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Butch Stearns' High School Football Thanksgiving Special- Hour 4

Nov 28, 2013|

Butch gets a live report from the Boston Herald’s Bruce Lurch after Natick’s Troy Flutie broke the Massachusetts high school TD record. He also checks in with Steve DeOssie and Rob Bradford.

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I think. -- WEEI for all the promotion for the show. Is not -- Butch Stearns specialized -- to be. Authoring to ship here critics -- which is taking your calls it's W the guys tribute to Massachusetts high school football proud to be part of it. Thanks to our guests that we had on hand this is a special day course unique high school football ghostly special weekend. You'll get together with him brands and EU Europe often things often times and get together things are brought -- your attention on my goodness oh. So council passed away I didn't all of this about got to learn something new. Everytime I get together in my old friends one of the things happen in my community Braintree. On Monday. Finley afford him in Braintree tragically lost their home and everything in it to a fire. And the home was built by habitat for humanity it's peachtree in Braintree. And the good folks at -- auto detailing and the Braintree brew house have partnered up and offering a raffle tickets. And different packages you can get complete detailing for your car -- -- fifty dollar value. Express wash and want to stop the car with a 400 dollar value -- gift card to the Braintree brew house. That'll go a long way over there when Alex -- folks 750 dollar package there Ralph won all of his soft but all to raise money for the Ford lost their home. On a fighter that happened this week Thanksgiving week. Stop by to bring to browse. -- auto detailing in Braintree on Washington street -- good folks they ordered Chiming and teaming up. To -- Help out. Folks in need and in my community and hopefully you can be some of the same in your community. This Thanksgiving weekend. I'm gonna go out in Natick and just a little bit or it might be Framingham where -- Troy Flutie. Has just broken the record Massachusetts high school record for touchdown passes. In a single season he needed five. It's either halftime -- almost half time and he's just broken. So talk to Bruce lurch from the -- -- let's take Jack from -- The car you know hijacked. I did double what's really so this is a great -- about -- at the obvious I actually -- Obama once the first up. Although an English -- everyone across bigotry at its 66 although not that they had missed that episode and help for the brickyard for the liberty and gate. And that. I don't like my son is actually -- want to negate Monaco -- got a tourist area the big favorite of the ball a -- may be so it is not purposely didn't sit in the Celtics. Implement a lot -- there were a lot of back and got it all been led by less than a Mike Lynch. He's 100% right you know the -- certainly can't complain a seven year they almost have a point three. The culprit be ample anecdotal at this couple weeks ago. This -- ridiculous we wouldn't play the more it will play in a month thanks commitment at the scope of the play again. And then have finally located favorite classical and a player not involved or whatever but that -- -- decorated to -- the awards. -- about pat spoke -- the -- the rebuke awards are we almost wept openly gay people opt out but every little gin up at seven. At that luncheon. My -- stopped play for Winthrop is the water running back and he's the only captain and his name is -- corporate -- You know and Fatah. Was my high school football coach any slower I have an -- them and -- -- double -- they couldn't believe it. They're glad that coach -- and I school. In 19556. Were all out the school -- -- -- we knew I needed. And I wish you wouldn't -- from Braintree right now from the -- They've just gotten. And now we play them at. In the past couple went to Catholic league but anyway yeah lot of carbon Mike called missile attack the pin that is -- it's -- -- It's gone Driscoll could go to work that I said. There aren't any really want to up the bulk of what the -- and it because he's such an outstanding player. But also almost bidding stalled in that is going to help -- New York. I'll bet it'll and that it was a bit unbelievable oratory and most of it won't allow you -- and eliminate. On this as you as you just went down army went -- Jack is such a great history. It really doesn't really helped liberate my it was out of sight but you gotta disagree with the media about what -- I don't well. Here's the thing I don't -- for carjacker around not a happy Turkey day here's the thing I think it's just hard I don't wanna run defense on this but I think. It's hard to please everybody and try to come up with a system that both create interest it's in all the answers -- what's best involved. -- -- to