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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 11/27/13

Nov 27, 2013|

Brace yourself: You ask, Fred and Steve answer.

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It's. Time or answer the question jerk answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question of who I. -- ready for this Riviera has quite a segment. Listen there's some good questions here I'm from Goldman already you already. Architectural -- edge of the question jerk is sponsored by a Norris restoration specialists. If your property your facilities manager or an insurance -- call -- us to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in please call 877. 4611111. Or go to HRS serve dot com it's ready you're ready for these questions -- By -- what is the funniest locker room prank you've ever seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When when it got in touch -- -- would turn -- that icy hot on the just because of that brutal brutal about a mile -- -- and -- but the other cost allows them to go to his beloved G rated stuff that we -- but I. Freddy what was your most -- question. I'll start. And the routine I apologize. The only ambulance and food -- have that funny voice the group. It's okay they're related but sort of poems are like this and Russell ready what was your most memorable Thanksgiving football game. Senior high school Britain brought in 46 to six -- was -- -- it always was a great team but were beautiful -- six with -- -- my most memorable game was my senior years at -- -- -- -- -- into Latin. And some little five foot seven tour in five pound -- -- -- kick -- and -- Leo what time of urban narco called him back. And -- immediately from the side that that that could go to after the game who illustrated you flopping on the ground. Next question next question -- wings or drum sticks. Afternoon. Wings. Why does the best buffalo wings you can I don't know I don't know we're talking about for Turkey. All wings of drum sticks -- drops to Arthur buffalo that's just. Going to like buffalo wings of any kind of -- of garlic parmesan -- and those who was bought out. -- Yeah I think -- success because it feels good to get that big drumstick and just rip it up again. Pretty what is the best cigars you've overhead but a friend stays. Blackstone prepare well we were out of we do have the difference mr. gadget of friends to market prevail by a rocket to throw. Such as she opened. My favorite hello we're constantly question still. I'll tell you this bluntly honest -- -- -- I was ready analyst -- over into them with my -- doctored true he gave Leo cohiba. But he did that at -- looked at several group it was given to vote no we can't forgive you that's or a Google to everything robbers to slide at all. -- if you guys didn't play football what what you've done. 120. Track. Two with a twelve -- Right I probably I probably would have followed my dad my brother into the military however Doug Dotson with food Greek. What pizza the pizza pretty real usually with more valuable world class restaurant what's wrong with us in the world has to religion in the kitchen that's why. Next question. Better but what is the best steak you have read. You're kidding -- is to at least shortage -- -- -- rabbi's friends to Israel that point three out best in four on the cowboys on I hope you'll thank -- -- You guys don't you don't you don't bode former counselor to tell you coupon that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Villanova who delivered a -- counties -- reject it two quite likely it's like the poor house for two that is regarded them. But that's what I have other people are going to run a seat I would never do all orphaned by myself with were two people aren't allowed. All right this is easy -- you -- real easy -- -- delicate questions better coach Belichick -- Parcells. -- through. Those of us go to could be the greatest -- Andy's next question title while ago battled for you taste your -- to -- Belichick -- Braden that's. Although the facts -- You know all about the fact that I haven't played we've worked with Tom does to jobs that don't like forget that celebrating that's cultural awareness day all it was joke question meticulous register assessment -- -- -- -- -- That's why don't. Question I will I will give about two Belichick because of longevity and has great. You don't want quarterbacks. Are these are all questions directed with broad that whether it crayons you can have one quarterback to win a game. What is it. -- -- Entry exit patent it or else said Payton I made if any of Montana and Marino to Google answered question one quarterback -- Who -- through a lot of ratings to prouder -- Bob gates' friend operating that is me going boy okay. Altered this one. -- give me the question is about -- objective is by. Was it wrong to leave the Broncos game at halftime. Having witness that apparently the malls of people leaving and were we before your flight like salmon going upstream. No it wasn't wrong it was not wrong -- it was hopeless it was so cold and it was late in the idea toward the next day. You know there's. But 99.9. Percent chance that you're not gonna win that game we're not against a chance our community is old before it was fifty and all. In those situations -- Britain's Steve from the Rahman a sound to tell us that that's right. -- that was pretty good question next question. Fred and Steve who was your toughest and a -- -- My system. But up prepping for the high -- less apt to tell those guys are playing here's John -- Who was abused him and like Stevens was office on handled I lined up. Across -- the one time. And the ball went the other way he -- he'd be blocked back on the defensive end and