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Latest showdown reignites the Brady vs Manning career debates

Nov 26, 2013|

Their 14th meeting was special, but beyond Brady getting the best of Manning again, this win has re-opened the debate of Tom vs Peyton in the annals of all time great QBs.

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They are more year patriots call 61777979837. They now the team with a target on its back beyond the norm. Beyond the norm because you -- Michael everybody always hates the patriots they are a team that just arouses anger irritation. Smarmy this -- word you wanna throw onto it from opposing fans because what the pats have done what their fans have been like. No just because I don't have some of those are patriots fan separatists there. There's -- Erica we introduced the term the new term this self loathing patriots fans they're out there. There's self loathing patriots. And they just made -- hate. They love them and they -- The they liked the results. But they have they have seen how the sausage is made -- like they want they want the results but they wanted the way it used to pre. Or the way they think it -- You know maybe it was always liked -- -- know about it. Apple myself in my day I -- years back yeah. I'm not a 100% in it but I -- near that category obvious benefits. Well you know it's a big and I grammar some that a -- on year on year them I'm not a 100% error. I don't lol the way the patriots do things now but I definitely preferred the early years to the 2007 and -- -- I like the patriots better of a narrative. The Tom Brady who doesn't put up numbers that finds a way to win. Tom Brady 13 down there's nothing there throws it away they punted away and then they beat you with -- -- they beat you with dual position or they never -- I'd love that version well the patriots narrative I know. It is not perfect and I know it's never gonna and I know some of its in my mind it wasn't real. I don't care. Like I -- well what I love about when I think of this of Bill Belichick and the patriots I've had a hard time letting that go. I have told you -- time tournament favorite poet is and and I'm not talk about problem the road. Was also on the list I'm talking about. The great and he better sense that loosened its revolutionary -- and I have the wrong -- revolution. Well let's. Eight and in 2000 as anywhere in 2001. And 2002 Republicans have the other day and it's amazing. Operating at what 28 touchdown passes in 2002. And that led the league. Eight touchdown passes. Some people clear their throats. Quarterbacks -- equipment for 28 touchdown passes were 56 games to go amazed at the different world. -- so. Some of the stuff they didn't have to do they have to make the change to be such a pass heavy team. But if you can keep up with some of the trends in the leaking and keep up with some of the rules something Judith are allowed to do that -- do. During a ten under and which is why you have to look myself fully -- and get organized I understand that the game has changed I know it's not exactly the same. But I do I do sort of yearn for the old days when it. I'd love the way the patriots stood out from the pack. In a way that was completely unique from anything we've ever seen before 61777979%. And get cold out here wanna I wanna nature get this call. Are you gonna get called up Mike Cheney's long medicines -- call me out. Art world critical about my called on the second -- sort of say that with the with the patriots. Hey there are some there are some fans out here you're right here fans around the country and we know the whole patriots fans -- look at. They'll like the way Bill Belichick does is press conferences. Although most -- do -- like this he has suffered like he has quarter likely does is personal guess is it's the tough interviews with evidently difficult Ali it's it's it's all the stuff I wanted to go to the press conferences all the stuff that we've talked about. How they play as opposed they used to play. On spy gate. On and on. And that's a local. There's a segment locally that feels that way nationally I think it's overwhelming. They always they'll always be a target but in terms and so much of a target that is hard to determine. What kind of team they actually are right because you'll always get that respect of being. They're not gonna sneak up on anybody. Can't city chiefs even at 92. -- sneak up -- a little bit. Because you're still don't have the respect all of that really between fourteen last year how good are they really I don't know what Alex Smith is I haven't seen -- bowl. Do anything big in a big time game have won a playoff game between clubs here operating -- the get the hitter Tom Brady Bill Belichick history always -- in my kidneys lungs and a Mike what is what I do wrong all of please get -- -- You it'd it'd be used to that we were under -- -- you make the most articulate statement sometimes. Tell -- -- paying -- any sort of foreign aid to throw against -- we like you spent about an hour call. I just want me -- back at it bring back where it was raining -- so yeah they're returning to the tune of over what are yards. Pretending you're afraid to throw -- that. He looked like it look like I did they run the ball whole lot more than you're used to seeing. And he couldn't a second shot -- -- -- up didn't it didn't seem to affect Tom Brady not my point my but I would think I was afraid of whether my. Mike that was my point Mike thank you for reminding me what my -- Once a joke about it but I think so guys I think in this case you know he didn't throw the