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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Paul Walker dies in a car crash

Dec 2, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about the deadly car crash involving actor Paul Walker.

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And headlines brought to -- was always by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision fitness equipment 632. 451 I think tied to rank my favorite -- of -- movies. Policies that they ask how well. I was three anywhere but the bottom Tokyo drift was just -- and it's a lot of questions from me and unfortunately. Sadly Paul Walker the start that costar franchise and this is daddy died this weekend. At age forty and I'll be fair ball this I feel very bad for Stanley. And for him is an actor the -- did -- form music good looking guy yeah -- she -- forty guys in that franchise. At least we know that he was committed to that did not drive fast evidently periods yes they're not even though he wasn't behind the wheel. He probably egging on is now the only corner him ideas body lifts his house and kids -- do you think he says that -- see the guy was a car dealer. Our guy who's on the we have do you think they said let's see what this could do. And it among. 115. The bystanders say that is a notorious. Hot rod spot. Drag racing's spotlight -- we had to guess of the one B 3130. This and 115. -- support she can do 130 in reverse. Right. In the beginning and -- any balls which is that at least 150 acre writing shocker in the Porsche career -- this friend and former race car driver Roger. Wrote us I think is beyond that the race come car company with walker. The walker. I can't make more -- -- movies they're currently. Well -- now -- just him shooting you people want him out last summer there shooting seventh one. And now trying to figure what to do. I get an -- -- crash and -- and you know and I am reality and Adams would that be tough to do that though I mean to say got a behind the eagle Ray Miller all it was -- want to have the flip and then great taste is gonna have. That's like my -- appears it was a good taste it and that's a good question wouldn't that be how he should go out to be like. Elected Jack camera -- -- jackass guys should grow you know winningest and jump and offered commerce companies or any -- you know Paul Walker -- BC's fast but here's -- of these neither I have a little bit of all that -- to see him on the and his people opened -- viewers and the like he's my father's. Paul Walker city varsity blues varsity blues who can do and flags or fathers -- remember. He just the guy -- Japanese guys is one of -- one of the guys we was on the star and I was kind of in the yen in the low around three is gone. At age forty it was a stupid I mean honestly stupid death. So what do I say he died doing what he'd love trust and that's been yeah while slivers -- -- -- -- out New -- is a story. Nicholas and a lot of tweets so yes love love love. On too soon Evans yet another new Angel -- and it -- a story of a big -- -- -- -- that is a story that's the world we live right now so Paul Walker. Gone at age forty this story Pete and I just hope that you you see the movie Hannibal. Read the -- Campbell the sequel to the sounds of land -- in that movie. The bag and is killed -- by pigs in Italy. This was a mob -- to mop heads. Were drug fed to pigs in the tubby guy that's it's on the go wait a lot as the last -- a while ago -- there were a wake. When it happened out there have a drug I think they were yeah recent murder of pigs eat the you know sorry and citizen updated story. -- beat the man with a spade and threw him into worst I received by picks it's not. Some people say -- that's the media mogul that way now going to be the worst way to go out rather go out and Porsche -- 150 miles an hour quicker. Yeah scared to speak like that you want that you speak like that juncture address that I don't 130 miles I don't know no number come on third professor you've gotten. Surpassed what. He's gonna get caught a that's. Oh am really -- think so re scared I'd be scared no fat I'm just scared of cops -- tickets -- -- -- a hundred it's reckless driving yes they are sound money. Right they take you away in handcuffs should it's insane -- we would -- nobody on the road still danger to yourself yes so. So you're always -- I aimed at the speed limit. -- -- -- -- I have the real speed which is ten miles an hour faster mean how's that -- yes because the proposal signs up that says. You know from here to Woburn is. Twelve miles should take twelve minutes right to -- assigned SS that's encouraging you to scope fast and 55 miles -- out what speed do you feel. Mean on the highways sale cam operator pulled over this lets him well. But it's a comfortable in the car Richard -- not -- that when you it's. All of them it was not designed for cars like mine right card is designed to go much faster my Audi. Designed to go much faster than 55 what it safely to do the cultural let me go at. It. 75 or under their business essentially by the idea. It seems about right I mean they could -- Chops for that but I mean they would have to arrest everybody yet he ever go look and you speedometer and you -- 75 people just passed -- right try all the space. Get dirty looks and on and -- about it goat that's -- going the speed limit Asbury road. I watch sixty minutes last night I did not. Now started late this -- game went -- -- -- has its -- about a Davis walks of the first story was. Respond Loveland it's still great and they -- show the guys in the beginning you know they'll -- I -- yeah. Is -- the youngest -- in America Morley Safer -- Andy -- Charlie boy these guys got Wallace Mike is gone. That's -- thing they've they've picked -- now yeah which is crazy -- Scott Kelly Lesley Stahl wasn't even sexy sassy and it probably seven era they went through Volcker. Charlie Rose started the show with. The CEO of Amazon. You went into the Amazon warehouse that was the big