I was so scared and ran right into -- and bounced off from. And he says some who you doing that he that I would literally that's what time of ever apologized. On football or. But that I'm sort of mr. had a closest size to play because you'd spoke. Yugoslav I'll kick your if you do that give -- -- your service to Europe a couple of guys. Is it that particular goal line up in -- government to coaches come off the ball aides on the ground -- -- miles buddy Jim richter was most of the real electric. Next question. Are different read a -- again ring dings or double dogs. I alone and you know what I just -- phenomenal the watchful parent of -- -- -- -- -- ringgit 205 to impact. Now -- -- questions that some would release about this with little funny bones in there. And changes or allergic highly affordable for but I I'd love those. Close round tie things school opine. No reply will be limited a lot to know what will grow quickly I found. A red velvet. All over the place him on the phone capable almost its record of those requests altered. What -- but one of reviews doubles that it might have to bring things easily ratings -- yesterday when these dot org over funny bones with the putter absolutely brilliant. Yeah as you look at ice cold glass of milk. Andrea. Be really good -- for the next question. Do you guys have any weird holiday traditions. What -- a tale we are valid for two traditions. Is it too weird -- for you Fred you're an open book. You're there's nothing about -- that the public can't handle Aureus. If you do -- -- I was kid I will not be watching. The first two football games because you more because. I'm going to. My wonderful girlfriends families her aunt and uncle and they are wonderful people with -- food. Great they won't let you watch your funny people that are wonderful great conversation. Nice to me just a great great date. But there's no real TV either to walk through those votes -- do they might have a small body was football I would not show up to -- -- we are really. I would go really -- -- so -- tradition is good I eat the kind of cold and chicken wings for breakfast. The congress Greeks do that every day -- -- the kind of put together always you know in the Olympics and one. -- -- question scrap wood to a good what is the coldest game you guys have played. Thirty below zero. In buffalo in August poster below zero in buffalo -- story -- it was very very cool that was the polls and I would -- -- -- shoo in college at the old Sullivan stadium. Against Alabama where it was minus fifteen with the windshield. We had snow hail sleet. Frozen greens -- -- -- to -- to -- it was that no revenue that stuff and the guys to write from like talked normally. Teammates in the coming out in with half shirts mostly through it was five for about ten minutes. The races that you guys relive it or not pressed him bill bill we. And the album guys came -- they'll look like this woman reports which are on the we go with a game. -- whatever it was good. And that will be that it no effort what what do you want cordial several questions. -- Remember description. I have questions questions. CO. Early last -- they produce the ankle what's the truth that's -- pain. He's a lovely shade of red. OK I -- of course is to Parcells really compare you to be -- Listen to always said. You have put it. I have voted once summary came ahead. Released white almost one here it's been a lot of sometime in one of those who along those. Well it's want rose one and almost green was away. And I had a moment -- all read my uniform was blue and he looks at me goes look at. -- -- Indian beach ball so we're talking. You're soft around the multi -- that's a ball as far as upped its. Cute that clause that -- classic yeah. Meanwhile USW. -- was about five weeks ago. -- so well for this was fun. You were fantastically lucrative who undergoes -- sort of let it put those two to blow shots in your -- coffee actually about all of sample items or into the wall and I figures Olympic -- that we get together we'd have ourselves a little. Post game wrap up -- we talked about it -- -- which writes he would you do wrong she'll -- -- It prepares for the other shows are probably honest about it. If you -- a text and say did you like for an Steve you don't -- at the other guys guys back credible. Data. Steeped in its movements rose -- did a lot Bateman and good luck to Walter at the moment Thanksgiving Day. And novel presently could separate buy album on my children's -- very good well there was one Freddie reported what what's next holiday that we could nationals -- on -- connection to book but yet. I will see you guys are really a meat potatoes -- the guys. Do you get pretty good meeting where. To Fred and Steve stay on -- -- twin river we talked about it or highly best steak -- Robert raising. And that when you don't without Freddie when you have a nice steak and -- it could really nice glass wind. Afterwards we feel like -- after that you know -- -- -- going to Blackstone for instance a guy about insured credit cubic Steve's Steve cigar bar. All your bases covered -- huge protest just like you sit next to us. -- -- there all the time my friends hug us and mr. that's logical inference -- my -- will. Well executed god bless you all. Have a great things happy Thanksgiving to -- thank you guys you guys maybe it's always a forested with moral figures -- going to -- friends obnoxious this. It was fantastic thank you very complex and vote it's been happening on Thanksgiving detects your TCU was 70% of talk just off Texas -- and I thought yeah. All right guys thanks have a great holiday we'll talk to -- We've got good nickname was beatable. But what you. -- -- -- --

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