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NFL Sunday: The Stevan Ridley Situation and How Bill Belichick Has Dealt with His Problems with Fumbling

Dec 1, 2013|

Bill Belichick has decided to bench Stevan Ridley today as the troubled RB has been listed as inactive. Dale, Chris and Matt give their takes on how the situation was handled and if there is any way Ridley can get back on track.

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Fourth and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Patriots little less than an hour from now. Kick it off at Reliant Stadium in Houston against the Houston Texans. Actually 1 o'clock game -- but -- haven't had one since October 27. Big news from the patriots perspective regarding cold -- this obviously is that a Steven Ridley is inactive for today's game. Yet beyond you know the fact that Bill Belichick makes a -- decisions and he's the head coach and all that stuff. Just from your own personal perspectives. Is this the sort of thing that's gonna help Steven Ridley guy who's. Probably suffering a bit of a crisis in confidence at the moment anyway. Is this sort of thing that's gonna help in him over the hump. I think the thing it's that's consistent in that building is it's not about you. So I think if you're Stephen do you can't overreact -- she can't read much into it because a risen much then there except that you -- in this week's game plan. You falling -- that's what it is I think it is I think it really what you Davis's game plan not nobody economic modeling nobody he felt the back of the room which is true. But what I'm saying is if I think you look at the camera -- situation I think that's for instructor Cameron had a lot of drops camera or seven issues Campbell's role have been reduced except per week. We could -- -- and how things change you know what you have you know what though general Tompkins didn't have a track record you know -- -- granted it's a limited run of success the -- -- -- I mean really -- -- Crawford or -- really was up almost running touchdowns in the NFL since -- six but again I think it's it's -- it's a place that doesn't think about those things. It really is and it's hard data from the outside the not due to the stat sheet third. They're doing it with sort of -- were gonna use this week. This guy needs now recruit some economies -- -- -- opportunity much like emerald that I just think it's a place where you don't. Or big giant sweeping things that are -- and things it's not -- happen this week. Go back have agree we practice next week we re talking and then everything will change I don't think it's a place for the urged China emotional stuff so hopefully. -- to weather because he's seen enough other people in the same building go through some I think when -- can point to his mentor really you know Kevin Paul went through the same situation -- you know when we've talked about this before he really struggled. Over the course the first four years of his career her knowing and was able to turnaround was able to become -- dependable offensive option that -- Eventually grew wanted to to becoming but I think. They had to Dale's point before and I think. We're dealing with -- running back and very important stage of his career here and I think it's a lot of it is about confidence and I think if you're looking to build the confidence of a young running back this is a pretty good -- to do it in the sense where you can give them. Ten to twelve reps put a good situation to put him in a situation where he could ultimately. And that affecting the game but he did it and you get a feeling good about himself again you know ten carries 4050 yards. If you. Kind of start to work him back through that situation I understand that they have the luxury like -- you know what you sabathia -- -- Of having some guys they have some extra running backs and have some guys they have some off into redundancy there. And that -- they have figured what they have reasonable than they have she Perino allowed him to do different things but. All the those guys can be good pitch over guys if you need to repeat down for the points I just don't think this is the roots of them all I think it Expedia it's. The process. The F. We -- go back to a situation where it's a parent you miss him. Because we talked about this for a month where why's he not included more wide that the difference between where this offense needs to be where it's at right now as well. -- of reproduction at rock. And why is -- new markers we can see how much more special is without. But that's at the lesson is usually learn -- private the idea that he would reader trust by low carry games. I think this is the kind of place what it does the maturity and confidence to go to Florida on his -- -- confident yeah but they're not worried about it it's much less about you -- confident than them getting confidence and you. And there knock him and not yet have a from some of the agencies on the practice fields the America. See if they can learn it. Based on what you do and again so I think it's definitely a place that that has the ball back to the drawing board type field here. And it might take several weeks it might take bolt for Lisa took more than three quick practices on a short Thanksgiving week -- I think tech