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Butch Stearns' High School Football Thanksgiving Special- Hour 1

Nov 28, 2013|

Butch kicks off a full day of football by chatting with Bridgewater-Raynham’s Dan Buron, Cold Hard Football Facts’ Kerry Byrne and Braintree’s Mike Denise.

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It is is -- -- in high school political rivalry. Thanksgiving special. Which takes us around the big stage talking to former players stadium. He's -- coaches from some of the biggest and best high school program. And speeds the Butch Stearns high school football rivalry Thanksgiving special -- Sports Radio WEEI. And good morning at a happy Thanksgiving do you wall hi everybody on board Stearns. Glad to be here. On a Thanksgiving morning with you. Glad to be alongside my good -- -- solid Chu is taking your phone calls. As always at the regular number here it WEEI 617779. 097937. I did that. Last week with 00 doesn't work. A 790. -- that's right. Greg solids proud graduate of URE boxer -- act -- for a school I was at colonial a colonial that's right. Forgot about you guys -- the colonials. And you are right you live through that legendary streak. That act -- -- had. Years ago you live -- that didn't. If junior high early high school legendary street it was 41 straight wins three Super Bowl championships is to be walking down the street and people would say where -- from. It and you would say yeah colonial. For. Some like that yeah. And then he's on his chest and that was it. I wouldn't count my chest. Yeah. Yeah that was. Right so for the next four hours. If you are got up early this morning listen to WB I heard the replay of Bill Belichick with salt and all week. We're not gonna talk about page which is not gonna do. Patriots have big game on Sunday. Against the Houston Texans to keep the streak and things going for them. But we're not to talk about that we are not gonna talk about -- Paul DuPont article dale and I talked about yesterday. We are not gonna piggyback opera -- Steve's conversations yes although we will cause they will be on the sweetie. I'm going to talk about you -- lenders out there today. That's right get the -- going on the AT&T -- line right away criticize if you must if you like but we're going to talk. Thanksgiving weekend high school rivalry high school football we gonna talk about it with few for you and by coach. So we encourage you to call if you would like to call him we encourage you to talk about your home town. And brag about it. There are thousands of young people were going to play their last. High school football game today and maybe the last football games of their lives thousands. Heading to games. There are parents. Cheerleaders. Coaches. Athletic directors all involved with high school football on Thanksgiving Day. In Massachusetts. And it is unique it is different. It is different than any other place in the country. Trust me if you're not traveled around or talk to people outside of New England it. Thanksgiving Day football on on high school football on Thanksgiving Day is unique. This of course is a weekend to get together with family and friends and renew acquaintances and do all that stuff I would love to hear your. Personal stories about but we -- going to talk with you and we'd love to hear from you -- heading to a game or what's going on -- encourage you to go to Boston Herald. We're -- -- venture today. While we're -- a playoff picture. In high school football which basically. -- just put in a basic umbrella 48. Changed. High school playoff format what's interesting about being -- on -- high school football. Is that sort of everybody. That's the critics say -- a lot of people made the playoffs this year. The proponents of -- so it's great cause a lot of excitement the critics of its halo does everybody get a trophy. Because they played. So there and the critics also say that what it's done. Is diminish. Some of the traditional Thanksgiving Day to day rivalries. Because some teams are already in the playoffs and these games have become meaningless and we talked to some coaches and athletic directors. Would talk to a lot of former. NFL players who grew up here played high school football here also play at highest level professional football. And we'll get -- them a little bit later I also encourage you in the Boston Herald. To read Gerry Callahan article in yesterday's Boston -- It was originally written in 1992. It is called seniors take the field one last time for the game of their lives it is an article the -- wrote years ago. And is reprinted every single night before Thanksgiving. And is becoming -- And our first guest from lying today I know cause he's good friend of mine we have talked about this many times. -- -- article reads it to his team. He's gaining bureau on the athletic director and head coach of Bridgewater rain and high school and he joins us here on Thanksgiving morning -- how are you my friend. What's deputize your -- great. I certainly want to. Yet you two are you guys played rocked intimate correct. It triggered yeah more so put the game. From all I just said with the the new playoff format and all that put the game insignia what's the significance of this game -- And today. Well what are those orders that I -- -- the decision because there really isn't hard at all. That -- we've been fortunate to be employed -- the Super Bowl -- the Pritzker Michael -- -- Even the most great games that we better product does not send. Quite -- -- -- is it a bit of British crowd. Even probably the Super Bowls. You know all the these kids in this. You know the old folks come back and watched. Is -- to look up to these kids living. Imagine Jerry Jerry -- an article it is fought on the double play the game of football. It is clear sense given and it's just a different atmosphere. So he knows how to play also want -- and I thought that maybe it would diminish censored by prince. Go -- Arctic may actually. Have been hit Thanksgiving because our predictable or -- so this game is really you know. It playoff -- balls atmosphere for a lot of kids. Well. Is an exciting time I look forward to the Soviet. So let's talk about this game for you today for your team your both the athletic director. And the head coach of Bridgewater rain and you've you've built a great program that you and so many others. At the school there and be proud of what -- again talk about the significance of this game for you fourteen. Today -- -- playoff hopes there is in the Super Bowl on the line for you correct. Not a resident you know we've lost the semifinal also a great battle -- in but. We've bounced back nicely with a little obviously aren't so what what what what look at rather at all. It's Alaska in the year ago or were valid but for the seniors would like to sort of on a positive -- We could possibly have a seventh story which when losses were to. Replay opt into all went to the respect of you know the visual final sectional final little portable. There has gone on this and also lots of three equality or would put -- all pretty difficult struggle. So we could come out of this -- 73. And we brought him and -- approximately conservative -- bottom. Probably go arguably the most bloated program. In the statements. It's exciting. That would compete against them compete with them so. It it's a big day for all of -- so -- -- -- especially because again it's going to be the biggest crowd out of it just isn't necessarily a tradition and they just get together and it's not just the game and it's it's it's really an apparent. It was a part record you're going to bring in more people -- work and you'd participate electorate recruit out of it's just that Sunday. To do any talk about. I mean you have a great perspective on this like a lot of us. You grew up here you played high school football you play at a high level of holy cross to a great football player. And you also coach. And are tied in with the young people now today what's the same it's never change you may read Jerry's article today. And -- a paragraph -- always sticks out to medium and read it verbatim when you get in the locker room today. There's a different kind of tension in the year the music is a little softer the small talk -- required -- on the -- lower the you might never do again. And again. You you've talked about his article he talked about last year and it just conveys. So specifically what this day. And how would she need to master why is the state so unique what is it to you after all these years for -- CNET at every level. Well I just I -- play you know I and I said this has certificate and he coached they've commented -- this seemingly had a little meeting. And and I'm sure you could probably the lakers do you remember. She's a year extra on their game. I was token would consider as years go on record I got a better about a game each year. And. We just seven sacks over Thanksgiving -- it. The producer Robert -- earlier you mentioned here and -- opposite the one you know -- -- -- vehicle walked over such a time opinion. This is the one -- Libya and taught the world about it but in the late they're they're actually -- you know he is just the anticipation. In and then guess for the for the seniors. It is still -- like our election -- the -- but this group of guys. It's the last somewhere all want to be together as a unit you know in football and -- you -- have reported. Other votes. Of exports -- about. Commissioner of sports -- great but as the ones that you really need everybody at all. And you really need everybody working together -- ultimate team sport really is. And so that uniqueness that it is this this is -- you know this year. This group of guys seven guys in the locker room the last world ought to get together and Alton. It'll Gordon of the battle brought guns should be exciting. It's just such a -- exporter -- -- -- -- level played. But a part of it you know put it took big -- for the -- prepared -- the challenges that -- a lot of different people so. Yeah you don't -- -- it's an interesting point you make any my oldest daughter my wife and I as the oldest daughter Lillian is a senior Braintree high school. And she works local bakery -- -- bakery and she's working later today. And remember Tony early on that I might be working early but she told her boss a mountainous in my senior high school football star. A committal it later. And so to your point this isn't just about the players it's about town. About all that and -- after all these years I get a different personal perspective listening to her saying I'm not missing. My senior Thanksgiving Day football game mine. It like that like she's out there playing you know and it it it is about more than just the players is an. There is that it truly original well aware that the main focus still prosper. A lot of other people who know the game was just part of a little bit different cryptic. Well Denny thanks so much for joining us says the athletic director and coach and get ready for game really appreciated. You know how much -- care for you and your family and I wish all the best my friend. Public so again thank -- for every -- Do great Java which you would occur under the boats little portable. Yeah YouTube -- in go trojans enough good luck -- Bergeron arraigned today and -- All right any BR he is the head coach of Bob Bridgewater rate them. Thanks for joining us to kick off this Thanksgiving Day football game and again. -- is what today's all about. The text we'll start flying and why it's not Red Sox were -- Mike Napoli. What's going on with the Bruins losing six to one last night what what's up with -- -- -- -- loss or not we get a battle lottery pick. All that -- we're not talked yet I'm sorry I'm hijacking station. -- saw which has his hands tied behind his back he can talk -- in -- today and that's it. He can be colonial true and true pounded his chest and talk about we're gonna take your phone calls I'm gonna do that right now because it's not just a boat. The players -- as we said let's go to Bob. Osce and born whose high schools superintendent Bob where you from torture situation. All