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Butch and Steve Take Over Salk and Holley

Nov 29, 2013|

Butch shows up a few minutes late forcing Steve to do the open. Steve takes Butch to the verbal woodshed and lets him have it.

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On Sports Radio. WE. Well it's not exactly assault and all the we're billion for the holidays break. All the big time stars on the effective. Take a little break through my holiday book that true warriors looked through. Aficionados of sport. Will be joining you for the next. Four hours we got a whole lot of things going on on -- -- we've got -- Patriots going into Houston right now all in all I'm sorry the the ultimate professional. Chastise me recently. For not being his profession was he is decided to finally show what so butchery. Very nice to see you my friend how are you when he talked all about. You're out of breath vessels well -- I personally ordered to remove the student don't commute. You're only thirty secondly if that's no problem that's not a problem already uncovered -- An explosion -- got here to have more fun though it ornament for -- I'm good. Could acceptable. Shopping and shopping there aren't any match. How could. It's not Susan had no desire whatsoever absolutely no desire I'd -- duel on shopping ultimate fighting for a special for Christmas. Deliveries for -- Suton. I've seen some of those some of the video from some of those places amazing. Are you really but never Dolly really getting those good deals is really something that you really have to give up there and and and be apart over the just. Some sort of event that you wanna be part I think it's. Combination of a couple of things first of all retailers. To so much marketing that we get. Get inundated with that it's here right up and then the second thing is that everybody's off yet today through to everybody. Kids from college. Right in almost people's work and stiffs. Are all off so. God help you if you weren't alarm get a gallon of milk or some Kramer's. Right. Listeners. Are getting what I guess it's kind of fun you take the family around the mall used to cut deals -- put. She's an -- lastly I would wanna be part of speaking of holidays and Thanksgiving and all thanks coming on the show the other nicely done a lot of response I was actually driving down to us -- relatives house and Rhode Island and caught -- great job thanks it's you know you're right it's a uniquely New England during the whole. Thanksgiving Day football of the town get together verbally comeback for -- for for the holiday is really cool thing. And you pointed out my dad and every time we thought about it but part of me that's that's something that's. Here's a unique to the to the area and you play with guys -- a country in the pros and college and mean look at you like you're crazy that you actually playing football on thanks community. When you're also it's it was a good show mr. George. Thanks Hugh you pointed out when you called in among other things that. It's different when you become professional to play professional football and when you were Bosco or your PC obviously but. So how -- holidays of those curious about this. Most of the guys you're living in a part of a country didn't grow up and and you're not with him only emotion married you have kids in most. NFL players you that young families are don't have very it coached the had to quit at that they forget the proposed okay but it's just different all the holidays are -- just work as usual -- do you spend it with the team. It would know. You're always with the family and sometimes might have younger teammates over -- through the person goes -- miss him but. It's usually it's hard to make sure some younger guys have a place to go if you have your freedom but it -- -- -- invited to veterans place whoever believes it's just. There's something about and then. Excerpt or read from cal and column was was great -- something about that feeling of even the almighty my high school was kids from all over the Boston area in this strumming a -- Was still slumping a different a different feeling that you get and -- and it's I guess it's just. Pride in your school maybe you're young enough familiar enough. To enjoy something like that pollutes it really is different and but then again you hear. Guys from Texas talk about the playoffs and in Texas from playing in Texas Stadium for their. For the championship in front of 72000 people or or playing your high school. To the normal -- who game for a 30000 people so -- value through Q that is we have been games where there were thirty people. In in the stands at school but it's you're right it's uniquely. Uniquely knew when when bring him and I -- -- the great tradition. We're gonna have. ESPN crew guys are my two recalling jaws just this afternoon and look forward to talk to them always great insight and and to play against Charles. What I can't remember if he was still there and in the mold so many years of the cowboys in giant tell him with the words revenues -- you know but. But you know it's you don't remember I remember more reverend Cunningham from those from the right. -- and Harold Carmichael right -- connect actually Harold Carmichael came to the cowboys. Martin. My last year at the cowboys and he was commuting with me to practice has lived next door to me really only I was commuted knows where revenues commune with me to. To the polls in seven or whatever it was and whose great what is coming to us. Phenomenal. Gentlemen and great storyteller I've always look forward to that -- all right to a towards you have some of the story about -- episode of putting real good but. It's it was one of those things where you look at it and this work in even in your moon in imminent in the pros remote -- At least I was kind of in a foul mood. The whole season even before the season starts -- your remote