could be -- -- -- remember -- talking about a week a team that's off of the winds will have been beat up. So there are sort of some transactional thinks you're the go into it. Where I think a perfect storm hit you know they have lost a little bit the faith he needs to regain it short -- doesn't give me enough time to regain and they need the roster spot for you just brought up a great point that that. Could be big part we don't know what he did on the practice field we don't if he put the football on the ground eight times during practice this week I could see the coach -- saying. There isn't getting better Sunday in in Houston against the Texans. I don't know that's the case I'm guessing that's the one thing that could be at work here that we can't we can't account for two things first off. He is doing a really good job in the way he's handling this -- at least publicly and I've talked to some guys off the record in the locker room as well and there's no you know. At a publicly or privately there's no feeling on his part should be player should be in the Baltimore -- doing this and so it's good to see that. From from a a a young packet in -- again. Going back to a point before about defected this might be good week Houston is not a really good team when it comes to forcing fumbles Houston's one of the worst teams when it comes to forcing takeaways particular comes to forcing fumbles. Again you wanna get him in a good situation wanna start to build that confidence back up a little bit this might be the kind of week where that would seem to be the case I think there's value in. Having there be something. In the back of your memory a sort of but there was or there was a lesson there was something that happened to me. If it's excused each and every time sometimes are asked to be more than just him in games sitting down. And this this sends a message but I think it's important to understand is like -- point Chris and every everyone I've talked about this as well and that and memorization he's great to. He's a got a lot of trust boy he's a guy that. Bit it's okay to sort of have some adversity. And it's a place that really values are you respond to adversity and how you -- up and how you -- you get through exactly what ties you with this all the time and I I think you'll learn you'll earn a lot of equity with guys if he goes through this for the head held high. Practices are doesn't concern himself of how this affects a contractor my role in life for who I am in the NFL to simply duels with it. And comes out the other and better. I while the way to let me ask you this -- let's let's set aside the whole confidence crisis in confidence issue let's just look at it. I don't see many ways that the Houston Texans win today's game. But they've got a decent defense -- decent run defense what they're better off playing Ridley and right what if what you guys that they are playing in his position don't do what is effectively as he. Going back to your point before is is 75% of a guy but I have been a 100% of the backup I do I I think that this is if you go to do it. This is not too -- to do I understand the thought process and raised in effect you need to sit him down and you need to. Did his head right because you're going to need him when the post season rolls -- he is the most -- the what do we think the fumbles. Most -- -- back on the roster why I think all soon. In context of this particular game. The one of the only ways to allow a team like Texans back -- is through turnover differential. And it's probably the one thing you don't wanna do was to give them the ball on time and give -- possessions they haven't earned the so it might be a week where being judicious for the ball with all position groups might be that we community -- him as a guy's gonna toss around a little bit. Although he's his number of structural too -- army did you she's in -- throws out there. They're gonna pressure you with so there -- going to be opportunities were maybe Tom gives one up hopefully not but I mean there's going to be some some pressure from the front things. So in the event that you might potentially give one up in the secondary. Maybe you don't wanna double ballot and potentially give one up on the par I think -- just a week word -- you wanna sort of reduce the risk stuff because. Turnover it would all the way I think this team gets involved in the game. As he promised he would do Tom. Billion -- grow the grass outside the room gathering trays eight foot by something. And they roll them into the stadium and -- piecemeal together almost like a giant jigsaw puzzle. As you can imagine where some of these seems come together. There -- some gaps and he's got a photo the tweet it out. Of one of those -- areas I know everybody just back to the Wes Welker thing I don't think Wes Welker blew out Disney because he hit a scene. Now I think Wes Welker blew out it's neat because he cotton it was a non contact injury. He cut his his his putting didn't do what he wanted to to do when he blew his knee out I don't think it was because of one of these seems but it has become that for many. While some big deterrent to looks bad I just think did did the perception you know kind of advances the know that the storyline but it was the turf that that ended up you know choice