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What Type of Contract Would You Offer Salty?

Nov 27, 2013|

Chris Villani joins John Ryder and Lenny Megs to discuss the Red Sox free agency and catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. If you were Ben Cherington what would you offer Salty this offseason?

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Also the only. News of the day concerted baseball free agency at least locally around here was. After buster role it was on this station suggesting. That maybe to hold up for -- it's also -- gruesome team uses the medical records although. And that could be the case but. It was he wasn't specific on what that could be -- at -- and and then his agent fired back Garrett Jim Muncie Saltalamacchia denying. That suggestion. And pointing out that dead I take itself as spent three years since he's been on the DO. Has not been on the deal in three years so who knows buster reporting there -- receipts speculative speculating. I mean that's that's pretty much where -- at this stage is speculation whose interest in who and I am glad you mentioned any boarding pass no he didn't know. So it was it was -- -- but he was just speculating what the holdup could be but the but the holdup. Again we've been talking about this the hold up as an extreme. On a number of fronts because -- has been much movement -- what do you think the numbers for Saltalamacchia where do you go. Your bench -- Well I would ask is are always get what three for 26 and obviously we can't kind of a different conversation yeah pretty or -- at Saltalamacchia. I would I would actually go three years with Saltalamacchia and here's my plan that most would think well it is he's got to get a three year deal somewhere out there is only 28 years old is not much catching up there on the market or via trade or just usually isn't. And put up some good offensive numbers -- sub -- little bit defensively but yeah I would say. That. He's probably gotta get somewhere -- three almost thirty around thirty province aboard three. Maybe you're out of all morning Carlos are ways I think so a little bit because addicted -- he's 28 years old. He put up some solid offensive numbers he's come enough even though he was terrible of the post season outside of that game winning infield hit against Detroit and -- was replaced by David ross'. A good -- -- guys I don't know about his health. Records. That post early suggested. And and I made Austral is one of the best the business like and understand and speculating button. Probably because there's there's teams out there and every team of these these contracts even for guys like that are going to be out of control. Now he's your starter for two years until Vasquez is ready united baskets -- probably start of the dark and -- -- -- -- may be even and it's why heart but but he's a few years away that. I know he's gonna be expensive but maybe -- not at that -- he's an expensive backup catcher in his third year. Right well that's why I'd I'd be given 25 to two. Well I would I would prefer that as well but I don't think that -- that happened on our -- and -- in our workers discretion with what we do -- we -- bench -- taking a -- offered 25 to two because of Vasquez is in ready by then you know he's volleys plays that you keep parent about here at about like we've heard about -- way. Quickly here and having bases and exists in our Brian Nelson -- X -- -- the -- -- -- -- It's funny and I stocks -- I just yeah -- far -- right you'll hear about and then all the said you don't agree lacy just was unheard of and then all of a sudden burst on again last year -- Because only -- about was -- now to a to a much lesser. Degree yeah it's Vasquez who we hear. And it's unbelievable got to -- throwing arms and comparisons to Yvonne Rodriguez and that depart. But that we always still legitimate -- if every time and how -- I know that but I just say yeah I probably I know you kind of laughed at it and they'll hide their prospects I would almost downplay them today is -- expect you know great things have been baseball America comes out in racing guys you know we've been here and -- -- and Bradley. English he served five years and that baseball America and and the Red Sox -- are always rate pretty high with with their prospects but. How many actually you know. Make it. Yeah I know day -- and well and it also gives time if you if you Briggs sultan of mine are out of what's out there and I have the list here. Of free agent catchers unless they export trade Ryan Hanigan Steve's dementia and down here in Cincinnati and is a local guy he's supposedly definitely gonna be traded yeah airports is saying a month he's gone yeah some god Weathers the reds at Tampa Bay is in the mix formed two and a few other teams but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here with a roadside it was my top option in a dream world two years for Carlos Ruiz then it's pretty sad I'm dreaming about catchers but. I he would be the guy that I'd say gives did you know 110 games. David Ross gives you the other fifty and you bridge towards basket is -- whoever thanks guys. And they've hit the likes it occurred Suzuki. Was an option does Geovany Soto. Those -- and Soto boy get that one great year I was Gaza is completely dry jobs weren't sure loved him Dioner Navarro at that one also -- with Tampa Bay but -- -- Health concerns and injury concerns and everything else you know John -- And those of alikes that are out there on the free agent market soak them out of that it's -- -- would headline analyst there -- average death -- -- capable. Professional but. Don't expect any great things are right it is something where you said at the back up catcher position but not the it's Jack it's just perfectly at least you as strange. -- here is chuck and with the when he -- No I you know I get called in because they've heard you guys say that Saltalamacchia loose. So -- defensively in. The guys that I would -- catcher it and eat it believe me the easiest guys to catch. And the college game are these guys to a big leaguers because. Surely there -- on the -- in the end. It's not very often that you're gonna have to really. Be good defensively defensively. Well lingering didn't exist in the major leagues is because he can hit differently. Yeah. Well not Dalai I'd totally disagreed you see how many pitches to -- -- close the game even whip that number once that is our you know yeah Alaska the bullpen balls during the -- That can -- And his -- added an important getting it means well well it's always right gripe about half right and Levine Blake to over that -- would never shift right and -- its audience now and again did not the most mobile they're big guys -- -- -- Catcher in the majors because they can there. -- and they are teaching to catch. But you know in. Saltalamacchia behind the plate believe Miki. -- horrendous but he can hit the ball a little bit the improved during a lot and and so that's how he survived in the major leagues but. Yeah and again believe -- -- see these guys is a big -- trees he's six foot four which is why he's not going to be at that position for prologue. They'll be back up