itself reminds have to know your campaign for six months you know you have to. You know grind develops and the other aspect we've had practice quite a bit too so. You're in the holidays were never the same even Christmas was difficult sometimes and Thanksgiving is because you. You know everybody's having fun you're enjoying it and whatnot -- enjoyed being unfairly but you still vote more eager to -- hasn't it was a it was kind of a different feel. Your first year with the cowboys -- went for. So -- interest income Ron Jaworski gonna join us a little bit later on. And you know something might go over there Sam -- you take too many hits that you don't know what he played against him and I went isn't it distinction you're just coming up in trying to make it in the NFL in 1984. Jaws hanging on at the time. Right and by the way in 1985. In the second week he was replaced by -- coming to 84 was actually his last full season right with the Eagles as their starting quarter. And it's that obvious question yes I have taken two greens and at that. As well as a separate point as the head and as a rookie you're you to see your head spin and anyways so I couldn't tell you half the guys -- play against it were yours. But jaws is always include jaws is it is. Great with the analysis and that's what he does such a good job breaking things down you know he's not always -- -- breaks things down. So well what do you mean by that not only preface this because and you would you and Freddie on Sundays. I mean this is the ultimate compliment you guys watch teams differently than the rest of us do because you. You've been in films for several decades or so from from your perspective from that type guy what does jaws do that you need different better. Why is he always. Like what does he do coming out of the film mean that's the stereotype to always play but he does that. A lot of a lot of a -- -- of a -- for a long time and then and then analyzed for a long time. Even when you -- of films calls even when you break on the all point to the what do you do you still don't have a of 100%. Grasp of what. The coach may or may not be trying to do whether certain plays to set up plays for later on -- you know whether it's office leader defense we -- from summit. Okay you're doing this in mind that makes sense you're doing it because later wrongly game. -- coaches good coaches. Have a bigger picture of and then players to players look at one play of sarokin -- -- one place. -- -- great clearly the Brady or Manning are some. You don't realize that sometimes you're doing things simply to set other things up and -- sees that as well as anyone who doesn't when he breaks -- -- he doesn't break down. -- an assertive player you're always breaks down please that are that give you insight to what the game is is a ball was going on silly I just think booby. The way he's done for -- dollars that is it is protect these are great great joy and plus you get a quarterback's perspective. Quarterbacks seem too. Because in the NFL you always have to. See the whole field as a quarterback you know sometimes a linebacker you can get away with looking at the box you can look at the -- items in the running backs and quarterbacks. Quarterbacks have to -- all he breaks it down with a view. Of that I never had and I sometimes see now watching films but he he's seen it from the get go when he's always been. When I heard we we're gonna have a -- on I was listening to games yesterday and -- Sams I mean. Felt kind of states the obvious as great as he was he gives inside every once -- on the level of quarterbacks to. That I wanna watch a game where there are -- game may be I think Phil there's a there's. I'm not trying to rip the guy but he just he's not as good as some of the other quarterbacks that are analysts during the game I think he. There's there's times he says things -- learned something what he's talking about the times he predicts some combat -- Ron Amadon. It is better at times although Steve doesn't do caller what's Israel has it. The difference when you're doing the color commentary you have. Quick snippets of what you have to explain sometimes it's yeah predicated on what replace you you're given by the director and then and you set match here you still do college -- -- -- -- and I think -- the other part about those he's been in that number one rule. Wouldn't say -- for so long that. Eventually he's done so many games and the and so -- -- games two in particular. It's only times you are you hearing things okay you might have heard before but it's only because he's been doing so well for so long. I like like -- -- some dozen bullet like Ron Amadon is an analyst. In the in the pregame or postgame or halftime shows I think he's protect -- league he's he's one of the few guys that. That is capable of putting whatever. Personal biases aside and -- -- -- what he believes one of the other than him that's what's what to what it wanted to it's. The sugar coating you're not avid toes we believe -- it is great to every horse has agreed travels with a lot of active players don't don't care for calls -- that's that that's just that's the first. Ruled that he's good. That's what part of that is that he you don't know what's -- called -- Oden exposed for. Screwed up but if there's nobody believed it doesn't screw up everybody's vote no matter what promised on national -- I'm surprised and I've heard -- talk about him a lot how respected he is among you guys among his peers goods. That was a generation where you know your receiver shot up okay edged a ball into whatever right. -- a college -- nobody ever questioned his toughness his intelligence. His feel for the game any as a way of conveying it. That I think -- always is educational on Sunday night -- affirmation. Yeah he does he does a nice job while the grips -- that's wrong the I I would consider him in the top two or three. In terms