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Are Jeff Green and the Celtics a Playoff Team?

Nov 27, 2013|

Ryder, Villani and Lenny Megs discuss the 2014 Celtics and the idea that they could make the playoffs this year once Rondo comes back.

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And Memphis leads the Celtics 6211 of the first -- old friend I was -- -- friend Tony Allen back with the Memphis Grizzlies and Chris your most of the time -- during the break as we extend there are breaks to conversations on the year but. And we did touch on the NBA. But boy and we've mentioned -- the stakes but the NB collectively so many disappointments. There lancer who leads the Atlantic Division is the Toronto wrapped around GAAP net. I knew you guys would know them the most demanding an era in six and eight yet that has hit it exactly running away you know two games under five -- and a 500 -- eighteen all right Brooklyn major disappointment New York's disappointment. Cleveland's even a disappointment the surprise so far will be Charlotte. In Chicago because he had while and there -- appointment and the loss to rose yes. The team that strip Portland is as -- look at the -- Portland's thirteen to two out west. Who is that no on pays attention duke has seen a lot of them play a little -- I think -- for. I like. -- Willard and they've also -- LaMarcus Aldridge is one of the best unto hiked about players because he's out there you out of Portland after generally anything love to have him then why is it seemed like -- -- maybe it was because people paid more attention NBA grades they were going to. Championships but I -- -- When I was a kid. Clyde the glide Drexler and those Terry Porter those Portland teams when it always was and the bulls -- That part yet you know of course wrong place by the time provided that was that gets me -- bag then yep but it. And that's really I mean to me the he knows the most exciting team to me to watch in the NBA does necessarily mean they'll they'll get there although they could make a run in the west depending on pins and both did not love David Lee is there but totals status so much -- why they. There is -- -- basketball yeah absolutely and if you like you old school style you retired but this Chris says this moment iso play. One team that moves the ball extra. You know four seconds left in the shot to act now as they grind you down to a nub even regular season game. There are two great starts and I mean there they're probably the most complete team right now maybe outside of Indiana just determined that teams are playing the best. They've always been very good defensively they're scoring as well as anybody in the west which you don't always see. There's probably five teams that are for real on the last which is three more that are for real needs them and these straight -- -- -- third in the east. Now three more are as far as Aaron now to hit it there that's it and I'm not counting anybody out of the playoff picture included the Celtics. That the nets are still edit the cavs are still in -- the Milwaukee Bucks or stolen while everybody's in the playoff -- so Celtics. Rondo comes back the I'd say there -- playoff team. I -- as crazy -- that a few weeks ago I said no shot but down looking at at an 87 seed them critically in a let's -- killing at 2830 games under their belt I'm not the subtitle the holy than you know I mean if you. Milwaukee is and I San Antonio. I still -- -- and they they had they had Miami in the prominence. Last year well last year says a lack of a defense to -- Yet for a last year I said the -- San Antonio they better win at this season loses meeting last year I ignore it and here we go again but it really this is it the -- I mean date. They better it'd get it done this season all right let's get to the fall of the -- tried Dave in the car get a day. Yeah -- -- longest. -- like high school rivalry. And -- to match that -- feel Smart and thirty SE -- mayor and against saint John's. Saint Peter's game. How many years how many years. -- 89 years really. You have the longest. The longest revelry in history. And mellow out out that way Catholic schools I think -- -- -- suicide about what okay. Yeah I guess you have a rooting interest here -- would be calling. He's the coach I don't. It anyway I check it out you'll very some being. And I period ignited excuse Mike in the car in my. They aren't part of what's up Mike and it is. I bet the always a great moment when he's on the line it is. Wanted to get in throughout the bout a little bit off we'll. Terrible every young developing right now. The little that many hands off. They talk you salads mad at you mind. Every -- hot -- at that point where you really have no short. It's hot August that it'll have a guarantee I'll -- picked up -- -- become -- lottery. But it didn't take it cheered and a year and -- that would be that year you have a guy who bike. I want to pick a watered down generic version public LeBron James -- arbitrator to Barry Parker and ends. -- It is look. I -- -- -- exaggeration. But you really compromise you know like that Limbaugh is right. See is that -- explosive. He's very well that he he can't get anywhere but at that will be. It's automatically to the hole yeah that. That you won't be able to do that in the NBA right away I'd so love the -- not regulate you don't expect many. 192021. Year old doing that because you can -- -- days. 83 years at all which brought in -- 21. Golf arm would help it get away from. It is important are these little eight