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NFL Sunday: The Special Teams Factor in Houston

Dec 1, 2013|

The NFL Sunday gang chat about how special teams will come into play today at Reliant Stadium in Houston. The roof will be open, but the weather there is quite mild. The turf could certainly come into play however. The guys discuss how it turns out that Belichick and the Pats made the right decision at punter prior to the season.

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Before we talk about special teams sudden. What could happen today I was just checking the forecast for Houston because as we said earlier the roof at Reliant Stadium is open for only the second time this year. No effect today mainly cloudy. High 73 wins out of the south at five to ten miles per hour so not one of those things where you know. You've got Alan punting -- that knuckleball win right sort of thing op. I think the patriots have consistently all season long had the advantage when it comes to special teams matchups in May have another one today. I love these weeks as a player I loved these because I think we played. Played the Texans and like a late November early December 1 point of those years old -- whoever was. And you have kind of its viewing or you know it gets to be a little dark winner appeared in own faults -- with starts to get that way -- you get this little vacation. -- tell you. You get to go down -- game and seventy degrees with grass under your feet and you feel like a football player I mean it's fun I mean and again I love the cold weather stuff too but it's it's a little bit reprieve. You go up there in nice conditions around the -- faster than I ever plausible that kind of stuff. But the balls don't fly this week I mean you should expect some were terrible ball Shane Lechler I think is is it whenever she should elect -- name on a drop chart. Lights corpus partly and run -- already had gotten the guy's gonna kick his deep ball as he possibly can write down a little -- connected discuss the direction which is usually believing gross and in losing that because -- kick down the middle kick it up back aliens and he doesn't care about those things. But as a returner in the along football you give you an opportunity for some space between where the returner is in the guys block and -- so I think element should have opportunities they know no. No question this is one of the -- for news -- set up to be the case some -- we and we talk about it every week how good he has with -- the job -- he's been able to do but of course the first winter games the season again. Consistency not so much in terms of breaking of would be able to make something got -- nothing being able to get you know -- 1012 yards. On the return query at some points mr. yardage has been at such a premium that deemed to think about 2003 November 23 2003. You guys went down to Houston 72 degrees. Roof is open. In you guys almost lost an overtime game on April 20 and point 32 in that situation but yeah I mean you're you're looking and another situation where this week different -- to feel pretty good about special teams the one guy that I would be concerned about. Is there returner -- know we're tourniquet on Martin. But it will open a pretty good numbers out of a Michigan State this year he sixteenth in overall punt return. But he's one of the better kick -- easily one of I think and presently is here to take it all the way back as a returner. So yes the ability does have some explosive big play ability but again you look at this matchup on paper this is another matchup that appears to advocate. -- and I I forgot to mention that we're talking about office of -- -- he's relieve the error. You know like Antwaan -- well. Like he's the guy that has a limited role in the offense but it usually catch and rom screenplay were first place something like that he's the guy I think -- always wanted to be that. Number two or three receiver that was super productive the came forward. Hasn't always asserted in the case but as a returner he has much of the same qualities quick jumps in and out of brakes pretty fast he's got good vision he's a dangerous -- for sure. I do -- I I do wanna say this and Iowa and everything they get enough credit analysts stuff goes really bad anyway. Because we talked about this last week about with the wind the way it was even if you're punting with the win that means you're snapping into the win -- that Danny -- had a great week last week. Did he did in in and that was one of those things that bill again you know talking about are are pointing discussion before one of the things they'll address that there was one of those. Occasions where he had to deliver the ball back to right now and and it moved. Who waited -- -- -- yeah like a couple of feet in so you know it was it was a it was a tough situation being put those situations especially when you -- specialists. You know you only get what 345 -- Saturday game. You've got to make damn sure that dude you're able to convert and he was able to convert he's got a very good job that whole group again you know what will go back that again that whole group I think has performed very well to this season that because cabinet talk about yeah. Just got our -- -- an umpire left tackle isn't there analysts say their name you know they don't cooperate. But yeah I mean I I wish we were saying less about officials in the National Football League that we've been saying. -- are you listening I went out I wish that we are talking about the last spoke when you talked about guys like long snapper like you said -- Or holders for place kickers right and and it was it was a question mark if you think about it back to when the patriots console -- Masco. Very good performer here throughout course of his career. They cut him -- they let Ryan now and they didn't -- alum won the job in in the offseason competition. Came in here and has done a really good job both as a holder and as the punter. You go back to the cutting Masco and. You know that probably made the right choice again probably -- as one of things among re watching today. Because this is where that that conversation about the field playing surface comes more to play you're gonna watched -- the guys -- pre game will be checking the cleats that they get they may go for the long -- ruins as opposed the soccer bottoms that are kind of popular now. If it's a little bit chewed up and understand the -- -- to -- -- the stadium itself. Literally one of the nicest stadiums are beautiful and gorgeous and in this place you walk in and answerable. Mall of America kind of feel it's gorgeous it's really nice on -- to play especially on the the fans are behind -- giant video screen as loud it's just -- -- -- great support there that said they also of the University of Houston uses the field as well on the use -- for state playoffs so there are. The that the fuel was being chewed a little bit ago agreed do you have different fields they're right in Kubiak actually talked about that this week how they had deems. Earlier in the weekend. Anywhere but -- bring a new field in oh yeah yes so it's not if it's chewed up in -- based in a couple of guys talked about it this week it's nice to play an actual grass and it's a different surface you know the sort of a plastic stuff -- there there reasonable facsimile grass but it takes a -- that that that -- grass surface but they bring different fields in the of those giant -- Trace exactly works in -- in it's it's -- the -- stitching. In it doesn't look great all the time but I think a lot of guys. Yeah and I just sort of my finger and -- -- keep an -- and I think it it actually works for both the potter kicker probably -- more so though. When the surface is a question mark and it Woolsey article C a little bit or from TV and maybe you watch other guys in Iraq with the pre game and watch the cuts in and out of breaks. But the plant -- is important if for some reason it's a little bit chewed. You don't you give a little bit shorter plant for the kicker Chris you know what folder but quite frankly and sometimes -- can affect the lifting on the ball the way the -- will strike it so. Kicking becomes a little more important -- the fields chewed up so -- guess it's seven him beautiful would have the feel wonderful to problem. Might affect Stephen might affect whose go to guy -- -- -- keep them are now those guys' reaction around the pick kickers in the potter mean if you put a foot down and -- bumble ball. Special of the book could be a thing Woolsey if there's been a lot of people and in past weeks have been complaint. The -- of -- Reliant Stadium will forever and always be decided Janet Jackson's nipple slip to me answers I see I was gonna go with a match got to tackle industry. And while that detonate what -- and place. I mean let's be honest if you were playing even in the dump like Jacksonville with suddenly becomes an -- stating if you win a super oval. Yes and I never thought the open -- that don't mean how we always here that is players. Georgia some of it makes it weird but note at Reliant Stadium for me you'll always have sort of a special place because of what went down there. -- just it's just it's it's worse it's the home of one of my three kids. That it will when we comeback take you around the National Football League look at all the games being played this week in the NFL. NFL Sunday presented like a plant ski insurance at Penske they shops or use say is that the Polanski dot com today.

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