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Butch Stearns' High School Football Thanksgiving Special- Hour 2

Nov 28, 2013|

Butch continues a jam packed day of football by visiting with former Patriot Chris Sullivan, The Boston Herald’s Danny Ventura and WCVB’s Mike Lynch.

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Welcome back into our. Thanksgiving morning show dedicated to high school football and dedicated here. Your community your hometown and all of our community here in England based around high school football. -- talked to a lot of ex NFL players today. For -- -- 12 o'clock who grew up as Massachusetts high school football schoolboy players and made it to the highest level professional football. Played the NFL bodies our next guest Chris Sullivan who's gonna come on in a moment if you buy computer. Want you to go to a website right now called Taylor's message. Dot com. And on there you'll find out about a horrific and tragic story five years ago this holiday season. At times seventeen year old young woman named Taylor. Made some bad choices friends errors made some bad choices. Were at an underage. Drinking party as we get together with friends this holiday season and we all. Throughout the terms to be responsible and be safe and be careful. Encourage you to look at -- story. What happened to her many of you may remember this story. Taylor drowned in two feet of water mother Kathy Meyer. From that moment lifeless. Complete each. But what she's done is amazing since that moment out the has gone on to speak many many times. At different places and she's built a network of people -- about to speak. -- young people about what happened to Taylor and take something. Beautiful and wonderful from the tragedy of losing their seventeen year old daughter and trying change people's lives. I imagine that because five years ago at this time our next guest Chris Sullivan. Also oh. Had a very monumental thing happening in his life he became sober. You may remember Chris Chris is one of the many local school boys. Who went to Boston college and playing for the patriots. As a Super Bowl ring grew up -- North Attleboro. And Chris is joining us now to talk about Thanksgiving Day its journey what's gone on a Taylor's message and all that Chris how are you my friend. I'm third bush carried north -- Here YouTube critic -- talked to you great to see you. Again last week at. Pock -- YMCA fund raising you know I haven't seen each other a long long time was really good to catch up you. Yeah it was and those are I was pretty guitar adopted. Let's open opponent. So -- I think people most people football fields locally know your story your local guy he went to North Attleboro high school. You played on this day Thanksgiving high school football he went to BC you've played for the patriots. Talk about your journey after that talk about the troubles and some of the struggles you had. After he became a professional. Arm toward the end of my career around 1000 I was -- -- -- -- And the I got I brought my back and in and start it has some issues that communities tomorrow morning. It in in and mentioned that because when I go to school or TARP we're on target but I didn't ever talked to anybody out to be an enormous deal. What are the situation you know so parents. Prefer permanent missed practice. And you know I felt like I. I I didn't let people down in infamy expert so Medicaid when I was in Pittsburgh in the -- and I'm the -- make -- to deal with -- the regular professional football and in terms of what happened to me as. My drinking progressed and McCain and Barack figures released by Pittsburgh and I expect him back to where all the North Attleboro Massachusetts. In the patriots called me called me up and I sent back on the patriots but. You know around that -- Our our -- per -- -- and if you didn't and you know what -- -- We won the Super Bowl. Three months later in the aggregate our Britain's. I got arrested and spent the night in jail election two ministers was former first -- and you know my drinking had progressed the total progressed in. About two weeks later I decided to duke football out. -- can use drugs that I would hope there. You are at this time you're injured late twenties right 27 we. From early morning. In it just spiraled quickly extremely quickly in 2002 I was strip approach. 