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Michael Fabiano preps Danny Picard and Rob Bradford as the Fantasy Playoffs approach

Nov 29, 2013|

NFL Fantasy Expert, Michael Fabiano, joins Danny and Rob before this weekend’s fantasy action. Fabiano dishes out fantasy advice for this pivotal week in fantasy football.

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Welcome back but Maloney on Danny got Phil and with rob Bradford. Fourth and final hour. A phone calls the NFL dot com's fantasy football inside and Michael Fabiano. 61777979376177797937. Hit us up on the text like 37. 937. If you have our questions on -- today's conversation. Where it might Fabiano is brought to when he gets on bond market Jewelers. Mike is gonna join us. -- on -- we got like Bobby on all of this right now Mike what's going on which go to our guys alliger holiday I would go to college. I'll tell you have Mike it would be the whole likeable lot better Darren McFadden did anything. Well starting Darren McFadden got -- -- that your first problem -- well let's realize you're obviously there's this is not a like a plethora of running backs to choose from here. There's not a plethora of running backs that you terminate the at this point so. Rashad Jennings had another good game though for the raiders but one bad team yesterday it was the Packers. If you started anybody from that team off since their defense you are in a hole right now because they couldn't do it think not even Eddie lacy. -- successfully yesterday. What -- -- -- we got hurt what's that sort of have a demo and four he did get hurt and look like a concussion he took -- -- convert -- the back of his head but. The good thing is that Jennings is going to have a long time to pass the NFL's protocol for concussions. And hopefully be back on the football field. And time for week fourteen but he has been so so good for fantasy owners. Which is a surprise because if you remember last year when more assurance your went down -- Jennings became the guy Jacksonville. He was such a disappointment this year different team different system different back. Now you're you're goes Wellesley when the glorious Bradford it's we don't focus on the -- be focused on the future. And it's so I love that yes the volatility again ignored for -- -- pushing glass that is side I got to know about to lead gentlemen I am I cannot figure out Julian adamant should I start. That's a good question because trying to figure out the patriots in fantasy this season. Outside of Gradkowski. Has been close to impossible even Tom Brady. Hasn't had that great of -- season up until recent weeks. I'm actually looking at your team right now and typically wouldn't give advice to someone who I am in a -- wedge. Really care and really a threat unless it's my sister as I get yelled at if I don't help her. But I think you're you're right on with what you have in your lineup at this point unless you make a move off the waiver wire. Cecil shorts is playing against Joseph -- forget that general topic I'd rather have Julian out of it but honestly. That patriots team is really hard to predict because Bill Belichick well clearly doesn't -- biography as you football teams. He will put in anyone who. Really make sense based on their game plan based on matchups last week it was gentleman who knows this week it could be targets maybe it's going to be element again maybe it's in dole who's been a huge disappointment. For fantasy owners. The one guy would definitely is -- for New England outside Gradkowski that was Tom Brady. To the last three games at Texas a -- at home they've given up nineteen more fears reports speak into it Michael Fabiano nfl.com fantasy football and -- like I Taka. Michael Crabtree had rapidly. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now he's got to -- first game return we think. -- -- What should I play Crabtree or how I handle you would really need to be any deeper league or in a lot of trouble what are you replace him initially. This year is one of those situations to me at least where I'm sitting back and I'm waiting. Two things that are going against -- that number one schedules tough you'd have to play to our readers it -- healthy and it legion of boom here in the next couple weeks. End if you talk to players and our budget Biamila is -- the office who actually used to play for the readers that dolphins chargers. He suffered a torn Achilles -- he says it's the hardest injured come back from and when your wide receiver making run it it is making cuts in writing that kind of thing. I would add the weight back in C sort of attitude when it comes to Crabtree. This week when they play the rams. Michael I Jordan Cameron has them declined pretty steadily this season. Are there any other options out there isn't time to bench Cameron. I liken this week to be quite honest with you I know he hasn't been good. But the play in the -- this week they've given up the the most Spanish she points at tight ends since week nine right around thirteen Casey points per game on average. And if you looked at Cameron's numbers when he has brain in -- -- -- much better than they -- with Jason Campbell under center they seem to have a better report we'd like to go to him so. I keep the faith unless of course you have an elite tight end in Cameron like a rock like a Jimmy Graham for sampler Julius Thomas depending on his status. I would stay with Cameron for one more week. I am Mike we're gonna go to or call me AT&T hotline at six on 77797937. A Jimmy in the cause a question for such a regard. With somebody. I'm sort -- questions. I the river and Russell Wilson