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Patriots Gear Up for the Houston Texans

Nov 27, 2013|

John Ryder is joined by Lenny Megliola on the Eve of Thanksgiving. The guys discuss the Patriots epic game against the Broncos last Sunday as well as their next opponent in the Houston Texans.

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OK here we go. Are happy Thanksgiving. I was also fugitive the flash eight you know I know that so many people await those 6 PM or six and sports flashes. What we'll do it at six Tony one you know we gotta get those sponsors it was all of a gay outdated while gay outdated anyway. If you could tell by my boy so some people get this confused it's a job rider in for a Mikey on the planet Mikey show as a I'll -- Up until 10 o'clock. I won't -- year old and up until midnight. That's not the case here crystal -- from -- twelve Chris watt -- coming in early. At 7 o'clock as -- -- Magglio and of course I'll be sticking around -- you good to see Fred and Steve Evans who knows a little bit I was good. Listed today and and here and and -- the x.s and those in and break down the patriots. Kind of is -- went down for folks this week's game. Houston Texans after. The thrilling come from -- victory and really just hype and pomp and circumstance Hollis felt. Heading into the matchup against Denver much needed win for the patriots who renounce it pretty had eaten three in second inning AFC in many think. I think of course it is possibility could run the table any slip ups this Sunday they face the Houston Texans remember them. -- forgotten about while it they've. The blasts nine in a row including. A pathetic loss and I guess any loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars is pathetic -- but this what a difference -- season to make. You know if if the NFL season came to an end today. That the Texans. Not the jaguars but the Texans would have the first pick in the 2014. Draft. Remember just a year ago when when used to was rolling in in the Letterman's jackets in a matchup against the patriots at ten and wanted. Ever was saying that they were the favorites -- that you know did do the team to watch out for and AFC -- but it disaster this season realized. Arian Foster Brian Cushing is done you hardly hear you another still effective players about JJ watt. And even they're terrific receiver Andre Johnson to get peace -- -- Undrafted rookie local guys from that area. Starting at quarterback but I don't see -- -- all the different injuries and Hector his budget injuries. The patriots heading in and it -- -- it -- injuries form this season but. I can't ceded the Houston Texans he notes at Houston. Knocking off of the patriots we can get it. Into that match up of anyone he wants to get in that meant matchup most people still talking about Sunday's game. Against Denver you know what I was surprised to have read today as well. Eight games. I edit in forty degrees is an tackled for football but I saw in games played by Peyton Manning and forty degrees or less east ten and twelve lights that. But the automobile bit worse than that I wonder. What the mark is when -- slips down to thirty degrees or less but I was also thinking about that as well heading into the Super Bowl. As Europe Denver were to advance tickets can be pretty cold. At the at the meadowlands. For that Super Bowl and Malia patriots. Beat -- and again considering. New England in Denver. Anyone else out of the AFC. And last year -- as they could Baltimore could there be some surprise team and a lot of people it's been a mass of discussion really since about well packed week for so. About the watered down NFL this year it even with the Seattle via -- attended one -- look at them as it is a juggernaut -- do you look at in the NFC. It's Seattle may be -- Cisco gets its act together a little bit more they got Michael Crabtree coming back and they're still -- and explosive play makers on opposite of that talent -- nick and improve -- -- he's had some ups and -- this season mostly downs. So looking at the yet. The picture the in the NFL all these five and six -- per game tomorrow I guess out of face giving games tomorrow is suggesting similar remarks made. About a creamy outfits of lemon about how filthy Detroit news and the players on their defensive line. And and their coach and caught out ever won. But to Pittsburgh Baltimore probably the most intriguing game out of the three. Tomorrow on Thanksgiving well happy Thanksgiving to you John -- in from Mikey. Mikey a lot of people don't realize this about him he's -- you know you know him as the an entertainer a song and dance man it. If you were really two at all Renaissance announcement he's a terrific coach. An outstanding. You know he makes two different Turkey's he's preparing right now. I know he makes the other traditional Turkey but he also has one that says with a cajun rubbed deep fried that he puts together. And as he does at all -- just lets his wife relax and he does he does all the cooking so I'm sure