of colored guys put this from guys that are just wanna listen to when there was like Edmund there's -- okay it was a please. If you put him and -- right kind of I don't know I think some better -- Aikman just sometimes seem as excited to be there at times you know him and not that you want guy. Leading cheers in the in the Booth but. -- through this certain things get excited about and maybe that would that's also made -- great quarterback he never did nothing faced him when he was when he was playing quarterback didn't matter. If you threw an interception and threw a touchdown if it did not matter flat line and Mets I guess that's part of your orbit two of you. Quarterback cornerback if you protest out to be for touchdown. It is you'll forget it instantly yours and yours is as the world players. But I -- there's a lot of things going. -- lot of things going on him in the -- at a given time. And to be able to a pared down to. Eight to 122 SoundBite is not that he's sometimes especially when your guy like those guys that have. So much knowledge and soft so much on the fuel their playing and I've seen so much in the Booth. While there were dormant sometimes see you know you want to get through the door hit two doubles but you wanna give the essence of what just happened. I mean I think there Google's has ordered or are we have four hours to do this today Steve. Yeah you know what an effect probably you do of this number one seed Bluetooth signal that you enjoy being here how. They are few I don't know who like pushing the button launched adjoining Paul from Abington -- -- -- -- an -- my friend all right we're we're setting the stage here. And we're a half hour late to might be -- mr. alrighty alright I'm sorry thirty seconds and -- Which is what's wars start we go because chastised beat budget for pressing the wrong but what -- learned you know you and -- you want -- what fun -- -- -- that you -- you guys always have a good time -- -- -- -- people always say to me you know what's it -- came when those guys -- so what we'll wait what do you want to answer that. Two I enjoy it yeah I might. I drive home -- my cheeks up in my eyeballs laugh and a half of the things I didn't hear the first time they sink in the second will work with with my. With my insight and Freddie shotgun approach to -- government if he's joking and light he's is that you don't you know for an Eagles football inside out. -- -- Of that though in the box play of the interior line linebackers he knows I don't support it. When he's sued him down and talk real football what you did on Wednesday he's music. I was you know I hope I learned a lot. Talking -- Freddie on Thanksgiving Day yesterday about. You know his -- career and and when he started out how I didn't know that he when he first went to high school he didn't really care about football. She just became Microsoft we started and we all Margaret irrationally when you might have been the greatest. One of the greatest wrestles states ever produced and I would probably so yeah -- was a cute to sport all American and high school. He said yesterday thought original one had somebody that text it and and said that it was Craig McMurtry. Somebody else they had that they had great ball and football give it resisting to hear Freddie talk about adamant when he started to get heavily recruited. And how we come -- DC when he went to -- was recruited by all. The other major schools and on the story about Senior Bowl. Where you know these guys can contingency -- address and a -- -- quote yeah Boston got a real I don't know if that's. You did see -- -- in the mobile Rosen senior Bolden did. See a different sort of thing from guys like Freddie and maybe it will be -- myself put. It was almost like we have to partial biko's -- comes from Boston to vote so pleased to play football may have felt that what I'm not a lot of guys have been. You know a few guys have done your time there wasn't what we're learning -- in years ago since then there's been a radio guy knows what. But back then it was you know the big -- is because they were from Georgia or Florida or some -- better football players and and understand that when we're looking McGwire but says that if you keep act like that so. It was one of those things where you'd you'd you'd you'd have to play with -- pretty pretty you have to because. First off he was a beast and he was one of the best nose tackles a -- game. I had no choice I had to play with a chip Marshall -- that it was a mid level athlete and had to scrap for every yeah every opportunity I have so I had no choice but to. To have that chip and and a but you could see you could see who has some ago biodiesel to watch guys walk rally they were. You know of those. Since the top dog in any situation and and then you want some women Wear really got down with some of these guys -- -- and you'd you'd see guys have come in. So as one guy -- was having Brooks or was -- is -- first round pick and number six pick overall from Dallas. Dells from Michigan. I looked up with some that it wasn't like third team all Big Ten and that means there's. 45 or six better defensive tackles in the Big -- but this -- was a study was six foot six and we're pounds and ram and active and lift it and you know just a stud athlete. It won't play in one place and really it was the most frustrating thing and used to make me so angry because. I'm sitting here this you know short fat slow white guys doing everything it can't be in league in this -- got all the tools in the world. It's like you didn't hear enough about it with that was frustrating at times. Cinched a look at that is Byron is seventeen overall. And I 85 but he was still picture that. And he's one of those kids who grew up in Detroit -- school -- Michigan yeah analysts came as a defensive tackle that -- -- middle linebacker. So you're right this is really good athlete a huge guy and