right now driver about 495 back Ricky. And we're in college he's got regional -- arts we'll on the -- -- -- -- Very -- up. So what's so what's today about for you talk about the game talk about what's going on for you. Well first of all right -- torture for hijacking the station. Operating there's the student followed. Mike Adams taught me how to do it locked the door I came in and you know there's so that they can't get me out. Well what -- the paparazzi. But it's our ports annual. Battle political open French -- -- -- -- our school and college. Out today against the upper cape contact. Graham where we're at Q school upper right vocational technical education -- eight. Armed from where am all the way to the product out and you know forty minutes were going to be against each other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Market of one by the bridge where you and its battle for the gold in revenge. All the rich edit we had a stretched out of forming a big picture are larger and you know how big -- big -- or thought it. Reach for longer are united soccer -- -- branch. He's an excellent usable can use this wrench and you can certainly use -- ranch on auto body had a great -- it not a golden color in my blog who's not a body it's retained. That's that -- a collision teacher during -- 8004. Are retired teacher Taylor barge hit it up for a and -- I hear the score is etched in typical open ranch and -- before your prediction Hart where's where's your game today. The game at our school and operate and operate our route six yeah are where where are fortunate that you want what -- cabinet. Are here you -- -- down it's my mom my -- exit nine Shia in the she's in Florida now but in the summer she lives in East Dennis it's who harbor. So we go -- exit nine and never get to that next exit I'll have to stop. Are coming -- -- yeah current school we got our. They hit and -- restaurant. He'd get our service he did he tail. Type without Erica. So Bob has the -- the high school superintendent. So as a vocational school in with a short history -- what what is -- they mean to you. To be a part of baldness. Well it's exciting because all our team you that you cooperative team with local talent and we've gone on our own in the last couple years. And programs are somewhat in Europe and -- -- alone. Opportunity has had. Remember that last year Super Bowl trip in last year. And other lots in the lineup but this year were brought the record especially from our point you to that struck Thanksgiving but not. -- -- so I think that the -- training we're training the skill labor force. For the future and the ball and forty minutes restaurant. Our hearts our student senior especially your. Are you chronicle that the electorate elapsed time to put on the pads. It's an exciting time that the opposition and camaraderie and three days ago we have about. We have a tradition that it became a dark place we go to -- late for practice and done. Where -- the seniors speak these -- be the principals speak there's a lot of camaraderie locked onto a boot at their restaurant well. And it's an exciting tradition in there about the about market. Yeah you know you remind me of just some going back to the the last high school football game I ever played it brings you guys who played against Milton we lost. Sixteen to nothing I still see guys from Goldman may rub it in. But on one -- it's an end. To what went on for the high school -- it's so much a beginning for the rest of our allies and for the rest the -- lives -- -- Yeah and the coaches will -- spoke. At at the start Tuesday. You know they talked about how the relationships you build our like our relationship and in football that. That your that your -- -- -- -- are looking at a funeral. A lot of the guys that you were you put the cap on right next to operational the thought about it a major parts you -- -- Bob shell born is the high school superintendent at Cape Cod tech right Bob. Airport about similar I'm sorry and I are good luck today against upper cape. Our thanks for -- really appreciated -- -- are appreciated that's. Biopsy and born and again it is that came down there was a couple of quick call before we go to break. We get a bunch of gas to get to today Irwin might we get to right now because they are. Refereeing a game to Aso earlier arrest for -- heading to a game today. Yeah a little reprieve Connecticut that we work with the other two met in the a western. I'm sorry oh that saw so. -- and -- who are opening today to the important word I would -- Connecticut. Yes so so so just disappointed clarity it's my understanding. And I looked this up when -- in a researcher but I believe I'm right on this but are correct me if I'm wrong today modern day. Massachusetts is the only state where they play high school football on Thanksgiving Day. All across the state like the New England states Connecticut Rhode Island New Hampshire Vermont -- some places play high school football but they haven't. For a lot of years in and they don't -- across the entire state correct. What some duke Connecticut -- -- -- they Gilbert several years but who probably 8090 years there have been few game the entire state Connecticut does like a state yeah the interstate for quite a few games -- but resemble it has probably about 25 games combined with several games -- -- -- around just sort -- -- games -- -- And we have about. About 25 games. Between the Rabbani Connecticut that were covered it up -- covered a lot of congestion which you matched in the match and his group awesome column so we just -- -- -- reckless it's more an out group. -- from Britain -- -- -- o'clock it's more deliberate between games embarked so when the group was all the officials there are going to -- that awesome breakfast group that would -- could go out on -- -- -- -- Like -- -- get -- and few minutes missed it by school distorts. Nice and a privilege to work in California put some twenty years and have done that I got democracy or high school him again. Salute he's sore let me ask -- question we are comic