he's. These you know in the kitchen with a chef's hat on right now I think you should be one one of those Food Network -- chapters of the you can ask him about it when he comes back cut back on Monday. Some of as a cooking tips who saw -- too bad he's not here to give some would Thanksgiving. Tomorrow but. Not only football we get it to a bunch kind of quiet on the -- on the baseball front and most of the news so far has been Alex Rodriguez. You've yet to it Robinson can no Willie get that. 300 million dollar yeah I don't seem -- continued 300 million dollar deal. On that his shot of that -- Reading up plotted both stood GM's most teams are really turned off on how Jay-Z and his group. Are approaching this whole thing. They're marketing -- as an entertainer. Win and it seems to wanna hear about that it is they wanna hear about what he's gonna do on the field yet it's great if he can sell some jerseys. -- wasn't too and I'm a much in New York does television ratings down the Yankees last year they're trying to. Selling a lot more -- it or more marketed more as an entertainer. At a baseball player. And that approach a lot of teams don't like cattle to -- the three -- -- some percent maybe seven years 200 million and I guess the question it is. Is you know is he the -- in on it and read this as well nick report -- He son. And on Sunday in the globe was reading up on that. That enemies either twice the players Dustin Pedroia is most. Most think it would not text messages all again the phone number should mention that that support six -- an -- tucked myself pulled that 617. 77979370. Can text us. At 37937. This Texas came in from five away which can be no southeastern -- through the -- of western mass five late -- knows that anyway but. -- says Mike he's family keyed in on the mayflower must love Thanksgiving. Well doesn't ever love Thanksgiving if you're an American. Now my dad's side of the -- did as well game over that vote -- some of that first Thanksgiving on the History Channel. Partners. And how much going on last night anyway let's get to we a phone call here before the break here's Jeff and Vermont HF. I just. What's -- -- -- says what -- are ready let's have success. From the other team. -- question. Would have success on any other team. Yet except for rare that you were better look out elbow checked. Bin. -- crack addict then we're out there and we. With a faith and confidence I think that Tom -- there's the college Jeff. Would be this is it actually good for his -- that. That's been a question has been bandied about considering his work ethic and how competitive he is I would imagine you would break through and had a pianist success. But again it helps that Belichick had the faith in the confidence in him. That end up. Having him take over for Drew Bledsoe always know that story now -- written especially in the 2001 season. You know if there was. I wonder if he would get that opportunity with a different coach but I would think eventually he would breakthrough whether it be through injury. Or something else I just think he's too damn good even though some would view him. And it today's NFL where heck I mentioned an undrafted rookie case -- -- getting your starts I would think Tom Brady eventually maybe not as soon but would add up. Being a success right I see it yet lined up there on the phone lines I appreciate that whatever you wanna get it to eight bronze -- -- connection tonight I know we might cringe at this. You never know what to expect of the Celtics and there is surprising you could say surprising six to ten about to be somewhat competitive this season but the east things. And they take on the grizzlies at home no Marcus also that might be a win for the Celtics and that Monday so as some cringe. A -- next I go one at Detroit. Bruins went all these overtime games of blade and it just been roll it and wanted one in their last. And their last twelve. So they've been a terrific in it and a good one tonight in Detroit as well so whatever you really wanna get into on this night before Thanksgiving 617779. 7937. And you can text us at 379. B 37 -- more of those and bagged your calls after this break in a flash. John right back -- you -- alongside. The great one and only then looking dapper in a sports coat tonight. Letting -- Leo look of the adventurous daily news on the baseball journal and possible of a familiar. Guest on the planet Mikey show listen before -- supply and actually this. Was -- you and I was my right right well I said -- he was slave in away. You know. Preparing the Thanksgiving meal yeah and while he is who's cooking. Yeah that's I'm sure -- put in some pop on and let it explode called a dinner. With it's I would takes a writer Mike he's Food Network show would be. Would be called -- to be probate. Now -- a the baked -- that he makes for -- everything's cute oh yeah the -- out awards I'm sure central mass I'm sure in my expert and in the kitchen and I had injuries. I always have what is exercise heard TE NN day and preparing a