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Patriots accused of cheating again

Dec 2, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing another cheating allegation made against the Pats. Antonio Smith said that the Patriots knew of plays that were never run before.

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It's Dennis and Callahan. -- John Dennis. Don't talk about. -- -- I was sitting pretty good but also you have. But soon. Back then and it NN and spineless. I don't know it but -- on Sports Radio W. He'll learn something new everyday I'd never -- -- police regardless before the allied however -- that notion notre dobbs 'cause that'll give us yeah they they cut the comics is really big old I will be closed her daughter Dahmer got it got it is he like Quasimodo. Do you see the future this perhaps closing Mona I remember that yeah probably yet. It seems to me there are three ways you can look at yesterday's patriots victory you could look at it optimistically. You can look at it up optimistically. Or you could look at it skeptically. Optimistically it was a road win their first road win believe it or not. Since September 29 in Atlanta with great performances like Brady how's -- scales in certificate from Kent State element. You can look at it negatively. -- or pessimistic -- -- be bad worst league team that lost ten in a row and needed everything that they did in the second half to get it down. Look at skeptically. As post promised defensive end Antonio Smith does either team's. Spying -- -- this -- out there I don't know what it is. You know we -- We have some ways that we was gonna play this week. They just got put in this week. And it's miraculous that. They changed up some things that they did office. The key -- -- What we put in this week. To stop when things don't touch don't -- -- give -- an example -- -- area it they would give away game but it is a specific. The specific and it was important to note what we was gonna do today did they do you know year. You know -- to the point to how we were crowded defense. And they change it up in a way to where. You could really use an indecision and come to defense that way and is no way we have an idea to them before and they never change that for us it was kind of days. -- aren't going to be interested to see how this thing plays itself yet it's just going to be just a little blip. From a Monday morning at the thing that sort of fades into yet -- be out they can slip because. He does sound like he has and a real good explanation yet as a mean art. We have to give us a clue as to what that was remote. Yet it can't just say that they got market you epics I don't tell us specifically what you did to just tell us how. The patriots could have. Gotten the jump here I don't like about how I don't what do you guys I'm ready to buy in you know. We get along week that we're going to be exciting Cleveland game -- -- -- obvious Jews we -- we need social Antonio Smith helpless. How could the patriots have done this could. Think it comes explaining it is with this line either teams are spying on us. Or scouting us I don't know what it is I'm pretty sure their scout leaders -- -- that they scout the east and there on TV and stuff they actually -- disks that poem in the compute that watch right -- watch. Not tape deem that's your. Little discs that the commitment of expression duplicate I'll -- -- also token of expression like. You control your own destiny. You can have a expression that's an accurate to get control. It's just an expression of it's it's they're not looking at taping. Two I have my -- to control the investment. That's true but don't you don't you come there you've come -- they don't of course one's destiny cannot control. Why not -- -- is predetermined. But is the most inaccurate Stew we know we know we know that's and we know a that a thousand times why can't that you. Say that -- moon not watching tape -- not. I'm just according expression that that's just especially -- secretly own destiny is just an expression. -- it's always use and take David I don't have to -- sure about it. Our best to ever sit there was somebody in the Kamal via -- -- American -- ports. You jumped on the throats that you can't eagle and importantly says more okay come -- anything else any other expression. I'm pretty welcoming the people's. I -- I -- pocketed the -- a product a palpable viscous. Right now and a lot of teams in the control on this right that time a year yeah yeah yeah. I want to you know Republicans I guess it's time to look at what you do know you -- that stupid people here and I think -- you know. When you just said the look at the bucket and look at the desk there looking at the odd looking at iPad -- that we wanna be -- -- to be accurate here tonight are. Now Broncos controller does their own fate. Big yet it's in their own hands thought I need help parents and Tony Smith thank 'cause we wanna fanned the flames of and it's all right we want that they don't want to be a little black or -- put this to be a big blip. What what does he mean like. -- spied on one. On the track. Yes he he he gave no mechanic. Mechanical away. You don't know theory as