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His name is KRUG! Torey Krug.

Nov 26, 2013|

The man-love is in the air, as Torey Krug nets the game-winner for the B's over the Pens, and Salk is in man-crush heaven.

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-- not much of hey he had gotten there Chevy go anywhere. Pretty exciting moment at the -- council last night. -- turn again media do little laundry maybe help clean up the kitchen. I started a whole lot of that watch over time first inkling of the kitchen right now I don't watch over time. And then -- And I won't and great. I had to -- cool. I couldn't get as excited as I wanted to last panic and start running around because and you instantly know the game was over I was gonna have to. Go help clean up the catch so utilities to recruit -- are invited to dinner. It is it is standing invite obvious politics if for whatever reason he's yet to -- up on the IPO could see him able to actually we keep an empty couple mulled wine anytime he wants it -- for Adam this is forest for a home to recruit the Prophet Elijah -- -- anytime he wants to get alive crew could sit down. He has to recruit -- age. Besides rock and got. He's a real the group said. Forward yeah who plays the plays who plays adequate. Right now are -- to -- but my operatives. What they wanted to do it doesn't perfectly. You view if you managed him the right away he gives them another dimension of that they don't then no one else could propel for the but here's the thing on -- crew you're right -- -- I I would describe them out -- he gives them -- instant offense he's the best offensive defenseman on the team. As of right now is one of the better offensive defenseman in the game to me he's just he's got seven goals eight this is these fifteen points them you know that's our that's great. Or of his -- have come on the power play three of his goals. Have come on the power plays with get credit for any of those on the plus minus right most of the scoring has come on the power play and yet. -- the playoffs this year. -- -- -- We're talking about a guy who's a big time minus player -- talked to people I was there at the garden last well the first few here I know there are those who were saying well he gets the he small he gets tossed around sometimes on defense. He is not a perfect defensive defenseman there's no doubt but. When things are right he has -- with a stay at home guy usually McQueen and always been hurt but fine. And you're not looking for him to be the greatest defenseman on the team he's not out -- killing penalties he's not out there playing in defensive situations when -- goal eight. But he is somebody can help bring him back and you -- with a little bit extra room like you get in the form for like you get on the power play and he is. He put forward playing defense who is at least capable and doesn't do we -- defense. Yeah I think he does exactly what they wanted to do and that they know who we is there no surprise and our cities not the perfect defensive defenseman. It's not that all now play and they're not in now and start Afghan immigrant. That's inherent problems -- we don't do that now and you know what I would be worried if I was looking adamant saying OK he's a minus. Three he's a minus five that as much as he brings some scoring to the table they're finding ways to score whenever he's out on the ice but that's not true. He's applause player -- -- -- -- out the plus player he has the ability to score like that and what he scores on the power play doesn't even count towards plus minus. -- -- Worry now I wouldn't make that argument that's very deceptive. These applause player they're great team. The Bruins are and they've picked up where they left off last year. They knock off the penguins. And I hadn't really by the street analysts the first time they've they they snapped a seven game losing streak to the of the penguins yes and no notes the regular season thing but. We saw what they did to the penguins in the playoffs so there was no mental block OK you beat the -- which of course you can't yet you eliminate them for the playoffs. But minus player the Bruins have -- today or tourism minus player. A couple -- players on the team and that. That's consistent with the team that that is as talented as to -- Well I would agree that that but crook is in the upper Echelon right at plus six he's tied -- Bergeron either roughly half the half the team more than half the team below them. And and -- eight guys or so that are above them in the plus minus. -- again. And I know people it's fun to ascribe to meet this character of being and I am like -- -- political protest and I'm describing it to myself but I love the guy -- -- -- everytime he comes out on the ice are it's exciting to watch it might just think he brings such a cool energy to the game. I don't think he's perfect. But I do think he's exactly what they needed -- the puck moving defenseman and I'm curious to see what happens over the course of this year -- he ultimately get exposed our other teams eventually able to take take advantage of his lack of size is not able to use leverage uses quickness defensively to poke away if you pox which he's done well enough to again be a positive player this year or. Are they finally able to isolate him defensively they allowed to take chances more than any other defensemen -- and for the most part. He he's been Smart about the yes he gets beat occasionally if you focus only on that. -- -- you're probably not gonna like him but I do think he's added something different what's been much improved power play and you know what that second power play -- been great to. Riley Smith and Doug Hamilton and -- Soderbergh had to apologize to full family last night on NASA and he is monitored -- the direction leader. Did so I apologize to him and his entire -- -- -- -- Soderbergh clan I feel bad for all of them. Did you do some nordic -- I tried although isn't he actually Swiss. I -- we played in Sweden Louisiana participants. Think they -- -- nordic language and Switzerland. Regardless is better than if -- candidate and -- language it would've started some type of controversy out of out of porous -- that was sort of a new marijuana got -- read more insulting -- don't speak that language but thanks anyway all right we afford -- Coming up here in just the moments alcohol W.

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