varying opinions to people on the show today to the people that cover high school sports better than anybody else in the state -- been -- Harold lobs it. Playoff format likely to channel five it's sold. Mean those are true respected opinions and to a different sides of the fence I'm sort of -- the middle I haven't been involved as much to be strongly opinionated either way. I do all that I talk to my friend Braintree I've heard Mike he's the athletic director tell me that. One of the drawbacks was you know the two games they played during the playoff format that they -- involved in games in schools they never played for meaning get crowds. Fleeing. Get money which is a big part of it. That they would normally get lost a couple thousand dollars which -- difference of you know my -- playing -- sport at whatever school in these -- so. I don't -- it like it or hate it I do know they'll be one. Saturday Super Bowl instead of the Tuesday Saturday thing where one of the criticism before was starting -- stayed there were about sixteen schools -- believe that played. Will play three teams in the Indy theory. Mean I think that was right for fourteen to eighteen year old kids let's go to Dedham -- Joseph -- -- -- -- don't -- on -- First of all I have a giving burst and launch -- short YouTube. I just. The all clerical error I. I corrupt ring pop on both are great program. You know I thought Kitna might not by. What I hate playing. And carry it myself there -- it was the year after Flutie. -- crazy preliminary. You need count Olympic and they might have in -- or -- at which time he was from the adequately deep into pop on -- -- it was the first time they're like every fifteen years that we eat. It actually. Some of them right. I can only. Well -- -- bring in an indictment it like me and I didn't like a guy that we are putting. And I conduct -- and it later played basketball yard pellets caught in well we a gap. And who would have liked but dark blue. And you know I -- it QB RB Ian and grew -- you know he needed you know and it blew my mind that -- -- I'll I'll I'll small that guy was by I think he had gone and you that the pop art director act that had a. There isn't the stories are kind of legendary thanks for the call -- -- in New England basketball hockey. I mean there was -- game going on he would stop by and play and it's kind of interesting that today. I figured Bruce's number there give him bugs Craig is I don't know maybe that's. But it's -- and a gamer effort in to join Bruce larger world right now. The Doug's nephew. Doug's brother Daryn it's on Troy. Who -- quarterback. Just broke the state record for most touchdown passes in -- season he's gonna go to BC. Football to. Probably not recruited as quarterback. That was the Doug Flutie store. Was recruited as an athlete out of Natick. They deemed could maybe play at the division one college level from Boston -- local -- he did and you know when I drove. A -- Boston college and took us to places that. We've never been before as exports means here at the college -- BC in the number five in the countryman cot mobile. That year but it's pretty cool Joseph from -- sharing that story about Doug. After all these years -- nephew Troy. Is now in the record books and -- while. To the Natick Framingham game right now and bring in Bruce lurch from the Boston Herald Bruce's game and framing -- minute today. James and the porch -- don't we done yet. I would have to protect it left. So give bring us up to date tell us for people that don't know the story I set it up that you know this destroys his parents Doug brother -- dogs is uncle. But what what happened today what's put it in perspective Boris. All of those -- were accurate to regain the dignity touchdown passes to our. You're a single season broke a record. Our help on average shot up since you've got so. And -- strong secure in the first in the first -- another -- -- That he operates role model one model with 28 seconds left and perhaps it was a -- sixty Plavix and had no choice to -- what they would like to -- All so they're eager to get up with six types of problems in the first -- that makes. You know. -- record 46. Provided he doesn't like -- out reached to scored 41 about him about a pretty cool story. I took a tremendous shoot out there what you couldn't ask for -- representatives that junk to people docile and short looted. That I didn't -- BR like eloquently summed up don't we couldn't recruit Castro Cuba underdogs to a to have -- rendered. Redundant. For those now you want him -- -- everybody how old cover high school sports or well gross. Do such a great job. Tell us a little bit about -- yeah. As an athlete you could mean pretty follow in his uncle's footsteps and sell it easy. And -- that type of athlete. -- culture and what would you do if you look and just literally. Looked like an -- -- numbers in all due to 108 problems. So you were you