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Peter King, SI, reacts to Mike Tomlin’s potentially costly mistake on Thanksgiving Day

Nov 29, 2013|

Peter talks football with Danny Picard and Rob Bradford after yesterday’s action in the NFL. He thinks that Mike Tomlin’s mistake was an accident but he still deserves a fine because it was a clear violation of the rules.

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Welcome back Alan but three -- villain and updated caught you with rob Bradford Sports Radio WTI has patriots Friday. -- came from SI dot com Monday Morning Quarterback he's gonna join us. In just a few moments we'll get an overall NFL playoff picture and more specifically AFC. Now last night ball a lot. And Pittsburg. I mean Baltimore wins -- wanted to want yes rob but. Pittsburgh was there at the end images missed two point conversion naturally -- out there it was again. But also I mean you look at and this could have been effective but. It ought to look like all. In the way -- -- always a players hold a coat to. I don't understand go to our white chocolate it's there whatever it's clearly did that parts. Clearly he took his right -- You know what it inbound. And play and then stepped out of the way you got away first purposely and then. Got out of the. Yes and and out of chapter US -- Is saying that the NFL. Is. Going to review this incident. Because it is viewed as over the line -- you laugh about it. I don't even know what he is don't stand -- -- -- back to what I mean he was. It was weird he had his back to the play he was looking. It was like he was Landis and his head this is what it has got to do and -- almost got to do everything he could to make it look like he did it by accident. But be careful. To not clearly we know rob them just from receipt Mike Tomlin that was -- On talk about the personal and affiliates and patriots Texans. We bring in -- came from SI dot com Monday. Morning quarterback a conversation repeated and sponsored by the -- insurance outfit tie it and Toyota of national. -- and AT&T hotline data I don't. It would go and I carrier repeater appear what would you take that take away from the Tomlinson last. I don't think -- intent matters in any way shape or form. You're never gonna prove that Tomlin did it on purpose he certainly would never admit it and said after game last night that. He takes responsibility. And has since it was an accident get caught up -- fortunate thing on the video board so. But that that doesn't matter at all practice. That. He was -- you're not even supposed to be Garnett six for quite quite strike. That is what. The officials. You know used to run up and down field during game. And once the place starts you're not even close beyond that now the -- -- there blame because this is that not in force well. Over the years I'm I'm sure you know -- and make it a point of emphasis now and well that -- which is deemed crucial. The ironic thing is that. You realize that every game before every NFL game officiating crew. Goes up to head coach an hour before -- there's two different officials goat go into your head coach before every game. And affable bunch request. You have any trick plays that you want to warn us about the evidence he ebony same. You saw on -- from the other team you have. And one of the questions they ask them is who -- get back code. And you know when I first heard about -- in her lap and get back though. But this is this is the coach who is responsible war. Somebody on the staff who's responsible for keeping everybody off that white straight -- getting everybody back and obviously to get back coat last night. Didn't do his job by the Steelers might come and we're getting bet that this thing. Probably going to be fine for this there's no question about it. -- -- materially affected play. In an NFL game and that it cannot happen and what's. We're also -- and I mean people in new angle of this that the clean slate clean crew. How in the world do you not see that company officials are seven officials during game. Nobody sees Mike Tomlin would put on the field nobody sees. It Jacoby -- haven't change. It is is -- -- along the sidelines and meeting. Allowing courts as talent to tackle because. He couldn't keeps printing -- four point 38 speed. On the sidelines yet it's such out. -- mean the NFL it's got to hit -- -- come down on this and -- Tomlin and and and make sure. That the officials used to this point of emphasis every game from now on -- Yeah out IC that either side could they have given Baltimore touchdown -- -- -- the ruling if they if they -- in -- fit. I don't I don't know the answer to that I don't think so. I don't think so I think that the only thing they couldn't -- they could've done. He's given Tomlin. Unsportsmanlike conduct an added fifteen yards to the end of Iran. That's the only thing I think because of them. -- saw about the laws that they beat Pittsburgh last night speaking with deputy -- SI a dot com Monday Morning Quarterback at it let's get -- real quick a couple of games yesterday before that. Tony Romo throws with 225 yards and -- what one touchdown no receptions -- every have you seen enough for Tony Romo. To believe that this -- and this cowboys team this year that they're for real in the NFC. Now. I haven't I mean. First of all. You know. They yeah they were in freefall -- crisis. -- -- strong work that they were in crisis five days ago. And they'd be allowed leader ninth team and and a man -- not a very good Oakland