ball they were up seventeen zip and a and a flash. Europe 24 -- at halftime and you got to -- him back who's doing damage. So of course you can't you have the fact that he's not an effective quarterback in the cold weather but the behavior -- or what it right of course -- Elijah did need to be because they sort of points to win. If your running back -- like that. You know you -- our I did. Somebody -- -- think about Brady missed important very active he album well. He did problem all the actions and -- was pretty effective are. I'm pretty pretty adamant that were different complete game but Britney was pretty effective in the game yes he had the law and on -- -- -- actually Wally was not ineffective in the first that he's more he was more effective the Manning. The team was not at a tournament Brady was. We're not there and get whatever we needed to do. And first out and perhaps completely different star Mike Mike Mike -- that was amazing. I was pretty order and I see no question that. So what is -- what -- -- -- I don't understand what you're calling me out for then. Did you say -- may be the weather had something to do with the -- Peyton Manning decided that the long run and -- Bob did you or did you not say that the weather had something to do with their decision -- around the bottom organic. I like the weather that I'm about to score. But the score seventy -- scoring points -- -- -- -- given the ball is just churning up yards and would you want to throw the ball in the situation well. The the patriots did and they were very effective doing it in fact more effective I know this because they scored more points than Denver -- -- there you get. In the second half what. -- -- -- pretty effective throwing the ball in the first half -- Brady a good numbers in the first half. Yeah bad numbers and when they -- so well because Steven Ridley Michael's boy your boy may be fumbled. He's in the Garrett went crumble and Brady gets hit in the -- where where solvent has. Just no chance at all Brady fumbles -- till they did score the pop -- I understand it happened in the first period. I don't happen in the first couple three things happen in the first -- -- or water avenue for. It that they would not put on the Barbara patriots. -- -- that while the did not admit they didn't put any content sent. My only point is your opening play horrible for mobile apps obviously over the income -- to. Over -- about two and a half minutes to go and get this site and a -- there's only in the world I can't. According to hit better than the other team I think that the -- has. We can't decide which it was better than the other once he won the team didn't. About -- that they wanted in the final court. No they're all going to decade people sent. That the patriot and number one in the AFC. Now -- Question that actually play my absolutely. Appreciate it what we. Okay Mike you know and and you know I think we needed -- -- -- exchange -- news and Evan grant. This is unproductive it's not about productive. And are still what is coming out of like you guys -- -- -- more. More than I thought as the arbitrator guys and understanding to figure -- the issue of you know -- this is where the relationships are to break will be arguing past each other there's a lack of trust. Well that's a little bit and flat. -- Just try go to completely different directions -- we can fix this thing of an estrogen like in a car. It did award at the mountain it. I -- another my -- I'm. My head -- I don't. Mexico on a boat and Danny Amendola and I want to preface my comment by saying that I'm I'm not making minutes. Like comment based on just the game the other night and and Julian Edelman and ebitda to ask the question that it. If it's well Welker was our number one receiver and I know he's slot guy but he in the matter of fact -- the patriots number one receiver. And in the Nazis and we cut in the N double that replaced our number one receiver. And what he's been on the field and -- he's been hurt. It's it's a debatable that eagle missing during the games and that. You can make the argument that Julian Edelman the -- this season. About it regained has played a Bob -- and dole. At the level and my question is moving forward. Could you see them. When packages. Require a -- one slot receiver. Element getting you know getting force apps now just -- it seemed like -- report is that it is better than -- dole with Brady. It seems like he's he's he obviously has more catches to come up and bigger. Bigger situation the bigger gains. And it just seems like movement or at some point -- in dole keeps missing temperature aren't you supposed to be the guy replacing our number one receiver. And as the patriots -- just not. Scenic. A microscopic. That it's a good topic good observations and your part and to -- question. Yes do I think if they had to pick one slot receiver right now they don't have to but they did depending on the formation. Yeah I think you'd you would go would -- settlement over -- Dolan isn't an okay they're the reason. Am and -- is here and this is the crazy part of it. He's here because. The pay increasing the value and Julian settlement but they didn't think they can rely on him staying on the field so they brought in another guy. Who has had some problems staying on the field. So and so in the middle elements and Adam -- on -- so now cattlemen. Has has shown that he can stay healthy he can the a good receiver productive receiver take some hits. -- stay in the game and this is something they tried to do lasted for -- goes near -- they tried to feature Julian that a man they liked what he did training camp. At times he was out there. Starting the game before Wes Welker and then he got hurt and Welker came back into the welcome. It is interesting though that he's faded away a little bit -- in games not not over the course of whole season but there have been games. Where he's faded away as well just looking at his receptions by game the beginning of the year great -- 713. 