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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, brings the latest on the Patriots before they head to Houston on Sunday

Nov 29, 2013|

Mike Reiss joins Danny Picard and Rob Bradford to preview Sunday’s game in Houston. Although the match-up looks to favor the Patriots, Mike cautions that the playing surface at Reliant Stadium could be a potential injury hazard.

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Welcome back not Maloney on David caught Phil and and also with rob Bradford there on Sports Radio WEEI. Special thanks to DJ being joined us last segment. Now we're gonna switch -- and football patriots and the Texans. This Sunday and obviously as it is don't know -- break I gambit. It's a little bit tougher for me to get fired up with this coming up -- -- that -- fight happened not right now the talk more about this recurring and like Greece. -- from ESPN boss not conversation with -- brought you like an awful. Power equipment outfit via an. KG AA -- -- Germany Mike. I don't happy Thanksgiving. Q well did -- do while we're out there thanks thanks to you and have the same -- -- so what are we click on not at Gillette obviously the story is. Greatly at the -- how do you move forward with this guy he has reached out for some advice on the fumble and issues -- a little bit. Well he has he spoken with a lot of people one of them is Kevin Faulk and he's probably the best. I example. To look back on -- as a guy who had some struggles early in his career and was able to turn it around. I think that the the main point here is that if -- the patriots coaching staff. How much confidence can you have in this guy who lost. You'll fumbling each of the last three games his prior to that had a big inching forward in this season opener. Has had issues before we get into the point in the season with a margin for error gets a little bit more -- -- a mistake like that. Cannot just -- -- game but can -- he's been when you get into the playoffs. One of the top issues facing the team going forward. You know Michael we we came off the Denver game -- I've had the conversation a lot of respect trained for a lot of people. Because also the patriots were no question asked. One of two teams that could make an inseparable from the AFC that we know that that that's not the reality but that was a conversation. For you what was the biggest thing that changed in terms of perception coming off that game. Really honestly -- nothing change for me perception wise I think it only solidified. But thought that probably the most admirable characteristic. Of both this patriots team. That if you're gonna beat them. You're gonna happen not come out. Because they're gonna fight right to the end even if they dig themselves a 24. To nothing hole against the team that. Many consider one of the best in the league that would be really. The the main thing -- chuckle from that I think the other saying. Is the weather and how the weather changes. The way big game is played in certain places. And when you have Tom Brady and the team that has sort of traditionally been pretty good in those situations. You can sort of feel good about them coming down the homestretch. And maybe ask some more questions about the other team Denver. Who I think a lot of people figure who has you know had the -- ticket maybe not easy but had the ticket to. To the favorite you know the driver's seat here in the AFC east so they'd be raised to more questions about them than it did for me you don't change your perception on the patriots. And a lot of the talk was it was Tom Brady and what he did in the second half like but I look at the Patriots defense. And you know this scheme that they use and I think they really confuse Peyton Manning but you look at individuals and JD Collins Dane Fletcher. I got those guys stepped up huge we always talk about this patriots team you know next man up approach. And how much credit do you give those two guys for what happened there in the second half against them. Well I I think you've got to give them credit how I I they're piecing it together and make that run run over I mean really. The Broncos ran right through them and but I think they sort of are resilient and they were willing to concede a little bit in that area. -- be a little bit stronger in the in the passing game and really. That could've gone either way. I mean I think. After the game we talked about navy radio doing Manning but. Not that they don't muffed that punt and we could be talking about a tie and the whole thing you know whole discussion is different so. I really do believe that you know definitely credit the defense and credit the offense -- the special teams. I defensively. You know they lost Wilfork picked last Tommy Kelly they lost Jerod Mayo you go to this team Allan Houston they lost Brian Cushing and it sort of fall apart. In many ways it's so I think it's a credit to maybe the debt the coaching -- been able sort of piece it together even when it happened a pretty. Those are so Mike now we're looking forward to Houston and heard it mentioned earlier today that not a lot of people are talking about the trap game part of this even though Houston before the year. Was very talented team was very highly thought of do you think there is a potential that fall for this patriots team to be trapped in -- it come away from Houston with a now. Well I certainly think that it is a trap -- -- but attract game probably this is this is it. Becoming not Q prime time games against top teams in Carolina in Denver you're going on the road on a holiday week. I think they'll all put all those things together and