2000 private apprenticeships are programs and our Q and Austin and -- that would make it to the next 48 hours that's a photographer and one year later it still hadn't I was still struggling a little locked so we watch organizers so we're in the group were skewed toward browns. -- there -- facility auctions of people. You know in -- -- the song you know after another -- And watching Super Bowl against. And that's how much like when -- spiraled so quickly. And get so crazy and it took really beat him there I think years. -- courts and volume wise and rests in India and in all this disaster and you know. Carol McKinley park -- part. Aren't these 2008 and thirteen I hit not you know -- It wasn't because the -- wasn't because of probation wasn't for. Our parents or or whoever. I equipment commercial and -- in here and December 13 2008. I finally you know someone help -- -- and in for the first time in my life and you know my daughter -- changed for the better. You know through those struggles. So. So I mentioned off the top four brunch on Taylor's message dot com. And also in 2008. You are now wife. You and -- married talk about how you met. Kathy Meyer and again her daughter died in 2008 so for you to get sober at that time for YouTube to meet each other. I mean really. Offered about higher powers what a blessing for both of. Begat the we both have a big -- so we don't think sharpened and we're in -- up her reason and but that was to reach up pros -- -- it might spark and Steve Rollins. It is -- -- that came and -- you know the opening group are like the two weeks into -- our weapons are captors force -- -- February school. In an outdoor mass you know and -- -- kinda. Been really. Should an -- multiple also she didn't know wireless. But seeding here at congress didn't care one bit you know still to this patient at all. -- -- -- -- It's. Sort saw the girl who speeches and you know descriptive or to other western church in and it's so ironic that all our -- in a perspective. So negatively surrounding alcohol can separate. Incidences can totally different. Things by the fact that. She Maryland now all the -- and you know. Her daughter passed away from underage drinking. Is just it's it's it's turned out. -- bizarre. That you know whether it's. You know I lucked out and it would -- lucked out you know real purpose now. -- down. You know that's who returned to what it what -- What is your purpose now Chris what -- what do you tell people what that's all. Well I think you can also bars you know I've watched her from a distance I have some -- are solos like there's nowhere gore -- You know I knew why should I knew I had to get back into. You love with a -- lot of right here coach early -- were all products to have people -- long. And I it got so much help in my life. From high school. Pollutant pop's learned to look at ourselves some people a -- broad -- when I was up my -- People are out there in the same people. That -- -- -- moved him not to ever send you literally of their community you know Osama lows and down so. I know -- -- back and I watched impression was that. And down. Sorry I heard that sucked it up after won't do it and it -- we -- two different prestigious. You know terrorism both choices it can happen Q. But there were all kind of the same in my devote. You know on. I always had this image a struggle that I can be -- -- miracle along aren't too bad that mental images here it is. Almost any dirty. You know that that image. I -- to chip 300 pound purse in India. And help it could be a target and struggled so long term what that -- -- -- -- -- until I realized. -- price if -- typical today. I wanna go right back where watched. Be arrested again on the -- sitcoms and so we try to spread the message of your choices from your iron where. It can happen to you. -- bring them down no secret response. Well I'll tell you are let's say a true story I think like all of us a lot of people are getting together with family and friends this entire week and last night I was. In Braintree -- -- for calls are only puts together at night the night before Thanksgiving and it's a lot of us together and I was with our good friend Joseph Sullivan as the mayor of Braintree. And he was talking about all the plugs at W the I was given for the show today -- urgent name commodities and I want you to tell chorus. How Grady was when he came to Braintree high school when he spoke any talk to me about when you McAfee came spoken how you could hear a pin drop. And how does the weight Joseph Sullivan said to me he said Chris is very understated. He was very he. You know your own style but everybody was. Wrong on every word and he wanted me to make sure that I mentioned Q a gritty job he did speaking to the young people -- -- Well -- that would restrict -- because that was one of the first one dollar car that -- down. You know I was nervous. But you go to visit -- we don't we don't program preached or not on the market doing not to do when money shouldn't they don't have a PowerPoint presentation. My wife's store minutes in those you know mark around corners -- reverend -- director and and we're not Serbian. There's a brightness of song and -- not doctors or whoever counselors. -- just on and on what happened there are liars. You know it in that you're such a positive feedback. We know people lawlessness and now. You know it is it's kind of one of those things you don't see the results. What we get emails and text. So so. Who we can feel it and you know on the cute together