know that they're good stuff like that it these -- typical. College group at one level -- Boston College however if you -- secure place. He has told you evangelicals that it -- -- I would -- out so well. All hooked all took a flyer I think it's here in which argued they placed on the debt and across the what would give the respect up all the supporting you I don't feel on the line. I don't know he just one of those tremendous playmaker -- -- are actually going that are about keeping everybody gets on a -- accurate count -- I know you know your perspective is interesting I know it's Massachusetts. High school football but I mean look no further in the NFL. And look at how many quarterbacks. Were overlooked. And taking -- late. You know obvious Tom Brady in the sixth round. Joseph Montana. Was a third round pick Russell Wilson might be just a lot right now even the people loving Andrew Luck was that are third round pick. And the teams that passed on him that would love to have today so there are athletes that can overlook it all levels. And just somehow have like you said those intangibles. And quarterback position can just play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't know who all that I am -- -- -- a -- and ultimately like to college and broke a -- group. -- it is changing a little bit and -- so. In terms of the types. Quarterbacks -- not much of the Russell. Personal reason -- it like toward. -- Alps and and and more experience -- -- and obviously. Some training here at at the upper level to beat all the support -- on a night and a city that double of what. Google -- particularly in this changing -- there -- these three options are actually are starting to our that there are certain ticking over college. And I -- that they dropped a while most of them being. They're gonna slowly inching over at the other -- Well it also lets just what it right down to the high school level kids playing quarterback in high school today. Our -- portables they're they're they're playing a -- -- now it's ridiculous isn't it. It's like it's like detector click play to the sideline and they look at them. Most popular to post report that a little different pictures that we deploy. And then they brought the or descriptions there have been a lot of kids in the street not torture or abuse all of they're -- -- -- recently married where you're from apple on surveying the scene and making his own checks and making Google and he -- another report. Bruce lurched from the Boston Herald give yourself plug you into any and all you folks about your coverage you'll have today and also for the Super Bowl. We -- Saturday. Yeah I mean you know we're we're covering -- -- games -- the federal open to the old Soviet secret. Talking about and I've actually been here filming looked up across parts that made our school. So have the highlights from march Portland Circuit -- -- I don't want -- little -- problem. You guys who -- job Bruce thanks for joining us today. Which I wanted to be additional appreciated thank you so. People aren't who -- Are happy Thanksgiving Bruce. Up Bruce lurch from the Boston Herald check out all their coverage of high school football today on the Boston Herald. On line. All right time for quick break welcome back -- more on the Thanksgiving morning high school football rival which. Back on the Massachusetts high school football rivalry show on Thanksgiving morning our next guest will join us excuse me. Momentarily right now it's -- Evan who's in fair haven I don't haven't. I don't know all right I. Think it -- undermined. And got a question we've been profitable will all rappers don't know how old you don't believe. Oh my goodness you know what I'm gonna have Phil Stacey on from the Salem news coming up in just a little bit Alaskan. If it's always. I also wanted to give a shout out what -- Good article and last week look this week Sports Illustrated. -- -- -- -- -- he definitely deserves it as Bruce lurch from Carroll just told us he just broke the high school record six touchdown passes in the first half. He now has the state record beat John DB -- on time now to go back to the -- AT&T guest hotline here around Thanksgiving morning for the high school rivalry football -- look at some of the scores here. -- -- Braintree Milton trying to find the Don Bosco score. I can't really find anywhere Steve DeOssie on -- you know why can't find the Don Bosco. I know exactly like what we -- Acute plated golf -- commuter. It -- propeller. Or reload. Running major company in order to review on the there was no in between those movies at home or -- -- -- I don't. 200 we had ready on earlier. He told me you guys treated the BC coach who did Steven does he would disrespect. A. Loosen federal poppy sort of normal bet -- approach. -- yet when you finally got to on the line sit in this CDs and he's he's not a wise was it. So we ought to order a look at their border