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Steve Addazio, BC Football Head Coach, joins Steve DeOssie and Fred Smerlas on Salk and Holley

Nov 27, 2013|

Addazio checks in with Steve and Fred to look at his team’s turnaround this year. The program is bowl eligible and running back Andre Williams has emerged as a Heisman Trophy candidate.

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The end up Williams with a hole yeah he didn't. -- whether -- -- Is that play by play guy he's also a -- to -- a tremendous. His collar guys little shaky but little I -- gathered together helps in the Booth. -- -- -- remember player be somewhere beneath I don't remember now -- dollars -- out of our group as we love -- it's great. -- a Boston College here. So we've had one of the stores is kind of gone under the radar a little bit -- and in no Red Sox you know -- in the world with the Red Sox haven't football earlier in the pages come around the winner in the Bruins in the playoffs last year. Coach adagio coach who -- or Boston College has done a phenomenal job of turning this team around in his first season. Bowl eligible already -- another game this weekend in Syracuse that believe it is coach is that right coach doesn't joins -- now. On the Euro on the full coach goes so far so tremendous year. Going into this we get a chance to talk him in the pre season and I'm going into this year I know you're expected big things but did you expect this much. You don't want to -- all I mean you know usually you committee here in your try to put corporate values you know trying to. You know tweak the culture put -- to -- the -- -- -- you know -- and there's there's bumps along the way we've had some -- -- but I think this senior class. I just got to get so much credit to a you know there are full laurel street folding it totally audience. You know everything we want to -- their lock -- in every time you push them or they -- themselves a little bit more so credit to them and I think it really gives the chance to pick the pink supple. To be a very modest and not create a playoff. You know that BC and could play communion of well. Structures -- important. If you're doing it did a few things you don't change to the culture of the to give the more structure a lot of players really need especially when they don't like -- 1819 in his role. Coming to a system and it kind of it has and has much direction. I was very apprehensive when he came in upset on this guys swarming into tsunami. Property traditional round and all the sudden he saw the play gotten better more consistent less mistakes what was -- engines did the -- structure back into a team. Well I mean -- obviously. They want to the first day I got the job your came in and you know I saw what you guys were like you know just different. T sure who got caught who does not cut this -- -- and I just was like while watching this thing on all the -- and you know guys not evidently Obama in the white why we start our conditioning -- Locker room there's crap on the floor -- just does not often. And I'll help elect has all the right upright decided to have a chance really say a gorgeous day of just under right now this'll never happen again here. It's my fault I'll make sure right here right from this point forward is the way it's going to be gonna clean a -- probably be up every morning at 4:30 in the morning running. I'm gonna happen you'll have a brand new you know laundry line and there was there would ever want to have the same shirt don't -- -- nor destroyed in the same spot same everything. Let's start acting like a team that we went to the weight room. Everything was you know mental toughness training you know -- -- push it played another guy sitting on the wall played his partner doesn't get played Iran already think from the local back in the beginning -- Start building some -- some accountability. And then just started -- back in the spring practice and make sure that every line around controlled with Reuters Max Moore after the start appearing again this -- you know all that old now and it is just. Just got a little later but in the meantime the the thing that was important was the group also let them know that we're all that we love them we care about and we're delivering could not power to make this program better for them. Training table was gonna be better we're gonna go to morning practices -- make sure they weren't grabbing. Took gold -- which -- to go to classic liberal training table we don't have -- the -- in. Just aren't on food -- would like you would demand we wanna make sure you're treated like the lawyers will be treated. There we go between those white lines a little political like Jack. You know it's -- is a lot of coaches to -- under the big things but. Stop the small things it's the little things -- make a difference that to build good foundation -- I've been with teams over. We had a brake coach called the brain so I was so stupid and everything just came unraveled. And when you get all that stuff closed -- reaction to see how would how would take root. In the day there you can I would results it's in the -- Apatow. Well I think they're enjoying being the team right now I mean it you should see. You know in the locker room saying in the fight song there's so much I hate and just you know holed up like -- -- you'll -- -- -- You know it's just you know it's not a self -- as a team all wired together right now you know we're all. We're just kind of all the same group -- correctional paroled just play as hard as you can somehow find a way to win in the fourth quarter. That they've adopted that mindset that bigger joint that. Coach who of one of the great running backs in the in the country under Williams. -- did you know what you had going into the season and him. You are both pretty confident in spring ball and finally lined up. I said you know what I'll watch similar to what this guy is big strong in bat in using you know work gap scheme team you know power power. And Seoul office why we kind of recall what they are rock off the ball and knock people back is a -- as a pollster who has more sideways don't approach. What I saw a country that those gaps injury could hit a -- And it could be powerful that celery. In spring ball viewers like you couldn't tackle the guy that it'll this guy's gonna be something now -- we keep them healthy. And then we try to -- on the -- help the middle and not aware of how this season you know it doesn't -- any contact reps during the week and just think it's it it served us well served him well. You know we all went out of school at BC you're not gonna get some of this beast is from Texas to Florida. It's gonna play with a group within the town you get you always of the big strong line. And had a running back how is how how was it to get the obstruction begin to back to -- you -- BC football within the parameters of the talent. Well I just you know we felt we came here and I can come -- watch -- To me in my mind Boston College was all about big school -- football team you know when you guys play that's what it was and you know in in in local to Bryant had that going and it just in them in my mind that that it you don't. Run northeast that team we we've got to get that that that footprint down right now. And so you know we've gotta we gotta attack on defense we've got to go run the ball offense got a little lime rock off the ball and we got build it that way it would -- missile. That was that was