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NFL Sunday: Is There Really Such a Thing as a "Trap Game"?

Dec 1, 2013|

Dale asks the guys their opinions on if the almighty "trap game" really exists as many fans think this week could be one of those games against an underachieving Texans team after a huge, emotional win vs Denver.

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I try as best I can as I said before the break during the course of every single show here NFL Sunday -- make Chatham head explode this is my attempt for today. He didn't trap games ha ha ha. Dolly is is what friends are back in the day opposite signed -- a few companion for them before. Or Joey would scroll through the roll backs them you know you have like -- were today kind of thing -- To a trap game is right there and sort of that media cliches we've got to tumble into exactly two of course it I thought I thought we would hear more in knots which -- team but worries about -- -- season. Potholes. You know for lack of better term do there was the -- you guys had -- was -- -- for turn you in South Florida. Against the dolphins against him to win. Probably eleven dolphins team that had an interim head coach in Jim -- it was just a bootable football team that went down there -- you guys to get lit out but you as and a losing. And that has always been the go to -- for Belichick and Brady when it comes to reminding us in the media about. Lee teasing games against teams that would otherwise be circling dream and I think -- although it looked to your point -- talk about trap games. I think history tells us that this franchise has been pretty good when it comes to avoiding the deal. The so called draft yeah I'm -- at the simple fact that you mention of it was mean there weren't as mean but the personal track. I mean I think the whole idea what it is a Trappist because you're not aware and you're not ready for a -- This team doesn't think of things and a friend of mine and I think the way to Roy break this down understand how it happens or organically for the Gaza got to go -- to play is. Or your trailer -- -- to -- brown. Playing the three whatever Texans completely brown you know -- if I'm if I'm mechanically uber Kyle Arrington or whoever -- Johnson playing the three innate. With you know sticker on a helmet I'm playing back. And that's the way it was or sort of broken analysts as players if at any point you start thinking you're playing a team's record or not. Playing a team -- sticker fractures -- -- players and -- org community events from time to time with a player cross from you lose decisively. Less -- -- the -- guys you've had in past weeks. But this is one of those teams that have titles like 678 some of a big number of Pro -- guys. There went last year from the previous -- from Houston most those guys are back and -- missile and we don't mention. While job was on a plane what the point is tons talent over there the new way of morsels with Whitney merciless is -- -- young up and coming up pass rusher guy on the outside. Brooks -- to guys filled in because of the Brothers style of this got hurt again the other -- commission -- -- Alexander getting they're getting great presenting a lot of really good work and just our opinion. Yeltsin dignitaries -- interpreted but the point is there there's talent all opened on the roster so it's just I think one of the biggest disconnect between the people play them and the people who cover them. It's really never taken that frame of mind. Once -- like 500 games you might overlook something but there's always so much. So we -- the things to be distracted by. And things that you are concerned with the got you got actually play that the trapped in concept to me is so incredibly formidable really actually goes -- Did you have a game day routine almost a religious like game day routine yes and I would say. There is something to the affected -- did needed jolt from time to time you know I kept the same routine but when that starts to drag on in the says nothing drew trapping them and you. I don't know I I have no different equipment and Brad I don't like that you won't go to -- course well he and the reason I ask is -- NFL network is that live look unit Reliant Stadium. And Tom Brady's out on the field warming up which is very unusual for him or compete on normally not doing this sort of thing. I will I will bet you what it's related to the the turf. In the field -- -- wanted to get a fuel for the -- wanted to get a feel for the situation wanted to feel for the surrounding this is not like going to. MetLife or going to South Florida are going to Orchard Park this is not a place where you go all the time this is a place where they run last there in 2009. In you wanna get a sense of your surroundings when -- get a sense for the turf wanna get a sense of you know where the play clock did he Malaysian air before though yeah but it but this -- not mean I I could he it would it would raise red flags for me if you was in again if you was in an AFC -- place or if he was that a place like. Denver Indianapolis will be seemed to go every single year. This is a place where he was last there are four years ago -- -- going to be of the unit to -- ninth season and again you wanna get a centers -- -- get a sense doing a -- for the turf oriented. Opposite to what works what doesn't I was about to jump on the it's his first time my grass thing but he didn't Carolina two weeks ago. The one thing there is unique about. Houston is even with the top open and it's sort of what this -- I don't think that it's an indoor outdoor stadium which is a little weird so. The coaches all your coach Belichick is always room coordinators swollen or or sort of pushing guys to go out earlier on these kind of road games because they want you to test the surface they want you to go -- -- what they want you run full speed routes like you would be doing them because they don't want it but don't wanna be in the first quarter and you fall on -- bought -- him look over usage c'mon try you know -- -- -- -- -- -- And the quarterback. You know Tom