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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Defense vs the Texans Offense

Dec 1, 2013|

The guys start with Hightower - what has happened to him and is he injured? Chatham discusses what he has seen on tape. Everyone will be watching for the Talib/Andre Johnson matchup today which should be very entertaining. However, the Texans do have other WR's who are very talented. Price thinks Talib is clearly the anchor for the Pats D. The boys think it's key for the Patriots to find a way to get off the field on 3rd down, especially 3rd and long.

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Nominee not -- out of legacy long wanna get a jump on him as a as possible so I mean you know. Records onto an Odyssey is who. Plays better football on that particular day you know on winning games so. You know still there's still have a lot of talent over on all of his that a vote especially when have you had in on a radio this you know you always dangerous. Patriots defensive back Kyle Arrington talking about the Houston Texans today's opponent -- Reliant Stadium. A note by the way the roof is open at Reliant Stadium it will be only the second time this season that they will play game with the roof open reliant. I mean I guess as temperatures are probably pretty nice in Houston anyway today. But I am wondering. What advantage the Texans think they might have under those circumstances. Let's talk about Patriots defense against the Houston Texans offense and before we get into the specific matchups. This is more Avaya help help me understand questions for -- Help me understand why Donta hightower has been such a non factor here I watched last week's film. And I are you definitely caught my attention a couple times where it looked like Andy wasn't enough blocks well and beat you looked a little bit slow. Issue in his a couple of routes piece on term with that seam route -- to look like he was running at full speed to look like a sense of urgency you know receive guy just. Russian MH recovers -- guy. My first thing that -- -- my head was as he deals with something -- I know doesn't say I'm not looking to make excuse I'm I'm I'm looking for reasons doesn't want. Not injured was on the report looks to me like he's not the same guy I mean and then I'm trying to say that his as a compliment because. I really liked him earlier this year and I still think there's a ton of potential there. The one thing I noticed is you sort of -- You know square peg round hole kind of thing like I'm not sure exactly worried that fits -- -- understand it's not. When they moved to this almost exclusively -- look last week. He's the kind of body type I don't know if necessarily fits as a nickel linebacker that's not his best role in Dane -- does seem -- does sort of point is it's not like. Donta hightower and all things football it's -- power tower in that particular -- that a great example is when we used to play with Ted Johnson who would be a regular guy each and every week. The whole week's were when we play the colts were Roman Phifer was the guy and -- would get zero cents like literally if it was colts week. Ted employment that's not an indication of Ted now Sox of course that was a great player but he was booted a bit different skill set. Roman was difficult week guy Roman would calm -- notices -- we can Romo would play tonne in beaver -- environment. The one thing about high tower in regular defense which is when the team comes out by the two tight ends are more tied -- to -- -- stuff in the patriots keep a seven man box. He does a really good really good job and I think -- but I think he fits that role much better than the -- thing I think I tell her -- I think of watchers definitely -- -- rule from self. And the emergence of of -- colonists also sort of helping -- the door but really it was a bit of a revelation for me last -- yeah but it it really -- the senate passing situation he's a guy no more and more -- clear you'd need to figure we'd get him -- field -- but again it's the same message I think Jamie Collins would look like more failure when you Solomon regular defense because he was playing outside linebacker and a 34. And not -- and a great job on the edge and natural -- Chandler to the stand up 34 position put Chris Jones of a lot of the outside the support of the -- Because I thought Jamie struggled at that role did he looks great -- a nickel -- the white guys a lot of this is just simply find -- workers fit now. From doctor height Dario first round draft pick you kind of want him to do all the things in the -- place. It may be situation based on the belt the belt and the fact that they spent a second round pick on another guy with a different skill set the it's going to be more -- -- gold for. Did they put too much on his plate with -- went down. But the greens out -- -- to bring -- helmet to because it was clear that they were asking him to do more. In the a couple of weeks after Jerod went down -- I'm wondering if he was not ready to make that -- to the next level yet he's a guy who was more complementary guy at this point scorer as opposed to being the kind of guy who could be dominant linebacker. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who's going to be -- fundamentally running the defense and our -- we just asking too much of him at this these are I think his body type. Big head no -- Vick got 270 can run a little bit he's -- Lima like it. Not long although he's not short either he's a 6263 -- doesn't have a link click Chandler like click re able link click those kind of guys that are tolerated. He's a wreck you know but you play middle linebacker element out. So in this 34 scheme you can be you know Michael will literally matter you're still. To -- and I think he's really good at that it and keeping him in the box like that when you put Amazon over the -- guy doesn't -- -- -- pass -- told to me that's not the best fit. What he's usually really good hitting -- separating and understanding when to go over and when to put cup back in those kinds of things. That was -- thing I think he struggled with the -- but last week but understand also when he was having his struggles that was part of that numerical disadvantage there's really no winners at that point. Interview for the regardless wants Fletcher came in he definitely made some impact plays but the continued to give a pig herds of runs and he looked bad on a few of those as well. I think they were at a negative situation the thing you don't wanna see from my tower was some of the circuits -- passes that looked like. You know there are fitness over -- -- didn't look like you look what you was overmatched a little bit but that's said we've seen him cover wheels down a feel on the outside and running -- a season to look pretty good and it. That's what maybe think there was maybe an issue but I think it's definitely something monitor going forward. Thank goodness Jamie Collins sort of emerge because you look really good and general. Let me give you -- defensive numbers which are very good one which I think I can someone explain and one which I wish I could explain like it. One is rushing yards allowed per game 139 point seven yards per game 31 in the national football the patriots are. We go back to what which saw last week where I think the patriots were intentionally. Giving up rushing yards as a way of of playing a game plan that they thought would be the Denver Broncos -- to correctly so I do think those numbers are bits you however opponents this year. -- 73. Of 168. On third down conversions. 43 point 5%. That I can't explain and boy they got to get better at that even against the team like Houston they got to be -- I think three -- point -- I think that you can contextualize some of those numbers in the running game you know particularly when you consider some of the situations they face this year. It's an ideal situation because the numbers don't agree the end of year but I think if you take them for what they are I think they need to be. You know it as assessed as such but it it I think that when you look at the struggles of this team on third down. In particular some real key third down situations I was in the first half against the Broncos late against the Panthers. They've been burned by by some some really bad third launch until -- third and fifteen yeah -- were backed hiring our draw yeah I -- last yeah exactly and I wonder how much of that is is finding the right personnel packaging because again they've been so many moving parts on the defensive side of the ball. Not just up -- not just on that front for good but it that linebacker spot and at times in the secondary -- wondering how much of that is due to personal package obviously some loser situation but. How much of that is due to the guys the company's two guys you have in the field and in particular. Well. I look at two of the particular situation materials referenced in the third along issues that are happening medical I think there's an Internet number -- -- -- would battle one that they gave up and I think that sort of helped prompt his his poll. Vet said there are things that you do systematically that I thought to make a lot more sense than I'd ever the call is as a player that they were generally tell us now. Gaming is something that you can do with a defense of wondering -- four guys out there and everybody can rusher had adapter and that's one way to do a gaming is where some time there's like a two man game. Where to Geisel the -- rules gonna think at twister some sort. Sometime you can do three amendments were two guys go one direction and a third guy loops around them. Generally and third and long situations because -- anticipating this dream draw. -- some sort catch and run play like a punt return essentially. They tell you not to game. Because the last thing they want as a defense of Mormon -- around not having designed the backfield on what's going on the back are not able to stop and redirect it's difficult to do that when you're caught in the game. Both of the times both vote the player that they gave up on the third and wanna hear whatever. Was a game with all the front four so you're not only not to be angry reaction from the linebackers the defense of -- much the way we always saw events. Where he was really good and anticipate the screen in the draw and -- out and not getting caught in a rushed. You didn't see that from the front. And when they did it the second time they came again which I thought was kind of Auburn you almost need a call from the of the defense of line coach from