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DJ Bean, WEEI.com, checks in with Danny Picard and Rob Bradford

Nov 29, 2013|

Danny and Rob bring in DJ Bean to discuss the Bruins embarrassing loss to the Red Wings and to preview the post-Thanksgiving Rangers-Bruins match-up. DJ also shares his thoughts on the underwhelming performances of Brad Marchand and Loui Eriksson.

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Welcome back on -- and Danny makati it would rob Bradford Sports Radio WEEI. DJ being. Bruins inside of the WEEI dot com is gonna join us in just a moment. I'm gonna -- his ranges Bruins game. This afternoon 1 o'clock at the -- after that the Celtics play the cavaliers at the -- -- ranges. You know all that. They look a little different from last year's playoff team because. If finally plan Brad Richards -- asked bill they have a different coached yes they last year Brad Richards what daughter Ella was I mean put on the fourth line. Even help you stretch them that was the that's to me is the dumbest decision. You could possibly possibly make as a coach in the Stanley Cup Playoffs Brad Richards. Is. So expect him today the Bruins made last on the -- additional -- Nice little -- on Hendrick Lundqvist option open ambivalent. Celebrate yesterday listed in your bureau very popular talk show host Boston trying to be okay no no you you're there and you're there. So if somebody called up and said name me the Bruins coach did you do it. If somebody came up to you know you called up to name the Bruins coach -- you do load due together to go well because what he thought we have that -- incident where. The New York. Talk show host didn't know the name of the new well. Well all while. I am doing all they go on and majority had -- -- it. I say it correct I don't know all the other one other person to say better a being personal lines and debris WAI dot com joins us and AT&T hotline it's -- -- What's happening I hit it SA DJ. Say the name of the brew mobile operators wanted it because I say that article out first scream at -- poetic. -- as fair as I TJ. That or you could say let's get right to it people want an all closed door meeting got -- Look I mean I think it's just pretty much normal before after -- won a lot like that. When you're forced to practice on Thanksgiving is the result is saying guys. -- we're playing good -- like directly or played any team you can have an acrylic I note the -- their flashy in the peace -- to Portugal and some. There without two of their top guys and I'm pretty sure that the -- -- in that effort. And where that offensively stagnant in running around their own golden that a lot of easy even the sabres would be -- so. It what in particular to the rumbling just blowing amount hoosiers are really really or effort on their part. Well I think -- -- ethic I don't look at the look at themselves in the mirror and say this is what we do. DJI whit Dennis Seidenberg is saying is a possibility for today against the ranges. You obviously his absence has been felt with this team and I think you start couple times and that red wings game the other night I get a Quaid back let's Seidenberg. We can't overlook the fact that when they do have a game like that and you mentioned -- run around we can't overlook the fact that Seidenberg it is not on the -- with an easy what do we think that we. Will we see him today cloture is a possibility but we're gonna put your money and Seidenberg plant they were to. I would execute birthday dear I know that he's getting getting closer -- Personally I'm running the team which I'm almost positive I'm not. Even with the Quaid I had no problem with them totally taken their I was in the -- -- Dennis Seidenberg as far as importance of the Bruins go aren't much different levels. It's an 82 game season and that is this -- -- bit. Has shown in the past certainly last year -- -- my age but we're around controlling their -- during the regular season as long as they're all good for the policy so. I don't -- guy like Dennis Seidenberg back in what I have someone like Matt Burke county who really holding his own and Kevin Miller of the deer turned the province yesterday. But he was doing fine. In place of of those guys so. They're able -- and move. -- weather and storm without those guys and now he's the counterargument is Galvin out there weather this -- that I get to rattling like etc. we just kind of let the disaster and something of an aberration so it. It probably grew and I hold off on that -- -- look I know that he's 1000%. Help. You know DJ -- -- Robert spirited group and pharmacies in the break which we always do you know that. You know we you know I'll always have some spirited Bruins conversations. With you know whatever comes up -- -- -- -- gotta go call it exactly. Solo home I'll bring a ball one of which -- we I guess there is it OK you know what do you trade if you with a broad. Who is a guy that if you are gonna talk trade. With the Bruins I know a little ways to go why do you have to train fellow. It's a weekly got time to be fired up about this so. He said he said the -- that might enter the conversation because you have a surplus defense ms. barker host beat the guy who is almost traded last year. So number one do you do it number two. What are they neat well what do you think eventually as we go down the road here that you might start hearing those kind of conversations. Wolf first and foremost I'd trade the popular vote to suggest that the Earth's plates he need to make it true. Listen I always tell listed that's yet. TJ if you don't -- holes if you know nothing which is it might be accurate to give me the you'd go bad I never settle. I'd never settle the -- we were not resting on our laurels -- not doing here we're not going anywhere I'm not doing with the Bruins. You're ready for a judgment of the worst they're Jersey and in sports right that's what you would always make the change to the beautiful long. -- -- northeastern or buffalo yeah those do -- but but I mean it's a good player rod thank you art major but if you try to make him in the Bruins. You have someone who are no -- as all the time but I true I firmly believe it yeah I don't think he's just