an athlete. But then got there and and you use him as a reference of get all the tools in the tool box -- Just didn't really want. As a point there. Will get a whole lot of. Of stuff from from was when he got the patriots going down to Houston which. At the view this season. Everybody looked at this game instead OK that might tell you where the patriots are at that point you knew the patriots were going to be in -- no matter what. You looked at this to this Houston Texans game and said okay. Texans are going to be a team to contend with playoff team -- Houston still gonna turn around and I'm not ripping you for it because you thought this team was too talented. They -- took since. Of that. Didn't get this team ready for the for the season to its Uggla but I'll tell -- know -- now they're tied for the second pick in the draft out. And there's Houston Texans they might start thinking about in the first it. Over in my mind it quite figured what the heck let's if they don't have faith and job him as a quarterback of the EC is number one they might think about. I'm not gonna say they're tanking your blood. There's certain ways that you can assure that your in the hunt led the -- let's look at this game. On one hand you could paint the picture that. Patriots Belichick never gonna let them come -- cocky but. The debate depiction that after what happened last year. I'm a primetime game in Foxboro. That the guys that are going to be on the field they're going to be pissed off from the JJ watts this could be your quote Super Bowl. You know this is they got something to play for against the patriots -- our. Like you said first thing goes along their way images can -- -- like they've done here. You're seeing teams that are like that if the they've got enough talent that a big if they get up on you early. They could be a front running team and say okay you know this is how we're spokesman -- may play a little over their heads but. For the most part of the bill -- crappy team from the get going and it's one of those. Things don't worry you I must say it's a trap game because -- the picture should capsule women's game but they've got enough talent. Who. At least create some issues the quarterback has been good for maybe thirty minutes out of sixty minutes every game -- on some decent things here and there but. You know accuses gathered -- you look at it okay well he shouldn't be really doing all that much against this team but he's got the ability to a couple of things here in the. -- from a fan's standpoint -- -- -- Freddie will be here for the real post game show to 1 o'clock Q moved to 1 o'clock. While we're doing the show will be watching Kansas City and Denver. By the time the real post game show is over. Patriots could actually have the number one seed. In the conference of Kansas City beats Denver and the patriots win they're all tied at nine and three patriots hold the tiebreaker -- Denver and from what I can see. With Kansas City I think they hold the tiebreaker to look at the -- B six and two in the conference three and one and division games in Kansas City. Right now is wanting to win division games and six and two in the conference so. I don't know what the tyrant doesn't really matter my point is there in a position be tied -- have the number one seed -- does win this week. Every game for the remainder of the season is important for the patriots. For the exact reason you -- laid out the fact that the if they can find a way to get that number one seed. All the more important and I know go ahead tell me all about of these five seeds and sixteen the -- to Sioux boy I appreciate that I understand it. You talked to any coach and player in league. Give them the option of being number one seed or not be able to pick number one seed 99.9. Times out of hundred -- Absolutely when you look at it and say. How important is -- game. It looks like an easy schedule these are some very very important game for the patriots. You know group -- just. He's from playoff to get some much upon opening and beta animated good investment levels foresees -- of them defectors who are looking at. Looking -- A team like Kansas and Denver the could finish the season with three losses. And be number 15 seat. Five -- autopsy will be missing the B five C. For the most coastal division winners will be one through four. L five right -- can't be -- -- and -- -- one of those teams -- beaver testified. Imagine going. Thirteen of three is an eagle thirteen extremely fives assurance of far right so it's one of those things where you look at and say okay this is. And and there's no doubt that Bill Belichick says he wouldn't repeat after on the veterans would do. Would conveyed. The importance of these games. And you might not see. How important this huge -- game is in comparison to what. Will involve 345 weeks from now. But you'd hate to look back on this when you're playing ball buffalo the last game. It -- -- done this or don't matter whatever would be in line for Warner to -- one. It's it's important. I think there's -- of veterans on the team but he is enough leadership I think there's enough good coaching. These guys understand how important -- in the news. Supposedly easy games are. And we marvelous and we had to take a -- -- on the number one seed -- all right well I guess over the break I don't want it there's no way that I can put my feet up and still do the show from the number one seed. It's only problem -- here but we will. We will get to your calls were talking pictures we get the Bruins playing right now we a lot of things going on here -- we will absolutely be giving your phone calls Paul. And Billy and Jim. And Jolie when will be all over your phone calls talking patriots talked anything you wanted to talk sort we will we will be right back. After this break abortion will be -- the number one seeds.

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