pepper from -- to say no gaming on third long. Play it straight. Play the situation that kind of thing. The game again and you know Pletcher made the great. Hit on it and and then nick of its bread out of his game. But they still we're doing something a little bit risky where you can get caught so I think from school coaching standpoint that's something to maybe pull back the range is just a little. I don't love case keep him at quarterback and I think that quarterback has been on an issue for this team all season long. But I love a couple of her wide receivers and not like the guy getting them the ball but I love Andre Johnson I'd love Diem -- Hopkins. I mean I think there -- some some matchup issues for the patriots secondary with these guys -- -- big guy -- in new. I'm saying this would be understanding that -- -- hoping to leave is going to be somewhere close to 1% at this is the the perfect physical matchup for a team to lead you're looking for a long between the you know big wide receiver who can go deeper look into multiple things I think this is. You know this is one of those guys that -- to -- dreams about when it comes to physical matchup as opposed those kind of small shifty undersized slot receivers. That being said you don't Johnson despite all of the quarterback problems they've had in Houston has had a tremendous year you're looking -- guys have been four catches. Over a thousand yards fourth in the NFL. In operates short can operate long stint and do multiple things -- -- really. A handful for a lot of guys I'm really looking forward go to this match up. These two guys I think this is gonna obviously along with -- and I'm not -- -- -- -- it's going to be me in coverage all game long press. I think this is going to be the matchup -- a lot of ways it's going to be able to you know. Told a story this -- job I think. I think this is a week. Similar to Atlanta. Where they have. People who were decidedly different -- the others that you need to take away we're out of last week's sort of approach were were now where they have specific people -- things you need to take away. What's not to me so much who was on them which I think we've historical epic that's probably what we'll do as a body type match. But it's also like Atlanta where you try to cover her well you'll send the person -- also -- you know saluted not a -- doubling but it also have safety help so we can be more aggressive underneath it's not just one guy running after him. Because we simply blues that matches some two I think coverage helps he's the best matchup for but it also helps in Atlanta situation -- topic double. Half that whatever you wanna do you can do number different ways but I think -- attract the attention. And I think that's one of things this sort of August Houston team the difficulty. Oh you're -- last year when they roll and when the game plan didn't go for -- on the year and in the turn they've had this season it's relief finding that second option they were so. You know. Awesome run game with hearing Foster one horrible guy wide receiving no not yet to hear from the right exactly yeah airing on he's on IR invented it's a good solid player but not someone -- -- going on and give 35 carries to. So the problem is who's number two who the second legitimate options to -- -- -- a lot like a Tampa earlier in the year no one really good guy. And that in their bill that would on -- Johnson Vincent Jackson got that you consume adequate take away because it's just one. And the route running and now the running game for them down a notch in the -- still have one going to be invested an idea and Hopkins for sure got a clubs and good player going to be great young guy. Bought you know it hasn't had the overall team impact literally change to the art did dead a year and considerate of opposing the third round cue from last. Kind of picked Paul could be an impact guy. Hasn't hasn't had that kind of impact yet so I think it's a team that's searching for other places to go with the ball but reasonable. He scheme and with the problems solitary Iraq's limits -- play in the same people and over again but this isn't one of those weeks where it really got to keep the guy and I dig itself with a Teddy -- today. -- but I think it's it's it's -- weeks this is a guy that the that it plays the run around game pretty well he is a lot of the passing. He's been pretty efficient means not an explosive and -- pop up on points but he's been much less for. Mistake prone them both jobs and TJ Yates -- short spell he got I think. You'd really don't want him running around extending plays leaving out the back of the pocket the -- -- apparel I think is pretty good he's kind of that kind of player. Just don't let this turn into recess. Reduced him to one or two reads keep the pocket I'd rather -- way underdogs and don't ever run game and I think. This is gonna be interesting to watch because at least you know we talk but the patriots financing themselves as a defensive and offensive game plan that the team. This is gonna be as basically as far removed your appointment. As what we saw last. Week we talked about how. You know the patriots essentially -- Denver run but that was what they were hoping that they had to try to sentiment around out any but you look at this this this Houston team in this