77. That he completely invisible against Cincinnati two receptions. 552013. Before nine finally last week he's disappeared a little bit -- Mike and I and I know that. What's fresh in our mind is the great game that he had against Denver and I'll agree with your overall point that I think -- he's been a a very good and probably a more consistent and better receiver -- Amendola has been this year. But to just simply say that element is great -- dole is not I think you would agree it's probably more complicated. Oh I think I agree a 100% and I just I just wonder at at what point. You know I had to -- stands -- sitting there waiting you know it's it's ironic because we are a little piece of it. And they'll -- game -- -- -- yeah took over that try it -- when Barry lets welcome lights. And I just think you know now he's been on the field the last few weeks I've been looking for that because it. Literally week in and week out throughout -- Welker. In Brady could take over tribe where the defense you Wes Welker would get the ball and they just couldn't stop it. It kick in and that's why he was our number one receiver conduct with number one receivers do and I just haven't -- -- -- I -- -- it's finally remembers just a few weeks ago we forgetting Amendola had an incredible game against Pittsburgh. 14022. Yards receiving that it was only on four catches but 122 yards that actually plays against Carolina he did catch the ball six times targeted seven not -- as many yards but a couple of big third down conversions. -- I've been disappointed him until this I don't wanna. Sit here and make this argument that he's been everything I thought it was going to be even be on the injuries he has not been everything I thought it would be but. I think we are also just looking at the last thing we saw Evelyn was great and -- didn't have a great game don't if you did it go back towards the great idea let's -- Look at the last thing if you going cattlemen vs Amendola sure that that might be. What you saw on the last game to go on big picture and just say. How do you feel about Giuliani's excuse me Danny Amendola this year. As he ban on ABC who integrated that way I think a lot of people out there may be B minus or even see yeah. It is especially compared to what I thought he was elected -- a lot of people thought that he was going to be a guy in this it was that the scouting reports that he can play inside or outside. If that is true. If he if he can do that now the patriots have. Is that the worst thing in the world going down the stretch going into into December when you start thinking about -- and getting. A bye in the first round. They have another guy. Where you can throughout the -- And and rely on and take the pressure off of the rookies in the in the rookies could be what -- take your pick. It could be Boyce who is pretty much disappeared in playing the last game. -- That the patriots go back to that old that old saw that they used to have we'd like to develop rookies on our own terms. Don't wanna be forced to play Iraqi. We just want -- we wanna play when he's ready to maybe voice is not ready. Clearly an irony. If adoption is not ready if not adoption game you're not forced to put him in there because you have Amendola and -- healthy and you got -- back. Or -- Kimbrel Tompkins. -- the emergence of cattlemen. Actually helps the patriots right because now they're not in the beginning of the season didn't have this luxury. They had that throw in some guys have drawn out there because and no one else. I know -- dole hasn't lived up to expectations but at the very least he's -- good. A good NFL receiver will understand the office. Go to Jim was in Maine -- Jim. Jim. And Michael hey I got a question -- Politically it played it again -- they basically they Peyton Manning won one dimensional Bacharach. Well -- what we -- my dad collaborate and I'm not sure Jamaica. Just turning handing the ball well calling him the ball. I did their offense they tried to make the offense one dimensional if they need Manning wanted to mention what I think I would say they tried to make the offense. One dimensional yes I would agree that. What are -- that we cat walker. Hit a bad that we never won any -- Welker all that great pity date yet but what. Making our -- one dimensional. Because it was so consistent but they've written that it was saying hey. So what that we -- 89 at eleven yards -- running play. Didn't care -- Denver well the same thing when Welker would play for a single and eleven art and -- -- point four. Getting hurt. All. Are what are you bigger better offense without them. More. They hurt by it are ultimately. More talent is better. But you have to take a look inaccurate like that Jim -- better. They are -- you think you're better off at about Wes Welker. Right where my happy with it. I. God bad you have to -- well I think is an interesting way -- looking at -- -- -- thought about it that way indictments detectors like. We might. I like like the way he said yeah oddly phrased it yeah I don't agree with the. No they didn't have -- do they went Super Bowl now. They got to a couple of Super Bowls. And I don't think there. I don't think being one dimensional. Is