calls -- got a kick on but are on Thanksgiving Day. With a kid playing maybe his last game a little more reluctant to pull that flag out or you bring you got a -- the game like you see it. We'll talk more hard recalled more for the game and -- and anything we want an earnest high school career where. -- yield on the field that on the side that we really want there. Larry do more communication. You know who's done all cold here but we do more good day we don't want we want you know finished -- game and I'll read -- maker runner -- and a goodly. Dan rather than sit there watching and we can -- I'll understand that we're doing this for several years but which -- some years. Then and maybe we what we worked in the race and -- feel some pressure to accuse. And we have good pregame talk with a we have talked during the game stretch pardon me the most subtitle I'm -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- Girl thanks for the -- really appreciate have a great -- and I thank you. That is early Connecticut let's take migrant before the break Mike you're -- also. Students. Should say I'm aware of the -- -- down on the Gold Coast. Former president of the year -- yeah well -- the -- -- we do every game from Quincy all the way down tonight. It's nice way when you're done when your Don we're gonna take a breaking Kerry -- From cold hard football facts -- Jarvis the Karrie has an annual party. They've -- the -- at 6 o'clock this morning -- and wondered how they're gonna be right now but -- that's Quincy vs North Quincy. But as a referee you've been doing this for a long time. I've been doing it for 22 years out there about sixty guys have worked -- for gather at that point the guy up and now -- great dome going to games although recent mass today would you do. I'm the guy that -- -- -- whipping in game. It's what I what you feel like -- -- up for the quite thought of that. You -- club from the coin toss. I figured you weren't called. What time it's going to be at 10 o'clock right out by about five minutes apparent setup an arrogant young YR I will try to it would try to maneuver the break around it will see the coin toss. Who's that guy on Thanksgiving game a market. Yes it every -- notes and. Let me do once they -- -- we have active listener whose name is bill Linas he's been refereeing program it's the year. In these are these that block he's he's like -- leader. What's his name -- read this so -- that sees the emotional wallop -- and also look and men around in these these large currency throughout all the sites lol great credit Don Frederick a great story recently it's. Billy -- just personal. Thanksgiving -- football game and all the trips a year yesterday while what's wrong you've got and that's generally going to be all right will be down in Florida get in the best animal world before you know but he. He's just a little under the weather today I want to say thank you. Everything that's -- crime -- that's. Reach our ultimate weakness WE NIS LEA and -- He -- Linas aliens. Absolutely right. That you know it is what -- people look at the salute as an adversary in and out and I'd rather that the ring finger at the media. He's back into -- much is the players and coaches and we put our solar it would just as much as -- they'll. Like I really appreciate you calling will do our best to get you on right at. The coin toss a call and when you do that -- -- -- -- and so -- would have been what put it right and I stay on all here to stay on hold and Craig we'll talk to give you sidelines you can do all right. Epic Thanksgiving -- two that's might who's refereeing a game today. And -- him it's that you it again. It is high school football today as we all know maybe not involved and again. Right maybe. That you're older you don't have grand kids they've moved on what you. You've seen all the activity in your town maybe you should just get up this morning. And drive the local field and just watch part of the game. A -- party community and be tied to something that has been ingrained in your community forever. At. School football's all about. This is the Turkey -- rivalry show I'm what Stearns Craig -- which taking your calls it 617779. 7937. Stick around be apart of -- we're back with more activists. And a happy Turkey day to you all. Welcome back to the Thanksgiving Day Massachusetts high school football rivalry show. Here on Thanksgiving morning proud and happy to do the show every Thanksgiving. Miami Braintree native of pride. And true walk on nation rules they are playing in -- today how will not get a chance to go to the game -- will be on the air until 12 o'clock. There are a lot of you out there the take pride in your hometown in your community. And to a lot of unique things. To represent. None better I would have to say that my good friend Kerry -- from cold hard football facts. Who is from Quincy mass and has unique rivalry there because it's within the city within their own community. Quincy vs north -- They used to be Weymouth southward ranked north that exist anymore there is Plymouth south verses Plymouth north about a two point for the third time this year. One of the media. Sort of addendum to the playoff format will get into that a little bit later if you go on -- burns FaceBook page -- done an awesome job chronicling. -- this annual party that they haven't Quincy. If tapped keg at 6 AM this morning I did my best actually I didn't I tried to roll over and get the early this morning but I just. I did just couldn't do it carry. I just couldn't get the air it was got a little too late last night who with the owls so I couldn't get your part of this morning I apologize. And bush got great golf digest your question sure. What I think Furyk while at Munich electric 1 o'clock breaker you're up that -- on that all the is that true. Yes that's at least play street hockey. On a cul-de-sac every guy every single day and it's a true story I got him in the balls every single day every single. And I started out you grow revenue at sawgrass to what part oh birdie -- has yet. Out to hit the -- it