they do in the program their don't football around you guys are chasing him around the facility trying to knock that ball lot of launch at dinner practice what we got here. Already in my book collectors they're. All. But. I mean in practice -- -- -- -- there or you are or aren't you know ball security so you know every day. And OK but it camper we. You know sore -- in there and turn off the ball -- -- you know -- separate. -- what do you what do you to a particular defense lead to shore up via the run defense. Well record breaker and not think that it is. Things things that don't vote. Workforce in the things work for them there's gonna continue to repeat those plays into Europe six com. There are -- Again it's all communication goes in the right gap for the right arm. All of these please. There're. Quite certain. Brewer in a -- around -- corner for you struck me ordered to you know got Leo Geithner they're. -- -- good sides to sell for 1012 so it sort of I'm not a lot of work -- you know LP fundamentally felt. How much it was a physical and how much is who is mental. -- it's warm it's -- more mental historic error you know physically can't do it well. That produced better. And not make you I don't know about what could you but I. Don't get reopened better -- simple. Iraq last one for me get down a point last month of the year final four games as a a fight for. You know these top two seeds which we talked about it before how much that means you get a -- and a first -- -- a week to rest that -- guaranteed. A home game how much do you personally keep an eye on -- scoreboards and the standings this final month to see where you guys are positioned his belt is built -- you guys known practices how does that work. Our mile route from Nvidia wrote her back formal legal weight and bulk. Our game you have you know everyone if you would have been better as the so there are. -- rotator currently looking at the score at the end of the day -- who won who lost. But. You know you don't like to be -- over there oh if this happens that happens though it. So we're just going to reverse. It's Cleveland and the browns in town this weekend he's Rob Ninkovich adjoins every single patriots Monday rob appreciate the time is always we'll talk you next week. -- recruit prepare Rob Ninkovich joining us here on the -- -- TT nation's fastest. Now the most reliable four GL TE network at what guys laughed I wanna know behind the scenes is -- getting. That program treatment knocked the ball out when they go to lunch room now on classes like rob said big to get that Odyssey whatever works I got to tell that set. I would bet that. Guys in the NFL are spending more time in the classroom and they didn't -- A market because -- even even if you can -- -- class or even if you took three courses and he on -- on what Tuesday and Thursdays and to want me on on Monday Wednesday Friday. You're still only class maybe four hours Max. A failure in your class from nine to 1130 your class again from polio from ball one -- to thirty or so and then good teams. Should there in the classroom watching -- for another two hours left parts or our -- theft bribes and using an hour and a half before partners to sort. Attention mr. out of your truthfully and that that means little. Also that -- based rejected the end of the week was who's. Oh Morissette the other girls in the sort of take it tested it on Monday isn't that -- on on Sundays is no noticed the president noted cheat off of that situation your book. You know these groups are correct there's. Physically there's plenty of capability on this team to do. Better defense a Nazi duty personnel now with Wilfork and and -- leave me awhile to be. Of great defense but they sold him -- personal to be better than we've seen the last couple weeks. And between the defense to line play which hasn't been great. And the linebacker play which hasn't been great there's a lot of issues there that they can address them and and I got to believe that there's going to be huge emphasis on him in the coming weeks we'll have to win this. I'd like your point of high powered spikes is is so valuable Steve -- high towers taken a lot of crap the last couple weeks in particular. Spikes is kind of under the radar here he supposed to be eighty wanna put. The the emphasis -- stopping the run. You know guys like Greg -- that a fulfilled -- -- -- the best or one of the best ones stopping linebackers. In the National Football League and so what he's. It in there yesterday quite a bit against the Texans and Ben -- and they are getting dotted. And high towers take a lot of crap I think spikes brought his or take. Some of that to -- like you said all he was again it's like you explain you know he he takes chances you -- right and he wants to deliver the big hit you have small. Very good very good that big hit and that's probably what -- -- was was talking but he he will hit a running back as hard as any linebacker in league that's not a question. Okay there's been good against the run is more than making a big hit and it is sometimes and I know sometimes. If you're defensive line is out of position a few defensive line gets driven back a couple yards that hurts your entry into line -- all that stuff to play the position long enough. I understand it's. That linebackers productions is very much intertwined with how well you're defensive line place to come -- let them off the hook either they've got to play better too. But when your. A high profile. Linebacker. In the middle and the running right at you gotta do something better. Our Rob Ninkovich join us would get a chance to hear from Steve NA and skip Bayless and god knows people gonna be upset if you don't we start the short talk about Antonio Smith. And his comments the patriots are cheating something going on there. With their team Steven -- skip talked about it today we hear from then and the hear from them able get to your phone calls next month.

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