Thanksgiving meal you know that's why needs these days off -- -- time off I know he's he's talented in the garage I don't bet that transfers to kitchen probably not -- Then -- used. Boy what a tally eight whoever it could. Get had talked about that he'll be returning of live on Monday in the meantime were -- And I was just it will get right to these phone calls but. I was just say you know it doesn't exactly have the appeal this Sunday as we were heading -- at last Sunday night with the Houston Texas -- what do -- -- disaster they have been -- -- one of the biggest disappointment -- and they -- not the biggest -- they -- like the the flavor of the week there -- -- -- was last year -- was -- -- last year last year there I was mentioning at the start of the show that at this point last year -- attended one -- at all -- all the -- with a Letterman's jackets -- everything -- heading into. That big match it was Monday dike gave them believe that and that'll help I have been out where they got. Absolutely crushed by the patriots of that team. And -- be founded they've had plenty of issues as have a bunch of NFL teams but not this version so far anyway of the doing -- -- Let's Belichick talked to myopic of course yet well he you know I was supposed to connect -- -- debt and read some of the clips from. From today is a press conference down there -- at. -- yes he built him up as if they'd like he does -- every team has to have their defense was the eighty Denver. Or whether or slowly used to minority or -- Jacksonville or one of the all time. Tremendous teams he's gonna he's gonna build that team up. Joke but actually you know considering that two games that the patriots came off of Renault -- less than a week. And Danny -- Dallas on counts but. -- Houston it's yeah. To play this game and -- if there was ever a point for a let down in a course Belichick doesn't let that happen if you -- beat the patriots hugest can be better venom that -- And that Texans that bad -- on the net than the patriots on any day of the week. The only time he -- it's not like Karen really remember the stands out the most because it hardly ever happens. When there was that huge well let -- game aura or a starter. Was a number of years ago in Miami when it there it's -- -- only had two or three brands. And in the pitcher's role. Yup -- it happens damage happened -- You know almost every team and I'm just look at the not that this changes -- as we know right. But -- look at that nine is in -- ravens who bookings last year right wants struggling -- going to be the class to show once struggling. They both could be bad idea of 49ers definitely I'd be surprised if they missed out and not a -- I that's true are never in a better shape than right now than the ravens but they got out to a slow start and they did yeah you know. And you know you catch up to the quarterback a little bit you have more time to digest them from it's a surprise season last year and a things changed. The let's get the phone calls here's it's Ian Dartmouth infancy. Pretty general and those guys this is. -- I know that its its beauty its banks and I'm a lot of look at pictures point the first family gives thanks for the job that. Number one John writer does similar -- -- all the talks and having on the radio with China it's a it's a privilege to speak you guys. -- I have my privilege there worker John and SP two guys like you I was that I echo those sentiments -- -- -- appreciate that happy Thanksgiving. Now let's get down and dirty. -- and I'd also like he did thanks to their health and happiness of my handling my mother my brother my -- like Urlacher on. But Malick skipped out to the nitty gritty if someone told any of well. And in the weather conditions that they had to deal with pet detective. And rhetorical points. At in the first half I don't think there's anyone -- the -- the pictures the chance that are backing them with such are. I mean it was an Odyssey you well -- credible -- Yet you're facing a team that's arguably the best in the NFL. Best offensive team in the NFL another -- out under tight end. But there. It's only have a this is a six time it's happened ever in the history of the NFL team trailing by 24 new title one of the best in the NFL and has 24 point lead. And I think I saw where it was 2.2 percent chance when he. Of the patrons come back and winning that one. The way that they were able to. The ramped up in the third quarter and score at will. The patriots in the fascinating part of that is we always hear about. Adjustments made and throughout a game. In particular an NFL game where Belichick cans of sticking to his plan throughout the entire game they did I mean graduate. Didn't she didn't change a thing an incredible thing is I think Peyton Manning he has like forty or fifty year old record once he's got a forceful play. What will call me you know have a lot of -- wanted to -- that I don't know I'm just there's only been five or six games that anyone -- came back -- history from 24 nothing. And -- your first