experts we blew up to -- the Google team. So Chris if if people are listening out there where if they're high school administrator if they want to have viewer -- are any of her. Networker speakers come by its Taylor's message dot com right. That's tomorrow web site. Messages. News com. Are what put them together -- -- among men and you go to that and and get in contact with the Austrian also practicing their lives right drive to see livestock yeah that's what that's -- -- speaker the lady -- does and and in Newton grove air or bolt on network so ridiculous. Speakers and you know we can -- commander -- So Chris to ask questions for you want is as a guy who grew up in New England as a player who earned everything you got. How hard was it for you to have. -- -- -- Swallow your regal swallow your pride swallow all of that and say you need help how hard was that. You know I I didn't ever and sort out that would -- you know. In -- looked up to my father and their beside him. Apps that help or complain about anything and -- -- You know make my mother might -- -- she knows I'm sure he complained to Herbert. And also I didn't. This camera here so. I I turn that they would you know I mean I -- no there was no way around. You know and -- It took a lot it took a lot of these groups you know it's not a typical ball -- -- all the addictions I just chipped. You aren't beat down and there aren't too much I'll turn it to myself. -- delicate -- still -- people outside help I realize there are sharply. Down. You know it was so much easier once I reached out and record reached out years before. For being stubborn stubborn stubborn. And while much looking back to them -- And then now I guess my final question to you is -- what. The red rocket tears in the blue Obama gears today going to be out that game. I might be headed home and I'm not sure yet you know bill -- -- as admiral who's giving or good. At that you know. A Dixie I think Sammy Morris the former patriot is -- assistant coach on that. You know what I know that little people us and then you know they haven't bought out of -- -- -- reserved coach -- -- solemn. Now that they're doing great things it's a guitar and you know for the leaders are if I hope they don't want truth you've got to go electric cables you know. Yeah they do in their head into the post season and now my college roommate it's don't know -- Karl Hebert who's an assistant coach at North Attleboro and you know again. Inside the towns like Quincy North Quincy Attleboro north -- -- borrowers wanted to longstanding rivalries in the state it's really cool. Chris thanks for coming on so much and spread your message continued success it was great catching up with you stay well my friend and stay in touch. I won't appreciate picture from new -- alone cannot force if I weren't returned all right. That's Chris Sullivan former patriot again drive to save lives dot com or Taylor's message dot com. Are you can do a lot of things this Thanksgiving weekend encourages from a few minutes on the web sites. In Florida where Chris is up -- we're back with more after this on the Thanksgiving Day high school football rival which. This is our annual Thanksgiving Day high school football rivalry radio show here on Thanksgiving morning I'm what Stearns. Craig saw which is taking calls it 617. 7797937. Thanks to all our -- you've got on so far. I didn't bureau on the head coach and athletic director Bridgewater rein him Mike. I'm Denise the athletic director a mile -- Braintree high school carry burned. From Quincy thrown our annual party at the -- North Quincy rivalry today and Chris Sullivan. Who just came on top the hour talking about his struggles. His mission and his journey as a former high school. Masters tackle football players schoolboy who were not success impossible. -- the pictures there are a lot of people that Culver. High school sports in this town and I'm better than our next guest the adventurer and staff over at Boston Herald Danny how are you my friend. Bush -- of -- epic Thanksgiving YouTube right right now we're only to him -- I -- they just struck right now get ready for our area that saint John's perhaps. -- so -- ask you about your opinion -- I've talked about this a lot. About the high school playoff format to get to that talk about let's start with the saint -- of the area passage of probes of hearing game. And the significance of that game and what's going on -- that game today. Predictably eighteen -- capitalized before -- start -- For the that they who normally allowed -- in the playoff format to determine. What their top two teams beat. Their representatives for the playoffs. So mostly. Chose to take the first second place teams based on the play. -- the corporate and one at school he along with the so -- conference that ought to tolerate. To determine their top two teams in the recently did yeah. It will forty potential -- that area interrupt our plan