all my in the -- -- And shoot -- look really hard are you all you aren't so I don't to burn baby earnestly typical home like good. So someone your FaceBook page of this annual party in -- North Quincy -- outsider. Quincy -- -- post after post with only read one of them hears from Robert bottom our senior. I can't sleep so I think I'll just stay up. Start a fire in the backyard and wait for some of my early morning crazy friends to arrive. For our pigskin gala AKA. My backyard tailgate party Kerry -- well beyond WEEI Sports Radio -- from the bottom her backyard. At 8 AM talking about the Quincy North Quincy Turkey -- arrival in Butch -- look at I mean everybody's for this. And what you mean are you not be -- and I know I know you are all sport and -- I don't know all sports. Are very knowledgeable we at least talking about -- that there are. But you know what does that maybe that you orchestrate -- polite -- -- they couldn't quite hear you can't get that we could we get intellectual policy of Serbia and get on that idea which I love it. So what's give us the 411 on the party what's going on what is the history of this I want music on on what he'd do. Well no I graduated in 88 so that spring that -- -- like the bodies haven't. Greg you're an idiot and then about you know we got together for you know what you are. Caught children he put that game and only debate these and I'll I'll drop twenty ideas such -- that anniversary. We know we we we we took a lot of great -- ready to invite our about it and thought. The party. And you know it -- ridiculous -- at that time and then you know -- your opinion -- that part about it. It's. Apparently is about. They kept the tradition. Oh well. It's cool for you carry getting to know you a lot better now over the years you're such a historian you love football so much you proud about your hometown. And you also coached right after you left high school so. You -- a lot of kids a lot of families a lot of ties. In this whole Quincy North Quincy rival don't you. As important -- unit that it is you know we. Could part of the that you are right there Muqtada one high school or big city like Washington and -- terrible. I -- ultimately our schools so I couldn't put is that it's -- you know they play each other year are and it got into the liquor rivalry the total complete grew up. -- knowing no light Spain. I you know what it was that you quote you here but you know wouldn't be based on its way into the football academic article completely unique situation that which the early -- I look at -- a lot of guys but well -- at the standards -- -- you -- -- guys last week and the first point because what -- alumni football game and we looked at ED I fell forty seem real and actually implement it and our. -- -- money liquidity adequate public goes for the Atlantic program. Took a look at Arabs or which -- -- -- that option let me -- what it means either. Yeah I did it was a hundred and look at what ball which -- the and that predicting it wouldn't want to -- around. It took on football he'll do that obviously doctor hockey are you do -- market are great actual board. -- quite in about what is that -- Now I also know I was out last night hang in -- -- bring to buds and went down there are several different local establishments -- -- grow on the -- you brew house and one of the things my good buddy Alex SARS is due wanted to bring you browse is raising money for a great cause for a family -- -- -- -- that the house burned down. On Monday. And you don't Thanksgiving week. It lost our house. And I know you're involved in and you got people there that are involved raising money for great cause for something that happened recently in -- he also talk about -- You want you to try to limit but he thought it would ensure that you on the football we -- at the school should have seen a directs players are going to have a Bluetooth recently. Enacted -- about Obama -- absolutely on I don't know what that. It would or -- -- -- real. Preparing everything. YouTube so we'll talk about. What happened. The incident and I think when you talk about it I think you know everybody has had situations if not this year. Other years in their communities where the community rallies and really that's what this story is all about the community rallying to support. Local family here isn't it. It can associate quality young the Internet and you come. It was an accident over the gobble it up and eaten into a -- works for awhile now but some. Carrie and I -- actually coach and only we're back in the days the first African quarterback. We had an entire community content sport and recently in an -- on that should come. The football game everybody just destroyed this is the right thing electronic and together we -- program helped out. Kevin and Internet and it greatly little problem failed to do you know a small part will help -- on its feet and. So. -- Kevin had an accident -- he's been you know. Debilitated since you guys had the alumni game and raise money specifically for Kevin's cause. What we aren't as part of the proceeds would go Woodbury Kevin and around the program directories view we we had a strategic your apple which sold -- tickets are under Barkley had. You know parliament would go to the -- and lipped it out -- would go to the winter doesn't know what we're trying to recover electric general it's Himalayan. And now aren't into group think that sit -- hopefully help program in and help the -- in order where we can't. So thumb out there listen in. Scott now we'll talk to -- before he goes but if I wanna come at a party if I -- support the cause what can I do. -- -- -- It was a combination of web site this is. Particularly -- you conditions are common beliefs. I'm sure if you Google it will be able to get the -- but and isn't that the -- -- -- that you can donate to the restrictive that you can now. You know get some support the Italy which you know. You do what happens after an event everybody rallied around -- and and you know and it kind of goes away battalion in the simulate -- you know going