you know first baseman DH catcher -- And even as early thirties and -- the -- the big guy you know right. -- even -- -- Ruiz from -- I think came in at the second baseman and they turned him to a catcher and I don't know a lot about him but I read about him and apparently he's. Decent defensively. -- You know there are a lot of catch in the Major League most -- in the Major League defensively. I knocked it. All right -- Thanks in the ones you think of -- leaders is one of the better ones even though he's a big guy is that in a big -- on -- -- band big catcher. Bob Boone was great. A big hit but usually when you get to six fours -- -- -- -- -- Behind the plate like just the astray and it is there were injury risk. Record again I mean I've just an -- it's hard when you're that big. And that crouched position -- time. See bigger guys break down I think in general especially if they get over thirty over 35 I do think chuck is. Somewhat oversimplifying. It to say that it's easier to catch in the major leagues because that particular around the plate yeah hey there's a lot that goes and calling a big league Gainer. That you don't have to back down how -- high level chuck played but. I yadda pitches -- -- more strikes but. Framing is different the way the umpires calling games like different you got to study a lot of video on -- the level of preparation. I'm meeting that it. Lean more we heard about that would Varitek for so many -- you know big binder I'm getting ready for games in opponents or Varitek with in sidestep that didn't have. Used and I mean he he get hung out to dry I mean he had a decent not. Ascap B is went went so good right but -- of those pitchers didn't give me a chance to throw anybody. -- there was little battle last via via you know and so he had his. -- -- streaks of you know brought our honored guests in everything that one street corners religion yeah and -- and you know fast guys still not guys saying well we can still on these pitches anytime we want you know so. Now and I think there was some improvement again that what I was always -- shock yeah it's Houston now canceled he did because I pastor yeah I -- views you know horrendous use the car was sort. As the defensive catcher and news. I won't say mark but very definite improvement much. You know led is becoming and I he's got to get paid no matter what nose benches of the first argue against the odds as well. It speeches since we're on baseball this Robinson Cano and and how Jay-Z. Now if you've read up on any of this at all he has but I don't already dumped an easy. Now these -- dumb Scott Boras for it -- it is your Robinson you know don't dump this guy to rhino while all right so. Is agency is marketing it more as an entertainer than anything else and that's why should get this 300 million dollar deal and it's hurting some off because. Have been starts for for marketing. Purposes. For Robinson can go as instinct has slightly it is as a good ball play -- write but -- that that's that they got to do is they sent out on days off for dead he wants. You know commercials Jersey sales TV revenue now is terrific player but. And you could argue the best second baseman I'd still take Pedroia. Slightly above him but to terrific while -- power numbers he's one of the best but 300 million. Robinson you know no I not even the -- I think he returns to the Yankees went. You know 200 million it's probably. Where where -- the market now the quietly as the market. You need at least one other bidder to get in egg is the Yankees are thinking like what 175. And they said they're way apart. They're there Milliken high 17 the dodges if you wanted to -- detriment payments city that average I see they should be selling riots yet but -- But of all the -- outfit like the -- rat situation. And the -- situation. Which shoe falls first. And -- of in a way it went to we go this and it with the -- and he would throw and Ellsbury in the two right because those guys -- mean Ellsbury snipe at the stature of -- And never make that much money but which one you -- to get result for us to see was guys A-Rod ever gonna play again. Boy what do you think oh what do you wait to see results for its reported that Ali. The Yankees -- they were like does get a ride it if you put him under through its air and they'd say wanna get Iraq suspended two they you know that frees up thirty million bucks next year. You've got more money to play with at least short term. Four making this kind of a big deal -- Robinson can known as buster only wrote about it today said -- the Yankees are in a position where there's gonna wait around. And see what happens with canal. I don't know that this markets ever gonna develop at at the level that he wants to there might be I -- team's interest in -- five teens interested. To a degree but who's gonna give -- to order a million bucks nobody I ever really in buster was stretching a little bit today with with much lower -- Bradford. I can't think of another team. Outside of the two that we hear the Yankees and the Dodgers it's actually get a pony up ninety billion dollars I judges can't write and a doctor Michael stretched. -- -- It or even close and I was -- as any stretches for the -- these days unfortunately you know that's the way it seems. Seemingly back by. You know I while many yankees get a just got to get this out of this system I don't know -- we think is when you hear about the Dodgers. Talking about 300 million for Clayton Kerr said yeah. Heard some reports about that amendment and it's just an actually. He's hesitant or was you heard reports during the season the sign that deal because of the pressures of a very massive -- contract yeah that the guy actually has conscience. Thanks always worried about playing under that pressure even though that it doesn't seem to be as much pressure. In Los Angeles or nothing like it is here in New York you don't you don't look at it that way now but in those big spotlight out there but. Italy's Kerr shot though besides the end it's and that big deal he's 26 and I was 31 of them US get paid -- at least 41 net 300 million dollars now but still the cursor would be ten years to -- -- 36 from. They get halfway through the -- contract -- yelling they Robinson can no I haven't contract is neither -- and common is that one of -- three million dollar contract. It's not -- It's I haven't I know it's not happening for me and it's not happening for obvious it's not good -- goodness. Well maybe I'll get -- in a heartbeat if he gets -- 300 million may be. This guy should be your agent Chris 71 texas' say Chris glad to hear you get used to list the every day on the Christian rich ago. While living in Essex junction Vermont -- ago and data Massachusetts with me appreciated and Steve from having to and happy Thanksgiving saluting Steve. I will I continue what everyone to get into I know a lot of people are kind of already that Thanksgiving -- The night before and it and the remainder of the week. And you've got the Bruins and Celtics in action as well as the story up just underway and 61777979837. You can text this 37937. Back more of this break.

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