so good that -- -- -- at all good. -- For the days with the giants -- cowboys and patriots who long for the days of PC. You read Don Bosco high school as we've talked and joked about him in a school doesn't even exist anymore wasn't like playing you know as a city kids Steve for Don Bosco. And what do you remember about this week and a Thanksgiving Day. Well there ever a city kid who didn't bring. Much of -- open we project and pregnant and Greg turner but overall bill -- -- -- there -- -- We'll also raw milk which you'd think you can go. European and have you ever take the subway true practice every day you're a hundred no Google art and Auburn. The coach real -- drama. On the Red Line and older -- -- on the Green Line that order so so. Try and parts but it particularly -- -- are born to Libya after. Carrier crew Jumbo -- subway you'd you'd get detractors what. Your Thanksgiving was. Just because everybody who was playing a big Thanksgiving rivalry. At play are -- Are the actual which. We played all the weight -- so. And student which later that wasn't so well Google all we -- -- field at all. All I'm await your book there is just sort of our exposure to what may be. Quite that regular people and keep. -- into that might to have it might at. How can people experience what it was just one of those things you look at your play your trigger played art stadium and but you're -- you find out all or a humble app and that they don't look great you're all the might. Oh you're in trouble -- come -- Rubin mark felt so all my life. This year knocked unconscious. And -- are caught by some little five foot seven -- -- your cold Arctic -- -- -- and report back or. The orioles' -- goes what are -- I remember that remember. Remember. Player game and play our school. And call -- -- but remember the pros still one little triggered. It was 00 great because you always -- that. The dinner afterward to -- but he. You're called -- played -- game in Alaska embassies in New York Rupert Everett -- where. 551 year it was a little area there are great time donor who wrote me. No we wouldn't predictions or don't you around the country. So we've had a former Eagles on -- today and NFL guys like yourself with. Freddie and Pete Kendall calls Murkowski is the wrong sharing their stories about. Their high school Chris and never ever talk to you about this when you got to Bosco review. We're already proficient football player did you kind of emerges a football player when you -- in high school -- was all your sport. I told played a portly. -- director had grown up or you're -- -- you're off the -- You play football you play baseball play hockey -- out or do whatever she's in portrait or whatever of these. Equipment or whether pictured go through your attitude -- exactly that's all it. Boundary a Chandler are no important feature. -- on or or whatever so they put toward Moscow bureau of computers. It was for our money. On the -- year old or close -- 5111 not be your. Robert I didn't. I play football -- to play that it was like any other sport -- A more rummage through eager to start loving your start looking -- whole -- -- expect them. And you know all I feel. A plate getting better -- sort of pictured who moved well. A lot more compare to my junior high school just call it opened my -- it was actually. Freddie at Dartmouth degree point earlier today and I wonder if you have a similar story he talked about that he didn't realize. While he was in it how. Good in his opinion and how tough high school football Massachusetts was making him and the story told was -- -- in the Senior Bowl. Against that of a heralded tackle from Texas and just kicked his -- And he realized then how tough high school football plenty of guys that can McAfee and the guys you played against air actually made of do you have similar memories or story idea. Aren't I wonder beard and it's no secret that. And put all the tracks and Florida and California and he ordered Alabama -- notes it's a bigger deal orders Europe in England put. -- -- -- Growing up -- -- a little harder edged grownup would play like. All of them -- Austin including the Braintree chamber. Are in America you don't draw it. Hurdle for Alabama or some quite certain. He totally used to -- that. At Austin or that we would go to northeast or your shoulder a good luck guys plated a -- -- our guys in from. And we want to play in the -- you can't get. That that trip that attitude and character we have been -- publicly -- -- Alabama and -- remember who you're all we can -- so peace place and believe they've invented football had no respect or some. And -- -- -- -- also like oh yeah you're from. Oakland California and bringing you dug through to broaden our school ignored -- told a pretty large. I'm so -- all I'm finally future or too. Their -- -- epic epic that northeast chip on on the shoulder that allows people. Or grope your. Don't sort that respect