to be able to. You know continue on and -- not not forget about you know that they're proud of their struggled -- even after the attacks so. Awesome the great a great thing you do when Scott appreciate your time thanks to talk. -- Let's -- the -- back over Kerry and you're listening to WB I hear on Thanksgiving morning Dockery Kerry -- of cold hard football facts. Good body of all of ours from the football community here in England Quincy plays North Quincy -- again today -- Omar it was a -- by the way I the football involve the country are down south midwest. When -- a beautiful high school football stadium would it would go Works Progress Administration. Our development that during the Great Depression bush it's a beautiful required stadium that's important here is Syria into. While the country have been at all high school. I am quite frequent critic called it won't feel so every year you're on the -- once in an onside when you're on the opposite side. And in the pot is going to at all. In the aggregate brought into the opposite side. It's caught early suitable facility great little city. What you graduated 88 says. Yeah -- graduated -- -- you know. That's right okay they'll let you out in the right out. So what do you remember your heart tells you remember about your senior year a year thanks. So much about a foot but I know the -- -- -- what you what elite earlier I got a lot and I do want -- into the 32 degrees. The wind would -- -- eleven mile per hour of southeast. It would build on the 23 1987. When I go to -- admitted that that that the white story we got into the work. High school football team and ask you to from 1987019. Scored on the last play of the game to tiger what were -- 1414 was an American and yet it was a quote from Seattle and we don't let everyone. We've got it in any planet football you'll remember at they would teach you about it and I still got around on all the time. And Eddie and attacks -- -- people -- due. Are you with legitimately says it's pretty okay -- -- Everybody patriot whatever. There has been on political period. You know we had a very bad into but it that -- to drive got to feel good about the crop or not that it couldn't hit the quarterback and that it what do back. Cynical -- -- without cloud so excited and I know that every carry what you -- I think it would. Right and in Europe such aid passion. For the history of football game of football -- in your hometown. I guess my question -- is what's this game. Mean for you this year while you might not. Have a strong ties with individual players that are on the field I'm sure you know people you also coached. Where you have a lot of guys that are probably still coach in there and been there so what why is this what's this game is just a continuation of everything that's yeah. The other I don't remember -- remember a time or that the game -- and now I predict it split right. Odd -- or -- -- that adorn shop if it's not that the captain and what we're all human. -- -- critical review but a little kid I'm not a -- to recruit on. You know I would go back so we -- -- an agent shall -- look at. -- it -- and are excited now. Idiot or ranger a police station and a lot in some quarterback according. Yet the so. It was connected to to a to a to a city but the wind -- -- whichever league executive who we are Americans that much to like about a possible. You know football it's the ultimate minute of -- -- American character or. Played another country that we are. -- the people it's it's it's a celebration what we do and it's great that we have. He can't live on our national holiday -- and I think it'll really. No better testament. I tickets for -- really -- there really isn't. So here's the ultimate quick question because I see it on your FaceBook page. Anybody from Quincy once in -- woods Frankie -- Padilla uncle's role today in the party and everything is argues. I like the outlook brought to -- -- be on. I took a different word for our I had a good guys. Crucial in the sport but. Are at a public appearance -- result. What are right you see by the -- about a security -- that wouldn't stumbled on the steps to build -- stadium. Oh he. IQ so. This stuff in the table. My goodness he always finds a way to get themselves noticed those in the -- right here right yeah we've -- ball there in that area aria. Frankie Schneider and I vehicle outside -- -- made sure that every woman in the world -- person in the southeast got to know who he was. We try to do that today. -- -- continued success great stuff Quincy vs North Quincy have fun with your party thanks for coming on -- talking about -- -- I but I don't that is Kerry Byrne from cold hard football facts. He is passionate about all of it they do there. And this is the high school Thanksgiving football rivalry show till noon today. Ex NFL players that grew up in Massachusetts and played high school football Fred Steve. -- GAO's case Paul Ferran. Pete Kendall many others Chris Sullivan who's gonna come on later on many of you remember from North Attleboro -- for the patriots got a Super Bowl ring. Our Chris has had a very interesting journey gonna talk very passionately about what Thanksgiving means to him and I'm thankful he has this year. It's all for you it's all part of viewed today. Be a part of -- 61777979837. I'm what Stearns Deborah. It is Thanksgiving morning a lot of you are out they're getting ready for the day to celebrate with the family and your friends. My family and friends from pulse network -- out there in their cars just finished a work out. I've crossed it cracked in -- good buddy John -- a -- and all the good folks there. Congrats to you know there was not a chance in hell I was gonna make across the crack workout this morning. I was coming in you guys were gone or where. I am both proud and embarrassed to say. Bruce Jan. Tiles Steve and whoever else went this morning congratulations. Good lock. This day is all about your home -- it's all about community. I -- York community it's our communities. We all. Throughout there listening probably grew