think today is Cyber Monday -- you know. A 300 orders per second Amazon expects today. One point two million square foot warehouse at all over the country and show the process of how they do which is interesting. In their teasing the whole time that you have this. Credible discovery that this guy Jeff is -- and his name yet seals Amazon was gonna show Charlie billionaire RU 2.5 billion dollars so at the end -- the segment. They -- they -- Charlie what it is. Oh my god this this this. -- -- -- -- -- -- These are effectively drones but there's no reason that they can't be used as delivery vehicles take a look at peers like and show you how it works fine. Which -- my delivery here we're talking about -- so there's an item going into the vehicle. I -- this looks like science fiction it's not. Wow me this is it early this is still years away. Dropped the package there's a package coming future package and we can do half hour delivery had power -- half hour delivery. Who wouldn't carry objects -- think up to five pounds which covers 86% of the items that we deliver and what is the range between the fulfillment -- and where you can use is -- -- -- to cover various significant. -- portions of the population. And so we won't work for everything in Iraq and deliver kayaks and table saws this way. This -- little drones of drones fly as a -- sidewalk -- and takes off only the bright -- your front -- they have that sort of -- house who -- there is gonna happen he said he -- hasn't -- and look and sound like like a futuristic movie that minority report almost or bloopers -- -- -- -- -- optimistically said 2000 ludicrous looper looper -- with Bruce -- yet it's like everytime I see -- futuristic movies when I go back and kindness to kill himself yet. I sit there and remarkable flaws and quit he can't do that it. -- back and change the world and that's -- all designed bright for but it just seems so flawed yet I was thinking that was terrible darkened. -- 2015 but realistically 1718 there's an FAA issues which went back -- and plus state of Massachusetts has finally attacked the drones. That's that's all they consider unbelievable you look up this book I want this book. You order the book in the flight booked your house and tropical thirty minutes and thirty assists and outrageously impossible. Stuff going on in the world I mean think about. You know GPS is an example I take for granted it tells you wouldn't like I yard. Of a where you war that's on the golf course the -- says turn right -- 10858. Are right now in years there. -- the problem is just that he is -- is concern is if it's you know one little often and -- at some kid walking down that's for help kills the kidnapping of legal issues but he said you know it feels like it's going to happen not not if went 2015 I I don't I don't wanna do it that way I'd rather go to the store like camp and -- -- I told you I was in camp out Thanksgiving night -- did. It's fun lot of fun and only get -- A couple of times summit fist fights this plant to a three but it's. So. I hope the -- I got that flat screen dammit my -- that is rather thirty dollars I think this was one salon without. One death and black you see the video business of -- fight of no just and the crowd. Storming in the stores running over people Friday -- and then make you wanna be there in the middle of that. Ought to be and you know like just feel Missouri that yeah -- that probably -- it is a best buy and everybody waited and they just pour it absolutely -- and did what safely. When he don't -- up forty -- a real money they -- Black Friday it was not his big years years past. -- payment but analysis it's a big scam you don't actually see that much at all to the few items and today's the big. Cyber Monday -- Cyber Monday is the big day guzzle more story sure are a good one David Beckham story jury here but the story. He was Hayes as a rookie and hatred -- he's a post hazing is football team this soccer team. Clayton black -- -- legendary soccer player guests there and teammates. Made David Beckham stare at a calendar pictures of -- black more and pleasure himself to it. A demand yes and a pleasure himself. To get to that picture yet this photograph witches. You guys may be -- with picture at first which is tough and and get the job of dodger impossible that unbelievable. In front of everybody yeah that's the strange as the word for camping but it's very strange. It's up with cream and there is disturbing. The word that's that's that's how old is he. He was. -- I was embarrassed I was saying in my camera little long talked about a Mort talked about documentary. But it's something we -- to go through was definitely something I would like to go through again. Violence and now -- no thoughts -- thoughts on David Beckham was forced him master date to a pitcher in the demand yes you know thought you said it was disturbing I couldn't do what he -- what are your thoughts on. It is your kid a young guy he's actually eighteen yup much older guys are telling you to do it did I I don't going to be able to. Get state what would work. Just look at you think of something else -- to black out that something okay let's see you do right now. A picture right now there is Paul Walker's as a guy can get him here. It was a picture of -- to real closely and elegant guy. A -- up on this matter. I'm just trying to. -- I put myself in his position I don't think I could do it if I -- a picture of Brad Pitt in Rick rush you would take the Brad Pitt once -- -- I don't think I can do it I just couldn't do well. -- -- -- Couldn't do now into it can do -- I couldn't do it would function -- Yeah I get an issue that probably not like I'm not that I just look somewhere else in the picture pick us up another member. Along work ethic and 34 seconds the big picture. 61777. I 7937. Patriot Monday at a Shepperd joins us at 805. He can explain the -- Pittsburgh -- your situation is talk radio tonight. Phone -- next.

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