kind of helped a lot of guys that -- to approach. Now our final thought Steve you about exact and yet he plated Phillips and override it up and so Thanksgiving Day. High school football was and is as big a deal. -- picked you'll there was a rivalry with Phillips texture. Don't capture him and that level for all the little little better and high school football recruit -- A graduate. Oh repeat what they called -- record Q who were already gradually ice -- being you know enough. Tuition freshman. In college but you know like throw it over that eighty extra -- kind of please click here yoga or yogurt have. Would have 35. Or pulled guard should bass player coach for being put the the big rivalry there was pulled him over or stroke or texture. You know some more -- Super Bowl controller. Outlook global can try every way. Of every minute -- -- played against the school lecturer and then see your bicycle assert the got a record for touchdown whatever but he can tell you that opened earlier -- that you remember. Because it's still getting older and older everybody in general culture everybody's. You know your your outspend indiscriminate. -- other work here when your high school your culture culture living together with regard. I explode or school together and work and order party school and all that stuff for. It's who -- -- torture virtually with an entry. -- and so on members are excellent call to the announcer. I we will -- reconnect on Sunday can't sit in the seat on Sunday. Abdul arm tomorrow that's right you aren't -- to six straight -- -- -- Okay. All right -- happy Turkey day. Are you -- -- out there everybody out there YouTube Steve DeOssie. Again his thoughts let's keep rolling along on this high school rivalry. Football -- Thanksgiving morning we join our good buddy rob Bradford mostly known as a baseball guy but not today rob. Okay. How all of that up -- workflow PB dot. I don't know did you ever stop anybody and lockers. It the account totally opposite and yeah probably I don't know that you we're today. It is still grew at a -- absorption nice. Nice where you're at the -- -- where were younger and we hugged him as. Fourth corner circular to him and let -- winning. There's good car that whole thing about they've already played this year I played back in September and it's weird weird feeling betrayed by the ball let -- know that tilt to one record in Turkey that -- held a -- There you go -- you played football in high school route. -- -- -- You know I was trying to get mixed myself that there was a need for a fight for 300 or beat on each back. But I'll let Yahoo! Google could write a -- -- -- flat forty. But -- that it really fired so I was a basketball baseball guy. That skill -- never materialize. Or plus they didn't have Twitter handles on football jerseys back then didn't. Matter time. Trend -- how all these kids now rob. Other 161411. Football all my daughter sixty. My son played football a little earlier -- mineralized couldn't build until now by. -- -- big portrait -- who is remembered totally blocked the field -- the anywhere. All the kids. Who are playing optical -- -- outside the field and I didn't do that all the time that was the -- -- you -- you -- guys played football and you -- your friend and you're playing with their football and and you still beat out right now that are part of its right outside the football field here that -- Display and pick up. Just sometimes the games and the other under the ends on a better than the ones on the field. Yeah of course you now BP graduated I don't argue with that team field. And I end up with a torn biceps and a torn hamstring -- and and so forth so that we at all quite the level of football mr. So Roberts finished -- this mean again you're not a fortunate enough that we've. Covered major sporting events and you know for different organizations and as Boston sports fans grown -- we will do that always pinch myself I know you do too. And we have a job to do and all the -- but. When you look at high school football in Massachusetts and all this. It doesn't rate with Super Bowls and World Series and all that stop but there's a uniqueness to it as a guy -- a creative guy writer what what's. Different about what kind of sticks out with you after all these years it's unique and fun. About this weekend this day and all that. Well for every birdie and everybody between -- tell him column run every year and Harold and big bet that -- a great code 20 what fifteen meet everybody doesn't matter what level. You're playing you're you're watching you eat eat you can really you can really OK and real. How -- importance. All of this skating for all involved important for the seem to be important for the Finley's. The important for everybody collapse gave him for a lot of people are our news it's an enormously important game in terms -- standings. And vote your rival well you're you're gonna have