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Adam Schefter on Mike Tomlin's upcoming discipline

Dec 2, 2013|

Adam Schefter joined the show for his weekly segment and told the guys that he expects the NFL to fine both Mike Tomlin and the Steelers organization 6 figures for the kickoff incident Thursday night.

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Here's our number three on a patriot Monday wake up the coffee with Cumberland farms farm house blend coffee with football insider Adam show after all -- love with a surprisingly. -- distaste and it's amazing price. But just 99 cents any size only at Cumberland farms and as always. For an atom joins us on the AT&T on good morning mr. shepherd how are you. Reported -- -- happy holidays everybody and -- was well you the story yesterday that the National Football League is getting ready to heavily fine Mike common and maybe even take away a draft choice if I'm not mistaken everybody on the ESPN. Pregame panel unanimously agreed that there was no intent by Tomlin to to interfere with the play of the game. Odd doesn't the NFL if indeed what you report is going to be true. Don't they think there's intent if they're fighting that heavily and -- -- draft pick. I think -- question I think the skepticism I think that's the best way of saying you know I don't know that we can take away draft pick I think that would. Surprised me in the end so I assume there's been discussed yet. Said that is going to be discussed now whether they actually. Go ahead in particular draft pick. I think would be surprised me don't be surprised to but it took to the table and I putted the very least. -- six figure fine for Mike album and an end. A six figure property through your position now think about this right -- about -- big game. And on that particular disputed play we're talking about we're tolerant literally crossed the line but more so to a field -- the game you went to overtime. Exported to other way to win this game. The outcry over this would be even greater authority this. He's lucky in a way he's lucky lost I was thinking the same thing -- you can always fallback and say McNabb didn't matter of Baltimore I mean that's why Jacoby Jones wasn't upset. 'cause they want anyway and he. I have no last night to that effect where analysts agreed -- six different. Circumstance different scenario but the officials basically -- the quality of the game right changing dynamic whether it can play calling. -- his wounds became the people who solely because of that called limited a bad plays along the way to lose big game. But there's no doubt that -- -- by the officials changed the way they were operating on offense. And ultimately Pierre Garcon probably the way reception they made. Washington loses and it's a limited supply connection now he's washed into the political probably not I mean it's unrealistic but. I think that the officials contributed. Contributed. To you -- again that Olympic -- your team can play a priest. Have to be tough to stomach. And we asked this earlier we haven't gotten answer. Has anyone gone back and looked at tape to see how Tomlin normally watch his kickoff returns good question. I have an end I think some WDC coaches want during the debate up anyway also bothered the -- Upon inability to -- -- It recently added. Mike Tomlin. The competition to me. Competition is it that but expect committee. Some of the most respected people in the entire sport. And they are in charge of protecting the rules of the game. -- is on the competition committee and as a member competition committee -- you to -- it as well if not better. There anybody out there and I think debt is disappointed in myself. Is the lead going to look at this Antonio Smith. Us up after the game -- -- just from perspective may be fining him or looking at his accusations against the patriots. Maybe maybe delete view it would surprise me and I think you know if it's a league wants to fine players for saying something that they can do it all the time. I you know I think that the there's freedom of speech that you'd like to do we want is ridiculous on its balance. And I think it's different you know Internet security Watson and it just got to work it just kind of that -- to a. But delegates that is morally compelled to look at it based on somebody is essentially accusing eight team in the National Football League or organization of cheating and it's an organization that has been. Caught doing it before. To question I I'm against. You know I can't speak Italy but my guess maybe -- called city what's this about it and and maybe it is -- sort sort of maybe. Are you just -- -- attention and it probably I didn't feel good of the people injury patients feel. Right no I mean really somebody feels that way I don't know -- bill that -- you know I think again I would be dismissive of it by. These coaches to be so stupid that they don't know -- tendency to do anything wrong. Maybe you know maybe doesn't -- at Tampa -- sometimes but I don't realize. Exactly. How much support birdies put him to be perfect right right and -- may be. -- guys don't put -- as much as the patriots may be surprised. The patriots made so many adjustments because maybe his guys don't plus the ten game losing streak. Yeah -- that that's illogical and exploration anything I've heard about that this morning. And you know what data when you first -- at that he's accusing them of spying and he does use the terms spying. You say all the sounds serious and then when you hear the sound. From Antonio Smith the does -- he's just speaking off the cuff and trying to understand what happened to his team they were dead and one last year. Only tag announced its leadership for the television that they get the comments of what you see -- a paper. Well they come off as rather incriminating and -- damming affect what you re told this. What what what is that. We are we can play -- here is Antonio Smith a Porsche a portion of -- team. -- does this -- out there I don't know what it is. You know we have some we have some ways that we was gonna play this week. They just got put in this week. And it's miraculous that. They changed up some things that they did office. Keyed on. What we put the game this week. To stop what they don't touch don't tell us give us an example which are getting it it it would give away game but it is a specific. The specific that it was important to -- what we was gonna do today did they do you know