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Kevin Paul Dupont, Boston Globe, joins Dale and Butch on Dennis and Callahan

Nov 27, 2013|

Dupont joins Dale Arnold and Butch Stearns to talk about the state of the Bruins locker room. In recent weeks, bullying and locker room relations have come to the forefront in the wake of the Jonathan Martin scandal but Dupont explains why those things won’t happen in the Bruins’ room.

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Fourth and final -- DNC Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold Butch Stearns filling in or John Jerry and Kirk. Only takes tool less to do with three of them -- Monday through Friday -- about that -- job to be honest it's. All right guys may be vehicle facetious about it. Is. I go to that line now with -- yes I go to. Oops -- Kevin called upon the Boston Globe wrote a piece in yesterday's globe the title of which is the Dana Chara has blueprint for team leadership. I tweeted it out yesterday. Because I found it fascinating. Bill the way Chara and the Bruins have elected. Handle things like how things operate in their dressing room. Duke student reference specifically what's going on in Miami but. There's sort of a stark contrast there for me. He joins us right now on the AT&T hotline AT&T is the nation's fastest now the most reliable Ford GL TE network duke beat. Important how -- -- great Dario. Beyond -- -- tweeting that out they'll yesterday appreciate that -- how are you ma'am ma'am excellent happy Turkey day I do -- one bone to pick with you though Kevin. I'm sure okay well whenever we used the term blueprint in this town you know where that ends up that's that's a big heated debate. Once you give the blueprint we're we're making our local teams vulnerable. Oh they go sure yeah we're all the secret and a half. What was going what was the Genesis of your piece about what's at the at the stop in Miami with the dolphins that got you thinking about. How other teams handle this sort of thing. Not a great question and the justice was probably. Let me think back here I think it was January. And this is a quick I have to get the things. The Bruins were back. From the lockout so this is almost February right big impact Mohawk on the -- just a very. Passing conversation at which are. A Wilmington about. Talking about the rookies and see you could see he was stumbling he wouldn't you to believe -- said the peace -- and use the word. And an agency stopped it you know I just don't like repeated it felt like he and he went into this whole thing about we're all part of one team it differentiate -- like to differentiate in Libya that. Most important guy at least important -- and sort of very short note on that and -- the last night followed up and so but you know good to talk some more about it so. As I was talking or framing. I'm framing sometime in this new -- are placed. The in collecting dust off. Dropped out of the sky and fortunately so that just got -- -- into it. It certainly was not part of the peace -- these big topic to talk about -- room culture without pointing to the other case. When I looked at at the couple of things that jumped out of me one was the word rookie which. You point out they don't use they don't believe in their first year players sec senior players led by him led by him. The other thing that jumped out at me and you've been around enough teams hockey especially with the the various cultures I've been around him. Where the French guys are all over here talking in the Russian guys are all over art talk and they don't allow that in the in the bruins' dressing. No. -- said he said that it just it is that you brought up cases with Ian. -- Yeah on quick on -- stroller in the room we're getting on the bus go policy something very quickly. Or with the Swedish guys that they want to say something you know it just a little joke or something you know it's not a -- got the language police there. But his point was yes it is this as he picked for the team male role or if there's something to be -- on the -- a little. Everybody's understand what what they're talking about. Probably got to my childhood actually well I'm. Buster -- nine and it was determined in the neighborhood I can't. I remember having dinner one night at their home and just -- and their family. And for much of the meals they spoke German and I felt I really help out of this sort can be very -- The other part of this whole thing in and -- is the focus point of focal point of it and and even references. And I assume this is the New York Islanders when he was a quote on quote rookie and and was not treated very well first of all I wanted to which brave soul decided to pick on Zdeno Chara back then. And whether he has to call poverty eat his lunch at this point but but the fact of the matter is he remembered -- thought about it and he said if our member in a position. I'm not gonna allow that to happen anymore. Yeah most of that went back to when he was pretty young or mid -- back and -- It made -- made the case. And and some of us so that -- there was space concerns you know grants it may be redundant here. What when he was young junior and trenchant and working the way up really was no kind of prospect at all and actually. Was that it was at times humiliated by the coach. Not in terms of -- could just. If you've got a future logical play basketball. -- number of things on. But there were 22 years of junior and is he said you were the first year player in the first year they're cute pictured here than you move up to -- to and he was first -- guys that again. In two previous system and it's all on the way. And people and he was very explicit about easing was joking with that could mean at the beginning actions but. He -- it was just it so much just silly. And so much of it was just in this was classic bullying. Just so the older guy could feel better about himself. Really that makes you feel better people it it's so basic everywhere and it. And I knew you'd use -- package and you look at sports -- witnessed or been on and it. It's just it's so it's still part of the fabric and it's so difficult to get out because it's just just accepted so. This court was. If you ever it was a situation where because then that court in which he has obviously has an air Boston's. Six. -- listen to won't abide by