during the season as Oilers I NC yeah. So technically wasn't there it is -- punch its ticket to the Super Bowl game today -- -- -- it went today they would with the cap conference title outright. It's saint John's prep will negate that they would at least a share of the league title so that it's you know almost eight yarder up on each title implications on the line. And want to cancel -- actually that is the case. So there's always going to be pros and cons to any. Playoff format in any lead that they do I think the MIA has done a really good job of trying to address things. Trying to be involved there I think and for the most part. The powers that -- -- -- -- for all the right reasons you have a great article today that's entitlement -- new format takes gravy off the table and you point out one of the flaws. In the new playoff format and point specifically -- south implement north and west -- halls and in some other schools are playing each other for the third time. This year and you talked to the is deployment north coach who who admits they're going to Super Bowl. Right actually at the foot with this I wish said that he will not that he's not complaining -- today runs only twice during the season. -- where to post -- west would also which is a little different in that the only tournament or the so all. But the caveat spirit that they split during the regular season sort of say in essence. Not a rubber rubber game of the match if you well. Though the winner got all the winner getting bragging rights law. -- -- any sort of put it in my career for a summit up. In your opinion overall. Good or bad have you -- what the new -- element has died you don't. I've advocated some like the sixteen years in -- nor can anyone -- listen you know I I. I worked out for first you're saying. You're on -- so flawed yet but I think all at all and I don't see how this is not a success what's the big. I I liked the fact it would vote shall all style it will work Super Bowl back. You almost all expand it to let it supposedly. Supposed to be the best teams around. You -- if you look at our poll at number fourteen actually the number cheap shot applicant. The freaking agrarian. The number sixteen very sure you -- the top teams cream has written the crop tactic that system has not play -- that. You're able team -- ensure that in -- -- During the season they were actually able to in the playoff format sure they would taxpayers well. I didn't think -- worked out very well. I think one of the benefits to our least wanted to realities of this playoff format. For people who fought high school football recently no that day Thanksgiving Day despite the rivalry and all the things that it was it also began. For a handful of teams a stretch of three games in ten days. Where you had Thanksgiving Day the Tuesday playoff and the Saturday super balls you now eliminate the Tuesday playoff right. Yeah I get the Arctic it to me I can do -- MIA in the school were very lucky that you know you're executes the play. The kid to a you know anywhere from fourteen to eighteen years old plate of violent sport and have to do three iron to ten days. They're -- emotionally it was top and I saw. Direct short lived in -- gain or if they're that great scene and just worn out. A lot of post game started quite frank we weren't very good and I can trigger -- -- -- at -- at the plate retraction and they. -- very fortunate that we can any real serious injury connected there were a couple whatsoever psychic would play out for -- -- want -- week. I -- not getting a better indicator of -- the best teams are. Did he leave us with -- -- wanna blow smoke up your -- rightfully so and union staff -- slower. -- Sean Brennan Ron Borges got ball yesterday had a the pullout section tradition of success was headlined with. The story about Troy Flutie. Let's start there would towards the -- story for the people that don't know we don't all the floating game we all know dog but now here's his nephew. -- son right his goal for the state record and touchdown past. Right you have ignored it like any like anywhere else there's always that cellist she acted as always some of what we're gonna take someone value -- You know whatever with EPA optional which with the same thing is not son of a coach. Or got actual default occurs. He wanted to break records in this all the wildlife is this -- and successful programs Detroit quarterback if one. -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- thought they had a great career and he's done you know I know I like it to be able to your cap success I think basically gore pure play. Ever since his freshman year partly for the -- You're floating in -- Yeah they're really into that -- I'll ask -- to excel in the numbers just. You know the charts and you know he needs full touch our action today the single market. Mary -- career record. I. You mentioned that -- electoral. -- We're to talk Q a Phil Stacey