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Go Local 11-30-13 Hour 2

Nov 30, 2013|

John Rooke & Scott Cordischi welcome Tom E. Curran of CSNNE to discuss all things Patriots and look ahead to NE @Houston.

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Listening to that -- local sports show on sports Radio One 037. -- general and got Kurdish. These days is obviously in every week there's you know is challenged. You know so he's a great player obviously no one knows that so. He -- -- talented so it's going to be different leagues now and again no worries that he moves are alive and those like it then it's. Talk about JJ watt. And the Houston Texans. Tomorrow. Patriots and 1 o'clock kickoff in Houston are carefully Houston is 29 but that's the kind of devastation that. Injuries have brought about this year and met shoppers don't nobody really knows what -- was supposed to be Super Bowl contender you know ingenuity is intent they were contender an end. I think a lot of a lot of folks pre season pirates to get to the game and and you know. I mean could be any more disastrous season I mean and even have your coach Gary Kubiak who has a mini stroke on the sideline I mean just kind of shows -- -- -- -- -- that Tom -- covered the pass for CS and NE dot com. Take a few minutes of his Saturday morning join -- on the program taught me how you nobody. All. I'm doing well Tom nice to hear from. Oh and well sometimes it's good sometimes that -- and dependable we have to ask what are your thoughts on. On this team now after the way they came from behind to win and I'd pull that out this last week in and what that sets up going Ford I mean. Should this team kind of Zuma a driver's seat type of role or is still a little work to be done. I. Am still a real real quick feet into -- -- -- record -- get back game that -- And -- -- fault whatever they they -- or what -- and I think on -- but look what it is over the last two weeks. They've got itself. Into -- weeks literally the stakes. And you don't they vote early exit all at the record straight up. They but it would be anybody. Repeat it over the last week it. And you've got to know it goes well. Every problem they're having right now. If so what would stop what they would be L I don't bury it. It worked well put it up well I -- -- Just give away from those mistakes is absolutely no reason at all to -- -- this isn't the best thirty. In the NFL. Coaching next action. When they're going well. To the issue of Steven Ridley. Is he effective as a running back any longer. We -- back is as good as most. In fact in the league not named Adrian Peterson a ball well but you send back up I backed out why it. In the NFL we can argue about who numbers or not and our political out absolutely it is good at any activity well. And it didn't trust my figures might like you were driving out yes and that's. Something which you're gonna have to come to an army or the patriots. Well -- that's the big question Tom did did his Bill Belichick just rolled out there as the starting tailback Sunday in Houston boy and and do the same thing he's been doing people money shortly should be puts the ball on the ground he's on the bench. Or is he now getting past that point saying you know what I'm gonna give bold and I'm gonna give -- or -- somebody else. More chance here. -- -- articulate it would go to real old. I don't know you all -- -- probably by now he. Albeit -- wants. Well but work -- that I'll go to give it a shot it burned again you're not gonna give away. It's actually brought -- -- that's actually brought analogy -- I like that I mean you write -- what else you gonna do a -- nobody can put them up there and he might make a mistake but. You can have treated as you'd treat your own kid you Ricky -- amount. -- Why why we're all all -- we've run well and getting a client privilege. Which required you want out. -- are -- whatever for what might be in court all of the regular line of scrimmage. Yeah yeah it was -- -- -- to get out your repertoire -- or is it that. Yeah. Ought to act yet at the BI had been well well -- probably even get there and -- up front that. -- I like like it but then not that he. Tom I'm still getting over my popsicle headache of just talking to Steve from Fall River about a half hour ago. And at an aunt and I wanna ask you this question as it pertains to the patriot defense listen I. I don't think there's any question that this franchise had become a little -- one dimensional. Very good on offense put the defense had not been great for the last 456 years. Having said that I was very optimistic coming into the season that this defense that's a good young pieces in place and I thought could be much improved. And I think they started out the season. Playing like that defense that I thought they could be. Now they've been hit with a lot of injuries you know you lose guys like Wilfork and mail for the season they've had injuries to the secondary all year long they've had to deal with. But with how do you feel that they have done as an organization. Addressing their shortcomings on that side of the football. I think you've got a great you know victory in. Jail. But not a lack right. From doubt that in six I mean. You update in logo. But it will be Alan shore and elsewhere. It will bring in guys. Aren't. There -- Well operate at a lot of follow that -- and hired I strap it all worked well -- our. The purpose. -- -- Look at it. Or bought our our I don't thought. Overall that. Relevant -- -- -- well not. Sure that they are pretty where. Forty -- our goal -- Leonard and oh I think it throughout -- And a lot on that. The Patriot. -- that. -- -- week to week. We're gonna do really well about -- and -- right. -- got Carolina in the nick. Corporate re Edberg -- because you're there. Script the written they didn't beat Carolina looked up at the first now -- the rate. Performance spike -- if you don't at which it will be spent. They're going to be absolutely are we apple board where you're at it will be you'll be able to match up. It's about anybody or not I think -- pry it appears capable. Well I think they're built power that's all accurate and get everybody out there aren't out all that are. If you have jumped out -- second it's weaker but well well you're going to be more talking more. Yeah that's an interesting point because. Because of the injuries they've had to become a changeable defense as you put it in hindsight it's helped them develop into a team that. Max might actually still be competitive once we get to the first of the year. Right -- some that's where he remote. Or you don't. When that courier Rob Ninkovich. You know got expelled I'm back or and well. -- maker and it secondary guys especially Eric much alliance and yet. -- complaining book Aaron and he. Colonel crap are over by where there opposition don't want. Covering outside group. -- -- the only thing he does well. Oh well round at quarter to go up not being able. You are because. What it would -- well we well. Aaron. After a game by order. First order of art and look at you. Tom I suppose you could ask this question about any NFL team but the patriots are they and equipped to. Get past a team. That can put pressure on Tom Brady would just four pass rushes. That quote unquote physical team that punches you in the mouth because in recent years the teams that they have lost to. Late in the season in the playoffs have been the the giants the jets the ravens those physical teams that just punch in the nose like we saw maybe Cincinnati due earlier this season a team like Detroit with their front four can do that. You know maybe look at a team like Seattle in the NFC or can the patriots beat that team like that. Early and about that hey in a game like. It will be quite and that it would open. We're in a lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- outfield. Maniac. Well what. Wednesday norm or -- idea -- when. Oh. To. Thumb their driver yes yes yes yes you for oh yeah. Yeah you are. -- -- -- you play yeah. In the debris equity -- -- idiot right to expect out of a bucket got. We are a lot last year you know -- but it couldn't convert third out when offense is going well. It's -- Wes Welker. Erupt are out. You know in their in the last year of RB not hardly wait it out or or five -- -- quite. -- -- -- that -- in state if you could move. Give it to somebody else that's why they thought they -- All reduce our. Well a lot about what else didn't have our. People -- backed up and make those. In my earlier in the personnel department. Oh sorry it got out to -- out -- we -- -- put back in whether or not connect mobile has problems but you know an injury but it caps who. And not much more -- I think. Tom -- they've been able to get a guy like him and all the cranked up he's been helping he's been back. You've got to help the grunt now to take some attention away from him and dole in the middle of the field why haven't they been able to get him cranked up a little bit more I thought he'd be. More effective than he has been in this offense. If you look at production from the opposite direction I think actually an element. 1012 was always out. I don't -- -- has happened this year. Are well. At a early production -- training -- and what people last year. Or more featured in the patriot way. I looked at him and -- where it. Out. There have to be looked at it we're all going. Well I think that -- perfect example. Joy in settlement caught ballclub -- Alien and go look at what production they would -- -- wide receiver out of the production yeah. The first game ever go Oreo cart and all -- 105 yards and a four game. And then you're gone so and people would create a role for stop and think it's it's so art. Well let's put it to join him overboard Iranian tour -- well the model up and start. But go there and I bet that a big part of me. I would agree helped by the white Braylon Edwards is that you look Braylon Edwards you were out -- respect. Well -- think it's extra for that. -- Tom listen thanks for -- little time with us this morning we appreciated. It's great always and I know that you appreciate this you know covering for as long as you have it's. It's great to have meaningful football games begin in December and January. You know what I remember when we -- are Mike Gorman Matt I don't -- spoke to in. Well out like Mike Gorman. On from hatred or not. So we think. What is so enjoyable. People know what view. Well they don't have in amber and Mike has been pro with optics so many and rebuilding ups and down. Europe is a pretty good -- are all in and they're good gonna get a lot during the period I watched. Tom I say this to Steve from fall over all the time you can pick whatever timetable you want when Kraft purchased the team in 94 when Belichick came in 2000. No team has won more games more division titles more conference championships more Super Bowl titles. Then the New England Patriots I don't see listen I'm not saying that doesn't mean their beyond criticism. How can you be unhappy with the product that they've put on the field. You might have some quick mr. -- A happy holidays to you -- com thanks so much effect on today. You got -- on current. CS and any dot com is were you catching covered than when the patriots is as for so many years and obviously formerly with the journal as well for a number of years sports. -- -- -- --

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