team and yes I am not trying to -- style points wins. They played well -- -- to win at the middle into thinking the giants had to have that is a very good win. But I mean if you ask me right now what happens is they go up against Francisco in the war of New Orleans just totally embarrass them. Three weeks ago. I mean you know this is the cowboys are nice competitive scene are hit particularly guardian NC straight now like Philadelphia. I might be wrong Philadelphia could -- to Arizona this weekend by. -- if they played at a neutral field right now I think although he's better I view it look I've always. Thought that Romo got sort of unfairly gash. As a choking quarterback. For maybe five plays. He's made late in the fourth quarter and overtime of gains. But her record is what the record is and at some point. This is still going to be -- about this guy until he wins speaking in York. As a as a quick go to that game have you seen the worst onside kick attempt the -- -- -- prophetic that three times in a row I don't Peter I don't know. I don't know what are you thinking there that would stunning. That would. -- and how that I mean you've what you almost wanna say you know how in. It's sometimes you watch. Our hockey games and you know you've got the the shootout at the end. And you all of a sudden look down and and you say. EDE you know like I mean like summit doubles it. So I'd look down and I would say -- why -- it you're near yarder taking the first penalty shot or -- Shot on goal in every one he did in every one in the shoot out thing -- -- -- great football score from all sides. Analysts thinking industry watchers that you know okay so they've seen this. Probably practice over the years. That Sebastian Janikowski lousy -- -- kick went to a reporter do you like to let market king the -- do it everybody in the in this stadium knows. He's on site -- with the putter appeared he'd better and the clearly. You know Bobby April's one of the best special teams coaches in football -- -- special teams -- it shock. That Sebastian Janikowski. Was so bad three times in a row off Bobby April does go. And nothing not to make this an onside kick cover station but to do what he did it would -- it's put the ball on the ground next the T in the -- think that I'm going to spend it. And that's gonna make it hard to handle which is even true. Here I don't know you know I think the best onside kick is when you lined a ball straight up. That CE not leaning in anyway but you'll find it straight -- the street at -- and get it but probably eke it out some way I -- here. Then it's a jump ball. You know you can practice that enough to know if you kick it like -- it's going to be a jump ball -- twelve -- them down -- You know everything about Oakland they're gonna be a great onsite to lose. You know they've got over it because it felt it was in all he. Call receivers and not saying that he used to be all read transcripts papers could be younger and little. And so either it was a total debacle. -- might -- my last question vote. Yesterday's games. We talked about douse the Detroit Detroit again you're you're sure your lat courts here are OK okay have you ever seen. Never walked to where you from Thanksgiving football and -- While portrait with the best team on TV can borrow -- not just nine years here at all. I would think it was like it here ever bit Urquhart who are there ever been a time in my life. Where at 10 o'clock at night -- everywhere he goes skiing today Detroit with a -- myself I don't think it's ever happen. No -- -- that leads me to a question is so recent Detroit and we walked away from Thanksgiving steak while Detroit which really good like that -- -- Along the lines of what you're talking about -- Dallas should we actually considered Detroit as a contending team for the Super Bowl. No question about it I do black. How many times this year. If they didn't read it you obviously inconsistent. And quite poorly. And recruit a week ago where they looked awful. Recorder for the game at Pittsburgh. I mean could eat yogurt how many times. Where you're you kicker hope so about hurry. And then you're saying. You know -- -- not weird thing they could mean streak now. You know I think. When you haven't -- sleeper gunslinger kind of are being played quarterback which I think Matthew Stafford is. You know you can play great three games in a row and then you're gonna have or interception clunker that you what happened -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And when you view that there's nothing wrong with that put except that. You know you're liable -- very -- I have here is pure player like that that I guess they either. I think the big difference in that scene right now is -- And America and you know he's been heard a lot this year. Yesterday coach who exactly wouldn't give this guy it's suppose you're gay it's supposed to be -- -- Three times -- just walk. -- -- -- the left tackle for Green Bay back into the back field back into Matt Flynn. And I guess -- seen it myself that this guy. Everybody always knows it's -- and clearly are going to be tough to block in the middle of that line but now. You can't focus all your energy -- and clearly when you have a legitimate. Premier. Pass first or at least he's playing like it outwardly healthy. But legitimate -- structure in the alt and some asthma and you know so it is the fifteenth helping. And doesn't turn it over all the time on offense they can beat any team in the court. They don't appear