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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live from Reliant Stadium in Houston

Dec 1, 2013|

Tom calls the boys just moments after the news broke that Stevan Ridley would be inactive today and he gives his opinions on why that decision was made. He talks about Ridley's future going forward with the Pats. Tom also gives his opinion on what will go down today in Houston at 1pm and the conditions on the field.

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-- to bring in Tommy -- from CSN Andy dot com he's downing Houston Texas. Where the patriots take on the Texans this afternoon at one. -- brought to you by Tom current chair doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get hair hey Tom I -- -- could I jump in your real quick top all the ansari did the patriots just released their inactives today Stephen released one of them. Steel -- artists Alfonzo did energy Beckett Aaron Dobson Steven Ridley Michael movement when -- Marcus cannon. Well Tom we asked the question earlier whether they would play today I guess we have our answer -- -- limited opportunity -- yeah. Yeah I could sought repeal on the bad shot with Bryant able to let it be at an active. You'd hear more what apparently. I are you surprised that bill has taken it to this step. No nothing would surprise me at that point. What he will adapt to remove debris. Because they think they feel they got beat up and proactive. And I don't think -- lobby on. -- performance. Little hot streak into the -- all the -- side. But I think overall I don't think you're trying to shame on LP trying to humiliate them to be behind. I think they need to go forward and they're gonna -- see something more from him and I I -- and so I'm not surprised. They enacted by more likely -- you with us. And they a reduced workload he worked a man or six perhaps some point along along the way by. But while you're at it -- to be machine the regional NATO. I think it Rick Bolton. For the record people showed up last week it would make him per second down back. What do we beat beat first and back in the second and the arena and there are people certainly. My copy your gonna have a at a poker flat out 68 year I think somewhere that you are up now. I guess my experience in the situation is that this is probably roll reflection. There -- with the stuff going on with cannon and of the -- on the offensive line my guess is that. They had determined that this is agog that best case -- -- eight to ten carries he's not gonna get the plays he's probably down. Are there or any other sort of surprises in that inactive list Utah on the might -- might -- effect on the. Though not really I think it would -- to being it's obviously you're a decision that it was related to sport but. You re able to step back but that it might be -- reduction based on game plan with Britney. Well you you'd mentioned that they brought him you know some reason there are so wasn't strictly punishment. It may have gotten the point where it was an acknowledgment that you move back to the back of the room as the -- back and tell you worked out might be a market. Yeah okay delicate -- -- -- -- -- -- we all might think pupil would make sure they're right on the could be that seem exactly. Else it would. You're -- inducted. What -- obvious you can make sure to go profit. I'm curious -- about the decision because. I mean they don't generally take Taurus. So I wonder at what point they made the call I wonder if it was even this morning where they just said you know what we're not gonna play. You're prepared to leave the game I would disagree here. On that -- I think it and -- -- speak to a better even if you're. Will be going on script initially come out so ridiculous food weight and upping your LP and why you will go on trip. And Indian and -- guy on the roster. The pick an app to bring you in case something I'm seen at normally -- we called them out. -- all wake up truck don't have anybody go to. Boy and I thought maybe I had a great record at the armed Red -- and I just thought maybe had -- been ten years ago you don't do that because they don't have the same makeup and now there best team literally carries for backs -- a -- back to -- -- fifth. So -- it happened troubles with her offensive line health when you're having problems with -- secondary health. It's just not oppositional luxury if you presumed that the rules gonna change slightly into your your way back on the field with. Several weeks of good practice from ball secured. I think that so we brought on that point I think that absolutely -- recruit bright and I've spoken about this. Previously you know respect it why. -- we grew up. Michael little it. And I point with a great white. He does it -- it's not a professional level. Captain -- that he gets -- more. Okay -- up -- about up ought. To provide to and I -- it. There's only part of it there has to do with -- and not repeat not tell it and it's not that he is. It. Exit you're look at him wouldn't trust -- beat -- will one -- -- mode boots on the rainbow color on the side. And sparkly -- -- Bill Belichick quote what a lot who goes vision for skyward trusting our franchise that what you want to archive the how most of all tournament and so I think people a level of seriousness with which he would like to see repeal vote. But at the same problem but wonder -- to weather out there and plot were not seriously. I wonder that ever -- into it sometimes just the way he presents itself. I was a little bit of interest to you you mentioned sort of just out of the way he was put down -- that those sort of don't feel to it I was interest to