is a team that does not move the ball consistently on the ground you know -- -- -- -- Foster -- on the shelf. Tourist bureau with the a season ending seasoning and that's just as the scariest legendary does give -- a bit TDs decent but he's -- good player and their much like yeah he wanted to get your forgot he's a guy who you know could fill in for 234 games but he certainly not a sixteen team. You're running back -- we have two rushing touchdowns on the year which is in number that just jumps off the peace to mean when you talk about. Being ineffectual when it comes to running the ball running the ball consistently. I just don't see New England get all worked up about the state of Houston running game warring parties running in a week talked about this before music wanting away. It's gonna be Andre Johnson and I think if you take away Andre Johnson I think to stroke the bootable consistent. Aqib Talib is has sort of been on that fine line physically it seems like every game that he's played. The almost hold your breath every time there's a pioneer I think he is a legitimate. -- -- Shut down type of corner in this league who can go up against the best wide receivers in the game. But it just seems like you're always wait for something happening god forbid he goes down again. Your secondary options for Andre Johnson don't make me feel very why. Finger this week in particular I think long term it's it's another question but I think you could. Was he could get over this week because Houston is as limited as they are but Jimmie Johnson's gonna get his yardage to last two games they played last year -- Johnson I think that he catches for 95 yards in both games and I'm gonna to put a quarter to should be limited him to -- touches on 95 yards. We have to leave bit it's less than a 100% I think he's the guy that makes that entire defense go I think at this point I think when. You look at the Patriots defense out a whole over the course of the first eleven games this season. You have gotten the most consistent level of play out of that secondary in -- when you do or you look at if you look at I know I am broad brushing your right I understand that but I mean if you look at them that the health struggles the eagles' linebackers have had you look at all struggles of how to front. That group has held together very nicely along the back and at this point disease. They've given up thirty sacks this year they have 27 as a team but they've given up thirty. -- I always wonder how much that is offensive line and how much of that is quarterbacks not knowing when to get the hell -- football rent. I think that the patriots can get to keep him a little bit and I think that -- is going to be forced to throw the ball because I think the patriots will be playing from in front. Can you get pressuring his face can you caused him to be just a guy like Chandler Jones for instance big matchup. Yeah big matchup to watch is between brown one of their left tackles in football he's there on the on will be on the right side what side of the often -- side for for Chandler. That's -- matchup that's a pretty good -- and pretty good duel last year in this remember the time of the year last year were Chandler had come fall off 'cause he had the injury it's a great point to -- I think really handled that matches so this for him is probably a second round you know now I'm healthy now employ and in my top level now I've grown. And be -- big watcher was sort of my nest and trying to watch as we diplomats -- -- -- You know I -- it. Wade Smith who was ago I played with in New York was a backup there that has grown into pro war guy for the Texans who is now balance we beat. He's missed weeks in the past I don't haven't seen injury situation is going to be opera not. I think that's how hurt them a little bit that they really had a strong tendency when we went. We were breaking his team down last year to really push things about left side from behind the probable probable left guard and left tackle. You know really work behind those two guys I think -- he's kind of gone away because they've had a lot of flux stuff going on themselves. So gather really just a team looking for an identity but we can't can we can't hold we threw them away and I know this team down there and it is impeached or does not doing that. Because I know was bills -- them or they have with this this is team that took Seattle restaurant losses that's that's all the we heard done and there's three street Rose Law gave it to make it four and it took. They -- Seattle which I think can be is one of the most respected teams in FL right now one of the teams of people think are the most dangerous team out there. If we restore the tournament tomorrow they took an overtime and lost by three. And they also took in view within three they took an Arizona which is one of the hotter teams and it recently to within -- so this is a team that yeah I think you'll beat. But don't expect some walk in the park. Take a break a look at team's special teams because they've played such a big part what's happened here for the patriots all season long. You're listening to NFL somebody presented by complaints key insurance. It combines ski they shops or use save physical plant -- dot com today.

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