up around here we moved here in became part of the community and if you didn't grow up in New York. How many you live and you became quickly became part of a community three kids. Your friends your family and what this entire weekend stretches all about is getting together with those friends after years and years and years. I did last night I'm sure many of you did it last night. And you'll do with the rest of this -- today courses date gambling it's a date for Thanksgiving Day high school football my alma -- the -- she wants. Represent want nation will be in Milton today for road game to take on a Milton. I always rag on -- because they can't figure out what their name whiz kids there wildcats -- what what they are anymore. Cable we all the wants and it is one nation and joining us on the phone right now. Is the athletic director from Braintree high school Mike and he's now Mike are you gonna be politically correct and respect the -- but -- picks up with them what is. I believe today it's gonna be the wildcat looks at the -- now hopefully Milwaukee got to defeat the wildcats expect the -- -- trophy. What you been athletic director Braintree now for a how long. A -- bidder for seven years in a part of this rivalry didn't grow up in the round. But to -- on the back YouTube ingrained -- -- -- you know all the kids that go to the school like so many other administrators around the state. You know all the issues that go along with trying to get. High school sports -- give you an example might my daughter Sophie as a freshman you had so many people come out for field hockey the issue that you created a freshman team. At a time when budgets on the -- and all this and that. You'll -- the people might take to patch on the back that that would a lot of other people prejudged that understands what the high school experience is all about. It gets harder harder in this day and age doesn't. It's certainly doesn't bullet but one of the first things I became athletic director Blackstone valley at the principal rich Brennan told me is that. You know we as a ministry is it to create opportunities to kids and that's over those four years that those opportunities and you realize that. That's what they got to remember what they locked the doors to their graduation so. We got -- how difficult it is -- we have kids that wanna participate something we're gonna go to the extreme to deafening picture that they can participate. Talk about this game today -- even -- for seven years now -- Braintree it's in Milton. Arm of the new playoff format. Neither these teams are playing to go to was Super Bowl but what's in your mind what's unique what's different what's significant about this scheme today. I think what again in the the boys have the opportunity to be played on Thanksgiving and they know that it's across held liable -- -- It's a big -- conference rival so it's it's the non league. Team they wanna try to. -- in the what -- towns they build -- aren't gonna come out and participate in the action and indeed there on the sidelines for them. And now I'm big accident that enterprise and as you know. Prior to that model it -- I explored that side anybody can do it before it can do it this morning. Talk about -- or give us your opinion Mike about the playoff format a lot of lot of talk this year gaining insurer is gonna -- one way to Mike Lynch and others that are very opinion about it in your opinion. The way they did the playoff format starting at like three weeks ago or three. Games ago and having a lot more teams involved it was it good or bad overall if you had a you know record -- -- choice of what it did for this year sees. Well I gotta get it with you which I think -- pros and cons of that belong with this whole playoff system I think if you if you keep with the a playoff team and -- accept all the announces many pros. An unfortunate break was not part of that play ops that are in the I'm not playoff format and I I think you would -- he -- -- the first thing I'd like to say that like -- red repeat that the MIA with all the work he did. On the wanting it to the format. Did the breaking high school go to a lot like edited scenes against competitors like schools so we were we were able play board games during the year that it's compete. But what we got to be not playoff format. I think unfortunately it was a lot of it was a lack of interest in -- earlier part of how we we at the plate he computer feet. Nothing no disrespect to bare feet no disrespect -- but unfortunately if it did not travel toward seeing. And because of that. We took a huge hit at -- Which. And I and you mentioned earlier. In today's date society are in revenue -- it would -- our athletic budget just -- India. For instance. We need to realize thirteen adult -- and I gained so upright and playoff format. I in the three games that we play in the non playoff format. We realized 300 dollars short actuality we lost three dollars a playoff team. Like it is something that he said that because I'd still think city wide gaps that. Play hockey playoff teams especially not playoff -- trying to get that playoff level. Playoffs are making out dollars each week to -- There be them it'll turn it. More equipment more resources. More ability to. Ford program whereas now we can't take money out of our athletic budget to cover expenses. You might get people are out there listening and urged him were talking about sort of summoned up. What is the playoff format what was different about this year in your opinion. Basically in the playoff format -- had a seven game regular season. I'd seen were able to. The majority big scenes which. -- -- Not every school including schools are going to be Super Bowl in the weeks to -- eaten at. Play everybody -- -- -- which I think is one thing that have to be a change in the -- format. But yet I think you see any value -- point out and yeah each team was associated with a point out what it was a divisional game or not official came. And no point values. You know they were all equal because if you take a look at some on the on the