the reason. They came up short in both those who troubles at -- in you guys all have your reasons and maybe -- reason is that maybe that's -- he thinks. That they lost the giants both times I don't I could probably come up with five or six things. That that prevented them from and Super Bowl but they were by no means. Where are they a such a flawed team that taking Wes Welker away from the offense. Makes them better. I don't think they believe that. And and so it with that logic so that is balanced offense are they more. -- they've. Offensively. Are they more equipped to win the Super Bowl now. And they were when Wes Welker was apart. I don't know I don't -- -- answer that because they didn't just lose Wes Welker they lost Danny wood and and they lost Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski is not in the same this year in general is just now starting to return our return to form. If it'd just to be in the loss of Wes Welker and they brought in -- -- goal is on the other things. Maybe. I maybe Michael editors Nevada being the only -- this year if you if you if you -- just -- just -- one out for another and you would still added Ian Dobson and added in some of the other things they brought -- to. Marine returning to health etc. You will be able to make that argument especially if if some of the defense of changes had taken place the way they did with the with the injuries Wilfork when -- its atomic Italy etc. Maybe. Even a good one why it's -- good when I'm not -- to correct when -- just try to do counted. Sounds good what does Belichick try to do their take Oregon take away their guy I try to force them to be one dimensional one dimensional. And then not be good balance is now I don't think I don't think you try to force him to be one dimensional he's trying to foresee it it's more. -- you have a secondary -- to have a third pitch for pitched. -- -- -- -- you and your worth -- -- not your gospel opposite to mix some metaphors here but to go -- did the the Welker point I think is wrong because it ignores. The office is all the offenses that he was apart. So you think about the first off and he was a part of we know that was just craziness aren't -- laws. Wes Welker Donte' Stallworth but it was wonderment -- oh okay it will -- well. It was not all not fundamentally a multi posited we would you rate almost records that I we are OK so he's part of that office wide open distort a deputy touchdown. Or well thank you very much been 2008. 2008. -- -- Different kind of offense but he still productive than -- fast forward to the second giants' Super Bowl now you've got to try to answer. What was that healthy you know you know got rocky got Hernandez. He had Deion Branch Wes Welker. He was a part of he was a part of a lot of different offices and he remained productive. No matter what the offense was so. That the Dallas thing sounds good without -- -- maybe is -- or on a security blanket thing and he's as good as he is maybe not the best security blanket. For some of those key moments and it's certainly worth six point couple tweets I want to address quickly one -- I Jason Clooney east via producer the SPN radio on Twitter cheek who won a twenty and maybe you heard this -- you wrong with the guys. Saying in response to Mike in these long -- said that after the game Taiwan Troy Brown said the same thing about Peyton -- He was scared to check to one place and are scared to go with the passing plays which is why he checked in to so many running. I didn't hear it so I don't know maybe they said it would do you -- with somebody else may be. I don't remember that because he was afraid too -- he was afraid of the weather that he was afraid of the page or whatever was at some of that year is what kept him in all the running plays that they and that objecting. -- surprised though with Peyton Manning. At this stage of his career. Who wouldn't be surprised that that guy's afraid to throw. It would answer -- not in the wind. Not in the freezing cold not knowing the desire not not only an idiot and have the arm strength and maybe even less than it used to be and the and the balls fluttering out of his hand on none of those -- well -- -- you know it's what we heard and we can play this down on the other side -- Bill Belichick was talking about this yesterday and we would be. Got into some of the details of why he decided to go with the -- right at party he gave some great answers. And one of his great dances with reference to Bill Parcells yes we wouldn't play that on -- -- but I think one of the things he pointed out and you'll hear. It is. Certain throws were just not available to anybody because of the way yeah. Well team a more of them were unavailable to -- to seek only threw nineteen of 36 in the game I'll play that are from Bill Belichick plus John Henry is selling. Something you what next rockaholic WB. I'm from a club down in old city knew where he pulled five muscles trying to -- issue and Mendel. AMP and Dell. -- better than. Well -- well there's no chance because he hurts his groin muscles pulling down his pants and -- AMP and -- Don't don't don't don't don't. Old enough. The great Mike Seattle -- they. -- -- -- He went to doctor to restore his hand and the end goal. It's hard to. -- I can understand this guy is -- -- yeah well there's a man and don't. And again you know. Okay. Amendments apparently too scared to field the -- the fifteen yard line in the game the other night -- version. -- Better produce. New. York he had -- Abbey Road. -- -- processing we got to put in the -- salt and so harmonic. What would be just