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Tom Brady on more cheating allegations

Dec 2, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show fresh off the teams 9th win of the season in Houston. He dismissed Antonio Smith's spying allegations and told the guys he has already moved on.

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Our conversation with Tom Brady is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and precedent credit union boarding Tom how are you. They are these give the other team a head start games that require heroic comebacks becoming a concern for doing your team -- Well. I think that our goal early in the game at sixty minutes and you gotta play at all. In particular we really haven't started. Well in. I mean most recently in the last few weeks and her spirit are we ever really played well. To start the second half so. We don't all -- directly sixty minutes could be you know the best scene and and we got some we have for a huge -- -- coming down the stretch and and this is really I'm here we -- -- put it altogether so. I mean we got the job done when it counts and we probably do it yesterday. -- but we also realize you know I ain't perfect and there are plenty of things so it. We've got to do better and more consistently well. Are just the way it is. Have you heard or heard about Houston defensive end Antonio dismissed comments that imply the patriots were spying or somehow cheating to pull -- that win yesterday. Yeah at least you know we landed. America turn on the phone after the lighten. We're looking at this -- it felt so. I'm Gary saw what you think about it. You know truthfully we you know we just played a little bit better in the second half I don't and I. We kind of been through a lot of this before so I don't. I don't really -- much as -- I kinda. -- move on I was already started work on the ground -- trying to cure -- way to play those guys better get off to a better start but it. There was a really good team and it's played well and we certainly didn't play well in the first half to get it in that deficit make. They got a good defense they got to cover golf estates and plot to introduce Mets and they can really rush to quarterback so. It was a it was a tough game you know we'll be Hardaway went on the road which was that we -- our week. What happened at halftime domino we ask you this every time you do -- come back in the second half but. Is it a do we overrated have them adjustments. Is it a matter of adjusting on the fly after every series. Or to something magical happen in your locker room and a half -- that doesn't happen in every NFL locker room. Well. I'm not sure I don't know really you know obviously we'll go to -- go to the locker room. I'd say you know it's used to have like a bad first. Here you don't really come over the -- learning grow our guys we had to change every -- You know it. You know let's scrap all -- crap we practiced all week in. You know this start making stuff up on the fly directly by halftime you have. Really -- and our sample size to figure out how the game being played but staying in -- matchup that. Or are favorable matchup that don't -- favor maybe there are some good things that they are that we got to adjust to. Arm but ultimately you know yeah after after halftime you know when you get it's it's the kind of why -- -- -- -- well how does that have played all like Al. You've got to be able to say let's stick with this -- what we're doing kind of what we did against Denver. Or last week you know it's OK look he's. These are some of the things that we're gonna get to -- You know these electric that we liked it got to start making the plays that were cable maker because. You could call the perfect play against the perfect defense let -- -- crappy throw that matter. You know it's it's it's their non productive place so. Yeah I know it's boring but you know execution the name of the game and I thought we did a good job there and -- have tried their figure out they had a few good things that. They implement preferred -- and they've really. It definitely you know. It's two different things and we were expecting but I. Nothing that really blew our moderate religious -- did their job and then -- -- can assure all the movie was better in the second half and ordered the first alternate. Well Bob I. Mean my score if you scored every time to get the ball -- second half until the last series in the first series of the third quarter. He scored two minutes images. Went right down the throats and and it seemed like. A light went off. Why were you so effective in the third quarter in the fourth quarter. What did you do then that he didn't do in the first half is trying to understand what changes from you -- have the next. I think we're just a bit more explosive -- there were less. You know it is it didn't feel like we were going. You know first outside of our third our -- our second not third effort suffered enough -- I thought it was your first second outburst on first down first round second out first down. You know which you know. Our. Think it's a situation that we can have some are down which was really an execution saying. You know that's what really. It was it was a it was a good thing for us that we were able to do we just became a little bit more explosives. Are. By you're trying to get the ball -- the air group guys. You were hot like Giuliani like. Like rock obviously like. The running backs and try to -- -- that are terms it's a different personnel group think they're trying to match we are trying to merge down. You're a little early and gotta be able to run. Our -- plays vs what we think we're very useful. We gave them a better job of art in our match at seven. Execute the plays that their hectic the big plus past but it brought there on the first try for the third quarter was big. We're got a good match up than we couldn't -- itself. You know he did a great job running to catch and -- run -- -- -- then you got -- if you turn it into the couple's place so. I know everybody contribute which is it will be key. Element has I think nine catches each of the last two weeks is on pace for like 95 this year I wonder. Is -- always been this good it just is never had really had the opportunity with Welker around other guys or as he got better as are many big leap. In his place for the -- you calling was that he -- is that if anything on -- They trot and each. Of HR -- it being -- today and he's six interest certain. Dependable and you know he's. Every dollar category also disrespect America getting the opportunity and then