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Buster Olney, ESPN, checks in with Mut and Merloni to talk about the new Hall of Fame candidates

Nov 27, 2013|

Buster chats with Mut and Rob Bradford about the recently released list of Hall of Fame candidates and the issues surrounding the nominees. He also gives Mut and Rob an update on what he is hearing in MLB free agency.

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We've talked a lot of baseball to a day before Thanksgiving yeah we started talking about contracts will we seen so far and just the general consensus buster on the Brian McCann deal five and 85. I'm vesting option to get him over 600 was that top of the market was that overpay was that just right what's been the feeling once baseball executives. Good -- it's a little bit like -- I think when they think CC sabathia that they knew who dead because of the Yankees -- Give Dayton daily news to convince employers come to new York at the McCain and really needed convincing in the way that CC did. But I think that -- they knew that in order -- take him off the board and he's a really important player to what they're trying to do to rebuild their offense to rebuild their catching position. That they had -- pay a little and I think like the Red Sox you know they've looked at the possibility that in -- It's it person he's a catcher and then later in the contract maybe would be DH. And he's a great fit for the ballpark and take a lot of heat on line for our students were a couple of the complications this year but he's a great -- -- -- really well respected. I could be a better grade edition form. Buster you look at the rest of the free agent market and I've been saying that the all these players and agents don't wanna be the guy who takes the deal and then a couple days later another guy takes the better deal because there's so much money out there. You agree with that is that's why we're getting hung up a little bit and we haven't seen these. Enormous moves other than the Yankees going all in on the camp. I think that part of it I think dad. The assistance among eighteen it is is that there's the sticker shock you know -- dialing Nelson Cruz. Comes and it didn't 775. Million dollars when there are some questions about him physically obviously the PD history. The suspension this year I think that scares people off I think that when they go on and you know look at the alternatives in possible trade. In that -- was a lot of that the what happened -- that the GM meetings I think that it's some of those prices scare people to like it I think it. A lot of it is -- the teams trying to find the comfort level and for sure now we're still one that. That time more and -- the agents are feeling comfortable asking for these really high prices and some of these guys -- Come down I think in the next -- -- by the way hadn't mentioned about the cancer one thing that I should -- and I think partly -- from the Yankees perspective it. They really sincerely do not know what's gonna happen with -- -- -- they'd like him. But I think that their level of comfort somewhere in the 175. Million dollar range maybe a little bit north of that. But they also know that like without -- -- is a possibility that another team could swoop and and that's why they're going about their business so you know that's why they wouldn't sign -- and why they're talking Omar Infante. Needs to importantly you have an offseason to them after not make the playoffs. Two to sit back and wait for you know to make up his mind. Walk -- robust leads me to what's the market for canal. Well and I like Colin today it was hey let's play games the same game you're playing in Yankee front office which is it not -- -- little. Because there really isn't it -- that you say okay this is a logical thing for them. After we -- in the disaster with a rod contract in what looks to be the disaster pulled contract. Where you could say it makes sense fourteen days to sign it dies at age 31 to an eight to ten year deal which can happen outlook for more than 300 million dollars I'd. You can sort of play out that you know thinking outside the box and different scenario -- say okay this team might. Because of that I think that tiger's. Because it might feel it's their owner is basically indicated for years that he won't spend any kind of money it takes to win a World Series. He's 84 years old. I think that's one part of -- the nationals are really interesting possibility. Because they have -- ton of money -- their ownership of learners are loaded in -- -- any point they decided to get involved with any player they certainly could afford it. You know I think the Rangers. Are up at the very distant possibility. I was told by sources that are very very unlikely that they would get involved. -- been down that road before the Alex Rodriguez contract and I wonder a little bit about the giant again. Those are stretches that you have to sort of create those in your mind. And think along the lines of what happened two years ago pools and that this team -- -- came out of nowhere and 48 hours. I wanna fall on the market in general buster were talking about why it's been a slow developing if that's the case. The Red Sox model last year was obviously short term deals guys there were under the radar I didn't make any big splash signings. Is that affected the market Balkans -- its copycat league teams wanna