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NFL Sunday: The Guys Pick a Winner for the Pats/Texans 1pm Matchup

Dec 1, 2013|

Dale, Chris and Matt go around the table and give their thoughts on who will come out on top today in Houston.

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Let's go around tables that we think it's gonna happen in today's game in Houston against the Texans. -- Europe first. Wanted to stay consistent as did the same thing over the course of the week and -- with the same. Scored 3114 doing anything Houston is impressive in some -- what they do defensively like we talked before about there. Declare the pass defense but just going to be too overwhelming noble says the bullet and doing when this thing relatively easily. Went fourteen when Michael Ali and I tried to define the term all out. We decided it was ultimately a seventeen point march -- so another words. Two touchdowns even with 22 point conversions. It's still more than that so it's it's beyond the two two score game. So seventy was our official numbers that you predicted that the law. You while OK so I don't remember what I said earlier in the week. And that's another thought if there weren't like -- I like the patriots to report a big number like other offense looked against this group last year and moralists the same defensive personnel. And Bristol placing with Wade Phillips moral assessing dudes are gonna cause -- I feel like the comparable to put up thirty -- you can go wants the ball that -- 36. -- -- 36 point patriots and -- that we just appoint blow your blow out definition just to outlaw strip has a problem for bill. Well I I'm worried because this is a trap game are packed -- after one more run at a -- I actually am not worried about this game and back. This would be one of the biggest upsets of the season for me if the patriots went down to Houston just about him this thing away. I don't see any way that they lose I'm gonna go back to remember last year 35 was my magic number. I think this Houston team is is -- I'm gonna go back to 35 is as my magic number even without. The -- banished Steven Ridley in the as part of the offense I'm gonna say 35. Seventeen. On eighteen points I have a blow on now. So they give up two touchdowns they give up a field goal but. No we haven't text or who says the fact bill is sitting Ridley tells me bill is taking this game lightly. That -- so while I somehow don't think that he'd take anything lightly. We gotta get out here you guys enjoyed the game were all scrambling to get to where we have to get to watch -- headed for NASA and nestled in my post -- watching unite your headed this CD game as well. I enjoy the week everybody enjoy the game will be back next week's Sports Radio W media.

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