it. So Kevin here's one angle I find interest in on this couple things number one usually don't hear the leaders of the teams talk about the so openly. Number two that -- Charney has such presence and and thread on this team but the third point member talker Freddie and Steve about this after the Miami thing. With Maarten and in cog -- don't. And I look in this town right now on CW young guys. Who we all believer gonna be instrumental in the future of their teams Doug Hamilton Sander Bogart's. -- the Celtics in a draft hopefully next year I want to be this kid. Marcus Smart and then all the young rookie receivers let's say and fox are. Let's be honest when it comes to professional sports to needs to be a balance here between the way they're treated. And performance. You need these guys very quickly look at Bogart's -- to be ended up being an instrumental guy. Who was even on the radar in Fenway until late in the season. And that he was a guy I was being counted on in the playoffs so I guess my question is. What did you learn from -- here that he believes is now gonna get Doug Hamilton to be able to take that next step this year in the playoffs like is -- gonna work. The ways that -- yeah that's a great question and as you were going through the different sports of course with bank. And as there's money does everything that it is and so -- -- right the these teams need these young players coming and be leaders and apart from that in the financial dynamic because the -- systems. And it -- at these young kids at a cheaper price early and they hit it pretty pretty rigidly as we've seen here. In in short order that you want these young kids to come in and contribute. And that was really is emphasis about the results saying it is the world better team or any other team get these kids. Assimilated quickly feeling their point of authority leadership or is it not even that that there are significant contributors to pick. It is -- -- you know and this that this is -- -- this is -- -- is -- If he can get these kids. Competent. Contributing. Doesn't necessarily mean they -- the deal leader with a mayor city but they are leader in performance and we're all we're all better. If they if they get that they carry more of the load they carry the principal article. But I I think what's important cylinder and you -- realize it's a short. It is if you can have all the leadership ideas and you meet -- and skill. But you gotta have a game to go right. It it or at least a very defined role. I think I think fourth liner and -- where it made it more effectively. But. He's gonna do that for -- job better than anybody else certainly on the team and may be better than anyone in the league. It certainly helps our that is who is term game and also its its physical. Six foot nine and skate and almost seven states. That's helped -- a tail end of the peak. And Kevin Freddie and Steve made -- that was -- teaching -- about the Miami thing that Freddy's point was very simple in my day he said. Jonathan Martin wouldn't have been there we had a filter -- -- a different time but you had three weeks of double sessions and somebody would that. Character so to speak or would have been filtered out they wouldn't of made it through the process and wouldn't have been embraced by us and been part of because they wouldn't have earned it. I -- is a different order. I just thought -- was being completely honest that during that time that's the way it was I wasn't judging whether it was right or wrong. But that's the way it was in football back and you had to earn your keep just to be on the team. And you wouldn't have had a -- -- them in his opinion it would about a Jonathan Martin's situation into the season that would -- happened in training -- You know -- -- PC perspective. A a little -- that -- validate or indict the culture. Right I I also don't think it's the players on the team who decide if the guy makes it or not it's all -- good to say that. But an organization that expense the second round draft pick on Jonathan Martin isn't gonna take you know what you guys are right let's get out of here I -- Absolutely yeah I can't agree with you more about what -- let that straighten it and it hasn't I guess I'm not being good -- that's -- apps that would put up. And I would go back to you know that's all well and good but you may have a guy who is is extremely talented receiver. You can't abide by that big rock religious background just yet. Ask them. Eager being having perpetrated upon him or doing it in the -- C a religious to define -- -- but they'll. Rooms bring in all cultures all appetite all right Hughes. So. You know I would say. Not because metal -- but. What one system doesn't at all here. That for all we know there's been a whole lot of guys who couldn't withstand that amount of mental up mental abuse because much of it is. And and the and they and they work ostracized they were taken out of it because they couldn't withstand I don't know to me that doesn't validate the system. It certainly. Certainly the. Are there it's a good point your money your money point two dale is our. An interesting one because the draft pick of where you were taken in the money commitment. Only take you so far players don't get to cut the skies not a kid hitting him hard time all they want they don't get to say hey we we want we want Jonathan Martin not -- you're understood take. But my point is Kenny Sims can either player can't -- eventually -- gonna be gone but that's their right. I want to talk about about about Tyler -- for a moment there's no doubting the physical skills that Tyler -- -- I'll take today in a -- at his word he knows him better than I do. He goes out of his way to say to use that Tyler Sagan is a good person Phil Kessel is a good person but he also says. There were many conversations. Between the team leaders and these players and I'm talking specifically about Sagan. And he didn't seem willing to buy into what they wanted. Him to do here and that's why is gone right now. I've added that this -- -- he party interview in this interview lasted for better or I think 45 minutes to get it on the road of the novel last last week or whenever just ten days ago. And I said to have -- you know then yeah. The reason we're talking about the subject is is not. Sitting here and -- but I can tell you that'll