to king SI dot com Monday Morning Quarterback in the AT&T hotline Sports Radio WEEI. -- back -- Back to AF CNN at the playoff picture last night. After that Baltimore went with Baltimore at six the net AF CN and here in Boston went on -- look at the entire playoff picture is not that it is really set its own. Even with don't talk to recede but. Pittsburgh I mean you put them out of another five and seven you got a handful -- teams there in the next Tennessee apartment six San Diego apartment six jets. Miami at five and six I mean it is Pittsburg Don and -- knowledge they still have a shot. Well you know the only way the only way to get an extra run able. So because some one of those bed -- one of those mediocre teams. You're gonna go 97 pick out which one it is I don't think any of Merkel and and six. The one I'm gonna go nine and seven. And or maybe more than one and then -- you go to the tiebreaker. So. You know -- the Steelers ran the table and be involved. There -- nine and seven yeah and in fact they have Cincinnati coming to Pittsburgh. Which obviously you would think. You know as it is much easy say look -- her out of it. I'm not sure like Cincinnati -- at Pittsburgh -- Pittsburgh. You know it Levy -- belt didn't take too hard hit last night. If he's not going to be how long it would possible concussion. If you know at first still breathing part I I do think that. Air that last night's game was bordering on channel and an -- It -- question for me we haven't talked to you since the Denver patriots game. -- thing that you take out of that game that formed your opinion on what's gonna happen as we get. Close to the Super Bowl because a lot of the conversation all son became well here earlier -- teams everybody the patriots have entered into. That and Denver being the two teams. Did anything change your mind from -- for the game to after the game. I'm not a lot Clinton I mean that the game that either team could one. And give credit to the patriots her. You know being fantastic. Against the wind in the third quarter. Answer it's an absolutely fantastic performance by them. And you know do -- say that. You know Peyton Manning got to be able to make one worker right in the second -- he needed to and he couldn't get it done. And the amazing thing is it and again I wasn't clear but just you're you're hearing. You know people do in the game and everything that yet -- Brady leads almost touchdown drives in the third quarter against the wind -- goes. Eleven plays eighty yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter -- excellent. And it just really. -- are just kind of mind boggling in the way that game played out but I mean out of our. I think two things going forward number one. That. We always knew. That Peyton Manning was going to be affected by weather in some ways. You really picked the wrong team if you want to win another Super Bowl eating in you know ultimately because you know at. In the AFC -- January. Home field advantage Peyton Manning is that really such a great. -- helped pave because he clearly I bet he is about right now by the 85%. You know in terms of how we can grip the ball throw the ball spin the ball. The velocity and yet on it is isn't what he was five years ago I mean it's clear making excuses just light. So I'm not sure it won't be -- Denver is all that vital of course they'd rather play at home but. You know and and -- here especially the reason why you have to say to yourself. Got -- you know Manning playing probably two potentially bad weather games in January. In order to get to the potentially worst weather site. In Super Bowl history. I mean you know you almost have to say yourself. -- VEL. Is that the cargo ship start lined up for meaning this year but on the other side. Brady reinforce the fact that he's one of the best that -- quarterbacks of all time here. Don't want -- actually did the patriots I -- in the majors to run the table here the end of the season last five games and I also think that Kansas City. -- gonna have a. A lawsuit to read on the road but this weekend if we look at that that first. You know that first round -- and that number one seed in the road to the Super Bowl golds through you know even Denver on a wing and a Kansas City. Is is this is done at Kansas City does then need to lose this for the patriots. Have a shot a realistic shot that once it. You know I don't know I mean I think it depends. A lot on the health of -- down the stretch. You know Kansas City is not positioned well. To beat Denver this weekend. Both of their prime parent searchers who we've really been falling off anyway. Just being -- -- than and come Ali. -- you know are now whole question marks really. For the month of December how effective they'll be and certainly for Sunday permanently at least one of them that are gonna play. And the other thing for Kansas City that I think hurts them this weekend. Supposed to be sunny and fifty degrees that are -- a -- and they were very low win. And so you know and you look at that you'd say that's compared to what the -- just played in its Las Vegas in July. So you know again. I don't think it's being lined up really well for -- city. Our data that's a lot a great job as always talked against him. Some great atmosphere. Judy king it can't conversation sponsored by the plants insurance outfit. Toyota of Nashua pitching SI. Dot com Monday morning quarterbacks in NFL talk playwright and has patriots Friday.

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