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Salk and Holley's Four at Four 11/29/13

Nov 29, 2013|

A great steak debate, Megatron vs. Jerry Rice... and smelly teammates. Steve DeOssie and Butch Stearns answer these important questions.

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Then you can. It's time -- -- answer the question -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question -- And while a time now for answer the question jerks sponsored by Harris restoration specialists. -- property your facilities manager or insurance pro call the IRS to ensure. You have a disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. At 8774611111. Or go to Paris served. Dot com Steve you ready I'm ready Woodward who often -- -- -- -- -- these things don't go there and we don't dollars -- guy I'm an open book different. First question Porter house Tebow won't revive our New York strip oust of a guy who owns the Statehouse -- -- -- My very hungry but I'll amend this question to last meal on earth -- -- for two. Photos were to -- because they have this. Shell of mushroom red wind. Academically is what it is. Carlos -- from almost a bottle. Wasn't into law along pretty similar last to last long are you talking about the 33 -- come -- don't -- for about in this Jumbo shrimp capital is that Steve. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- about -- I was always -- grown up that became strictly sterling -- talked with our good buddy -- easily -- and gave me good advice how to -- -- -- Really good cook -- -- at home now just a real high heat only -- that once Syria shall typically is whenever. Or -- But real has a distinct taste that I really like remarkably yes that's causing. Are all good would you rather have -- -- Jerry Rice or Calvin Jones who. This could be yes or no because they don't ask why I'll -- shot as -- Jerry Rice in my simple reason. Got you to listen and tell stories his dad was a brick Mason. He needs to throw my dad was used to throw bricks at me credits have ingredients for catch and not have the do we have a quietly Jerry writes from Australia. -- -- -- -- -- -- Jerry Rice. Oh. If you look at his numbers person expressed receiver -- -- It's far away. Off the -- up to Joe's Johnson didn't cal Jones get their and a Bible. -- college council because of moderation all to John -- or because of Calvin Johnson was in that same scenario. As Jerry Rice. Abuse that was would be better almost dangerous because he's 51 down -- -- see if he can probably playing now the next question dances well. How do you compare the 2013. Patriots Cheerleaders to the 1980s. Should he always almost twice what I compare it differently -- Guerrero did Hugh Millen years ago she used to run all -- -- I -- about to those -- on the unanswered. The next question. Nintendo or Sega. -- -- of an Xbox. -- -- -- -- -- -- Topic Xbox -- I -- you guys next question here's what for years ago whatever four ordered your own cupped hand and sniffed. I will say that there is -- man alive -- doesn't -- -- Mosul -- -- through that right now when asked a couple of milk milk well according to Freddie at least how he practices what he preaches every Sunday is not a man alive. That doesn't understand every smell that comes out of are appreciated recent public about a Freddy -- go out to about feet. -- evil eyes ears torture by -- when you lose when you lose a lot younger while it could talk about it. Roaming around but basically it was Russell offered a moment in scissors is scissors. -- to -- part of the back was it. Sues -- for its next question. On WB at least favorite holes. One. I just don't -- -- -- yeah me neither and and it buddhists they were avoiding this -- I am what I'm gonna come here to be the guys is if you sit in his seat. It's hard to pick the least favorite host and you have that perspective because it is an ally is officially or different you know Wednesday it's not an easy thing to do not that hard. About that let us and give it up -- art which WEEI host would you like to work with. Right. It gives a boring ever had a bad guys where would Michael Long time it was fantastic. Liked a lot. I like -- And Gerry Callahan is is -- news. Can be caustic and funny at times could ring can be crazy you know hasn't -- and Kirk explosiveness. Steve who is the smelly this player. You ever played with or against them -- if you -- threatened and daughter played with for a play against them but. Though he usually it's offensive linemen and those -- of brilliance and convictions which is little. Stop from the locker at me for a total story about -- -- -- -- in -- has suited to that bit didn't a lot of them do it on purpose that it that -- order Eric Howard was pretty bad movies like a pretty upon for a nice real borrow a book like that but. The other was -- stinky alignment. Next question an excellent very simple blond or Brunette it's only. My ex wives were -- Bit. Throw in your current significant other beautiful -- girl so -- want. It's absolutely blog entries and -- And go next question. When you're young what's the most amount of trouble you've gotten into NY. I mean you emotionally honest -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For feel stupid stuff that you'll tune -- feeling. OK then don't like like -- -- and a may Rebecca cognitive. The -- PW by my -- million. Most lot of trouble I get in and after this question I had some brushes with the law too late. Lot of rested but I went to a Springsteen concert was eighteen. Many of them that had gone -- but it was a third night in a row I took my younger brother and younger sister wasn't sure if I'd tickets for the -- haven't tickets and use of my friends would put my. Sixteen and fourteen year old brother and sister on the T. To go home so I went to the concert for the third -- grow -- my dad pulled me aside the next day choosing -- friends over him up. And he never let me forget how and Paris yeah he was how is he was a lesson learned. -- -- Next question is butch actually have a job he ducks. Try to figure out exactly what it is but he does it is the pulse network and chief customer officer -- people's eyes of these Graham who blow -- blow for instance. -- corrosive or cigar bar I -- cheap cigar taster. There's question that -- these cigar bar the one football players that you would love. To party -- I have to which crawled and Henry Thomas. If footer every Thomas -- -- via Austin idol Bob -- looks like follow you know I don't -- morsel. You know -- difference terrible to party with. Pro tools that the times those that would crawl. Q2 I don't know of anybody that loved -- more than if I was got a lot to like communities all world try to make on the -- but. Q what was a rookie was he's just. He's got some the bottom -- just yet. Great to be analysts say this and people -- me on this statement but he handles the spotlight pretty well. I've watched a -- he's done some dumb things. What do you do you spotlight pretty well when his group of people around engaging to almost everything but he does a very nice job he's so good with with people. Sometimes when you know he's been caught a few -- Kimbrel -- some crazy stuff but do you see you watch him with people especially with kids he's Phnom. Football expressing. Two more questions what was your very first job mine was in my dad's only support to them every summer since I was ten. Thank goodness but I was above my first job outside I was a bust for pictures. Bristol was unloading crates of milk. At a at some little group trying to grocery store in -- -- Bulger Oprah was full soda item older truck a book or give the Lisa -- bring home to -- to the family reality tours -- we couldn't drink all the mogul took a look for a job not -- Olympic Snyder refusal. And there's a question and our vital question is one for -- Steve how many pounds of Turkey. It's Steve actually eat this Thanksgiving now cumulative we're talking about the you know when I came home at night -- have had left I think we're talking about from. Told unless you cook the day before dates on the day before I think we're talking about starting Thanksgiving morning and up until today right now -- -- Turkey not anything else to deter pretax they've got to be in the neighborhood goes. 4236. Are. Easily. Easily says not even upon. Hope. Twenty to 36 ounces. Are twenty to 30000 -- credit -- yeah. How to answer the question -- sponsored by IRS restoration specialist secure property your facilities manager. Or insurance pro call -- RS to -- -- adjuster disaster restoration game plan. In place call 8774611111. Or -- served. Dot com Joseph -- did an outstanding job John all right guys John Ryder coming up next Steve. Happy Thanksgiving will be back on Sunday together for the real post it felt good my friend I'd be such as the weekend -- be good all of you take care. And we'll see on Sunday -- a real post game show.

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