point. Who would've thought they if you knew in advance you know what I've seen the future I've seen the first half and they're gonna be down to media for not hearing you say are against them. You know what the only factory the first quarter of their dad's seventy that 24 nothing idea attempted or maybe get a flight but it's like. I didn't think -- come back 117 nothing. In the first quarter I don't it's only seven more points 24 -- you -- what entire quarter be played but I still thought I'd maybe. Patriots have a chance just because of the elements out the -- -- Peyton Manning is -- in those type of elements I thought maybe -- wanna once I got to. We're where there was nothing on the board in the second quarter and it was 24 nothing idea I didn't think. Which we shot. A fits -- I think it's going to be a lot better this time because I see. The Texans leading only 217 at the half so I feel better about that. Could have already been laughed out. -- yeah actually -- things come out in the second half that they'll go in that drives touchdowns touchdowns helped out I mean. You know talk about that -- you have that was just incredible. That the college. And I'm -- brought in optics and I have a good knowledge and. -- -- thanks for checking in here's Fred in Rhode Island different. Heating element a lot of threats well let's go on down the steakhouse. No it sounds different Fred I'll imagine that Fred is but happy Thanksgiving to this Fred I don't fret. But -- -- Thanksgiving night. Well you know a middle and actually I was listening to a statement earlier and and they attic all of a call it. You know it made its statement it -- knowingly -- that went bad game against them under the weather was warm. -- -- -- -- You know I don't know we'll -- what I expected to be -- this -- -- -- use -- -- -- an ordinary Korean -- and great spot. I read this -- achievements -- That she's in what the offense where there's a lot of young player who's probably still try to learn the system. And it and in -- forward. Back forward to the Pittsburgh game where they -- 55 point it's -- Granted it probably not a defense that they used to be. I'm not a terrible as if there are many other -- -- no I don't end it just shows you are right. Getting getting. Of the and we notice getting Rob Gronkowski back and what a difference that makes obviously what a huge -- -- They execute their current and and that would you move -- to regain. It was self inflicted you know -- I don't read all with the fumble. And now and that any personal foul penalty if they did come out of -- one of those situations with the field goal they went right. You know and -- it's relentless it's probably in the top. Category. And always in defense and it a little and the league. Don -- -- -- -- these -- great points by you Freddie and what you think about it sit back and think about it we can talk about how watered down her. Comedy -- teams there are in the NFL this season but. It is if the pitchers win their final five games where if the if they get to the Super Bowl you think about the job and and they can't afford any more injuries they really can't but. I know Vince Wilfork note Tommy Kelly up the middle no Jerod Mayo a hobbled Aqib Talib. You miss Gradkowski all that time in the dole has been. Been heard you've got. Fumble prone running back even though a talented Ridley was become the polarizing figure. EEE go down the list here and I and others did some. You know they could very well be it is -- -- right now the patriots they've lost some close games they also could have the opposite record. As well. But but I'd say it is it. It is a testament and I know -- gets what he appraise your but it really is attested to Belichick Brady in the rest of limited. -- and I would think that if somehow the patriots. And they do have a shot if they win the Super Bowl this season -- all the different injuries and everything else even though we've mentioned a watered down and a Fella I'm sure this will be one of they'll be -- Belichick Brady slightest hours. Well I really really big big do have a shot a one of the biggest reasons I mean they've got depleted defense but it because they can put 31 point but 38 point -- -- he liked or. They need to do that I have any chance to win. Well but all right thanks -- for the for the call for about. We've also -- just play devil's advocate here let it would also see in this come up in post season passed after the patriots will have. Now some unbelievable games during the regular season and all of a sudden they -- its dodge defense and in the past that's been Baltimore gotten. And EC that offenses is taken away in the patrons taken apart. And they lose and they lose at home now and and it's happened and that's why are we. You know -- -- and interns are found everywhere it should be happy with -- pats Afro Larry's and you just pointed out chart. But you can't take anymore and you can't say enough threats as well in Oakland in the press and file in the red zone well. Every team every -- -- has