with just off to a bad thing the timing was way off the timing was not a problem with the singing that was the and what's wrong with the timing. Apparently enter there does. Not. OK apparently well everything god -- it was -- -- real quick and move on passes John Henry of course the new owner of the Boston Globe says that. That he is selling. The Worcester Telegram & Gazette more details should be out shortly but he's not interested apparently in a any regional newspaper empire he's interested in owning the Boston Globe and that's. Always -- he's got move on from the telegram yeah I think the that was part of the whole New York Times thing I think that times the globe the times at the globe and Worcester. Is there another paper on ridiculous -- I don't know but there you go John Henry if you were in the Worcester area and -- Austin metro -- programming is that they did on the metro area. I don't they still do but they -- they will be selling John Andrew will be selling. The the western talent and I think do you think John Henry's gonna do with what the globe is going to be. Gonna treat the newspaper -- like a baseball team's gonna be there every day is the active I'm sure he's around the newsroom quite -- really yes. They're there have been several John -- -- you -- solely by how do you have enough I want. How do you have enough time to be yet all those places rich mega sisters rich you are -- -- oil -- that they're just just be rich right ally. And make sure you stay you know -- to driving or somebody can drive you you can take you can you don't need to deal with plane just take a private plane to go directly to where you wanna go. You don't have the same sort responsibilities at home right somebody can just sort of handled most things. Back away. It was an earth that's why we're seeing there was I never currently there with a separate -- we're -- play by play winners -- -- back in. You. The group was up from. -- act would. How did you lose in a Booth with -- Joseph and Dave we must have been the most -- troop I mean he's doing troop. I write it isn't any isn't that -- John Henry doing troop yes. And then. If -- -- that's a good sound stronger than though doesn't it there -- the stronger there than now. Doesn't quite as strong as troops like S to be fair I do we have Belichick's that was wild Bill Belichick who spent almost half hour. Talking to Bill Belichick it was Saddam. It was weird it was a it was as if somebody else invaded his body that was the person week before was not the -- We -- on the phone there's no way to prove after that I actually developed and turned. Could have been an intern intern and you know don't give don't give away too much don't get too cute here and do this interview they kicking you limited the boss -- go out there and don't give -- really bad connection you're terrible cellphone and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- immigrants north you could be eating during the interview that would be helpful. And and what -- -- I'm gonna be -- -- and I'll be breaking down film Yugo -- and my interview format but yesterday bill showed up back already involving five. A good job. -- NRA is -- yesterday. Was he was expansive. You really. And provided some insight into into what he was thinking what he was doing especially in that and that Denver game and one of things we talked about. -- -- Bill Belichick was the wind and and how significant factor was and again. I think it definitely affected it no question about it when was. But it probably. A bigger factor than cold but Iran -- both components weren't there. That's when you know affects the game first in the past game. Cold fixable now boots on the Euro loan part of ailments solar turn outs on products and we Gator days. Whatever comes up we at least about there and. Well there there was and that that was the proposal for Britain but that's fine there was one where you're talking about Peyton Manning and how they they noticed. There was -- side of the field that just the ball would -- So if you if you throw in -- direction okay go -- torture imperil the ball might get there maybe god. But it was just. It was a one side there was the patriots sideline in the near sideline took it to where the cameras are aware that the patriots line. The near sideline the ball would die. The far sideline ball -- we saw Greg Brady going down the left sideline moving left to right and he tried to plays one on third for an afternoon with the other one was. Both deep balls to the left side of the field ample time carried it carry and sailed way past receiver you have to assume. That was the wind at his back but also blowing right to left. Across the formation. So I don't think I don't think your attitude to get back the whole Peyton Manning thing was Peyton Manning scared. No I don't think you -- scared to throw the football I think it's I -- intelligence and you look at it. And they don't just keep doing something that's going to be a mystery for you what was working for the Broncos. On Sunday night was the running game in certain types of passes so if that's -- before you go with it. If you're gonna throw outside of the trying to get to Mary's Thomas going -- trying to hit. Eric -- Eric Decker. On the sideline the ball might get their maybe not now or maybe you guys maybe it falls three or four yards short of where you intended it to be and I get a big turnover so. I think he was looking at elements and saying all right I'm not gonna do that there's certain things that can -- you know. Give begin Manning credit for this aren't that that number is not great