target I'd like in Natick and undefeated they would three feet. Because they had to play three out of five the team against team motivations -- the equally true win. Where everybody in the divisional game get away so. They're trying to hurt and I think that -- to Italy it's -- as well what it really need to take a look at. Is happening consistently all got to speak at all or region. -- I think that's probably the biggest thing they got you -- point values. How beat it also played. They are out there apple didn't fight for the divisional playoff because political sites like other parliament and other sports you played at the slightly higher seed. No we agree I'd be -- it for certain scenes. I'm not -- but he played on her that that's also in late November that's decided that well so. Think they need to evaluate. You know I speak -- pick what you wanted to opt for fourteen. Because all foresee all the top four seeds -- Super -- coming up there was -- that was a little -- it's -- all week. Mike are you and everybody else brings united does a great job. Thanks so much I know my I'll be here represent want nation on the radio my daughter Lillian will be there are senior classmates. Her last game so have a great day today. Butch I appreciate everything you do for breaking high school everything -- can -- school athletes cost. State -- intricate show. Art might have a great day today appreciate you argued to our good happy Thanksgiving to you Walt let's squeeze in and whipped through a couple of quick calls for the top of the hour. Go to John mauled to lose a Hyannis football coach John. I'm gonna head football coach and athletic director of Pope John Paul the second high school and -- and very nice play. We actually play less likely play at -- merit pharmacy facility so we got -- clear laps -- complete -- calling. And I'm glad to say that out looking -- went our way in forty -- thirty real cool and. Nice coach so we launch today -- he's grown up again today. You have heard it somewhere in Massachusetts overlooked like. And besides I united feisty chips Lugar -- see them be bored today and now -- that there. Halo two and. One of the many Montero is from the Montero for him down there are great people. Yeah absolutely I don't know a lot as well yeah John thanks for calling and really appreciated -- shell out there every -- just say so what they go to John let's take Jimmy and care and Jimmy what's on your mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know I live. There. That they'll remember. Players are one I would -- back at it yet. We're a gentle way there at night. The second one I -- and gentlemen that back actually at yeah. A certain to mean. And created a week ago and got it. Yeah I remember. It in. The early at. When it's in need you and we won't be -- on the Jim -- and might Giuliano. My cute that's awesome. One more -- -- -- Aren't that great -- there. He received. Written that we are acting in an earlier well in strict they are in there won't pay in. Rates and. Friends -- craven. -- -- -- -- -- -- I absolutely represent hometown -- one more Corcoran Craig's gonna kill me. -- after the break the top of the our world to the IDW the I 93 point seven there in Boston Donna in Pembroke you Larry bring you want Paloma. There are sixty are class there's 65. That's right while classes of beer and now I'm I'm I'm a little younger than -- and how much -- it. Yeah and their course Milton -- our archrival deeply mindful that year. Did you weigh -- he can play with the you should Bologna and with you normally occur tomorrow and yet here they are great are you ever -- Dick McKay Andrew. He hadn't yet to -- head of most popular count still would say you -- -- back. And of course that -- was the coach in -- -- -- I -- you've mentioned them. The prince creature was only groups military. Tonic and politically Giuliani was my very first football coach Gary and very simple he made it very simple. I put my helmet on for the first time he said to me. If you like football it's very simple game you either want to take your face imported in the -- ice chest or you don't. That's what he said to me. And I said well the first time I did it I was like I kind of like this. I remember he told me actors like I would be headquartered market in June 9 -- sites -- equipment and are extremely should you know. The -- you're -- do you truck and I kept that mind but. Became from three touchdowns but are in my senior year period of mud hole and onsite it entry touchdowns and we're. -- for us then that was -- money out we had a in exchange from center and we fumble on. You ended up -- two yacht party. What great memories to work in government held on policy -- on Saturday. Loss on thanks for the call. I really appreciated I'll leave you really sorry you were probably -- what do you -- pro war side are pro -- thirty years I was there last. I that was -- and some other friends and I'll leave you with the story when I was a senior in 1978. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Dick McKay -- memorial trophy. And for many years I didn't really know who Dick wasn't what it was all about I knew he died in Vietnam. And last night Peter Sean -- and other friends who knew him very well -- me for about a half an hour. About who duke was and how great an athlete he was I was so overwhelmed. Yeah we are well or is that spectrum to Vietnam terror and so we we have more of that actual -- government and get ready for -- -- But appreciate all you do partner. -- -- -- -- -- -- It Greek or. Thirty loss thanks for Colin random sort it really. Awesome really appreciate -- great Thanksgiving. Like on -- -- -- They go Craig represent want nation. Keep the goal we could all walk calls for the rest and actually into the break Craig's -- -- was to break. But. We take a break when we come back Chris Sullivan joins us. You don't miss this trust Chris Sullivan used to play for the patriots Super Bowl ring he's back home. And it means a lot. We'll talk about why we come back.

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