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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #13

Dec 1, 2013|

The boys go "Around the NFL" for Week 13 and discuss all the games set to kick off.

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Whatever three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI patriots during Houston Texas. Where the out -- open. Patriots and the Texans today 1 o'clock game last time the patriots played at 1 o'clock was at home against Miami. On Sunday October 27 the 1 o'clock game which. On an ice. Players like that. And and if Felix and every night at 1 o'clock in the next two weeks well well -- -- the next one and the ordinary is Baltimore Baltimore Sunday night game and what they could still reflects themselves now. In two game as opposed to pick and -- You have but you know Leo won't being at Miami won't be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thirteen yeah. Of course you had the unusual occurrence where you had three games already played this week the Thanksgiving Day games Detroit the -- 45 and Detroit now seven and five Green Bay now 56 and won that game with the Ford Field. At AT&T stadium in Dallas the Dallas Cowboys beat the Oakland Raiders 3124. And we've already touched on this one earlier at M&T bank stadium in Baltimore the ravens -- beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 22 to twenty. Pittsburgh is on that cusp of almost being out of the playoff race in the same way that I think the loser of the jets Miami game today. May find it very hard to find their way in our let's start with a 1 o'clock games today. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis the seven and four colts host the five and six Tennessee Titans -- elect. -- he knows he's not the only leader on the team if they look to bounce back from a tough loss to Arizona. I tried to look at figures for the respect of everybody else sort of got a word on my job first and no offense but I you know after Rivera we -- great veteran leadership on -- very impressed by about me my first very. The darn thing guys respond well. First -- so off. You know I think I figured you know it's not every one guy that pools of tenth will be it'll -- Angeles. The titans can do the patriots over the sort of favoring him a little bit more breathing room when it comes to that second and third playoffs -- you don't look too far down the road but. The colts to me seemed to be one of those up and down teams that don't seem to be -- when it comes to. Being realtors playoff -- -- agree and an intensity at five and six has kind of been one of those fly in the -- teams you don't forget about a for a -- to him in the kind of scare someone so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- long and I Arizona. What they've close all of America field in Minnesota -- 28 and one Minnesota Vikings. -- the six and five Chicago Bears Christian Ponder hoping to prove to his team that luck with that that he can quarterback of the future. We're gonna win games and I did deal would have to -- -- those aren't senator resistant to -- and we have two wins one -- my development I am so I had to get to do better to put our team is successful position and and try to win these games. At what point do you turn the keys over to Josh Freeman you just see what -- can do a before they got to to wait one. They did -- wants you to look good but it was on a short weeks and now it's like you throw all of that out let him get raw -- they've they've paid pretty heavily for right now -- personal I don't know I don't know but it but just in terms of you know to CNBC we could do feel it and it would jump start you know now -- had a few week of practice exactly -- coming -- -- the system who knows but not slippery situation. Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia the six and by the Eagles host the seven of course Arizona Cardinals -- area cardinals head coach. Does he can't be concerned with the Eagles passing game the cardinals' defense is built that clog up the running like. -- you don't worry about him at the moment they're taking LeSean McCoy of the game first. And then than worry about -- It always starts with stopping the run for us and then getting to the quarterback. West Coast team company's 1 o'clock start. You -- -- a dog good team a young improving team like the cardinals that's an awful that's an awful I look at that is one of the more exciting games this week in stock and I think that's a pretty important game and -- -- up for -- but we've started to separate themselves a little bit in Arizona is not coming team. 2 bats or 1 o'clock game because I think here's a hopeful of a better fight later in the day that what about stuff thwarted if we keep you know what. The NFL in all the wisdom and infinitely. Posting I know the relation that way too much or go to these things through what's up with the difficultly that we play. FirstEnergy field before and seven Cleveland Browns host the 219 Jacksonville Jaguars you know that means. We go to thanks Erica did beat them. Carolina create three Carolina Panthers host the three and eight Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cam Newton says by the way it's a live shot a minute ago in the coming at the stadium. That's the most dapper guy and it that is a welter of the end -- -- -- tied going to -- looked like a million bucks. Damn it he says this senator not the same complexity they faced -- -- -- Absolutely I mean it's evident you know these guys are playing very confident now. The planning to have someone a book but a good feel good film and you know the quarterback is even playing -- And you only get those type of mixtures of those things that. Team's final confidence you know who knows the skies are always the -- I'll give the Buccaneers credit for a team that I thought was playing to get their coach fired earlier in the season. They seem to be quiet form pretty nicely and gently very well over the last month -- all seducing and -- real Revis could be active today in the -- so it's going to be interesting to see. You know -- we're gonna see in other we're gonna you -- with Steve Smith matchup which should be fun but yeah I just. I I just wonder if the Panthers -- ours were going all in your own opinion is there one of those teams that couldn't lift clean and Jane Wright just again maybe. There AFC counterpoint might beat the colts in -- their we've been inconsistent -- young team. Not quite ready to make that leap but still going to be the -- they've got tough sledding ahead because it is the game not overlooked but they still on the world's twice. So a lot of their seeding is not yet you're sort of determine what you know Tampa has so little Michael animal bit -- -- Donovan McNabb sort of a station on my drive and it was so apropos. Rosalie talked to us so I think they're really started to come from with a guy. MetLife stadium in New Jersey the five and six jets host -- five and six Miami Dolphins Mike Wallace says. The dolphins have to become a tight unit as they enter must win territory really for the rest of the year. Everybody's. Well you know -- quote. You closed right. Want them messes up somebody. I think you have to think we took Mosul and 55 and December it. Kind of things. Everything on who are single moment. -- went with. Most of. Fourteen listed at five and six in a danger which realize this just might like the areas where job like him is just -- -- the seven losses. After Thanksgiving. It's going to be awful tough for that team to be able to fight through that morass to be able to pick up that six. Here's where you've got an interesting battle going -- I think within the jets organization. Geno Smith has the lowest quarterback rating in the NFL this is must win territory. He has not Rex Ryan's guy. He's got -- six. And and yet I don't I honestly don't think that if Rex Ryan wanted to bench geno Smith and bring Matt -- -- I don't think is general manager. Within them with which you for a tries to -- the multiple power for. -- -- -- -- close and -- -- with that idea that the problem is we've seen genome. We pretty good earlier this year I thought I saw the promise of one point going to pay the thing they have to start answering those regression again this is another quarterback you're showing flashes on an average units look worse. How much later how he is starting quarterback in the national football and have three straight games now. With fewer than ten completion. Again I think this is a team that puts incredible defense offered a sober because things were football standpoint it doesn't seem like much of a place to go incubator -- -- group. Needed to keep you did anything. -- talked about seventeen point did you get seventeen points -- game out of that often that should be enough to win you some games. Reliant Stadium with the roof open in Houston at 219 Houston Texans oppose the 83 New England Patriots JJ watt says there is absolutely no doubt. Tom Brady's one of the best ever. He is there's advertising is a great player he's very Smart analysis system very well his great control his players and his team. He knows how to make plays I mean he's a winner and he's he's obviously done a lot of legal analyst championships. I don't think the -- I've just you can hear it you can hear in his voice I can imagine if you're on the -- like fellow analysts work where you you have to. Make the I'll look at -- the obligatory sort of Tom Brady -- -- these comments about what society's very top of the -- -- so drew throws a party like that and I -- -- -- hear it each of these guys voice it's like it's like the same canned answers are being passed around on the -- card for the re -- and we can just that we -- resignation because -- -- do about them you put on the tape and we talked about this before you put on the -- You can see their guys on their team who were still would still -- here. We still hear about it there's there are a lot of guys on their roster or -- -- at this point but there's some guys including watt watched one of them. The guys who still care -- methods it's that it's a competitive group. 