cost and agreed amount I'm writing this in the end it. I haven't asked you to address. These two guys because they were talking about this great system that encouraging young players it's a welcoming. Welcoming format. Nonetheless a lot of readers illustrate well how does how does that fit with the two most talented young kids who have come in here. And I thought frankly I thought he would skirt around it does you know just basic compliment but he was he was quite direct. And and what he was saying there so the peace. Sat down explained a lot of things to them some local lot of ice a Mobil was off and and I took back to being. Most of the right stuff was canceled because we watched his career. Yet a very difficult time conforming to -- very conservative game plan successful here not to say that need to get. Not that person. That's certainly not Charlie thing. Just that. I took most of what he was talking about in terms of -- Was just kind of freelancing on the ice not conforming last generation for a lot of people in this system. Overrun again which was quite well documented now he's he's you know he got himself into trouble on Twitter. We know about the incidents. It is actually when he got down to. When he got down to Dallas he has done apologizing between there. You know that that that the universal. View I believe -- -- -- just a kid who's got to grow up. It Annika is back to that point you made earlier and players don't cup players as it is there's -- -- -- I don't make those -- they treat people I don't make those suggestions. But. You know you're asking whatever number conversation with them -- yes it was very direct yes there were well we know those in congress on. Coaching staff and an -- I know I'm gonna save this quote dale when you read it verbatim one talking to answering your Kevin. About specifically. Sagan and Cassell comes to personal sacrifices. You have to make are willing to give up. And it's not always easy to do. I know they are good people obviously really county great players but sometimes you have to make sacrifices and be willing to do or not to do certain things and perhaps. It was may be harder than they thought it would be. And it just didn't work. Right and and that's because and so it was same for both those guys not bad people. You know given their different variables out of negative example here he is not a lot of people would see this as a sacrifice. But -- he's playing up front on the partly as a sacrifice he doesn't like. It doesn't make an -- about I don't think a -- help people hate and I don't think he does. Though it is absolutely the team's gonna win and they think he's best up there. The bill. What he likes -- to -- in the point ripped apart. And directing rather than being up there I think he feels awkward I don't think he did I know we just doesn't like. But he does. And I think in his mind if you're. The player with all the abundant child who may -- is probably the best of -- but it kept telling you to take it diminished the and discipline role. You don't want to do that but you're not helping -- in and that's what you call. As a team trying to. Final question before we let you go and I thought this was a key part of of your piece is that it's not just the day no -- he has busy on his sweater. There -- a couple of guys on this team Patrice Bergeron. David -- -- Chris Kelly. Who have Hayes on their sweater. But there's a leadership group here that includes guys like Shawn Thornton and Dennis Seidenberg and yeah veteran guys. And it's not just Chara delivering these messages it's an entire group of veterans who make sure that that message is universal with -- in the dressing. Sure it is open and ultimately got so they'll. But culture right that's that's workplace culture people people understand that there is not exactly pecking order you don't even -- -- pecking order of the way. It's it's. Developed here or -- -- I I just think there's an expectation that people come into that room and they have to be is that they -- that act like an -- You know yes. Is -- going to be a young kid coming and you're going to be the kid who's who stayed out late helps pick up the -- but that's for the Zamboni. But that's about it otherwise your -- You know membership has its privileges Euro on the team. So. The cultures consent and as you mentioned you mentioned parent was a big part of that. Recchi was a big part of that they're. It's it's it's not self sustaining -- self perpetuating but that's the atmosphere that is that is set so. It'll it it does currently doesn't necessarily win for you but I think to provide the right environment with guys could drive. For those text machine or Twitter tough guys who suggest that this is further evidence of the was a vacation of the sport. I assume you would agree with them. No it's not security in. It it made me in sports and has -- -- of thirty or forty of almost forty years in this special as soon as. You know. Something. Counter to what existed. Is it is interpreted as buck and a lot of bite into here. It's it's considered less -- it is no radical booking app does. Either a different approach or a more thoughtful or intelligent approach it intently. You know categorized. Something else frankly many times seven I don't get it I don't know where in the it's the culture of the ban them start to change and I think some of that. Have to be directed by the athlete himself and then -- we received some some part besides. We've seen you can play end and trying to trying to -- the better atmosphere amateur sports and exports throughout the world. Giving people of different. Set orientation different beliefs different opportunities and and opening these things -- I was so happy the globe gave -- chance to write a hockey story it's gonna give give it to get a break our you know a lot of rattled something about hockey now and then. Yeah -- I go there every day begging them to vote. Story. You're -- public plot of the Boston Libby can follow on Twitter at globe KPD was great piece yesterday and I appreciate taken time. All right guys thank you very much for the chance and that level and it's here in the great qualities you. You took care of tea -- called upon the Boston Globe. We'll take quick break we'll get back -- your call Sports Radio WB yeah.

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