amid a must be there. But it you know as good outfit -- of the matter what level there's it's it's an import. It apple writer has. You how to cover high school football game on Thanksgiving every single day. I did that for whatever -- right up until I went DI a minute here but how will the future of the globe. At all Harangody deck and everyone currency game and what's great about it is that if it's a great. Story no matter where you ago. And and I support America by mid term review inside -- -- -- shot out got all these writers whether they're young guys -- coming up -- to -- around a lot. -- for the big commitment for their family to him to buy it and they always do a good job and come up with a great stories. Great stuff rob thanks for joining us this morning happy Thanksgiving to you for him. I rob rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Joining us from -- Hamilton when it switched game quick break we'll check in with Phil Stacey. Who's up at the Salem. Gain Phil's gonna join us. Talking about Salem Beverly game and then will have a little tribute. On the way out and our final segment here on Thanksgiving morning WB yeah. Hoping to check in with Phil Stacey from the Salem it was up to Salem Beverly game but I think he's busy right now. To what some work up there are so we can get a moment for the end of the show we will do that got time to squeeze in a couple of calls for you were at 617. 7797937. A couple final thoughts on slow burn on the way out here thanks to all our guest we had on today we -- People that are involved directly with high school scene right now. Good body might Denise Rich athletic director his opinion about fiscal playoff format is candid thoughts about that. I -- beyond kicked off on -- -- 8 o'clock this morning. He's getting ready for the game against Brockton and he is head football coach and athletic director Bridgewater rain and high school. Kerry -- from cold hard football faction among these -- -- a lot on cold hard football facts dot com -- throws an annual. Quincy vs North -- Thanksgiving Day party. -- we checked in with him that's probably still go -- strong. Kerry doing that and then not be able to cover the games -- -- and Bruce lurch of the Boston Herald. Also our thanks to Mike Lynch and channel five in -- when she tonight. With his special and then. Former BC Eagles former NFL players former Massachusetts high school. Football players. That play in the NFL French -- Steve DeOssie Paul's house gives Pete Kendall and Chris Sullivan. Who joined us -- encourage you to go to Taylor's. Message. Dot com which is website. Him and drive to save lives dot com. Either to web sites Crist talked candidly about his. -- An addiction to drug and alcohol. And what it did for him and how he's out speaking our thankfully is for this weekend and for his wife Kathy. Now when she lost her daughter Taylor and how meaningful it is to them great message on this Thanksgiving. -- also like to give not a final shout out to. Fund raiser that's going on in my hometown in Braintree for the Ford team that lost their home to a fire this week and at the Braintree brew house. And I Holmes auto detailing their stepping up. Big time of the fund raiser and helped support this family that's lost their home. During the Thanksgiving weekend. So. That's about -- for us not correct. Kind of take a Saudi -- nice job my friend. You work at which you're gonna marathon shift again today. -- I could go home and have some dinner and watch some football some pretty soon. There you -- nice job Craig. We -- tomorrow for DeOssie 26. I won't be over here tomorrow morning from six to two -- happy Thanksgiving. Thanks you're gonna go if you put you to -- saw which doing a fine job of which turns for everybody here. At WB I encourage you take a quick look at Jerry scallions column and Harold. About the final days. Or high school player and sort of put yourself in those shoes on regional last paragraph. As Craig pulls up boys fall -- Kenny Chesney to take us out. The final paragraph for Jerry's column from the perspective of high school football where you make plans of your buddies for later that night. What you know will never be this. You'll never get the feeling back you had out there on the field next year you'll sleep a little later you'll get line Biden ticket and watch the game from the -- You look for year old number and you feel pretty good. The kid wearing your own number can play at all happy Thanksgiving everybody. Talk to tomorrow 2 o'clock here on WB yeah I enjoy your holiday your family your friends it. -- -- -- -- I'm back in love tell me please. Two children. Stanton and her. Listen into the home. Fans going crazy home. -- -- -- -- About a man that -- Did Andrea. Some time this went. Get the Orlando is game day just -- down. Kings school man. Where the ball. Hello. The bull. It.

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