2405 games the first is that Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park before and seven Buffalo Bills host the two and nine Atlanta Falcons. Mike Smith says the falcons are looking to improve their record but he's also trying to give some -- that the younger player. All about winning games but we do wanna continue to. Have evaluation process and it's really based on what guys are doing in practice some of these young guys and they perform well practiced from the get an opportunity for. Play in the games. The most disappointing team in the national only for this here. -- -- Atlanta Falcons could be an NFC championship game a year ago a -- one drive from going to the Super Bowl and beat to win nine the next year. Mike Smith that a worry about it value -- his. Forget about evaluating young players they've had some injuries to do with the same time and it's just in big big got off to that slow start and justice -- -- -- -- Washington put enough there there bonuses well there -- neck and neck but I agree and Atlanta as a -- -- Candlestick Park in San Francisco the seven and 440 -- host the five and six think Louis rams. Jeff Fisher says the 49ers team was already gray but they'll be even better -- Smith on the field. We're always welcome and Obama's plane really do well you know what Patrick wasn't in the game you play against -- the first game. So the difference -- solemn. You know agencies. They -- young safety reed really improving. From war he was early in the years. They're six to ten themselves and self defense went very well -- Keep -- demon that. Rams have actually start come -- very nicely the last few weeks of you know the programs are are going to be. A handful for a lot of those teams -- FC west to deal with it should be an interest in the try to disable the clip last year to be honest with that team that could could be San Francisco and in a minute ticket. Be -- your problem for Seattle and they've all losses turning into this exciting player real body was enough you're gonna waste if the ball in his hands -- the team -- if you don't wanna see this time here I also feel like we're not talking about the -- I do community to put it at six spots you know they're they're they're one of those teams that could it. You know. Get hot at the right time they've been their before they have a lot of guys were part of it you know. That one of the Super Bowl last year you you feel like that's a team -- could still put it altogether between now it's the NFC's version of the the ravens that you alluded to earlier it's -- teenager -- a sea of color of the pieces of -- for the -- the country in the event that there -- there and available in the playoffs are always going to be dangerous. Let me by the way make corrections that game is not Ralph Wilson Stadium this is in Toronto. -- for the game is in Toronto today and I just wanted to make sure we get that correct. 425 games Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego five and six chargers host the seven for Cincinnati Bengals. Philip Rivers rivers has been feeling very comfortable running the chargers no huddle offense as of late. You know I I do enjoy the no huddle aspect to it that we that we that we use on occasion alike there's a lot of long time like they'll have would be -- so. The the last time. In the huddle and more time to get that look. Whether you see in more than you would have seen an op. It gives you a little bit of comfort level there -- -- I'm really not sure what to make about it when these teams -- -- the postseason picture I mean do the chargers are one of those five and sixteenth but they wouldn't incident last week and -- really well. And in the Bengals are still up and down I think so much of their fortunes ride on whether or not dole as well -- we're -- general -- goes -- -- -- will be justified -- you. -- -- anybody and everybody in sixth -- -- six it out what amazed that I did catch last week's game a little bit. Antonio Gates is still really good -- -- -- old. But he still -- complacent it's fun to watch Danny would had out there contribute to him in being used as a part of it again it's another really dangerous by the sixteen bit. Still might be a part of this thing a -- of the year. This is the game NBC should reflect in 2% -- night football -- they didn't port 25 today to gain the -- Is -- Arrowhead Stadium that night into Kansas City Chiefs -- than nine into Denver Broncos Alex Smith. Says the chiefs believe they can get some type of revenge on the Broncos this week. I mean obviously in the defeat the question watch a lot of that film. You see in all of these kind of left out there. Plays that we didn't make about yourself and do things we did ourselves -- really really hurt us articulate and all that and a lot of chance for himself. Due to injury coach of the year. Well he's he's he's through November -- -- -- -- -- definitely -- -- he's lost to erupt like I I actually think. I think in cities and win. Today and and we go back to what I was saying before about. I don't always believe that carry over effect right but I think that I think the loss here Sunday night if that is the wrap up active we're gonna know a lot more about the Broncos after today I think in terms of their mental toughness whether or not they can bounce back and Gordon situationally. They're gonna face -- -- kinsey you really tell -- to win coming off that loss last week. We're gonna know about them in their potential to plead deepening January is -- weather situation we can't see that sort of -- area of the world with a little warmer there but they gonna. Just looking at live shots on NFL network it -- when the -- there today there. Barbecue pork modeled what happened next time they have -- performed so well and we vehicle conditions. Sunday Night Football football white America this is the game NBC should flexed out. There at FedEx Field in our nation's capital but three and it