you can't help but sort of exhale if you're human and how do you fight that sort of that mental challenge and I asked Logan Mankins and you know how -- how they gonna do it. He hated it probably helped them that they face to this team twice. Last year late in the season when in a lot of ways it's the same team I mean the personnel happen. You know not wholesale changes down there -- great point yeah well let's see you know it's one thing that they hit and it's nothing to grow and do it I I will say. And I watched them the Texans last week they lost at home to the jaguars. And -- much I would be surprised if they watched any place for -- because if you watched that scene in Europe player. It's hard to get mentally up for that because they just looked awful and in many areas so they they ethnical background and look at some of the other games like you know. Seattle one of the better teams in the league you know they've they've lost to them by a field goal in overtime of the coal. They lost to them by F -- goal at home. In early November reflecting back that -- Belichick it's sort of hit on hey you know let's pretend -- jaguars team last week didn't happen here. I want table at some of the other example earlier in the year back to meet up with the developer of medical challenges such as it is. Physical test because it is that's sort of natural letdown situation. My Spiegel Mike -- ESPN Boston on the AT&T hotline on WEEI like. Brandon Spikes was -- upgraded to questionable before the last game what are we look at that with him him -- -- and has helped and that -- He's battling through knee injury did and I -- watched him on Wednesday sort of really I don't want him limping but definitely didn't look like he was. Walking very smoothly that he was coming from the locker room you know through the hallway at the stadium tough guy and the -- guided. I think it's really brings that physical edge and they need him without doubt Wilfork and Kelly in the Middle -- sort of the you know their best run defender so that's going to be something to watch closely. The really managing health situation would continue at this. All Mike if you do your part about linebackers Dane Fletcher was a guy who who popped up policy out of nowhere Everett certainly popped up and did more than he had done all year. Do you sense that that was the start of something that we're gonna see more and more or assists this contingent on injuries. I think about one rob what's probably more -- specific because they were playing their sub defense -- Ford down linemen two linebackers and five defensive backs and they just wanted to get more speed on the field and he gets Fletcher who. You know little more of an athletic guy runs better than Donte' Ike Taylor who is about 270 pounds could almost be a defensive end in some -- so I think. Specific to why -- apple. -- like it did it was probably more about their game plan. But we have seen Fletcher in the dime defense sort of that's sort of -- flights today and it's interesting because they've lost. Jerod Mayo for the year and may have used to do all these things and other -- used in 234. Different players. To fill that role and Pletcher has sort of a 25%. Flight that Jerod Mayo high. And depending on the game plan you could see more of them. I like this week I would think unless there's an injury situation that number probably comes down could I would guess that probably being their base defense. A little bit more than the -- against the Texans. Mike -- you know we know -- has been a little banged up we just mentioned spikes it I look at the schedule for the patriot movement for that you stand. -- Cleveland Miami Baltimore buffalo. They did do pretty well regardless I think of the injuries. Is what is dirty situation where maybe -- -- big picture is seized the playoff says hey let's get to the playoffs. As healthy as possible and maybe we see is some some more some rest of the guys like spikes to -- The next five weeks. Well it's really good point game because he always does but at the same time balances it against the idea that we're gonna keep. Playing here like we're not we're not going to be that hole. Who had a chance to look at a couple years ago for a perfect season -- they pull back the reins in and rested a lot of guys. Belichick is always gonna keep his foot to the pedal no matter what well at the same time picking his spots. With a few players -- say you know what this guy definitely could use a couple of weeks the rest but I don't think we're there at this point -- -- we have. I've been here left on the on the regular season schedule it's still a lot can change and that's one point. I think -- -- is big to meet this week. I'm thinking about a trip to Houston the last time the patriots were there a terrible playing field and Wes Welker -- his ACL. On the bed field non contact injury. So to me like one of those injuries in a situation like this can quarterly Alter the picture. Standing -- sort of build your point but I just don't think we're there at this point in the start hitting guys right now. Maybe Q3 four weeks down the line if they keep winning but that's something to watch out for. This weekend that that Houston field. Is sort of piece together product patch is a natural grass and not the type of field I'd want to be playing on as a player. You know trying to avoid injury. I'm Mike thanks a lot great job we'll talk to some. Thank -- of a great weekend Mike aren't -- Mike -- ESPN Boston our conversation with my agrees brought you by an awful power equipment Tom -- tie and he and the noble. A division of Merck KG AA. -- -- --

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