to where they practice owner of one as Amazon drones over -- cracked up to silencer. I don't know but his point was that they installed something this week defensively that would not appear on tape or on -- -- -- the of the footage that you looked at. To scalp them something that had never been used by the Texans before. And somehow some way. The patriots intercepted that will figure that out. And make such a remarkably quick and adapt adjustment to this fishy -- -- not that's the best likened -- -- in the first -- that didn't matter. And I showed up in the second half apparently not art and -- -- but here's. Some of likeness. Simple game I mean -- throw the ball you catch the ball. It's I know some coaches are better than others and adjusting Belichick's one of the best receive second -- all the time. Is it that complicated that they couldn't adjust. On the line they couldn't just -- the series isn't that what Bill Belichick and Matt Patricia and others like that right except watch and our coaches are supposed to do you could sell me a little bit maybe it's an eleven though team that's rolling and historically -- -- despite these same adjustments at halftime and shut them down. The worst team in the NFL have been able to have debate of the worst record in the league I don't think it should be happy they should be celebrating this as they're accomplishing something that the Boston Celtics don't seem to be able. Grass Peter writes -- they have their team has talent we know of age you want to vote. Brian Cushing and then -- -- Eric Foster. They get the -- for -- first pick in the draft and have the -- fumbles and yet it just yeah just keep doing what they're -- right and then we'll get the burst pick in the draft -- Texan and you should be thrilled with the season ended now they begin. Get in one -- may somebody in the Texans and whispered into tears and go on points. So you know. Honorable and. August double conspiracy yeah maybe he should look not only teammates and say they gave it away but let's say it was what you would you name it went his own bullets. That's not something the patriots have ever seen before -- what could be so complicated that you thought you gonna do it and they wouldn't have no idea which would. Yeah I don't see anything that and again I am not you know -- to your door but I didn't see anything that it. How could there be -- could that be something. They did in the pictures home. Never seen that everything will -- a -- is a year -- is just a nutritionist just extending their linebackers -- through the -- after the quarterback call. That's a blitz oh man means what it. He he -- -- an exploit which would you agree that there probably isn't anything out of the moon the stars of the sun in football the build a check yet seen or or read -- -- seemed like I say the same thing for her name and these reader Mike Shanahan Rex. Rex well yeah I mean you can't surprise acts with so he's never seen before to -- a quarterback so that's true. That's absolutely true and I'm sure Gary Kubiak doesn't know as much Bill Belichick but he knows just about everything there is. In terms x.s and -- yeah caucus. Gary -- a season ago. And what do we do with this kind of her back I don't know I'd love to hear -- but the thing is Anthony Smith will have to. Show up right now and he'll. Expound on this today is now is that it. I agency's. Owners -- British. It's just it was just bizarre. Spying on them or -- and they say that yet he definitely halfway. Let me ask you this what do you think how do you think this sits in the league office there is a history here Bill Belichick -- -- -- an adult. The team was fine eight an adult back in 2008 they lost a draft -- so there is a bit of a rough estimate here does the league. Acquire this to be looked into that all up call to Antonio Smith say Antonio. I'll look at revealing state secrets but you need to tell me commissioner Goodell level with me. What did they do what do you think they did I do you think they did. Now that the legal ball. Basket now. Of course that's just some goofy defensive lineman who's. Speaking on his rectum in the you have to be a descendant of tolls Saddam is you thinking investigated against his total proposed -- -- outlets. I think it just dismiss him as though proves lost ten in a row and is trying to come up of an explanation of how they get beat so badly in and. But the shield to protect itself and whether -- -- or not whether he has any basis for this or not does it not be cool the National Football League. Questions of impropriety there IC cheating. The big deal with us I think there as I don't think well he's gonna says they are a -- goofy guy in Houston forget about it. I think they'll ignore him and they said he said either buying or -- Yeah. So today cuts in other Nabisco products that probably looked at film. -- -- Otis but isn't that that would great coaches to make those adjustments either. Halftime at the in three quarters. Seems to cedars chipping built late last week against Denver did -- not at halftime when bill sits down the front seven there is no and a peace agreement is in the making adjustments excel. That sides of the ball and they