clearly you know and we have -- identity right now and it in the grouping it. We all know what I -- our identity as players and coaches like -- kind of like it right now so it's you know quote bullet captain Bernard you know. We're always gonna be you know two minute -- three runs but for right now for who we are right now it's a good foundation. Cotto said who's your team when they finally got bowl eligible wouldn't and I don't see any inside word on. What bowl teams a little bowl games look right. Well -- -- where the ball game so I think it's sold out predicated on getting to know who you know that we get you to win. It can elevate us and then all the all the other checkers. You know who wins who loses here but. After we got more eligible maybe one of the best field of adding Cogent. What is you know when the the the fans go wild night. The students that they they they kind of form the field. And they really wrap themselves -- our team and I think that the watched a look at our seniors guys that we challenge them every week. What's your legacy going to be what do what do you leave it behind. What's the legacy this senior class of the gonna get really get back to -- ultimately bowl eligibility that's always been kind of that marker. And put people down there they -- when they got that in the and the whole place kind of erupted it was it was pretty cool. Would you concede. The -- alumni watching the game. I even remember who works the full blast -- that's a good vice first two cents visit and allowed reprise of the schools we've gone through you know seven miles from my house it's probably. A wild -- -- grew up in rural very proud all these years are admissible in every year from boys about peace. But you brought pride practice BC foresaw an enemy you know that bodes so well when -- go out on the road. And you get a Selby seat to these young kids who makes a much he's put it. Those I want guys and also on this isn't just BS this is the truth our seniors here what you just said. That was real important to them like they really. Wanted to the past players. -- feel proud and -- -- wanna let you guys down they talked about that Friday night before the game was you know I had the seniors speak about what it meant. To come to be seated BBC football player you know. And it and number and talked about how you go to -- Came to force in the in the -- agree foundation. You know it's our our our job to get this back in those guys are you know it was really quite useful and so like they really. They're really meant a lot of them that you guys feel the way you do. -- you know nothing is there's a lot of great players don't Kabul Peter crone and -- she injury wrought in. And you'll crews that can cap drill all the old to -- brutal Ares and all marked by self Joan -- who played a hundred years in a felt there's a lot of great players. It it become from BC that the the nation doesn't Obama and gold bulls in -- a coach would you would energy brings that -- these kids should be proud to proud parents appreciate it doesn't get played enough. There really is and and and in you know last in the commonly now we've been working and then recruiting rubio on the road and and that's and that's really that's the message I mean in end. And that's why it is special place mad at. You know it took place where. Where are you know you gonna get a great education you guys -- -- words apparently atmosphere. Place where teams -- eighteen and -- the great alumni and in guys that won a lot of games here a lot of played a lot of ball games won a lot of games on a great NFL career is all that's been done here. And now it's in now. It's fun to watch again you know and go to a bowl game and legacies of alumni dust off their BC had since it all whoever you go. That's great you know and most important thing is that however -- you know I would pull these guys. Most -- only -- left field we got to play horrible got a -- relentless people will always appreciate when you lay it all on the line you know you play more physical off. You know the matter what happens that that backpack that happened. I -- -- I remember very well humans. -- gave me the honor of coming to torture team early in training camp and we will conversation before have them. And I had just a coach or can say whatever want right he -- I expect you to expect nothing less is when he tells don't tell ebitda as well that those -- -- and we tape but. I could after after talking you with some good coach and some of those some of the players afterwards. I could tell that they that they really want this in the -- they were ready for that kind of change I think you brought America change to be sick. Appreciate it you know right now. We got you know we just one of those groups that got a scratch and -- you know we don't have a big margin for error every game comes down to the wire. But just to hear you guys talk about you know being proud to watch that team play hard is is is all I need to hear. And coach that's him playing hard that's what that's all you explain us all expect out of DC guys that's what you want and usually -- you do that given to do that the chips shall fall in the in in the right way it will coach Lewis and good luck this weekend against Syracuse the alumni violent -- good -- good luck with the with whatever bowl game we go to -- would -- -- there hopefully have a chance to talk to again -- before after the ball game. Thanks thanks Trevor great thought and you'll Kukoc who relies. On people's. It is nice to have win again it is bullet inordinate I didn't expect I didn't know much what I know is a temple employee was coach and got -- of Florida and and when you were in the right guy and not overall Iran not not to -- you know. When they had O'Brien era. Good coach -- motion you know this guy brings enough promotion at it's it -- try to contagious for the rest of the group is a fun team to watch you know they're intimidating. Well if you want to film they're torn forty pound running back with his -- -- pushed him that's cynical how we're gonna stop this Powell football game like obesity. Let's -- with legacy you're not going to be able to. Run with or have the same athletes that you gonna have a Florida state of Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech or even the -- most of those ACC schools. You're gonna get better athletes than you can get a BC but you shouldn't ever have. -- guys that aren't there that are not tough. But aren't Smart that'll they'll play with a chip on the shall -- -- gonna get some of the guys that might go to Stanford might go to Notre Dame and I'll start a few more on obesity but because we all boats just with the two shining examples -- here what kind of superior intellect the BC football for an exception to rules that he's been. We were high recruits -- You know what but I had a good but no -- crew but I don't rule out a while guys -- got emotional we played. And you need at an affinity chipped it to always from Colombia with you my friend I was very cerebral and -- you've got a bird called wanna play the late Q all right. Listen we're gonna get back to the patriots tomorrow we've got mark in dead and -- Limbaugh Hannity on the on why we get a quick break to take 61777979237. In the next hour -- projector would join us for a little Bruins talked to love with a player lately. 6177797937. About two great text up refuel waited 379 B 37 will be backup service.

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