things commit sins that they said they wished they hadn't and and things would have been different you just can't make those mistakes every team there's no perfect games didn't throw a perfect game based -- you cannot play one in in football and -- is always going to be something. And you know the fewer errors right weathered the red zone or -- -- feel anywhere. You can bench and so while. And that's -- fuel line is that and this is an all sports well in it. In particular -- not so much baseball where there's so many games but you hear this all the time in the NBA didn't even in the NHL and definitely the NFL where. The good teams find a way to win of the bad teams find a way to lose I was looking over Houston money in -- on this nine game slide. And granted Jacksonville and Oakland. No great shakes they barely lose them but Arizona they lose by three they lose by 3-D Indianapolis they lose by a point to Kansas City. These are the recent games so they've hung in there and somebody gave him a much -- to wood nine and they very well could be just another one of these five sixteenths or maybe even better. Yeah like it's a tournament seven at Texas a path that's -- and tell them they'll find a way good very bad team in the -- -- -- So Murphy of the fault lines here what everyone negated 26177797937. -- -- text us at 379. B 37 on the AT&T to -- John Ryder -- meg really in orally. He's very punctual no traffic and no traffic. Say hi I've a Torre last night I said John amount of time Albion because I don't know I can't remember -- if it's light night -- statement I guess a heavy night of traveling for holiday it was Tuesday night -- -- It's hard for me sometimes to -- call three years or four years ago and especially when it comes to traffic but it seems -- the last two years heavyweight Tuesday is that due Wednesday yesterday it was a it was a horror show once and news or some slowed as today but now. Now it seems to be clear sailing with the exception of via the arena it the pike was nice and clean and that's why get here early so the user traffic reported normal attitude and for that that's not right ports station. -- glad to New Hampshire up next James and sandwiches and room for you wouldn't -- some Texas well have this break. It's a credit to inherit the parent to your players what they're -- -- -- your players and -- player and another team that's. You know the captain Keane then you know they got to feel -- -- election he would feel OK so. And I think sometimes a lot of time on the matchup they've managed it spacesuit so. You know we've been pretty good in Israel and bad weather conditions. Short clip -- like -- here is the biggest -- is because. And our coach coaches walk through every day if they don't give a crap you know what the -- pitcher -- and get out there we'll -- it out. As practice and those elements. You're paid man -- will be practicing those elements will move more -- and Deborah -- has suddenly getting into the of the week when I -- Footage of them practice and it was on the snow. Out here in Denver doesn't necessarily have to be real cold exactly I was gonna say but that does mean is twenty degrees now -- now it's twenty below zero windshield yeah. That's Tom Brady the other day. The Dennis and Callahan Show it here on WEI a -- a plane in the conditions of the elements together pages usually dead dead dead date that favors them big time typically. No question and a it and Belichick -- this stuff I mean that it's it's football well that's what it yet you -- an -- plane went went. Now knows these these species get in the league and that's got to go through that paid that it's who have learned not AM snowball write you just play the game and after. Now and and David Brady today tell reporters this is -- -- all starts really is you know Thanksgiving NBI yes that's wonderful ball got its -- almost saying you know it's still early after doing a three year after -- is a war. Is that what you get down of the final five of the season as well grace periods are Brad. And the brutal parts at least perceived brutal parts of his schedule including last Sunday night and who would have thunk it heading into the season but the previous Monday night Carolina. -- -- -- in mid the only. Received tough games remaining on the schedule would be at Baltimore. Second -- given season to -- that -- that had said you know Miami's a -- usually look at a game at Miami and and for -- is no matter what Miami's do an ad season. And a few of the patrons probable pitchers don't always play great down at Miami. For -- later in the season but I think this year. They get past those. I just to I expected to -- had you know. I suggested or deprive Israel half what they can do from here because now it's it's the series -- this season and debt. I mean we can -- thirteen and three all right I know it's a fourteen to four with that schedule but. And into it would twelve for ya got our debt. Thirteen and 312 or -- right no worse than 124 ability. In terms of marquee games he would consider