you know stay on the field. So you know -- thirteen years we where he hasn't been able to finish this season part. What he's been out there and they're productive so far this year I agree that your friend is currently. -- and good leadership role. Mr. -- great job really. And anything is. You know dependability which you know really what you look for an offense felt. You become a real dependable player for us and his ability to get open and catch the ball do something with -- specially if you -- -- returned but I. I forgot to get the ball in the hands and -- make -- many plays he's making his series. You know huge -- -- and especially what. So many guys can locate he would say about some that shouldn't be any proper period tied for second place Hollywood and a little bit. Wrong but I -- You're ashamed and now we're at least for now episode the one dependable. You know player that's been there every we that we group -- count on his end -- haven't met. You know what Opel which he's really. You know relished -- You know he he really taken advantage of that opportunity. Tom gets so much time on touchdown pass to -- cal ski nobody was even -- you I'm I'm sort. Gronkowski. Does it ever field of -- a clock going off in your head. Uncomfortable or a natural when you have that much time -- -- abused you -- -- getting at. But does it feel weird when you have that much time you don't have to throw the ball and be ready to. Yeah it definitely and -- Because I don't move around -- A -- try to move in the pocket and keep our eye on the field so. You know like that you you sealed arrest you don't -- garage and and when you have car and there's definitely target market. Sense that no longer around I learned that they learned it the guys by the quarterback that I get a little. You are anxious isn't the word bet because I lose big cannot stand behind me -- you don't know they're gonna come around and picture from -- perspective so if I can get you everything and astronomy. It's all right if you know what they get their army like they did on our site. Which -- did a great job all day I -- the -- has protected against. One of the best front and look forward. You know just bought -- so. That was that was one play we're at a lot of time and it was actually kind of rule out -- -- crew made a great place. -- took -- turn up the field airport the end zone so. I really wasn't designed where they -- worked out that way. Did you think he was gonna make the catch or did you think you there was too low. They were very credible catcher and I it was a great throw it eat. He's just capability. Reached down and catch the ball and keep it balances. It sound like anybody else I ever played itself. And his ability and general and the president. Yeah that's cute that you bring this is -- natural Turkey so. -- -- In the big key to our offense that we need out there you know we do a lot better obviously. -- and the most important injury itself which we can do. I know certain officiating crew the what are called that untouchable. With a. Go hopefully we don't leave it up there which include -- many more games they. That's just it is that if you position yourself. But we we big big hitters say with a good gauge as it broke one intersection -- -- Pretty much cattle be -- for the most part one -- that was really just a communication here. But it was it was a pretty well he gave no limit on the stay. On the were really no big a. And then we took advantage of our tribute service -- -- got a. You know I I I know we've talked to in the past about what's stats you like you know you're most proud of what numbers on your. On your page in in on espn.com. That. That you look at and I'm guessing that record in December of that that they talked about a lot on the broadcast yesterday. Is something new year pretty proud of you know your record in December. And often and because it's amaze. -- aren't we it is I'm 42 and six. -- honey Benjamin he managed to such off the charts success in the month of December. Well it's it's not a good luck with that. You know great teams over the years so. I mean -- -- our record and a lot of the -- is probably going to be pretty good. You know based on the way that our team has played in -- to the occasion of this incident challenge that I you know we talk a lot about. I think the biggest thing is coach wrote that he stresses the improvement from -- -- every day so by the time we get a lot of. Parts of the year. You know -- -- margin affairs. Usually better than what the other team is not because we put the work here in the spring and murdered in. In the training camp -- early part of the year to really make improvements then. We get the December you know were were planted at a much higher level -- were out there were played in September so. I think that's the most important thing is our ability as a team to. Eco challenges -- our coach to meet the challenges that. The opponent that we face. I said Arafat last week the medal at the bit on the work ethic. This is indifferent to what those things really start to matter and neglect in September. Opening game you know there -- no. There's no analysis from the other you know there's no ever seen has hope you know by this army here let -- -- in the don't have much hope. So you know we're one of the teams are fortune that's exactly. There we got approach. This week with with more currency than we have approached anyway because they're saying that much more important in the last. So. I think that's the most important thing and that's why. You know coach spell check it's such a great coach. And that the other coaches that we have our staff to complement. You know quote -- checked out so long the players. You know they find a way to. Show up every day at work trying to get better make improvements that by the side here we're doing things that we do that we're doing them at a higher level that they were the last -- It -- for yesterday's win the patriots lost three straight on the road and Specter last week on the road -- September 29 in Atlanta besides the obvious of the crowd in the environment. Why is it's so difficult to win on the road can you say all the time. Road wins are hard to come by. They are and -- That's it's it's probably you know the communication is the biggest issues so. In other maybe you you know every game comes down to a few plays and you know for example that fact that that happens. You know before. Halftime. You know will play at home we probably get back communications right. And then you know it's not exactly accurate to convert on third down in the -- to convert