Washington Redskins host the foreign seven New York Giants. Mike Shanahan says RG three is taking far too much blame and being treated unfairly for their losing record. A virtual everybody's a look at the quarterback just the nature of the business with one loss record we all understand you when visiting U loses it. -- that's where we think that's where we operate on one person loses. A game everybody loses -- game you know starting with me. And -- -- -- -- a lot of I out -- date date the agent quarterback this. The knee was a problem in it's just it's just gotten worse and worse in the -- the -- by the way. -- weather forecast for conceded that he thirty degrees high of forty her high of 52 food we know -- pretty nice and no -- December and for a change. ESPN has a better matchup than NBC Monday Night Football on ESPN. Is it century link field in Seattle but -- once Seattle Seahawks -- than nine into New Orleans Saints. Group -- says they're well aware of how difficult this play in Seattle and they're ready for. Certainly more difficult to go on the road and then win especially in this type of environment that we're going to. Com we understand those challenges come to factor we've been there before really into -- to prime time spots you know. Those seven they were playoff team in 07 we were not just an idea. 2010 was obviously a playoff game. From which we went up there and played extremely well maybe -- -- those close games again. Seattle wins this week he pretty much wrapped up that it would spot -- it appears that way but you heard in Andrew's voice. That there's a familiarity there so I think a lot of immediate fear -- yourself like out of going to that place it feels like to gather those rural America -- -- -- -- back. They came up complete through all of your knowing I think it was sort of a novel -- away that day amended. It's a team that they could still be pretty dangerous -- the road we're -- able beat. Even nervously as well I think you're looking at those two teams is the best into -- right now and I really do I think that I think you're you're looking at a potential and -- C championship matchup follow also say this Drew Brees has got little Peyton Manning and in that. It doesn't necessarily perform at the top of his game outdoors in less than ideal conditions you stick him in that don't want that brought down -- New Orleans and he has. Guns ablaze and -- I'll be curious to see how he performs tomorrow night in the arguably the lot of stadium in the NFL. I don't know that it won't be freezing cold but it could be rainy could be windy you know reduce the idea the with a loss of Carolina potential winning that division -- chemical suit with three losses and I think Carolina has a little reduce your slug on the way out so. Yeah you lose that advantage of the dome the bill's mentioning them so they've they've Roy got quite a lot of play for those two teams are really great home team. That's that they may do so much of their success -- so much to their success but a large portion of their success. Is wrapped up in them doing well at home in I think it's obsolete before both of them. To be able to get that upper hand when it comes to play and New Orleans plays at Seattle this week and then goes back vs Carolina next so they've got a -- -- quite a bit about them as well. I do wanna give you one update. And Adam -- terrific reporting this now on on ESPN pregame show right now. The NFL it's exe is expected to consider six figure fines for Mike Tomlin. And the Steelers organization. Problem was the NFL's most recent addition to the competition committee isn't this ironic. And according to show after they are even considering taking a -- away from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now obviously would be a first round pick I don't know what it would be. But. According to Adam -- -- FL is considering. Docking -- draft pick to the Steelers are Tomlin it's actions he also reported that multiple ravens players privately expressed disappointment. That returner Jacoby Jones didn't simply -- able. Which would have been -- seems a little excessive but again I guarantee that the NFL's. This may be scare tactic as much as an -- what -- we don't you take away draft pick for the might be something from that office amounts and it wouldn't stand for that. Well especially guy who just got named to the competition did I hear you wanna set a precedent -- the right. It will be interesting to see that the NFL comes up with the NBA by the way find Jason hit 50000 dollars. For the spilling of the Coke thing -- -- he was trying to do not them. I'm just fine. All he was try to that was in effect quiet -- -- -- -- lets you know they didn't have any timeouts -- teams try to you know delays and often talked to his team. Mike Tomlin was try to disrupt the play on the field. So I can see where the fine should be higher than. Different sport and I understand -- but not according to Adam -- -- considering six figure fines for both public and the Steelers organization. And even talking about the possibility. Of taking away draft that. -- -- -- We'll come back just few minutes Tommy current will join us from Houston Texas on NFL Sunday presented by the plants -- insurance. At the plant -- they shop so you save -- -- plants it dot com today.

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