do. What works is what the Red Sox did last year other teams trying to -- model themselves after that take the Red Sox approach in this offseason. To a degree I -- think so I think there are teams that wanna copy that -- -- he had that question because the other day I was talking with a general managers to man teams try to do what the Red Sox did. They're gonna mess it up. Because the -- basically. Roll and I faced what 56 times and every single one came upper. Audio at the core group of guys too big exactly and they also have the financial flexibility so let's thinking victory would come in and been a complete disaster. I regret that have the money like the Yankees Phillies into the bigger market seems to sort of -- something like that. If you're a mid market team and you -- at the Cincinnati Reds. That's -- crusher. If you miss some of those type of guys. I'd like do you think that's affecting a little bit and I and I and I know that. There's a growing perception within the industry that -- to overvalued draft pick. But there's no question about it that seemed like the Red Sox are basically saying you know what we don't wanna give up the text. And and I think that's. Stalled the market for players like -- like Andrew Morales. And you've -- now as part of the reason why the Yankees who continue to be aggressive. Once you sacrifice your first round draft pick and they didn't sign Brian McCann. As a rookie of the day it's like on that but thank you know you've gone back for a second incident Urquhart. Because it doesn't mean he gave up his first round pick you might have been a second third round pick. It's not nearly costly. -- you brought up through much is this you think it may hinder his marketing terms the graphic. And is there a market forums -- Tucker executive today they said where's the market for. Now and I think that people thought that you know maybe the -- should be involved there and I -- -- stated that kind of price the cardinals. It would Dave couldn't be involved now they -- Jhonny Peralta. On our side and -- -- is that a lot about this more about this stuff than I ever would. I thought -- -- giant mistake and for Stephen Drew not to take qualifying offer I think it's the same case with Kendry Morales. Because -- from both those players when you look around it if possible terms I just don't he seems to company could be -- at fourteen million dollars a year. Austral and ESPN is joining us. Today Ryan Ron came out and at least picked the quotes have made way up public and he addressed a lot of different things. And there's a lot to victory here buster I know you've you've seen the responses today from Bryant brawn and beauty do himself good. They got people opt out for me I'm just sort of sick of guy he lied to us once idolized twice and now you show up and I guess played try to get through it. -- he help himself today you think baseball. I think he's moved along and other words he can now say well you know what I address those questions if you look at the answer he gave you really didn't answer the question. And you know what I can't blame them with -- power close friend is not mean that all sincerity. If if -- -- closed renovated site that can basically question. What your motive is your motive to protect your fortune we can't totally his prerogative as we've seen. You know Alex Rodriguez Roger Clemens fight these charges fight that perception. To the end of the -- and they want it getting sued one of getting guilt in court. And I came on. Easier goal to protect your fortune because that that's the case. The only answer anymore questions about it just -- Look I'm gonna move I'm not gonna go in the past that's kind of what he did today -- -- -- expert. You know ultimate redemption and big win back respect than -- answer all the questions and today he didn't do that which can totally his prerogative. You know we were talking be -- him on buster about the catching market and and certainly the Red Sox had discussed giving Saltalamacchia qualifying offer but it into it. Now that Saltalamacchia sitting their perceived as the top catcher on the market. What how do you see things unfolding not only for him but what are the other alternatives and and how do you view those. I think Ryan -- is an interesting stop gap. For the Red Sox yeah I mean we know that Tampa Bay Rays have always had a lot of interest before 2013. He was high on base percentage guys would deal with I believe -- wrist injury last year. So what can help you didn't hit he got hit for power and so in that regard he isn't really fit. Into the prototype for the Red Sox but I think in terms have been -- you're much more familiar with -- Marxist and I am in their prospects. But it feels like you know to steal a phrase from Theo -- kind of a bridge here for their cap via. And it feels like they buy a little time then then they can develop those guys. I think he would be an option I think the big question about Saltalamacchia. Is. And I and believe me you hear a lot of different things about a lot of different guys and -- and I don't know what's been injured file. But I think old and in some cases some of the that the fact that he intransigent in the market. He's related to whatever is in the in the medical file and we saw last week it was Mike Napoli. Where you know bitten not only the red sector decent Hartford and the one year five million dollars but no it became