from Salem news later on talked some other people might clinch the channel five that. Cover high school sports is passionately you do but if you go to Boston Herald dot com and you click on high school talk about the coverage you guys are gonna have to -- if people are going to games. And they wanted to check in with you guys it's it's the place to go -- Believe that's what we're with the -- -- reporters are covering games slowed its rotation perhaps. Libya it not tomorrow -- be part of what 30358. Is. -- load new high school games and we know that we've got Rockport which he -- they'll write columns from their big gains. Earlier I you know I got coverages -- gonna find out that we you know we get out to the game two starter all year we've done for many years. And the -- for our coverage against anyone out there. Excellent any ever so you're gonna be at the -- saint John's to varying game and actually -- -- -- -- right now I. And now Bruce lurch is going to achieve it or go to work at it you are gonna check him a little bit later on in he's actually a call and I think wind. I mean I don't exit question although I don't jinx -- the -- It's right there are tiring you know kind of been an injury like that. You're stabbing -- -- single walk straighter and act and. I believe me grown up from Braintree and all about -- football. At that. And we I think it'll -- Massachusetts knows about it. -- stage you know changed their names of the red white and blue and all flattened out deference to native Americas but Dayton program is it it's just that it's a. Old -- farm -- you know put them on the mat for a lot more rallies really reaching the level of -- -- -- that if she ever anyway. It would -- tendencies that is not many schools to say that. It thinks it's I'm happy Thanksgiving my. Report -- -- even charge you cannot check on all their coverage of the Boston Herald. The Boston Herald. On line dot com open fault lines for you you'd like to chime in your head into a game right now. And now you're there give us a buzz at 6177797937. -- the Beach Boys brag about school texts on the AT&T tax line. At 37937. Shout out to the Winthrop high cheerleaders says text. Congratulations going to the national championship. For the first time to Winthrop history reminds me and he's secure and up range but the bridging dance team. Won the national championship the state championship. I'll last week. About gas -- pennies to brag about got another text goal lol vs payroll. Arthur and lol another one another great rivalry in western mass it's run its year vs Mohawk. It's a big deal around here and his student Frontieres even though they are very good it is very fun attacks. The other 182. Year Quincy vs North Quincy go red raiders so much -- -- burners -- -- listen to break when we come back we will talk with -- more former NFL players we will talk people covering the sport. We'll be joined by Michael lynch from channel five. Covering high school's sports so passionately. With the pride of us wants got big blow. On his side back with more on high school. Football Thanksgiving rivalry show after this. So many great stories this morning I hope you're involved in one of them in your hometown. Thanksgiving Day high school football in Massachusetts it's unique. They play at another stage but not like here in Massachusetts all over the state. As the signature of the Boston Harold pointed out one great story. It is the coach of Boston -- bill moron I believe on pronouncing his name right last -- -- -- 250. Win with a 466 win. Frost and cripple global capital becomes the fourteenth coach in history of Massachusetts. High school football. Terry get 250 victories and more joining -- Colombo. Can like Chappelle bill Broderick. Income. Ken parole and Charlie Broderick. Stan bond to leverage. Our only kill cooling -- Cattrall and now bill. -- RD and as far as those stories nobody's recovered a better quite honestly for many many years in jail five Michael lynch and he joins us now the pride of the big blow. Apology. What's good morning Q I don't where are you had. I'm not going through some shortcuts and marveled at the model it off but that. A. How you today -- you know you can notice from a year as Mike. And you'll love it don't you. I've endorsement total water boy -- put -- on a -- one of the names you just mentioned but the 250 went up. -- five years old that many many years ago so I'm. It involves the water boy flair and knowledge a broadcaster but -- that the core brands of Thanksgiving that your. Yet I think your if not you need your you don't like a lot of -- one of -- Englander. You did -- was athletic director -- -- -- right. But with the assistant coach there for a number of years and -- an athletic director at the numbers because. -- on the leverage of the athletic director okay you would regularly brought anywhere. So you're you're like a lot of us you know you got the pride of your home town