blowing smoke I don't think he's just. What was that the -- he -- that yankees prospect something Duncan who. Shelley Duncan. That they had a couple but if there was one Duncan who is terrible and awaited the iPad and you would not say that you could tell it all they want to retreat. Anyway they're not that would not -- is -- part of it do you generally is a potential top Florida and on another team here at the top organized hurt you can summon the proper equipment which you see in black. Or at least Hamburg so. -- You -- -- the spot here at long term outlook they want and -- idea. But seeing equated it more which I personally or I'm very -- not our so the piece that they have. He's a blast that they need to go out in debt and meet -- I don't even know -- what you need. -- -- whatever that's that's the other part of our conversation that's like that's why I don't like our last we'll hear it being -- and you ought to get offensive depth but -- you replied superb so far one of the best. The -- -- -- -- didn't have been excellent really the only area where you kind of stretch here at a point is the second line because you have. Maybe the best two way player in the game. In Patrice Bergeron. But it's better but your blood test to a third brigade Patrice Bergeron. Brad -- and obviously he's just been very frustrating so unlucky one and it can move very -- upgrade -- spot. In their efforts how both -- optics -- I'm going to do the -- you aren't that good. You obviously -- in our field that walked in the last couple weeks but. Satellite been solid it will be good Lucic has been very good. So if there's any area right now if you need to upgrade anything. It's thought that second line but I don't touch on the Bruins because when they made that trade when they need to -- -- trade. Well probably it now but. The idea was that that second line with Bergeron between two very good two way wingers Ericsson and market to -- on the special. It -- certain country to result but I think you have to wait a bit on March and from the big girl but never thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ericsson so part of the conversation that we had in our awesome first hour of the show which was. The conversation changes you expected from the Bruins team when you were talking about them in August and then now we're dropped in a year Black Friday so. -- -- -- -- When that trade was made and I can't remember if you were one of these guys but -- Erickson was the diamond Iraq the guys that. Once he gets the Bruins everyone's gonna get a chance to see what type of player this is he was hidden in Dallas. Has he met your expectations. -- and that and that's the good things that didn't work bringing that up because that was. That was the story the accord was telling I was I was guilty of that as well I'll -- Ericsson. It really disappointed but you've got a -- injury -- -- guy who. He's got these. He scored but public art the actually shot the puck into the net that's what I'm kind of -- defeat. More American you -- a lot of options and things like that and redirect so good for him but no it -- your question Ericsson has not. Dabbled in at the highlight reel goal that you're expecting to see what he thought here. She was supposed to be basically what you were getting through its agent offensively. Except more engaged player and someone who understands the -- a game. I think he's going to be I just don't think he's bad right now about these are really could go that. The -- flies. At least over the last. Ten or so games so I think he's just starting to feel comfortable you look at a guy coming off injury and you can even apply it to Soderbergh where is for a couple weeks back. -- -- But maybe not that it shall die and then -- you get the guilt or not to get comfortable -- the -- suddenly he's. I am shocked to think about Karl Soderbergh but I'll I'll update our oil and gas -- heard. And I had he would -- Ericsson. -- he showed he has skill and he showed that Pittsburgh -- gets that puck through his legs arms and rectify police are. Ericsson has still what I see from Marie -- DJ and and agree that this agreement would have -- bank. I see a guy who is now a team. That focuses on defense. Leads to offense and I see Erickson at times may be not pick up this assignment in his own zone. Maybe not mean -- -- is a two way player. But to me defensively there have been times where maybe he's still trying to get. Is still trying to get it together with the system and I think that once he does that. He had the injury also try to gel -- new line mates want to puts altogether. I think the offense will com I don't think -- the type skill it's again -- I think that the Bruins knew that as well. I think the gorilla fund and god it was going to be a have good enough skill to go along also play defense of hockey and -- -- a rely more reliable guide for the Null. Also you mentioned Riley Smith. Right and went rob brings up the question hottest team that moves I don't agree they should make moves. -- all I don't even think that the question should come up if you asked my opinion. But mainly because they don't really anything in years past. They needed someone we look at that third line. And we say out any ads in the navy veteran wing and maybe this maybe that you know last year -- I don't play in the second line app that what you made moves. You know. They don't need help on the third on this third line. At times is the best line and many times the last couple weeks this modest and it sort of. Right in any cheer -- point. You're correct in part time not even in defense and nobody even just breaking apart wrote in through the neutral zone. Were he clearly was not on the same page -- -- and even Bergeron I and so again Kate and kind of feeling his way through it. Viewpoint about depth in how to rally here everyone keeps saying all right that are the Bruins lucky if you throw in the stadium deal. That was that has a look -- -- surely set our it would give it -- they didn't. Enriched our early -- hopefully Erickson and that will close our eyes in the region to happen to go to pre game. They -- typically lauded wrote that it's done all the way back it's college days. It's Miami