jumped and based on the same information. And we catchers. And it's certainly going to be. And one of the first things did you look at it and said a lot that he you know he had the cubs the number of other teams out there potentially looking -- No one's jumping up. I'm thwart -- for their chaired the debate to -- we can be picky catcher had this guy 2882. Year deal that the bridge that gap like you guys talk tonight's. I'm not see why is buster only of ESP ND -- nominations for the hall of fame in the ballot comes out -- you talk to people around baseball. More than any body and I was curious that they have the same reaction night -- the from a talent stand point. This is a loaded loaded ballot for 2014. Lot of question about these guys but can't question the talent of the guys that could go win our next year beyond. Over loaded and -- because I mean we're seeing that they've debated the best example of this terrible problem that you know he's created by the fact that you can only -- ten guys. Body and each ballot I count in my mind seventeen players that are qualified. And you know I think Greg Maddux to get in first ballot in Tom Glavine well I think Frank Thomas should do it and. He's not in this year to get in the second year. But the problem is is that the fringe guy that brings your guys Jack mores and speaking during the ballot. Mike Mussina. Curt Schilling falls in the category from may. In the day and not to say that there are now hoping -- I think all of those players all minority. I think if you're not its -- young guy like Greg Maddux and you're going to be hurt by these PD conversation and the irony is. You know that even in retirement some of these PD candidates are hurting your -- Because the science Roger Clemens Mark McGwire Rafael Palmeiro they're not moving nine. They continue to come back the ballot and I told him before. You know I'd vote for -- their vote for on the vote for McGwire beer's been on a ballot problem isn't dead. I can only pick Canada seventeen. Which means ultimately somebody seven guys in my mind you're hoping worthy up my ballot because they have to do because the mechanics of it he could terrible situation. It's gonna linger the baseball writers are hoping need to address this as soon as possible because each of the candidates. He'd be judged on their own merits not by this rule of. You know there I think -- very. It is sort of -- a British rule that you can only picked ten guys. You know buster it's funny that Dave Ortiz hall of fame conversation. Changed to be dramatically from the in the playoffs begin in playoffs ended. Unfairly but that was a reality but on the play -- stranded -- -- -- as -- -- of course is going in the hall of fame. What's your view of David Ortiz his candidacy. And I'll -- -- they're pretty answered one in the town hall main value to our payment for me I'm definitely gonna vote form. The fact. That if you look at the recent voting. There's a huge percentage of voters tonight you know -- some more clearly in the range of forty to 60% of voters if you look at the ability Clemens. And bonds got last winter and basically determined that if there's any and. Suspicion -- PDs for any player. Any reports. Any you know teammates -- than anything they won't vote for that why aren't based on that. I don't think he's gonna get and because of that New York Times report. And fair ugly or not that's what the voting history is -- and and they say I can't stand it I I kids in the way the writer's opinion -- my own feeling is. I think we don't know who used to didn't I think it's saturated the sport I think we should. Separate the PD questions simply vote for the best players they are because whether we like it or not. That's what the institution of baseball but looking the other way created -- -- generation of players a whole bunch of players thousands who were taking PDs. Well -- surrogate child is recalling all fame. Are you okay were dead spin get their hands and vote for this -- 2014. You know yeah he can open. I don't kind of I mean -- Did you know I'm I don't know probably dead in doing that you know that whoever the writer is you actually said -- you can buy my ballot technical. And united have different thoughts -- that person whoever that is. Well -- civil find out after the vote no will be announced on January 8 that he would -- -- Harel Levy ESPN. Buster happy Thanksgiving to you and your family appreciate the time is always and look for talking next week. Across Basra only joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T the nation's fastest on the most reliable forgy LTE network he'd vote. For Ortiz but doesn't think he would -- based on the other I agree with his stance on. On the voting for the all time justice steroids everybody in yet you -- he re he says it very. Succinctly and eloquently I I agree with it's a good way to approach and I think 6177797937. Outs and number AT&T text -- 3790 threesome at our baseball. All date that I need a break let's come back talks in basketball the Boston Celtics. We're on pace for thirty wins who have a point guard it's coming back sooner than expected. Might BA playoff team in a terrible Eastern Conference and -- an -- Celtics fans and you can line up now you want -- allies. Is that really good thing is that what you want as a Celtic fan would get to some tank rank next.

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