deceive. You know person and -- talk about this earlier it was leader blog never showed up on the injury report this week. So I had to presume that his being put down last week was sort of that same retribution thing -- I mean there was no head injury at. Apparently or at least they're. -- reported so he kind of got the same treatment himself so maybe. It's just them being consistent and do and how they do but then in that case what Garrett is up this weekend not Stephen maybe just because about the history of the pursued. I take its industry and I think -- it's even currently and then not bench. The terror plot right and and I picked that expect it to be at the Peter -- Or go acrylic wrap it here so I think it -- that in fumbles the ball. Amber yeah. Thank got -- shortly that would pop up racial or what they -- to get back to square one but -- rip it would have been the last got back yet. That was the case such -- all hypothetical but it is interesting to. We consider the weight have a lot of movement -- -- -- up on our site you look awful in 2000 embarrassing. You should've been. In 2000. Patriots stuck with them they ain't -- it's an opportunity to numbers were very. Very -- we reduce these so that all -- And you worked so early. But the -- it you are not always been so evil in the -- it will player if he -- it would -- the perfect example. It strikes me that there -- -- very key moment there is Stephen release that are very key moment his career crossroads in terms of being able to fight through this. And in May become out on the other side is a better back you know we we talked about the Kevin -- situation. I wrote this week about how -- you know LeRoy record in Cleveland Belichick had him and yet and already was fumble prone. Do you think Ridley is a kind of guy will be able to fight through this in come out the better side you know -- -- better for the result. Yes because what hasn't and that's the degree you're not preventable fumble. Don't spin a line from it -- about the world around it keep your -- you have to extend your -- of electric and also what would get value system. Well let me go fight for an extra eighteen into. In her arm the battery Graham. Which -- Obama on -- And turn itself into all the old guys like to -- he's got to measure. The point to which you'll like it hot -- better because it has very any of that couple fumble. In the near the port -- -- and obviously it. Wonder -- probably fumble that the other element to this wireless data into each other in the third opt out. He number one -- ability he has and ability. It is up by the ability if you're running. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the rest secure -- that it it will be like after football it's an article that Arab and exhaling and it really matter what you think about it. In -- I was only half joking earlier today when I said that that really the downfall the Houston Texans traces back to those stupid letter jackets that they -- appear. The fact of the matter is sense they award the jacket here it to let's stadium last year they opened it yet you still there. I opt out not -- it would look let's set. No I was that was -- -- but I was saying that that we're working on here I was only half joking when I said that the demise of the Texans goes back to those letter jackets they -- here. Last year the fact of the matter is -- they wore those jackets here last year they even four and thirteen. It's good I would like about it and it goes sometimes. The notion of -- in war on game that is necessary we've seen it in the past you know Bill Belichick as a very. Simple and on the rather. By virtue I've never too well and are part Carolina in and make it -- Fear because I thought that they were you know I'm old -- exact kind of low post -- gotta stop on the back and obviously oh well back. After our first look cute Beagle and want. But what should start think he'll -- -- -- -- you know -- that it gives yeah. So Tommy you're you're there on the ground -- we we talked about this a little bit earlier any any word on the surface insert your interpretations of. I hit punting battle today patriot with a lot -- that it wasn't bad on television when he was. -- previously it's dug up already all we go to picture when the -- here come. But here to -- first restore it and think it was. Beyond awful but it basically expressed are pretty quick well it's basically it looked like us for happy. That grass fairway. Okay this is a really serious question put that you have a chance to pop singles on the Houston trip. We are prophecy dose would give a little and the Mexican food and a pop airport down their shiner box of Texas spears met usually a fun trip for the media's not. Worked it in twice in one and one sitting I like the one final question before we let you go roof is open for only the second time this year we looked at the weather forecast cloudy seventy. Light winds weather will not be an issue there today right. Well the warm actually -- cubic though do it strictly. -- here. So it it it'll Rio. I think the -- electorate with a little bit radical let -- little light it is it is fairly warm here look -- it be swept going to be. Our -- we appreciate enjoy the game. That was that Tom eat current. He's brought to you by Tom current -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard called 1800. Get hair I try as best I can over the course of every NFL Sunday. Who at some point during the proceedings make match Adams head explode. That's coming up next. NFL Sunday presented by cup plans insurance at the landscape they shops that you -- visit the Penske dot com today.

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