the patriots Texans this week tomorrow just looking at it. Steelers ravens out of three is the best in the the most implications. Probably the best game of the of the weaker the most interest will be the Broncos at chiefs. And Broncos yet again mean no and that's actually not a Sunday night game or or Monday. Yeah but it's it's circled. Now you know that's that's that's beginning to them about it you know in both exit -- and -- and tired of the pitcher to -- Wednesday accused. Denver I think Denver wins united does that Kansas City -- even though it's as Casey I'm in I think down. Well again you know the ballyhooed. Defense of the chiefs. There are reports 7580 points -- -- -- -- -- -- a little bit they still don't know -- if Moreno how are you will be able ago. And and again the conditions it does bother Manning though especially at this it has in the past but this point of his career. Two because he doesn't have that than that the strength is throwing arm that he that he once had. No he doesn't you say that about Brady took again and oh yes you could but I think that it Brady's arm stronger than Manning if you look at him right now I'll show and a. -- And and yet. Manny is going to be the MBA -- most likely aria I I'd be surprised if he didn't end up winning MVP and by landslides. While the patriots -- -- going down one by one you know season and then injuries. You know Manning had -- the best sell rock all around team. Going for the first save in nine weeks of the season you know and told different now. -- different. And let's get back to the cause if you wanna make because 6177797937. You can text has said 37937. Here's James and sandwich on the -- -- and. There with the apparent that predictive of -- you. That stigma -- and a touchdown jump in real quick I haven't heard it talked about. What what you on. It this game that Senator McCain played in Denver same -- the conditions. What's the chances that patent does a little bit well probably better after the -- It they can make any difference at all or do you think it's just a matter of you know -- historically done well playing in cold windy conditions and after just. We keep hearing all these different variables that you're bringing up another one year. I don't know I would probably give them Denver a better shot on their home purple folder onto a 24 and ultimately then. Then then Lewis he has every that. Forgive him this house should be three cadets away question. Well you know but actually it we've I've heard all these different you know and someone alluded to a of course there was and -- when Fred and Steve -- this afternoon if if the temperature was you know save forty degrees or more would would Manning -- played better known that I would expect them to play a little brighter. Our guys are right those are the biggest it's in the world if you changed everything the location the temperature. It's foot while you play it I don't dwell on what if they do -- to have a -- game a first off your plan at home should be a little better off okay. But he gave up 31 straight points so maybe only give up you know 24 something. Heidi outlook challenges as it released there's there's no right answer there's no -- answered this question out. Now what you think. Well I don't mean it's like -- -- unit now albeit slower on the nor can really say what happens. I just think Ryder Cup -- didn't comment beating after the game that it's changed like he spent an awful lot of his time playing the patriots and New England. And that there may not be pitcher pitches seeing that you made the comment -- That was. Yeah I I had to me there was a stretch where it seem like the patriots are always planet Indianapolis back and is it that when he was -- colts yeah. Vote yeah I saw those remarks by a Manning threw in day out and have sour grapes -- right -- -- -- but I mean James again in the sense courted bonuses and that's what. Why we enjoy sports so much so much as the unpredictable. Factor of some things and especially highlighted. That's Sunday night gave -- an active as I mentioned it was only the sixth time that has happened thanks for via a call. Here's Tim in Northampton native. -- hit a couple of quick comment while an illegal appeal might be. People just got all the mixed up five games as well and it's the medal now out -- would look at this recent this week. Where they were you know half a dozen -- that. Or could qualify upset so you know I know theoretically patriots we're playing well there are back to back on track but. It wouldn't surprise me but to actually gave the cup and I certainly expect Baltimore. So. Don't know I -- sure eleven without the jets were gonna knock out the patriots when he played earlier. -- I can happen. Yeah I mean. -- symptomatic and the jets were on that schedule the last by getting your truck pulled up as to what they lost the ball -- I understand that but I'm I'm I'm just looking at the schedule and would you agree that would you be shocked if they have lost more than one of the remaining five