I'm deciding which -- opponent. And then Christian on then or is actually he depending on -- he they've got to play what is concussion from art collector edition. At quarterback and go to rivers did matchup does it look good on paper but keep in mind the angles have been a lot tougher at home against quarterbacks than they have been. On the road in the State's defense has been pretty good against quarterbacks this season. Tony Romo barely score tent there's two points against them a couple of weeks ago that awful game for the cowboys were they give up over -- appears to push the state attorney backs. I go river -- I would expect gigantic numbers from either one of these two quarterbacks. At running back right now looking at CJ CJ. Dominated the colts the last and that -- at least it was a first court domination which was a couple of touchdowns good enough to help you out. But it -- Stacy is active I'll tell you something. I know the match of the stuff but this kid has been gang -- he's been fantastic. If Stacy is active I trust him more than I trust Chris Johnson but at least you have a viable alternative there see what happens with Stacy practiced today if he gets in a full. Practice that's good news if it's limited. You're probably going with CJ. Spiegel Mike -- which are ready got Mike. And -- -- Baghdad Iraq. -- road start him or Frank Gore the name or not he has not some kind of injury -- his -- But it has never -- -- and declining every year and beyond acting game. Yet to spare -- but to experience -- first thing I thought ideal picture for the Yankees. I like -- this week I know his numbers have declined in this is a sort of monitor that ankle situation. I think he's going to be fine personally and. This is a really good match up against the St. Louis Rams. Their defense is really struggled against -- index infected giving up the fourth to a stated she points to running back on the road. I am probably sticking with francoeur unless we hear something. That's detrimental. In terms of this ankle injury taking your fantasy football questions from Michael Fabiano nfl.com. Chris is in Boston it's actress. -- Five running back and I can only start there with the -- in -- the other. And -- summer -- at Stephen Jackson and -- Johnson creek my dining and even currently. Which to which I don't. Right now Steven Jackson is probably going to be a guy gonna start Dennis Johnson I don't know they trust him. -- -- is still the starter there. Your problem is going to be with no -- Marino because. He could be limited or not play at all this week again it's a case of checking the Friday practice reports which we don't have for the Broncos just yet. If -- practices that -- active if you played for the -- as he's played pretty fancy team and the security back I would start despite the fact that don't like the match up. Is Stephen Jackson you just can't trust relief right now. Obviously he can't trust him he's fumbling the ball too much he didn't play a snap after he fumbled last week in that amazing game against Denver Broncos. He could end up being in the started this week in had a great game he could end up being third or fourth on the depth -- do nothing. It's just hard to trust him right now would you sit really on the -- yet. It all depends on what happens if -- really get -- starting job back at some point -- I don't know that he's necessarily lost it because I don't understand what. Bill Belichick's doing with that backfield none of us really do it's it's really conundrum but. If really gets back up prominent role in that offense where it's Wrigley and -- it's for green then you can play -- -- -- RB two or -- but this week. Guys I don't know how you trust him I really don't know I trust him after he sat most of last week because he can't hold onto the football not Mattson Waltham what's up Matt. And centrist and particularly now -- -- -- -- Michael Florida markets calls. Michael Floyd is got a fantastic match up over the last two weeks he's got 297 yards and a touchdown. The Eagles have not been able to stop the pass this season Colston has been a major disappointment he's playing in Seattle that match up go to Michael Floyd. I'd like god that's a lot great job angle like this weekend right before you go all right -- don't yet know before you go give us one name he's he just had a lot of great advice give us one name out there that people might not be. Jumping at starting or maybe they've been sidetracked by the Turkey day one name heading into Sunday we say. You might not be paying attention but you should be paying attention this guy Josh McCown. And it looks like it's gonna be a one week thing one more week because color could be back in week fourteen. He has done very well replacing Cutler in the lineup. He is a viable started the streak against the vikings know home defense has given up more -- points to quarterbacks than Minnesota. So if you need to signal caller this week I guarantee Josh account -- probably available in -- league. Problems start for this week. That's a good -- alike. -- -- -- Take your guys right all right have a good weekend Michael Fabiano nfl.com fancy football inside at today's conversation went like Fabiano. Brought you finally gets on a bomb making it. Jewelers that the -- is called an -- fantasy football questions please tell -- all up and Crabtree. I mean clearly he does not think of a threat not only because he's advising me and what to do unless he's rope a doping me. Then then I I I feel disrespected IPO disrespect. But being glorious Bradford. Will prevail. Will prevail.

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