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Jack Edwards, Bruins’ play-by-play voice, calls in from Detroit to preview tonight’s game

Nov 27, 2013|

Fred and Steve chat with Jack Edwards before tonight’s big game in Detroit. They also ask Jack about the article that Kevin Paul Dupont wrote in the Boston Globe this week.

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Little Tom Petty come -- break their own right. Life without. I'm just laid it all sorry it's not it's not one of your two favorite types of music country Joseph and no country or western. George that you listen to -- felt my brother so please listen you -- it. I for -- -- change gears just for a little bit here we got Jack Edwards join us of course agree factory where bubbly guy from Boston Bruins. Jack is brought to you by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates. And W always expert care made easy and -- power of equipment Jack how are you my friend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's not about her yet he does make up what I look like on don't. Exactly are actually come up with a -- being sick I do this through a got fat fingers what can I do Jack we're gonna do. How are -- microcosm of the Detroit. They they're when they're -- neutral as a multimillion untrue they're. -- are more jobs -- for people. You know there are few more idol storefronts like to see. Really good hockey in the little trouble hearing one won their last. So. -- -- -- Let me hear about Detroit -- -- doesn't get much traffic at 5 o'clock could point. Jack in the early word on sudden burden McQuay. Let -- are gonna go equate to game time decision. -- -- -- that the pros are gonna err on the side of caution especially back to backer coming up on Friday against the Rangers and Saturday against Columbus followed by forties. Often roll. It's not at -- Kevin Miller needs a lot of help you know like I stepped in and for guys all the -- Rihanna -- game she's really been good and you know nothing incredible exceptional we're not talking about Norris trophy whatever I guy who is. First up from the American League stepped in has done a very good job swinging well usually -- responsibly and solidly. What is it about that system that makes it. Cable guide to a somewhat that. Well it's it's also. The coaches down in Providence a lot to credit goes to to butch Cassidy and also -- -- -- I -- it person seen often work with that assessment individually. And it largely responsible for that part -- he travel on. -- It's player learning the responsibilities. Of a very simple but effort based system that quote Julian has in place where. The Bruins will give up the perimeter or less dangerous Arctic -- which internally you. Very high save percentages by their goalies because of all it will take the shot that's there which is less threatening rather than. Brit giving up possessions in the dirty areas that the -- for -- so well. It's also one of those situations where. Mr. -- you that you've got to close every seem. Before it open because if you give up the perimeter and then you give players speed coming -- support into the dangerous area not here in trouble and that's why. Or Brian -- -- at the very top of his game in Montreal. And yeah like Camilleri -- -- and Thomas -- and it's playing well. Which -- still it. That was that was really difficult for abroad because it was small quick guys could be getting into those scenes for the brought to close them preemptive. -- -- -- -- you've been with the team for a long time now and you've seen him and various stages of the season. They're playing some good hockey right now. How do you see this at least the first half of the season playing out. You know what really wild is that there I wanna one of their last ten every single person in the organization is saying this -- got. At least one more local probably true. And if that's the case that there are still finding ways to win when they're chugging along at about 8085%. Efficiency which. Is about to get from here that that that's where they're playing. That is a really good sign because -- they all it they all click it once -- get that kind of intensity that they finally found. When I was desperate times in the first round of the chaos last spring. This is the team that could make a significant -- not want at all. You know drag your football coach means so much real baseball look so much -- he's -- in the middle how much. Alex is a great coach. You know responsible for winning -- -- football's social structure -- so much to a lot different spot he would you change your lines and all that different things in the matchups. Which is a coach -- difference. You know I I don't know how much it meant it's always been significant I don't know how much it meant 25 years ago compared to what I mean now how much he means. A -- but yeah there's. It is Horton in the last great coach. Are are the last team that won the Stanley Cup without a great coaches -- -- -- it. The game is. So watching actually all right now but it's not shut. Play action all the way it is in basketball the way it is in football. Where you've got a static start to replace it all coaching concepts and situations. And supporters are all the same page. And they allow the defense -- After the user that allows an important to take advantage they're not going to be able restart their offense -- on the -- at this. This saying that goes through the in the almost all offense starts with defense well. That's because of the way that -- Julian has coaches this philosophy that plays out every night on the ice. Without those. Concepts that are well plot well understood it well executed. You've got no chance to get past the second round of the playoffs let's -- -- goalie is playing on an absolute -- planet and getting some timely scoring and that's. That's like trying to draw an inside straight in poker game. -- reject it. You talk about that next level. The third -- and played some good hockey even gotten the last couple weeks ago and some. Production out of the fourth line where they take that step to go to the next level whose talk was the second first on what is. Well a lot of -- a lot of it is. Is just. Feeling more comfortable. And there is pride march and can urgent here. That should trigger huge jump in the scoring of the Patrice Bergeron line -- ericsson's been playing. Really excellent hockey glass half dozen games. -- guess is that they decrease is not that up to -- since he suffered a oh really hard -- cities that was not a concussion in the growing trend that's a -- and it didn't come up. Showing at the concussion so we continue to play it. Clearly in the half dozen or so games since he took a really hard not in it he hasn't been a 100% they're creaky that we saw the beginning of the -- The -- Kelly line and really a lot of fast the last few games notably the -- -- sort of workers just. Sort exciting to watch -- he get used to the North American game. He's understand geometry is understanding the -- that he understands he's such an ankle he passes they. And you know -- Gregory Campbell line is it's turning into one of the legendary lines you know it hardly play they play like 1112 minutes again except in a volatile situation. And you know they just -- way to change this situation on the ice and and for that to get the production they've gotten recently