on third -- -- get the ball possibly scored touched on -- that's. I don't want to play any wonder that it. Its first two or three of those in the game that had to be stopped since that point you know you lose the game suffered -- market -- So. Your communication needs to be great on the road. This coach -- the communication from sideline huddle on the Hubble. And then in the line of scrimmage and then post mass communication and that's the biggest issues trying to get all that communication right so that. You can you can be really efficient. If it's to me the most important thing. They talked -- earlier about hope and how some teams just don't have -- and -- on December their season's over you guys and so one. Have never been that position every game we've played even years you miss the playoffs so to -- here you were hurt. That final game of the year you were in playoff contention all the way through you never play the game not being. Eliminated from the playoffs are being in the playoff -- I guess my question because no it's he could say that. What's the difference if you could pinpoint one or two things what is the difference. Well we if I mean we've been lucky. There has some great players in great coaches and I'm not match the truth that's not. I mean that -- the coaches put the players in the position players got to go out and do what the coaches ask us to do and that's. Like I sat on a daily basis so. You know -- you always play a factor in the in the in the fees and then you know key injuries their critical positions and that. And it would we face capital are waste overcoming those so we don't make excuses we just move on interrogated. Every team deals -- we got and try to overcome themselves. Look we're we're very fortunate enough position we don't take that for granted and you know we talked about Thanksgiving looking healthy respect for perhaps -- street to compete. -- like we're able to -- as. No we're not true -- I mean it is true that and I I've never had that feeling and I I don't. What I have a feeling so you know which he's got to keep working hard and trying not put ourselves -- the ship where that's split the season could end -- the end but I. There that are so the coaches that have for the players and -- it's been you know they're pretty good situation here for a number of years. You know Tom there was -- an incredible weekend of football as you know from beginning game on Thursday right through to. Last night but I'm gonna tell you the most exciting like forty seconds in football it's when a team scores to pull to within one. With no time on or very little time on the clock in the coach holds up two fingers and you saw your guy Brady -- pulled up two fingers. Eight we watching -- live -- would you think did you we did you stand up and applaud did you do we can we you did you wanna kick the extra point. Eric you know we were on an airplane. And on our flight they have those TV's. The old agility and -- ABC. Shall we all have -- side. Shall we were watching like that being cast -- our. Our iPhone arrived at whatever anyone has and it showed a scorer. And you know we're watching the subtle way and then. I thought they scored unbelievable like we're going to overtime. And then NIC gain final 4241. And I was bummed out so you know -- it. It takes the ball -- And I guess you know I didn't see most of the game against the way that the defense was playing -- second half. Here they are average and now like eight or nine yards for itself. -- -- got to take you got to take a chance to win written and you know the -- great catching up against the undefeated teams so. That was really. In incredible outcome of an Auburn Alabama game and we saw that play that was crazy. So and that's folklore that college football and that's. That's it's pretty incredible refuted. As the -- -- joking you know what offers fans stormed the field than ever that. If that ever after the pro football and now incredible that would be he. -- You know they there was a pretty a pretty good week for -- Two -- up two quick ones for me -- we wrap this up number one does James Devlin -- second and third and fourth and fifth effort. Get guys fired up in the -- Yet outlook austerity. -- I've got a guy who and so dependable and consistent. For our team in the local east played it's -- -- and he played Mort -- if you and caught on. Any -- that a great job. With his ability. To do the right thing when his number called I'm just I'm so happy for him. He's worked so hard if you got -- last year he worked his butt off and I'll see -- then worked his butt off and it is spotlight guys taken into the securities and then to get them on the goal underscore got critical third one person -- of the ball out of it. Bet there are probably never -- in Germany caught it in a brand -- field and took a few here. There are certain it's it's a great thank -- would have. Are we have a quarterback question of the week brought to you by crescent credit union here's the quarterback question of the week what kinds of things. Is Bill Belichick riding on his little paper during the game. That's a question I've never seen that paper and those little like you did you know you better have a cause she accuser side of like -- note cards so. -- -- -- always keep notes of things that are going on and probably. I don't know what that bigger question for you and I I. He's pretty goes cannot say that there's not that you really this is. But every right down right pretty important. Do you assume that stuff that he wants to remembered it took to share -- -- -- later -- in practice but the following week. Yep probably Internet and then you know he's always got to focus on what we're doing defensively he's so. You know all of those things that are. Our strike about to head coach you got to deal would ever want -- dolphins' defense. In -- emotion -- mile. You know gold for two things like bad partying on a short field. Yeah a little -- rush whether wrote a computer a -- -- the court itself but he got to -- what about the whole game. All right Tom by the conversation that up we'll talk you next week. Eric Eric Eric -- -- Dennis and Callahan -- T -- -- -- I'm by the with a quarterback question of the week brought to you by crescent credit union -- credit union is now serving Boston Providence and beyond. Visit -- that credit union dot org the CL you can experience the great feeling a better banking precedent credit dot -- The interview with Thomas brought you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credited.

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