games and that game private would be at ravens. Well I'll tell you I wouldn't be surprised if -- they have trouble with -- Miami and Miami I mean all sort of imploding dot. Are they had 113. Before this past weekend and -- I think there are going to be compatible. Which team if you think you have a better chance of beating the pats or ravens have the dolphins. And -- book on the road and yeah no question about it well -- -- the guys I typically every single patriot season I don't know why this one always sticks in my mind refused backward to played at Cleveland. But there that it typically there's. There's a game or tool. During the season then you look at before the season all right that's probably going to be a win but there's always -- heck I said it earlier Tim who had. Carolina played as well as they have this season before the season is always led the Texans being is not I didn't I didn't think the Texans would have. As exit a successful. Regular season as they did last year heading into this season but I also did they would be to a nine. And I -- injuries have played a role but they have with a number of teams -- the beauty that's. That's the old line the parity of the NFL all these five and sixty. -- can take that right to the ravens who won the Super Bowl and who else said you know they've been loose and keep play as close to tender. Read and and then it's like out well that they're probably. Not can be -- good well they're not and Flacco is not gonna replicate what he did last year and debt and they -- therefore they wanna and a five rockets coming the F. I mean -- yes -- typical house pointer and anything can happen in the NFL because some teams always have. Maybe to a three wins the real bad loans four wins right. And -- it is gently over a pretty good team. Yeah it usually see at the end and of seasons Arab member. And now we're going back some but bad as the greatest show on turf there was the rams were finishing up against the alliance and lines were pathetic this was back in the early two thousands. Well the rams just royally ticked at one loss and aligns him and it crushing them in Detroit because you see that at the end the season sometimes. Where a team -- who wins three wins sometimes. That's where coach you motivates a lot of times comes into play that -- but -- twelve bytes left but. Yet but it. What I'm talking about is all of a sudden guys are like -- plan for my job here players. You know it will well library. Too -- if -- -- -- -- twelve with something I understand but still a geyser -- -- where -- gonna -- on for next season but it shows -- that nobody who knows there's so many different variables that go -- and it's one game you know I just for -- Tutsis and if you kick -- -- game -- the I would -- that we -- -- -- in a -- to -- what we do this -- we do here and will continue to do so the loss of mixing and to baseball -- I was talking -- Robinson could go -- and Abreu and really we've we discussed this last night as well whatever is kind of waiting years to come before the storm when it comes to baseball fridge to either as ensembles but it. I don't consider the David Murphy's and Dan Ahrens of the world significant we had the Prince Fielder trade which was the most significant thing that's happened so far but when it comes that. Free agents all of -- about his is the robbers -- demands in the in the -- so far. -- the Celtics with possibility. Call me crazy I don't know who knows what they'll do but it's the no Marcus saw actually a winnable game against Memphis tonight and open up the Dow indices knoller 500. And a bronze in action as well Detroit so what everyone negated to an up and also were not I guess who were divided or some people probably think I would be because they. The paint the picture while -- really does. -- but LeBron James is in Cleveland tonight take on the hapless -- another disappointing team that was supposed to better -- in -- -- and -- -- trading the number four draft pick from the other year Dion Waiters because he can't catalog with carrier Irving. And head they were expected to be better. And it's Miami Cleveland tonight and LeBron is having is this crew the team over for Thanksgiving dinner there and Ohio. Evan and had absolutely no deaths have been a tough. But he and teammates and I securities said the cavs fans over as what he should act like he's repaid for all their Thanksgiving dinners at their lead with -- pick out. Yeah the only team and while I get it is there's only one team I could see this season I know you talked about the three. And the entire NBA concede knocking off the Miami has won the Indiana or. Well I'll get that there's -- -- then after you got last year and now get that after the break out also coming in after the break it's well. Right now it's John -- letting me go -- -- you'll join us as well. So same situation as last night so phone calls welcome 6177797937. And you can text has -- 37937. Back after this break of flash.

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