do an office Brady's pretty much the guy who doesn't profits. They found ways to -- Gradkowski. And settlement open. And they carved up there if this another example of a team that. Talks and this is by the patriots don't talk that's why these players who for example like this state. And I really believe and we three choices cynical skeptical -- tunnels. Optimistically artistically or -- I know. While Brady looks and know what he'll say it's a roadway and tough pro -- get some really good defense. You really believe that I think winning. Ugly is okay on the road as a matter of the team lost -- room when the eagle on the road against the team as. It's a lot of talent defense I think it really do get real gratification they don't look at -- as. I don't think any Belichick -- look at them look at this week issues they just got to win on the road. Yeah I mean there's going to be one team that's deputy -- of the year to assist the way it is so time. And you're trying to do -- we're trying to do our best trying to go out there an excuse to game plan. I'm certainly it's not always perfect but every team has talent and it's tough to win on the road. And especially get behind seventeen segment you know you -- a lot of life until there. So they're going to be a dog fight for us but you know we found a way to pull and I think that's the most important thing is. -- what the situation accurately for the timely yes -- a way to win it again. That's the optimistic. Look at the pessimistic way it was price could not. Ron Borges calls that ultimately a fatal flaw for this football team if they continue to fall behind as they did the last couple weeks. And I asked Brady to bail them out and bail them out and bail them out with Wallace offense in the second half that in yet -- -- -- -- because -- could be fatal -- It is a flawed team but I think the flaw. Is not a fatal flaw because they can't stop the run. And you can't win by running the game the -- by running the ball on the NFL just you know and that's not winning formula as we saw last week help. -- These tickets are probably of -- 121 yards on the ground they give up 200 and whatever it was last week to -- yeah. Doesn't matter if you can't break last week Belichick said from the ball Payton all you want here on the ball. And challenged him to try to beat them on the ground he can't do that in the NFL doesn't work. So you can let teams not let them but you can. Give up a lot of -- Agra yards on the ground and still win usually that's not gonna you're not gonna get beaten by a team that runs the ball for whatever you know more than half time. The answer to us and it's a real weakness but there's no team is flawed. In the entitlement this is definitely there weakness and some team will run for a couple of hundred yards against him a playoff game short that's probably -- and they'll win the game -- the problem that could easily win the game right. I mean you. EU case Keenan was gonna win a shootout. With Brady. Elbow pretty close it was although it was close that was case came it was a six game yet they never sex were pretty good. There's moments he had with help us -- maybe it was the I think you are nearing defensively whether it's stopping the run or stopping the pass to win -- case may be that tipping point that we talked about without those key guys in there. You look at some of those missed tackles by. The defensive backs you look at Donta hightower who did virtually nothing out there. You have people in there who simply aren't nearly as good as the people you've -- why no other team experienced that as well I think they're very very close. To being. So porous that even Tom Brady scoring 3438. Or 41 points may not be enough against state quarterback made a little. Better than -- keep it cool -- -- -- they're they're going to be -- an -- they get the Cleveland Browns Stadium when that they -- they're gonna win that game and I'm I'm Joseph -- today that. -- in the gonna win it comfortably Cleveland stinks. Then they get Miami and they get Baltimore and they get off buffalo. I mean they could lose one of the Miami -- the ball Baltimore game on the road right ball on the road. Yes they could lose one of those two but. They're goal of the playoffs they're -- in the second seed. I think and a bye in the first week. And you can help me out with the -- haven't told -- this last week that I need a -- in the help eventually. Not by an end to this. Patent thing again. One week less than one week course and I'm never gonna buy into it again that he goes in the Kansas City comes among pro for five touchdowns. Now I think. A beautiful day in Kansas a beautiful day Arizona degrees right holiday this. So the AFC title game it's all about the weather yes that's all if it's if it's that kind of day and in Denver -- David have a chance to in the game. So it's 56. On January 19 -- can be 38 and there's no -- -- write your your -- -- -- -- yet but the -- then. I've heard that what are you so we have five more four more regular season games then. One run the plant and another -- -- and then we find out. If the patriots fatally flawed or if they're going -- because they're gonna meet the Broncos in