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Tom Curran, CSNNE, examines the Patriots-Texans match-up with Mut and Merloni

Nov 27, 2013|

Curran joins Mut and Rob Bradford to talk about this weekend’s game against the Houston Texans. Tom also helps the guys decipher the Brady vs. Manning debate.

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-- -- today's off. Early start on the Thanksgiving holiday rob Bradford and how Sports Radio W the -- jump and as the patriots conversation with. The man the myth the legend Tommy current Comcast sports net. Comets but Bradford today I don't -- Would -- aren't happy Thanksgiving man. Oh my god thank you may be a little great time here for everybody. It is football family what else do you need you still do the -- that Comcast via the pool table on fox sports from Turkey. Our corporate director here. -- -- record Eric subway I don't know about which by the way is delicious and subway about ten times a week now. I thought your column on Brady Manning was a great read Tom I want to -- with the lead for second. You wrote Tom Brady probably didn't change too many mines on Sunday night and coming out of that. Maybe those people on the day the Manning -- mobile never sort of move put the adversity both guys faced. With the wind. With the score the Brady faces halftime with a defense that Manning faced. I just like Brady dulled the adversity -- there and if I was on the fence. I might have been swayed a little bit based on how well Brady played in -- at times shaky Peyton Manning was Angela. Well I appreciate your reading and I was happy when action that -- point so is -- after fourteen meetings. Here yet so the first thirteen meetings. And propaganda that has allowed it to career at eight and manic yet that ignores aspects of his game. And wants other aspects. I think that there's just too much of an avalanche propaganda saying that Peyton Manning. It is the better player for those people who bought into that got caught -- -- -- one game in the -- quaint little Sewell was Wendy well it was cold and you know well you have to go against the Bill Belichick he's France and lost and it will be that Bill Belichick defense of all the people. Nobody minds on this conversation is going to be changed by backing because it's it's so entrenched -- -- -- guys. Are greedy guys assert that it could be. Two. A look at all the tracks in and conclude beginning in my estimation. I think people think it's just as absurd to conclude. On the previous Federer -- apparently and again that their vote on who. And show you two guys. Who has -- the franchise they're almost closely associated with. Here's system Bol are pretty on multiple occasions -- recorded it apparently it was a permanent look at. Well to be. You look at Manning and campuses and maybe this isn't fair. But you just look at him and he doesn't look any different than the game he's throwing a pick in the snow. The Ty Law a few years before he looks like the same guy so like this guy has evolved. But the conversation avidly as you point out Tom has evolved to the mini camp that he is so much better than Brady on on in some people's minds. -- doesn't look any different. No it really -- and an even seen in the Q1. Less capable. If you restrict touchdowns and seven excellent simple all and it looked for Adam Vinatieri in 2006. Having gone. To the Indianapolis Colts. The colts that would have made it out of Baltimore. That was the game they want I think should team leaders and a 15% of that report came up for. Sort of Adam Vinatieri and -- in a barely passed patriot that's it was absolutely extract a look at for the Patriots offense. And it's extra. The auditors are but I think it was -- in -- again. But one thing that was going to be a level playing field was going to it would because it's really entered merely being. In terms of accuracy definitively and getting in -- correctly. He has been greatly diminished physically. Over the -- could never were tight ball and Alex can you really can't. Be accurate over fifteen yards without looking at other air under. I went to that game -- in the Broncos were the favorite likely favorite BA FC Ellen -- coming out of it's not a huge margin but. Because the way they came back in the resiliency they showed. I put the patriots as that man it's slightly slightly ahead of Denver one not be surprised if you either one -- You know wins the AFC championship game represents the company the Super Bowl. The -- the big picture opinion change in the top BAC based on how to -- went down Sunday. What eat sensibly but then offensively because you know having lost Wilfork and Mayo and Tommy Kelly. You've got to defense it's really been covered by I think particularly. Among these defensive players. Switch scheme from last Monday night where it was -- Keep Cam Newton in the pocket stop the run and do it effectively against a very good running. The only thing we didn't do start Cam Newton who made -- where at least brilliant place in the have to fit the capsule and a little inside that let their. And play complete game in which you're gonna say rog if you want to -- will be up on thirteen for 33 -- fill -- -- that work. I thought the patriots defensive talent it's about the versatility within their defense and their ability carrier schemes. Which to me. Makes it very well you know as the -- is going to be good for thirty games. I think going forward and continued it's better that the defense can that -- pick up and running out in week out. It's a very good sign for the long term prospects. You know Tom a lot of lot of people I've LeapFrog the patriots in their power rankings after the other night. And put them as the one of two teams that can legitimately win the AFC. Well let's turn around a little bit what concerns you the most about this team. The linebacker. You know I think they're. He'll actually product that an area right. I think it could have been could have been different you know obviously it would have been different group could have been. You know better for the -- of course the patriots let. It dark Art Howe should be the pet at a higher level right now is in effort level in more -- its ability to -- we are actually Pete was not good. Great Netflix is not -- linebacker so in the scene we're this close tight and the particulates