of Ohio they liked him and he -- to be legitimate. A legitimate dark for them. He has so she's the reason that you guys are just allude to is the reason that when you. When you are getting scored or whatever you wonder what moves to the scene he makes you really don't need to make any moves because this was supposed to be. It is the issue with this team right it was the -- life yet it's still not a bad year in -- god knows what skating with them. This has worked so far in the but it wasn't surprise for them and I think the reason why they don't need to go out and at a guy like last year would begin lie in jogger that they were targeted because they wanted. The unity moved it important out to be -- -- -- I don't see a scenario that he's aware of what -- going to hurt we need to get someone inspect toppling alliance. The odds it would DJ being WEEI dot com and AT&T hotline and DJ which Shawn Thornton he was. I scratched again the other night we've seen a couple times so -- the last two weeks. How is that how critical over I guess in the room and and you expect to see more of that movement forward and imported -- I haven't talked to him since he he was healthy scratch the other and I know the last year one game -- they would against Tampa they're back to back. Camp that Montreal perhaps an epic game. And I talked to him that morning before the Montreal game that you would not happy. And he didn't say anything against the very thing but you're just how he was not happy camper at all. I don't think that you like not play here I think that yeah. Are you kidding me -- a second -- library ray way doesn't like not applying. Well well what were rob a lot of guys that -- -- a role network feeds fighters. Kind of understand that it happens sometimes the -- on -- I think that he believes in -- police so that. He's earned a place on the team that he does more than just right for them these huge and I think he's earned that right w.s we look at this point in his career -- so I would imagine if you he would sink but but as. I'd be with -- I'll be scratched. I mean I I don't want the idea I think that. It's it's tough to -- Jordan karate right now what happens. Like likelier to say in the third blunt do so well -- -- stretching I'd be really viable only killer in. In the that there are just too many guys that you can't sit right now and out the -- and the guy that -- have to sit every now and try to get Jordan current lineup. In all it DJ had been before before W before we get into the sharp portraits that while talking -- to the Bruins and and they clearly gets under your guys' skin. That's Somalia AT&T tax law degree isn't me there what would you get from our southern bark out ski right. A better player than Brad Marshall might want to break why would you want a break up. The core of -- team I don't watch on is not looking like the guy yes in the past are now. But can't we all agree that when this team does -- get into the post season they don't mean. There are times that much on our front of the -- but if you can get a better player that Brad Marcia while debates and I don't want a month that happened this season under saddest thing I'm not gonna settle. There he is -- you. -- -- -- move him and got our first place is that I had recognized her and almost made it yeah I was the station that started to. That made big change of calling in by his correct name of Brad -- and let the guys -- sand I would likable -- habits all the habits die hard. OK so that it it but that you did not part thought he correctly thank you isolation. Will hit like it said if you're gonna move a guy like Brad -- had. Right now you're probably -- it it's probably get a -- move where you get. Somebody who may have fallen out of favor -- -- with their team wherever they might be so I don't know like it's it's a guy like Jordan never earlier some. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I love that phrase TJ c'mon c'mon please god is helping me like I don't think where they can trade comments and I know but can you loss at all he can't battle these aren't the Celtics. Rather it is it's a better argument -- they spend some of your previous ones that it's a lot like that you should work on Thanksgiving. Right of the term allies are right it's. Well I mean if there's if there's one guy on this team that you think might be moved and -- it probably Europe of their regulars. That is probably has brought Marcia just given that -- -- a a puzzling here. As far as. You what he is but. I don't think he's so -- on a guy like him because I do I've always thought it was very underrated player as people look at them. And they value the little rat you'd Gary Player he does these things and -- forget that he's scored 28 golden years ago -- couple years ago and don't -- it here at the expectation was that he can get thirty Eagles score. So you give up on a guy like that it you're not gonna get something that much better than when you -- you're gonna get somebody better than Brad and are you gonna get somebody better than what he's been -- -- or you get somebody better than what you let. God nobody has thrown bark out the America not talking -- spoke trading him talking about you have the excess of defenseman and -- it's in the conversation for another day the more important thing is DJ are you what these guys the press box who actually brings up the Tupperware container full of Turkey. No no I've actually been a I the -- are the dangerous place to TD garden. -- you guys both know is -- -- -- -- -- everything they have. Up there so you got -- in your pocket and then watched the games. I'd DJ thanks a lot a great job as always we'll talk to some. Orexigen. Did you -- WEEI dot com Bruins inside -- as we talk to diss the Bruins host the New York Rangers this afternoon fatigue on 1 o'clock. And the Celtics tonight against the cavaliers. I -- like Greece ESPN Boston he's gonna join us accurately and -- patriots Friday patriot acts and I'll admit. It's it's tough to get up for this were ordered to craft -- is we're gonna do want to do I appreciate that are light up the patriots Texans game. On Sunday this is -- Sports Radio W.

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