has. Is really good sign that. Campbell getting healthy and and they're all feeling good about the game. Here's it's about concussions or not much different the testing to let a play about -- into the game. Is this is parallels the patriots I mean to their footballs. Test to get him back in the game. You know I wish I could give your samples that he's got a hundred -- don't. Yeah I I wish I give you examples that are the exact protocols that go through. I don't know what they are I know that. Every player who reports to an initial training camp pre season. And before a players acquired in mid season and enters an NHL. Lineup he -- -- through they wonder logical testing and be. That's out that they gave the -- you refer to -- took that knocking heads up the lineup with those same standards. The players -- the four. Before he entered his first NHL game of the season. I don't know what those are I don't know what procedures are other players talk about going to the quiet room for fifteen minutes after the teen suspects that they. Has taken a a concussion potential hit but I can't really speak with any authority -- the exact protocol. Judges don't just read -- impose upon so article it was yesterday or the day before. Almost -- -- -- -- pretty interesting article above I guess I guess you'd call the culture of the year of the Bruins in the younger players. Do you see that when you're on the road. Yeah and you know charters or the most interesting people and government sport and you've got into -- in this in this article and refer to -- How worldly -- it is in his depth of knowledge and his eagerness to learn. It'll all phases of his license and it was a very very. Accurate portrayal of the man and his development as a player and as a captain. It's. Is he is. Partially emblematic influenced culture and and by extension so was Patrice Bergeron. They are players to. Are relentless. In their work ethic. They hold themselves -- ridiculously high standards. They're never ever satisfied. Hardly ever allow themselves -- any self congratulation. There always are concentrating on the next result and that it's. It's that goes just to be peripherally associated with those guys say they set. And a tremendous standard off and on the ice and and you know in references to counsel and shaking. Players that they tried to bring into the fold and get to buy into that culture. You can see signs of that. You know I I wish tickets -- you adopted these stories about either one of those guys but I you know I'm really not treated any of that not not hold anything back here I never saw -- coming in later or anything like that. I you know I I just observe is behavior with the team. And -- -- small business during practices and on the ice. When you compare savings rate of improvement to his peers and is your -- All the players were chosen in that range and as players and civil are still such. And -- level. You just wonder why sink in. Did not adopt more of the broad culture and you know there's a little bit repealing the charts you know we try. Try. You're serves over two fingers. You look at Garnett when he got to change the culture over the Celtics and patriots have. They're cool guys -- -- have -- guys are -- and those who put the example that others follow if you have your core players that. You know a little bit loose and don't -- don't follow the system that kind of disrupts the hope the whole flow of the team. -- and Peter trillion include Chile and are not loose guys. They have on -- abducted senses of humor. But. Between the second week of July when they really start. What went down again -- this season and so whatever the team that eliminated all of our hockey and that's their job. They know it's a very short. Earnings cycle in the -- to their lifetimes. You know there in the stratosphere and you know if you -- You played the -- -- we know what it's like you know one minute it's there and then also and you wake up for awarding it a lot of work hard for -- -- -- went that fast and you wanna impress upon every single person. Donnelly who takes the -- that every person in the organization and accurate with your organization that this is it. This is it there is no other world there is no other thing and if you dream of this. And you wanna be part of it take advantage of it every single minute maximize your opportunities because. Someday it's going to be gone and you're never gonna get -- fact is nobody can turn the clock backwards. Well that's with the Bruins a settlement of the players are certainly buy into it took on a broader note what was securely return on on the realignment. You know. I like the notion of playing on your division although there are some asterisk with that. Like right now there are five teams from the Atlantic that would qualify and only three teams in the metropolitan. Most of the few divisions in the east. And right now. The brought to the top -- team in Eastern Conference so instead of going one for Q3 in the Atlanta you'd actually have the Bruins. That's the one seed in the division and the conference play the five seat. The Q3. Match up in the Atlantic and in the fourth -- which today's Detroit would flip over into the metropolitan and you know that the whole purpose of having to play -- your division is to reinforce those rivalries you know. Familiarity breeds contempt and consent to the beautiful playing in four excuse emotional that's what makes this. They don't love to see Brady and Manning Reiman whose. It yeah yeah I guess all the -- so often that you wanna see it all the time and you wanna beat them all the time. You know and and the NHL by changing the schedule the way it has is -- a little bit more generic. In division play. Is spread a little bit more -- out of the division play every single team hold and hold every year so. I -- -- -- three times -- during a conference but you also play Colorado twice and you know it's not that showing disrespect to. To the but you know it's hard will not controlled ever will have a -- with the Colorado out. Them through what -- we appreciate it always great insight. Enjoy the trip good luck stay saved Jack look there and then look forward to talk to your next week. I read through -- Jack Edwards who brought you by Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates and WOA. Expert care may be easy and by Norfolk. Power equipment we're gonna get back to your calls by game ball and Jim will be back and take a quick break. At this point and Freddie will go back to the patriots up before and stop texting everybody nor'easter written hundreds of -- Can't believe tweets about tweets -- tweets organs -- principles of a target they like you really like you get out here -- -- mentally. 56177797. 937. -- today what were also you don't do what would you do that -- what's it. Answer the question -- that was called out. Answer the question jerk I think they're referring to you for a little over a question so well I'll feel free that's. He's -- professional what they view as me for an -- some in the group to. Anything you want to know just texture questioned 237. 9375450. Answer all the great of course Tuesday the philosophy of the entire world. Plastering ads say there was. Falls -- All right excellent seven. Where was six or 797937. Text like 3797. Will be back right activists.

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