doesn't spend a lot of times jolting out from under center and you know going back in the seven step drop at the stop the would test his feet more stands in the gone a lot. But I think for any player this is a week to get out there -- -- normally do -- the surface work -- what might purity from Comcast is treated essentially the same thing that he's he's not throwing -- any real intensity he's just doing it to gonna get a fuel for the turf and get a feel for the situation. The only reason I even knew is the NFL network just happened to alive looking enemies out there and sweat pants and a sweatshirt and him and he did at his cleats and whenever that -- sneakers scary thing. It just unusual is that not something that that he normally does. Even on the road where theoretically you know the -- are different all I'm not sure because as you mentioned it's trays a brilliant develop -- to the field some of these places -- -- -- crest of fuel which affects the quarterback and a buffalo was always it's like -- up amount exactly guys -- -- -- talk about standing on -- sideline in looking at the other -- -- -- guys we -- waist up Dallas -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- stadium -- also -- dangerous -- -- -- to -- -- on the -- -- -- -- a -- -- Jump -- -- -- or -- and so I don't know uses this or that way but what I'm from replaces the old wartime to get acclimated that's not unusual. I just it was one of those things which was a little different than his new warm and I wondered if if I should read anything into it. I don't believe -- neither do you guys anyway by the way it. -- anything wrong we. Other than the normal stuff that everybody -- playing quarterback this time the year. But it was just different from -- you know normally see about doing this stuff it back out of his way was on Dennis and Callahan a couple of weeks ago. And this was before the Denver game -- they were talking about a -- -- you know seek out Wes Welker before the game. Run any said he actually goes out of his way to not go wild on the field. Total -- those situations. He he doesn't mind talking to a guy after the game. But he said he goes out of his way to not be out there before hand where. You know you're you're competing with a guy and you know you're -- there hey how you deal on house the White House the kids I think it's -- player in my experts haven't talked to guys about it -- you can -- -- -- total up -- the weekend but I think guys want to be able to work up a good head of steam and you can -- do that if you like it. For if -- -- with -- before the game you're not really you know not to going to -- knock -- -- -- but the guys into -- different ways and that you know industries. You know and and Tom or another example -- -- campaign friends right and I think there's an opportunity you saw rather they're sort of handshake is it left the field -- -- she was a problem -- You're going walk off the field. That the conversation of our extended time happen out of view ran the half under the under the stand on the stance vote by the bosses under Yeltsin -- now so I mean. It's gonna happen and they know it and they know the more or high profile guys and know that people like -- are now watching. The -- would elsewhere because that you're right it's game time we don't know an option -- -- -- guy would go up their super early and there were the were sort of here's to my preparation a little grazing thing yet it's a crazy thing or would go talk to coach a former coach but I was out their sorely. The there was enough time permitted Buick three hours and -- you could lock it down and get serious. When there was a time primary just there and sort of you know get now the way. And you know what conversations I was I was I was -- -- and I'm -- so -- where you guys surprised speaking of in -- post game. You get surprised by the Belichick Welker embrace. -- in Syria but not what I did so with that was that was a little bit surprising. That was it and it was a telecheck who was seeking out Welker by the Google Talk the talk -- also to Welker -- had the statement before the game saying it's going to be the most awkward thing you can think of -- when we talked to David Justice. I did I did -- I think it does like he -- he puts it about it puts baseball of the relationship. And and Welker even refer to -- after it said it was very nice it was nice -- that seek me out. And he did up and it's like okay well easier easier to do by the way when you win. I guess Belichick wouldn't have been seeking Welker out if if the -- had lost the game and our time right -- and re group we go through this side. And that is that is a dynamo team -- -- comment and kind of wondering how it's going to be in -- -- -- the same sort of -- interaction -- -- -- one -- -- playoff -- -- Ready to be you know it is going to be so awkward how's -- -- -- and it's probably. What's more of the build up your mind and when it's gone it's kind of nice yours if you feel good that it -- on an out of the way the ball on -- -- seven. Bill was practically beauty last week. I mean they'll they'll -- political interaction with Roosevelt Colvin on the post game show which by the way Rosie was very funny about that but then bill going out of his way he and his daughter both coming up the aisle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We talked before about the punting situation can be kind of opened up on a lot of -- who was usually. One of those days usually get -- opening up and going to be experience about Friday right you know what's that he is in the barn for lack of better term he's he's he's -- -- before on Wednesday he was really good god into a number different subjects including Thanksgiving in the fact that you know. The prompted by -- opposed to an apple well on -- com. Well take a quick break when we come back I'm ligature guys' opinions on how Bill Belichick has handled the Stephen -- thing this week. You're listening -- NFL Sunday presented by a Penske insurance set to Penske they shops -- use a visit to Penske dot com today.

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