you've you've seen it all you've you've covered the high school scene. Let let's -- the playoff picture because last year when you and I spoke. Which got a lot of response here in the station -- were critical of the playoff format -- insurer was just gonna put his feet to the fire. I said Ford or against it he said Ford's overall when you got it all up. It creates a lot of excitement and he just like the idea that the best teams. Will be in the Super Bowl and he pointed to his rankings and Harold so same questions you might order against that this new playoff form. 160. Million per cent against the the worst idea that the may have come up with -- probably the MIA a couple of -- idea because it's a bit. They -- bad judgment. Austrian 65 days a year but it's absolutely pathetic the regular season ended October 20. So for five weeks. The majority of the school children playing meaningless game you microarchitecture. Magic marker and -- L and everybody or -- -- it'd make tournament. -- organizations spoke about the greater good. So many games have been playing meaningless game and about. What -- I don't know archrival is milk and ice which have a lot of other rival rivalries in the base greatly normally -- don't call or you don't play anybody up after October twice that you play somebody outside the conference that has the same enrollment -- you. Want a plate if switch on and applicants somebody else note and no. No games against a bit like little women. I called -- what's -- so let me play devil's advocate let's go to college football playoff format the argument against I would imagine -- one of them would be. Yes there's a lot of teams may be too many make in the playoffs but when it's all said and done. Did the survivors are gonna be the best of the best and they're gonna get to the ultimate game. What if you play down the start of the college football on October 20 trip like we do a high school Auburn Alabama would mean not for. USC UCLA Mina and missed out there it would mean not when. Our -- and what what sport. Has their postseason. Going on while a regular -- of the same name one or knowledge. Yet the American March Madness started and in February and of its imprimatur weapon -- with games record and play your schedule doesn't mean you going to -- and upper. Well that's probably the closest analogy because you do have 6466. Right if you can't complain game. That end up and you know you get your final four. And -- true champion I guess. When you do March Madness but you're right that there is a definitive post season start to that in brackets. And all that stuff I guess. Your point there incorporating this during the regular season and by the way they're messing -- traditional rivalries Thanksgiving Day right. But the last year there were eleven Thanksgiving Day game that. The cited -- championships. These pundits. Get some era that. I'm. -- -- You can -- when -- championship on Thanksgiving Day because there have been aside seven game decided this season. Things -- born three record we're going to the -- -- I didn't think you're worthy to go to postseason before entry record. -- all know what about a yard bodyguard port but again the argument against that Mike would be that I'm foreign three. And on the high school team not know how good we are and I get a chance to prove wood over the next three weeks. I know you don't like it like I am not trying to talk. In effect but not big about that here's another thing to think about financial implications are trucked to a number of athletic directors. We're told me that gain that usually tackle -- on -- number of -- November 8 November 15 Friday night games. Begin to 300 people because they know the team has its over. Yeah I'm mighty my mind our school bring judge Glenn my pennies are athletic director on -- played. Her feet and Houghton and they got. You know literally single digit fans. At those games and he mentioned the numbers he said normally we navigate about thirteen hundred dollars and we came away with about 250 -- -- in a box. Exactly but government and some attitude that the player this year. 11110012. -- last year 32 and it should be a premium on winning a -- Being a league champion and the reward for going but they're doing their. 