of what smokers means. I don't -- help 88 I do I I agree I think it was and it was a bad cut and it was a bad situation and you know you've -- you look at it and go back and you look at the film and and elsewhere it's well I have my my personal view women I've strong views on this stuff because a -- out of fort -- sort of you know role in the last few years in my career that I had the reconstruction on apple artificial turf and to be honest the blue -- the fiber that's grab my -- doesn't exist in the stuff. But what -- early snow event final grass hadn't been the case even with that gap -- -- and -- pixel defaults on the final -- default it's off the ground doesn't like your foot removed with the problems so. You look events arrangements did. What particulars about it what -- artificial surface of things can grab our direction this makes for sloppy play -- I don't think it increases the risk for injury my personal. It has become for many patriots fans Italy like they're they're going across the the dunes or something cannot have -- -- they're they're storming the beach at Norman it's a football field yes I did play on it every single weekend and most of them survived to tell the tale I think given the fact that this is the first patriot to keep me in Houston since. That happened since the regular season finale 2009 I think did. It was you know be interesting to talk about this week and interesting to write about that wrote about something of the -- -- -- about it today. But I don't know if it is that the overriding storyline when we're talking about this game I think that the are the things in play I think that. Again the perception of the field to beat you gets a little chewed up and I think that you know that storyline gets. And it narrative gets advance unnecessarily I think to some mixed company thinking you'll ultimately long running you know -- was below is important to -- -- -- it's it's funny that we always talk about too because you know it we don't. We don't have any problem with sort of the blue book the stop above lesbian variable right immune effectively gets colder in the there's. Different there's fifty mile an hour women -- -- -- and there's no on the next week but the surface for attention amid a tough football Losman have no problem with. Whoever invented decided it was supposed to be same every week underfoot. If that's the case that and he's be same every week about us is our rights over games don't im not a scuffle also I think the playing conditions in the variable conditions what kind of part of the and the idea that you want sameness and a little silly it's non football coach to me. I know that about something that we mentioned earlier the whole Mike Tomlin situation you'll remember that the NFL story. After the penalty call against the patriots in overtime against the jets was that -- we sent out a memo detailing missed everybody. When when bill was caught for spy gate you know we had specifically told the teams in the NFL about. You know not having cameras in these positions and all that stuff. Jay Glazer of fox sports weeded out a few minutes ago and reported on the pregame show. A lot I just love this the NFL warned teams about sideline interference. And sent a video. The day before Mike Tomlin. Since apple and or not. He -- not a got a big click god they get again all end and that rice smiled at Mike Tomlin had on the sideline to a stockholder. All of a sudden now. Adding at taking a draft pick away from the room. From the of the Pittsburgh Steelers makes a little more sense to me -- if in fact the league sent a video to coaches warn them first of all about sideline interference sent a video out the day before and -- at this dance what do you think the ownership. Thinks you know we we I -- we -- probably the -- -- -- Robert Kraft thought about -- yeah -- just it's you know we -- -- that the -- respect to use the -- have deep roots in the NFL to have to see -- -- -- most interest -- well it was an interesting little side note one that Lazard just report on a few minutes ago the -- Other part of of this week that is getting a lot of play in the pregame shows on the networks this week is. Is the efficiency of the Patriots offense and Rob Gronkowski came back. Up I think he's the best tight end in football right and let me think they're they're more effective within and without a -- that you know what's crazy though and. We talked a lot about this in the in the Steward name in the in the aftermath of that thing how they did not attract more attention to a you look at a lot of the big plays that happened in last week's game against Denver. The double move by by element on the post crop was in protection. On that particular play. You look at a lot of exulted at the most receiving yards for a tight end since he returned in the NFL average it's really hard to find evidence amino of course just of the blanket statement their better with them like it's easier for other people I guess. But I really don't see some dramatic shift change I mean you look at look at a lot of the other big catches it happened that day and most the guys that are catching -- or Ketchum in single coverage -- think when. Look at it people want to news talk about the storyline though gronkowski is catching balls and he's knew we have