the AFC championship game. Now we think it's going to be there correct yet think they they. Don't -- -- Denver stumbles. The unemployed have an easy schedule of the last -- -- the patriots a good idea but I think -- Denver wins out. And patience of the TC I got a two seed which means obviously they'll play. Cincinnati albeit a very tough game in the in the playoffs but it feels still even though they gave up -- whatever 31 points the case -- in the and the Texas is still feels to me like their on this collision course. And the Broncos at least offensively looked damn good yesterday Broncos are probably -- the probably need -- that he -- -- after that by whoever or well they'll probably get -- -- team would have to win other targets Cincinnati. As of right now to be a tough game. Well patrons and have -- -- -- right depend on the weather does there that just hate to lose to anybody. In the bad weather has spent in history now -- has a history can be anybody's if not -- also -- Cincinnati goes in in round two to Denver and it's Nolan -- Andy Dalton is -- -- but yet it could definitely happen and Nolan couldn't beat Cincinnati in the bad weather true yeah. That's a tough game but it that would in Cincinnati -- -- would be re talking about the AFC title game here. Right and that's happened before with a kind of brick -- when in Denver right next in the -- and all right Andrew audience here and that that would be wild. If if and would stumble like they did last year in the first playoff game against the Baltimore than you'd be looking at AFC champ -- you just have to win one game and you know one game. Get in the AFC title game here in New England against the Bengals. As long as the keep scouting and -- buying buying a seat left open the possible that they spied meaning what I need to know. Someone -- the press Antonio. Smith on this. I think he is suggesting. That they were looking at their practice because he said we put it in this week it's never been seen before. By our. Our our team has never done this before a brand new wrinkle that we put in defensively that has never been seen before flight suit and he practiced it. In practice this week so is he not inferring that somebody somehow that practice and said the bill by the way. They're gonna do this at some point and again when asked for specifics he -- he can give them because that would give away their game plan. Give a better season would just be up in -- I would say there's a lot of TV shows that Korean film -- -- some of these -- -- coaches -- players if there's something revolutionary going -- and they go back and watch the yeah. The video yes and and find that I would think at some point if we're so insane. I missed a. Merrill hot -- over data brought coliseum all over the. What do you think you know like Chris Carter Tom Jackson music or at least the audit you guys are talking who hate the patriots are gonna say is there right now they're showing up. And all hang out like a -- Austin right now in Bristol Yorkshire and that's like separate section for patriot haters and Belichick haters in the sit opposite what we've got it. We got an accusation. That they. Achieving by it cheated cheated again and again as the daily news of post at all this because New York I mean they're busy. More laughing and mocking the jets but this that I didn't know the says -- Now I think it does that's due -- has legitimate -- this. Gone by the Cleveland when you first here are -- -- -- when you first -- you say -- maybe that's there and not that they dated but disguise really. He's gonna. Make news accusations and you'll say. -- them and listen to talk about poster -- as. His lack of articulation does that mean that he doesn't think it's true. Or that there may be something there are meant to be sounded like Steve young and said. No extra dumbest correctly that other people credibility yeah yeah or for -- -- JJ walker. Somebody or for were a Wade Phillips. Of that would have weight would net debt is when. Can legitimately -- -- any other team in the league to -- partisans say he knows he's got good but he knows he needs to juice up the continue to teams. -- does this -- out there I don't know what it is. You know we have some we have some ways that we was gonna play this week. They just got put in this week. And it was miraculous did. They changed up some things that they did office. The key to own. What we put the game this week to stop what they do. He's essentially saying they're -- our practices. They're looking at a our practices. You know what. They should do the old thing from the I've -- all the time from the -- where Robert Redford this. Passing to boss pizzas -- times. He changes. But you gotta catch it there Belichick's say that may be may be -- maybe we didn't six. 777 -- 7937. It as a patriot Monday fault lines are open will talk with you at a Shepperd joins us at 8 o'clock hour we believe Tom will be. A little bit after nine but oftentimes you surprised Austin. Calls us when he wakes up at 630 -- that plays out for sure 9 o'clock ball lines open will talk with you next. You have to be a descendant of tones to --

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