and and that would be you know. For its weight on the road with cubicle or you know you put police on him and they'll be light elsewhere. Can afford to delegate that -- -- is he might get concerned. Because it's crap is a lot of wind -- will include Caldwell pointed out -- -- Arnold -- and handle it will work. They're taking care of that. The bigger problem was -- hi Kelly not being in the picture. A lot of our ability suppose you are vital -- the next hole I culture right there on the back and I tell us. -- -- -- up over it a little so they have to get better I'm back relentlessly. To there's two really. -- What you would call highly competitive. We're talking atomic turn of Comcast sports I was gonna say defense the secondary going into the game but. Beyond when they said debtor it's gonna be out there Tom base and we heard I always. I was -- do we know what went on they are given that the report was procedure might miss some time and then. You know ends up being a factor in that game. What was the meniscus and he practiced all week. So that's the difference I guess between. Here at record and Derrick -- -- To say a quick healer to come back off of that. You know it if it was just small procedure yes and you know the medical staff which it's often been maligned. It really good job but you know so it was Weathers struck Tom -- and training. You know mr. Whalen and and all the other people attempt -- political couple. And the answer hey it's a lot of questions sort of a lot of questions arose about them but still the city police say well bring it up it could turn around. There's -- get a reset here. Another reset. I would hope. Brought that they may -- Here -- impact and you know. Your article four point two yards per carry. -- pretty good against the so you might look at. Game in which the patriots will be prone to -- all. You know what I wouldn't get that all more than six. You're just let get its feet and erode our brand -- all accomplished. Similar not exactly. Accomplish similar thing hurt to tinkering. Also -- But I I think it's still will need and don't float because there is sort it will. Pointed out it would be felt like you know a lot of trouble are fundamentally preventable turn your back to -- scrimmage. Do spin move which put it on replay entry got both hit it it would air between all. And -- -- It can't do. It would you're fighting for retreat are here quite -- are in her arm. And battery and Belichick -- going away from the ball and go to regular. So I don't know. It is -- what the opener to be not fundamentally. Crossed syndicate -- ball would enforce the terms of the game but yet to open up. It Tom real quick did the patriots obviously did have given the injuries to be in this spot right now or they. -- a one of the two seat potentially. Is a really good thing their record on the road the way they play in the -- on key is -- -- the Belichick will point to as a and motivating factor heading to Houston on Sunday. That's totally -- this morning without pointing out -- straight on the road you know. Took them being when they were. Patriots one point no sense -- Of all the workers and and obviously last week was Carolina weren't they don't repeat again and Logan -- may. Had a penalty and there was sacked earlier you can't have those mistakes. Certainly it's. We're a team like Carolina and you don't wanna get into the habit of making the -- to get him like Houston was probably trying to stop embarrassment well done so. It's going to be very important I think the patriots mingle pretty. And we try at least get to sixty minutes about such a football. Without any particular -- and the mistakes. You're the alma -- tomorrow. Big football game we got up on a quick. All Rochester which in my column other so -- -- has not splintered all we have Pembroke has its own ice float from Pembroke. Well -- -- because all I also lakes someplace else -- -- the best rivalry. Because we played well. Carver. So we get to play America's -- Thanksgiving. Who. Who know only one school there that they were buckles on their helmets. See I don't go to all of licensee humor but but has no idea document he left is he's laughing too appease you it real -- I was so stupid. It's really there -- -- replication Europe NATO patriot if you're not a great guys that sit around that table at the big relief. Feel -- like look I -- and it's. All those bus -- though the best the the real question -- happens quick glance this week. Well we heard earlier run derby on -- can. Look tonight at eight. And you'll have myriad opportunities to watch absolutely quote six -- or patriots -- And it's right now it will be on as well so -- that it can't -- -- again intelligent don't want to miss it. We lock and -- -- Tom happy Thanksgiving -- you yours appreciate the time we'll talk you next week -- I thought. You -- current Comcast sports -- join us when he does. He's always brought to you by his -- doctor guy who. Picks this guy I don't up their doctor Robert Leonard 1800 get here 100 -- so you're going to Gould's distinctive clothes and I would like to go to -- distinctive clothing. If I had the rob Bradford wing -- opt out Sanyo which can. Mark buckle on the hadn't Auburn and Lester -- will put -- -- Titled doctor Leonard. Well is if you next -- the docket. Nothing against -- little preemptive strike I think I'm I'm gonna be happy -- they'd like I Dakota real sure what the but the Matt Lauer buzz cut. I'll be fine with that Liu what a couple in the -- on our data it I'm not there yet I can I can squeak by. For a couple of years to the preemptive strike. -- -- -- -- -- a hand I mean inning and counting now know like you good doctor Leonard. And and have him just tweak some things and no one notices. Those that I've seen the results -- seen I've seen LB I've seen Mikey I seem current I know works. And able good -- -- which I feel great for now on I feel good right now Erica I feel good as long as you feel good I do okay. Looks terrible on TV. And -- twelve public. And if a life and our problems on my hair everything else I have a feeling good. All get a break welcome back we'll tell you what's not happening you get salt and -- -- -- -- them. You get Freddie and Steve here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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