an effect on the offense that way I think there is somebody to -- -- Because he is working well as a blocker and and I think that there -- -- there is something to defect if he's giving Brady a little more time in certain situations. He's opening it was helping open open holes on the offensive line I think that there is something to that as well and I don't think that. Should be taken for granted when we're talking Margaret -- and his overall impact but there's certain situations you can point to where -- -- dusty gets more attention. And that leaves you know women solar cattlemen are -- or whoever you know a little political moral to -- -- doing -- jumped into this. I was right I just I -- -- time finals it's -- I mean there's there's a lot more were guys continue to have to fight 11 -- -- his one on one occasion we'll get to but -- -- -- -- -- on themselves last week so. It was action and I like to bring up him as a blocker I think he deserves a ton of credit he blocked really well last week in the run game. And then when that happened some of those protection issues. They brought him men and allowed him to block him hipper we see him stork is pastoral Truman hit quite a bit he stayed in a -- and helped on this on street Exide. One time. A roller for series a little bit in the bounce of the left side sectional left side open on soldiers and may be because of the Von Miller situation on the big double moved element of the post -- so. They're willing to use amend had to be tight and -- and hosts that of the non Jimmy Jimmy correct template well look. For those of us I'm raising my hand here 'cause I was one who set earlier this season. That certainly some of the problems the Patriots offense had in the passing game in particular. Had to do with the youth of the above the wide receivers and Brady -- getting in -- in in sync with them. I also said at times this season that I thought Tom Brady wasn't throwing the ball especially well. There were timer and he seemed inaccurate -- this throws. At the same time he gets guys like gronkowski backing Shane Vereen back. All of said he looks a lot more accurate -- this throws making me think I was an idiot earlier in the season. But it had more to do with the receivers than it did it had more to do with the guy deliver it was receiving the the guy who was -- so much of it is. But timing and we talked about the before it's it's all about being in the right place at the right time and if you're off by half a second if you don't hold that block for an extra half second. -- -- going to be able to put the ball exactly when he needs to be able to leverage of the guys not exactly where he needs to be the players -- it happened. As it should be exe cute and so I think there's something to that I think he was clearly struggling at the start the year with so many new faces but I think. That there are a lot of similarities between this team in the 20162016. Was able to click offensively about midway through the season and they were able to play well down the stretch and into the post season this team for me. -- a lot of similarities there between those two teams interest well you know what. I I. There's you weird games that they've had the weather game -- I mean there some movements in different situations where the challenges have been different and yet the the completion percentage stays high. So to me it's been mr. sort of -- rollercoaster year where. It's really tough to take click canvas view of the stats because are different stuff -- -- injury one week where the -- and some guys had to be brought along quickly the next week to work there. Like the that the received from the colts it was here for a few we know it's. Colleague like the way they've had to work in other people just to me it's it's like abuses analogy a lot of -- not on the show already but. It's kind of like course which each each shot isn't the same you know it's a challenge to game one time it's the reporter formally view the time it's you know the -- for the -- -- or. The office or -- -- which he's had a lot of your opportunities and things did just. To sort of challenge him so when you're judging the course of the season rule which shot was he trying to make -- that -- And each one have the same level bill difficulty not so much so when you -- Georgia. A completion percentage I mean there's there's more to store them. The other thing for me to the religions out about this team is either the eleven teams they've played have been decided by a touchdown last. -- candidate they're five and three in those games those are really good -- well contested deems and I think it went back and looked at this. They've already played a higher percentage of -- decided by seven points in just about annually Milosevic to -- games -- reservists imports of us. I'm interested to see if that is able to it if they're able to. Transition that down the stretch and into the post he's of that makes a better football news and expert into. Final break when we come back we'll tell you what we think is gonna happen in today's game in Texas in Houston against the Texans. This is NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance at -- Penske they shops or use save visit the Penske dot com today.

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