year. You know -- to the point to how we were crowded defense. And they change it up in a way to were. You could really use an indecision and come -- defense that way and it's no way we have an idea to them before and they never change that would force that was kind of days. Not me out of that implies it's. It's what it's like he is implying they somehow soft some things that -- being installed during practice during the week. That it never been seen before never been installed before. And if if that's the if that's the implication here you have a question and thought it would be a ticket -- -- up like question Antonio big how exactly did they do that you know how a lot of work. Then not know how they do have them why did they do that like certain what the purpose of the very game. Going to Houston to protect the post nine straight games is deploying scouts. Somewhere in Houston to worldwide studios can get adequate protections are doing good week I don't know I mean. I think if the league were to call him someone the legal I don't think he'll. Steadfast stand by his comments and say this post game I was just trying to figure I'm frustrated trying to -- what went wrong. And I think that's a little it's now the team initially and they need to declare this all happened just typed up. You can speculate I don't know but what -- what is coach -- it's always try to put everything. That's kind of releasing it to make. And I around. Now and you know what if you're Texan you're saying we -- hot stuff a year ago we don't tell the start of the year there it's people's -- we're gonna bounce back. And now Adam they have the worst record in the NFL at -- pretty sure at that includes like Jacksonville right. That includes Cleveland I mean there -- the worst team the NFL -- the veterans on the team have to be trying to figure out what the hell went wrong. Well it looked him straight games it's been a really -- machines they've been maybe the most disappoint team in the NFL. -- contention for the number one pick what many people thought they might win the division but the simple. OK so. Anti harassment is bewildered and as frustrated Serbia and I think sometimes. I notice it sounds. Crazy but. Public interest it doesn't realize the power. Of his words. And the ratification -- have when he says something like that and they go viral on nationally deal. You know I can't begin to pretend I know how Roger Goodell thinks -- the people in the you know via the upper reaches of the NFL but if I'm Roger Goodell. I at least make America might take your suggestion that. A a cut off phone call not to Antonio Smith but the Kubiak and Wade Phillips and say do you think there's anything to what Antonio Smith the sank. If they both say unequivocally no actually not -- made some adjustments and we get beat the second half and got him a lot. If they say something different than that than than maybe this thing goes a little longer. I mean. No idea -- -- negotiation right illogical I don't think. What we're taking something that somebody -- in passing and boarded up to -- but it's not but maybe umbrella group -- -- I don't I don't -- to be dismissive it looked like maybe. There was some some patriots you know. Inception through sixteen to Reliant Stadium on Thursday of Thanksgiving to watch with -- -- you don't. I mean I I did you know my my own guess. Is that. This is just look at -- -- -- -- certain that they are prepared he was frustrated at certain surprised. Dobbs abroad president does both have been the people and there's -- -- don't and that's played yesterday I have been getting rid of that. Agenda that it's not for -- -- southern tip of the NFL decides that. We probably saw the the end yesterday of Rex Ryan Gina Smith in New York granted that you that's not gonna be the quarterback coach combo next year. -- talked -- that those guys to be back here I mean I don't know how -- -- -- exactly but you know go to his way to domestic geno Smith is historical and forward. And they -- so it feels -- very important right now and if that's the case. Where is this team hasn't played well earlier now they've lost -- three straight games. You know it just continued to imagine that. -- to bring -- -- -- try to cook going continue to most people but the -- addict and Rex Ryan oil water that they would never. It along and -- the jets are playing well I think -- it developed a liking directions like the bravado. But their provider doesn't play when you're not winning. And it just continues to -- it has. And it's sort of like having him be spelled out what the quarterback has played the -- has whoever they -- took. Did that I think that they want to make it change so. I don't think -- but it -- quarterback this season the -- his future is clearly in doubt and it's called company -- their -- back next year. Would be in the best case scenario scratch. Edit we'll let you go with this any theories as to know Sean Marino's -- I'd never seen that before it -- obviously saw the shuttle the. We go another route where I'll go to that says. If I'm bored -- -- that I think. They're like I was it was sort of remark that the university Amal likes to be honest do you really incredible shot as anybody domestic. Otherwise you may be saying YouTube that they have notion of -- during the National Anthem with Warner coming at a desirous. Water election which I've never seem to realize when I was crazy. I have no idea. You're an actor or actress who killed the ambulance to high IQ right and secure but I cried. Blocking some real tears and the -- rockets. A lot of support as I. Would like to allow crazy. What are they just was thinking of something or some memory or just in and so -- it up the intensity of the moment now normally sit there on the back in next then right right in his case. He gets all intense and focused and. Especially this event -- Marino but can't begin the year abruptly did wanna keep -- they were open to trading him. And that guy had been. Just incredibly invaluable invaluable for them and just to Rory accident so props to him he deserves a lot of credit -- them this year. Thanks to the conversation out of pocket next week. Atom chips are on the AT&T hotline our conversation with Adam has been brought to you by Cumberland farms while look delicious farm out when coffee today. Like DC you'd digital federal credit union what can DC use a view and -- cup play Penske insurance.

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