43 -- -- -- European champion. Aren't so -- -- they are driving around and -- to tutored to a game I respect you. I know you are you Mike -- an and I respect your opinion your very opinion about this how you fix -- what do you do. I think -- backed away once and what's wrong with what crowning a champion on Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day is big bigger bigger. Bigger event. And US could contribute and played him in and some Super Bowl games and equipment Thanksgiving -- -- was probably as good that it looks to me. As there is any of the Super Bowl games that put them. Our Michael what do you got coverage for today what what's what time you on what's going on channel five. We are on a regular newscasts at 5:36 o'clock we have a half -- so. At 730. And 1130 tonight and we've been running this thing the last couple years people write and tell me why actually Wear their school switcher -- -- equity. And that we got some we got to go what I would if we could look at one costs. I represent some comfort that I have made had some accomplishment and company have been through some tragedy into an order. Great story listen hang on the line for a second because we're gonna go live right now you're gonna love this. In a minute we're gonna go to the situated hang them game early on in the show. Refereed by the name -- -- FE TA called up and he's gonna take us live to the coin toss of the situated in them game. Right or what's a what a point -- I get a big kick up coming one minute that you. And how much like I could go get a run up to a field. -- -- -- -- Apart tonight I know you well all right that's Mike Lynch from my channel five and again momentarily we're bringing you win. To this that you hang them game and refereeing an easy you know -- we going to not -- -- will go to that -- -- -- you alive. Coin toss -- Mike will bring us -- And and and we'll hear the talks give you a little flavor of high school Thanksgiving Day football as it is. 10 o'clock just before 10 o'clock getting ready for kick off captains are gonna be -- field with -- Hang them is what's that you classes clippers'. Situation we as the sailors. Being. In them is the I. It. Attacks on the AT&T -- like -- flying in hundredth game winning which -- -- classical. Pilgrim high school -- Warwick -- longstanding rivalry. It's last year as world that is closing go pilgrim patriots get him nor a hundred years of playing against each cathedral vs west. I'm not a question from some from western -- is why didn't the winner of the Easter mass Super Bowl. Where the winner of the western mass super walking -- thank you much somebody checked and so I believe it's the harbor men vs the sailors. We've saturates the sailors. Texas says which is an embarrassment doing this as well show. He liked the playoff system actually go out he could stop texting and Hartman we got. Random. So we got 3797. He -- it texting and after the coin toss here we will take a break and when we come back. We're gonna talk about next hour -- moralists. Former Boston College eagle former England patriots Buffalo Bills have to score forty -- but while -- high school with a doctor Pete Kendall. Former Seattle -- and many other teams in the NFL. What archbishop Williams and Boston call us to talk to Paul's cows -- five years in the NFL for Cleveland and San Francisco former Boston College. Linemen and also BC high double eagle Russert talked Steve DeOssie. Cowboys giants and patriots and Don Bosco. High school our school doesn't even exist. Anymore and we will check in -- Bruce lurched from the Boston Herald is going to be Natick gained. Chronicle that the Troy Flutie story trying to break state record have all that for you coming up. Textures on the AT&T text line. Portman vs dealing in Portland Maine south vs -- province here we go is that you Mike. Hello Mike. Okay so we're gonna eavesdrop on the coin toss here. Let's listen this is situated in them. Earlier they call heads or tails. Well. What happened at. The air. We'll look. Back. Are -- wouldn't -- an important. Development -- don't have don't have. I'm there. It. That. Way. You go introductions of the captains. Re elect the right oh well. It would be I can't grow them what you know -- -- -- -- wouldn't. And -- didn't like it. We ought to look at particular portable pleaded not. Guys graduate and happy Thanksgiving is pointers in the US Naval Academy clocked 1972 in the cost of freedom. Sure era and an eleven a lot of players great game today remember that we think that was a lot respect. Or which appreciated recognize -- right -- and -- -- either today -- -- jacket and get the point tossed the -- mr. Mike. -- -- thank you call up of flying the flag at the rat pack rat pack to -- Yeah step back went out -- that but at what. Talk about what went to the car. -- -- -- it into. Law. It. Oh. -- -- -- Very well. The coin toss of the ring of security in the harbor meant when the -- they take the ball. I was like that choice in the second half -- Bill Belichick and the patriots do I really do. I plead for blog love to go out there and take the choice in the second out that sometimes a team which grew up. It's okay we'll defend his goal and get the ball ball -- sometimes that would happen. There you go little flavor of high school football I -- rustic -- We come -- -- moralists would join us not -- rose from the real post game show not ready scrolls the former patriot Buffalo Bill except. -- analyst and former wall opium high football. Jonas after this -- high school Thanksgiving Day Massachusetts. Rival which.

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