in in cold weather games. Of the cold weather games that seem Peyton Manning play one -- was truly awful relatives championship game -- -- to -- baiting him. Coming up with some great interceptions -- -- When it was locked in the Peyton Manning that day it's a bad game form. But even made -- the twenty to three game bad weather. And the patriots had -- when Moreland act -- they had Troy Brown -- and kept waiting -- the MVP of the league you've got to do something. Pay me and he's gonna do something did it to test the deep. But it was it was a combination of the weather in the defense. Is to the dump defense to throw into you know everybody said -- let me throw deep. Conference why he wanted to throw McRoberts. So he generally takes what he what you gonna give -- and every now and then he'll try to Quechua sleep but try to catch you at a bad matchup. And exposure and that that wasn't happening in that 23 game and then in this case that yet the match -- that he wanted. But the weather wasn't cooperate both scared keeps in his car Mikey. It looked. I keep what's -- comment. After -- there to bail out -- to -- PG -- -- every editorial team's character. Guys opened the boot. Looking at replays to -- -- -- happen to see whether. Coach college or should children like. His name is Ernie Adams yes the patriots do. Well the orderly and rolled out of the way they ruled Pete -- Part of the original line of scrimmage -- would be really want it. And so are clearly -- yacht or should have been a lot of doubt I mean what became honor -- networks. Smart I watch them play it to yardage book it completely blew all. Remember when -- I notice I notice that things York. Yeah I checked -- beyond what was wrong color yeah actually had a touchdown. When they ruled him down to one plot line. I did you know I agonize I looked at every play. I don't think so I didn't. Yeah he -- completely extended it was -- wouldn't want to church don't ever ever and it fortunately. In our pitchers right REIT they want to -- Colts' defense on the field and what they may not have been able change. Right that was the wall where the next play they ran marine right because they light the match. What they -- marine first and he didn't do anything and in the play after that they changed up their personnel and then they ran into emboldened and I think they tried once with -- -- didn't work and then they -- bold and -- but you're right -- biggest. They like the personnel grouping and maybe that's why they decided. Not to challenge a look at their players credit and and noticed that I. The one yard short a check it out. And Mike in the -- I'm. I -- partly -- our our Irish great was undermined. A lot of talk about -- the first quarter. I don't. The only argument. About what happened in the game as far as mentoring courses -- Who -- coaching. Coaching and dot. Com. Chuck are real. It's Belichick and I haven't heard this. Caught the ball. On the truck driver I should eat right from 10 o'clock. All right all because they can't stand E Street listen to -- and it but I can't -- at eight. When it comes to switch it on EEI. And I did not hear anybody talk about the coaching in that game right up to this point right now. What did you think that don't you think Denver coach Paul do you think Del Rio coached poorly in the game. But I don't think he's -- -- I mean he's the culture leaned back right. Right coaches that I think it right let's get to it they are they're definitely at a disadvantage right now that you take the patriots out of it. You know that their head coach yeah is unavailable so the defense of coordinator has takeovers interim coach. Like that at least you at a disadvantage to they've got a talented team and fortunately forward Jack Del Rio. He never even has to walk into an off at the meeting at all. Peyton Manning to what you do you have covered what are you doing right what are you -- which means he says the same thing -- is office there and and by the way it did not make eye contact me don't look at me okay Tony if they don't call repaid -- -- So have had to get to -- and -- bring and his record vs Belichick would Tom Brady does against -- a real defense is just a matter of time that's why it was such a surprise. That they were up 24 zip on them. As you know the patriots eventually. We're gonna figure out they weren't confused by what a -- was going and all the other defense inside Al. That being said give Belichick credit did think he coached big league game right he stuck with the game plan we heard him say yesterday he wasn't nearly as upset about what happened yesterday in the -- around. Sunday night in the first half. As opposed to the week earlier he was much more upset about the first happened Carolina he didn't need to make major halftime adjustments in terms of scheme he didn't need to make some changes to personnel. Dinner wasn't healthy enough to play hi Tara was getting killed. Enter Fletcher enter Logan Ryan comes up and another pay and your brain embolden the running back in those three changes. Seem to be enough so yeah I thought cultured did coaching great game Brady played a great game especially in the second half. And congratulations to a coach Jack Del Rio on what you get fanatic -- get a win in in nova went after the there was six or 777979837. Or your thoughts on this plus you do know what happened last night it happened you don't know. How exciting. Things got us all household -- late last night these things happen do you do a dance he doing. The only first dance -- I'll explain -- WB.

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