brief rally and college AV brown you're currently. Considering he -- grass. Jeff Green -- would bigger ball. Player. -- -- Now you're bigger would be he said would figure to be more aggressive -- O Jeff Green. Yes that's why the -- he's so I was really upset with them well -- little more fire please the well let's say just inconsistent some nights again and and it pretend Jeff Greene has to and every now it's against Miami. I'm just reading. Potential without any part in the but at least forty point game and whatever compliance argue it he port became. Unacceptable. That. -- never had successfully is like that's who he is wealthy Casey's family was seven seasons 67 seasons now what do you mean the potential that averaged twenty some the points who would have done already. Not -- into why is that not fair to say it's perfectly fair to say they argued it would be unfair to say if it was second or third seasonally I understand that he had Kevin Durant around -- before is gonna get there at the bulk of the scoring -- -- writers. You can't say at that that really can't act nonchalant. Because you get why I've been directed at you believe it or court blocked art is I understand that he's an immediate and I don't know an end and we don't. Don't know what what are you talking about might might or might -- not now this is my opinion might I don't you have your own -- Which Jeff Green Jeff Green all right. A -- you know a guy by the time he's 2728. And what we've seen so far did Jeff -- these and that is a nice complementary players Woody's. OK okay court. What don't you cannot say. I cannot say that that's what I think -- -- like you know -- why did you -- or get out. All right explain to me like just greens gonna be a superstar. You have you might -- on that Oklahoma State who eat it up and I understand and you want to -- people are -- What but why -- why do you think Mike and Jeff Green all of a sudden right now in his seventh season and now he Camby demand is going to be. Now all of a -- why's he gonna be news story now. What what what were taken and saw. -- think what you think that it -- try to Oklahoma. Is more dependent. Now because he Wal-Mart. -- what are what I'd want it. Oklahoma. -- -- it or. It could be cut you can -- a better way. And. Golden idea CML put up 21 night to the next night disaster tolerance. LL. Ehrlich seems -- you have him in the hall of fame so I don't know. It all out beat out an important part of all. -- did that read my word as you -- But we do you stand on Jeff Green I mean I feel like parallel -- feel you large Jeff Greene went away and -- consistent. Aquatic argued that god I think really get. And no big all -- actually. My neck problem. Gotta look audit of equity group are -- -- edit topic we waited. Crest at best -- was -- to you know use one time let's examine those guys in the conference got to do with Jeff green's performance. -- -- As he throws -- welcome runner up my mind around the idea you may understandably you don't know that sounds like something math teachers at -- high school. I don't get you know. Look he has opportunities to take over situations here. You know it. Is he ever gonna be -- and I there's a lot of parts of Carmelo hit tons of that I don't like he's one of the best pure scorers in the game -- and Jeff green was going to be that type player he would be already is I would thinks -- -- -- our leaders and you know again I want years he wants and a score twenty game Nelson wants looking to tanks so if you. Through which which is it. I still understand how a team and orally -- for break here understand how a team tanks nobody's ever explain to me -- IIIIU. Tank when you have young players especially like the Celtics that you wanna see what you've got. I was like Janet well -- -- to -- -- not. So bad that says the problem they've got a lot of latent as compliments repeatedly some frustrated when -- say that like pat him it's I mean how how that you can't have always been mesmerized by that that theory now what is at Colorado and the rest of the CSI anyway and you move. They held operator -- and Gerald lawless and other guys realist now to help out -- in 2007. Trying to get to the -- car and sweepstakes. Now a number of teams coming to actually do give you putting five guys on the floor. And what do you tell them what what what -- -- is the outrage you know I -- GM's volume yet orchestrates -- other entity on the coach then I complicit I -- -- I can easily get talent guys -- take the guy that you think the players are still -- other players are still it's going -- -- and they're not trying to tank either they're trying to compete for jobs that just not good enough. They don't usually get a bad team him you know you but I think natural to -- if -- bad team if you Erica doesn't count of one you know -- -- -- wanting the Celtics do have and they're going to be have to do it the more methodical creative way is what bothered -- ethics. As champs. And move in some of those around well -- and you know that's looking in the future that is the plan obvious right understandably don't tank again error or more we use that word so much but if they're not. One of those teams says top you know five panic all right well we can continue on this and anything else really. 6177797937. And he can text -- at 37. 937 planet might you showed John Ryder -- -- eleven -- -- -- and I'll be sticker -- ten minutes -- take over from ten to midnight here. On this night before Thanksgiving.

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